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No Agenda Episode 1011 - "Vasectomies & Dogs"

Help the LEGO Brothers battle the forces of boredom and bring a bit of color back to the grey, gr. P. Epperson – Page 8 – Construction and Schedule. Buy Insurgency: Sandstorm Steam PC - CD Key read what he said. I had no problems installing under Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, but Windows 10 is blocking me from running the installation file and I can't find where to change a setting to allow the. It came out in 2020 for Xbox 360, PS2, P53, PSP, and the Nintendo Wu and DS. At the outset, the three heroes are battling some Forever Knights in a catacomb beneath the streets of Rome.

Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks

A new study has revealed eight in ten people hospitalised with Covid-19 were vitamin D deficient. BeamNG Drive Game Online, Play BeamNG.Drive For Free Now. IRS activity code for a business. A lot of what happened in Omniverse made absolutely no sense to me realistically. Derrick J. Wyatt The movie begins with the Tennysons.

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Modern Bitcoin Casino & Sports betting platform. Ben 10 faces many battles with his worst enemy, Kevin 11, and needs all the powers of the Omnitrix to overcome his evil plots and keep the world safe from danger. Start now with a free trial. Game description: Ben 10 - Battle Ready is an online Ben 10 game in which Ben 10 finds himself in a testing situation where he encounters the evil robot drones of evil Vilgax. GET READY FOR THE NEXT BATTLE as we unveil the release date of the TEKKEN 7 PROJECT MOD by Tekken Philippines PPSSPP!

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3 Player Games, Play three player games online view publisher site. Vinland Viking – Vinland Viking Vision Quest i loved this. Driver Agent Plus Torrent. Ben 10 battle ready hacked able games. I may have missed in this guide.

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Posts: 837 Joined: 12/3/2020 Status: offline This is great news, because I would love to be able to store this game on Steam. Ben is ready for physical football - Pittsburgh Steelers. KARDS combines traditional CCG gameplay with innovative mechanics inspired by classic strategy games and real battlefield tactics. Let's try to defeat three new powerfull bosses, and save our planet from them! Gas bill came it was the exact same way Booking for service.

What if Doctor Who continued After Season 26? Part 2: The Richard Griffiths Era.

This is the second of a series that will be creating an alternate timeline for Doctor Who’s post-1989 history. The main premise of this series is covering what years after 1989 could’ve been like if Doctor Who has been allowed to stay on air. Please read the first part of this series which covers 1990 & 1991 so you can be caught up.
Previous Part: Season 27-28 (1990-1991)
Season 29 (1992)
29x1: Nightshade (4-Parter)
A mystery story that takes place in an isolated village in 1968, which involves a 1950’s Sci Fi show called Nightshade. Written by Mark Gatiss, and the first story for Richard Griffiths’ Eighth Doctor.
29x2: The Path Not Taken (2-Parter)
The Doctor and Katie arrive to an alternate version of 1971, where the Nazis won World War 2, and the Doctor must reset the timeline to the original course of events. Written by Ian Briggs.
29x3: Transit (3-Parter)
The Doctor decides to take Katie on a ride on one of the largest mass transits in human history. A network of interstitial tunnels that connect every planet in the solar system. However. There is a monster living in the tunnels, and the Doctor must stop it. The story ends with Katie’s death, and the Doctor leaves alone in the TARDIS. Written by Ben Aaronovitch.
29x4: Love and War (3-Parter)
Takes place on a Human Colony planet called “Heaven”. The world acts as a cemetery for both humans and draconians, for those who died during wartime. The Doctor meets his new companion, Bernie Summerfield, as the ghost of Katie wanders the graveyards, and the Doctor comes face-to-face with the mysterious Church of Vacuum. Written by Paul Cornell.
29x5: The Highest Science (3-Parter)
The TARDIS lands on the planet Hogsuum, as the Doctor is in pursuit of a temporal phenomenon known called a Fortean flicker. Little do either the Doctor or Bernie know, the planet they’ve landed on is the home of a ancient empire destroyed by its own greatest achievement; “the Highest Science”, the pinnacle of technological discovery. Written by Gareth Roberts.
29x6 Lucifer Rising (3-Parter)
Bernice has asked the Doctor to bring the TARDIS to the planet Lucifer, the site of a scientific expedition. It's history to her: the exploration of alien artefacts on Lucifer came to an abrupt halt three centuries before she was born, and she's always wondered why. Uncovering the answer involves the Doctor and Bernice in sabotage, murder, and the resurrection of aeons-old alien powers. Written by Jim Mortimore & Andy Lane.
Season 30 (1993)
30x1: Conquest of the Daleks (4-Parter)
The final entry in the Dalek Civil War arc that had began in Resurrection of the Daleks. The Dalek civil war has gone on for longer than anyone can remember the Imperial fleet a willing to see an end. Unlike the Renegade Daleks, the Imperials have more than just hate as an emotion. They want peace and Davros isn’t happy. What will happen on the final battle of the Dalek civil war and what harm would the Doctor make? Written by Ben Aaronovitch.
30x2: An Earthly Child (3-Parter)
Thirty years on from the Daleks' invasion of Earth, the scars still haven't healed. The survivors inhabit a world thrown back two hundred years, a world of crop shortages and civil unrest. A world where the brightest and best of its young people are drawn to the xenophobic Earth United group. A world sliding into a new Dark Age, believes Susan Campbell, widow of one of the heroes of the Occupation, and Granddaughter of the Doctor, who left her there all those years ago. A world in need of alien intervention. A world in need of hope. But as Susan takes drastic action to secure the planet's future, she's oblivious to the fact that her student son, Alex, ensnared by Earth United, needs alien intervention too. Or so Alex's great-grandfather thinks. Written by Marc Platt.
30x3: The Enemy Within (2-Parter)
The TARDIS. The Doctor’s best and oldest friend; what powers it though? Many have different theories. but the Doctor’s is the most important: Fear. That is what he claims powers his beloved time and space machine. Somewhere inside the TARDIS was the one the Doctor feared the most. The Physic Tension between the two powers the machine. But will the Doctor have to eventually confront and defeat his greatest fear? Written by Christopher Priest.
30x4: The Left-Handed Humming Bird (4-Parter)
1968: Cristian Alvarez meets the Doctor in London.
1978: The great temple of the Aztecs is discovered in Mexico.
1980: John Lennon is murdered in New York.
1994: A gunman runs amok in Mexico City.
Each time, Cristian is there. Each time, he experiences the Blue, a traumatic psychic shock. Only the Doctor can help him – but the Doctor has problems of his own. Following the events of their earlier trip to Nazi occupied-London, the Doctor knows that someone or something has been tinkering with time. Now he finds that events in his own past have been altered – and a lethal force from South America's prehistory has been released. The Doctor and Bernice travel to the Aztec Empire in 1487, to London in the Swinging Sixties, and to the sinking of the Titanic as they attempt to rectify the temporal faults -- and survive the attacks of the living god Huitzilin. Written by Kate Orman.
30x5: The Reverent Peril (3-Parter)
Gallifrey is in crisis. President Romana’s long-held grip on power is shrivelling, and a brutal man is bidding to take her place, at the top. Romana asks for the Doctor’s help, but can he give Romana the sort of help she needs? Meanwhile, a more subdued force works its way onto Gallifrey. At the end of the serial, Romana is killed, and the Doctor leaves, now saddened that he has another dear friend of his. Written by future showrunner Russell (No ‘T’ yet) Davies.
30x6: The Legend of Merlin (4-Parter)
The TARDIS crashes on a parallel world in the 1000s. The Doctor is mistaken for a wizard and is sentenced to death by the evil Morgaine. The Doctor avoids death only to find that Morgaine isn’t just anyone, she is a sorceress.
That’s when it hit the Doctor: This all seemed very familiar.
He is to become Merlin and he is to banish Morgaine to imprisonment for all eternity, ready for her to return to battle his former self, the Seventh Doctor. This story acts as a prequel to Season 26’s Battlefield. Written by Ben Arronovitch.
Doctor Who: The Dark Dimension (30th Anniversary TV-Movie)
Far in the future of Earth, most humans have been wiped out. The Earth is left in ruins, the only people left on the planet being a resistance group which has been trying to hunt the creature that has done this to the planet. The group is searching an area, and their leader, Summerfield, suddenly finds a body. It is the Eighth Doctor — murdered by the creature. The Doctor is given a funeral which Summerfield finds fitting, as they are sent floating into sea and lit aflame. With the Doctor gone, Summerfield tells the others that they have to finish what the Doctor started on their own, attempting to send the creature who killed him into the time vortex to be destroyed. However, this would have instead sent him into Earth's distant past, where he would have plotted to change history.
The creature -- disguised as the human scientist Hawkspur -- would have averted the events of Logopolis so that the Fourth Doctor would have survived his fall instead of regenerating. He also would have manipulated politics on Earth for the decades remaining, creating a world where he has ultimate power and a hoard of monsters.
The story would have centered on an older version of the Fourth Doctor, the Brigadier, and Sarah Jane Smith from the timeline where the Fifth through Eighth Doctors never existed, with shorter appearances by the other surviving Doctors in minor roles, trying to defeat Hawkspur and set the universe right. Returning monsters are the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Ice Warriors and the Yeti. The film ends with the Fourth Doctor engaging in a sword fight with Hawkspur. The fight would eventually make it to the roof of the church-the form which the TARDIS would've taken in this alternate timeline-where the Doctor would eventually force the creature out of Hawkspur's body. The Doctor would've used his remaining strength to throw the creature into a vortex opening, finally killing it, at the cost of the Doctor's life. However, the creature being thrown back into the vortex would've erased all events that had occured, with the Doctor regenerating back into his eighth incarnation, while Bernice would've been brought back from the future with no memory of her life in the future. The two would eventually continue their travels in time and space, with the Doctor pondering how humanity has survived so much throughout history and beyond... Written by Adrian Rigelsford.
Season 31 (1994)
31x1: Legacy (3-Parter)
The Doctor is pursuing a master criminal. The trail leads to Peladon: a desolate world once home to a barbaric, feudal society. Now the Galactic Federation is attempting to bring prosperity and civilisation to the planet. But not all Peladonians support the changes, and when ancient relics are stolen from their Citadel, the representatives of the Federation are blamed.
The Doctor suspects the Ice Warrior delegation, but before long the Time Lord himself is arrested for the crime — and sentenced to death.
Elsewhere, interplanetary mercenaries are bringing one of the galaxy's most evil artefacts to Peladon, apparently on t he Doctor’s instruction. Bernice is getting friendly — perhaps too friendly — with the Ice Warriors she has studied for so long. The players are making the final moves in a devious and lethal plan — but for once it isn't the Doctor’s. Written by Gary Russell.
31x2: Knight Fall (2-Parter)
In the far future, the Doctor and Bernice land, only to find themselves seemingly in the past. The Doctor says he is sure they are far in Earth's future, but the medieval knights approaching them seem to say otherwise.
As the night approaches, the Doctor and Bernice get involved in a deadly game of the past, the present and the future. Written by Ashley Pharoah.
31x3: Pipe Dream (3-Parter)
When the Doctor and Bernice land in the 1st Century, they see themselves slap-bang in the middle of the roman empire. They soon discover that people have been going missing, and all the clues point to the lead piping. Written by Rona Munro.
31x4: The Sanctuary of Confession (4-Parter)
The Doctor and Bernice arrive in the ancient Sanctuary of Confession, the oldest Temple in the known universe. Their expedition takes them back to the earliest days of the Sanctuary, but there is a sinister threat looming, that only Benny can see. Written by Marc Platt.
31x5: Blood Heat (3-Parter)
The TARDIS is attacked by an alien force; Bernice is flung into the Vortex, and the Doctor crash-lands on Earth. An attack by dinosaurs convinces the Doctor has arrived in the Jurassic Era. But when he finds a woman being hunted by intelligent reptiles, he begins to suspect that something is very wrong.
Then he meets the embittered Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, leading the remnants of UNIT in a hopeless fight against the Silurians who rule his world. And they find out that it all began when the Doctor died... Written by Jim Mortimore.
31x6: The Prisoner of Time (5-Parter)
Arriving back on Gallifrey, the Doctor and Bernice are arrested for treason. The leader of the Patrex chapter, the Reformer, is claiming that the Doctor rigged the last election against Patrex, and he wants the Doctor dead for it. The Doctor must try and defend himself, but with Romana gone, and the less-than-favourable Gregori as Lord President, the Doctor finds himself with little allies. Meanwhile, a larger threat looms over Gallifrey, and it up to Bernice to prevent it. Written by Ben Aaronovitch.
Season 32 (1995)
32x1: Tragedy Day (3-Parter)
In Empire City on the planet Olleril, it's time for the annual Tragedy Day — when the privileged few celebrate their generosity to the masses.
But this year, something is different. Hideous creatures infest the waters around an island that doesn't officially exist. Assassins arrive to carry out a killing that may endanger the entire universe. A being known as the Supreme One tests horrific weapons. And a secret order of monks observes the growing chaos. Five minutes after they arrive on Olleril, the TARDIS crew know they want to leave. But Bernice is imprisoned in a sinister refugee camp, and the Doctor is in the custody of a brutal police gang. There is no way out... or is there..? Written by Gareth Roberts.
32x2: Saint Anthony’s Fire (3-Parter)
The Doctor and Benny visit Betrushia, a planet famous for its beautiful ring system. They soon discover that the rain-drenched jungles are in turmoil. A vicious, genocidal war is raging between the lizard-like natives. The ground itself is wracked by mysterious earthquakes. And an unknown force is moving inexorably forwards, devastating everything in its path. With time running out, the Doctor must save the people of Betrushia from their own terrible legacy before the wrath of St. Anthony's Fire is visited upon them all. Written by Mark Gatiss.
32x3: Shakedown (3-Parter)
For thousands of years, the Sontarans and the Rutans have fought a brutal war across the galaxy. Now the Sontarans have a secret plan to destroy the Rutan race - a secret plan the Doctor is racing against time to uncover. Only one Rutan spy knows the Sontarans' plan. As he is chased through the galaxy in a desperate bid for his life, he reaches the planet Sentarion - where Professor Bernice Summerfield's research into the history of the Sontaran-Rutan war is turning into an explosive reality. Written by Paul Cornell.
32x4: The Game of Resurrection (4-Parter)
On Bleurdon, the tyrannical dictator, who calls himself Zeus, begins the annual Game of Resurrection where 10 of his people, have to fight with their lives, to the death, to solve a series of mysteries and challenges. But these are the same people who competed the previous year, and the year before… When the Doctor and Benny turn up to enjoy the games, they are horrified to see the shells the people have become. Written by Russell T. Davis.
32x5: The Conglomerate (2-Parter)
Sheridan Moorkurk has just been elected president of Earth... but the harsh realities of who really runs the planet are just beginning to dawn on her. And what's more, she's starting to hear voices. Meanwhile, the Doctor and Bernice encounter a mass of aliens heading to Earth... Aliens who have already made the mistake of upsetting the infamous Cuthbert, all-powerful CEO of The Conglomerate, by destroying one of his space platforms.
Will the Doctor and Benny be able to avert an inter-species war that will destroy all life on Earth? Written by Nicholas Briggs.
32x6: Hatred of the Daleks (5-Parter)
With the Dalek Civil War over, the Daleks have focused their efforts on conquering other planets. In the late 51st century, the Daleks are invading the planet Stubbron IX.
The Doctor is found by the Daleks in a suspended animation chamber, deep underneath its capital city, with no memory of who he is. Meanwhile, Bernice is stuck on the other side of the planet working with the resistance.
What's happened to the Doctor? And how will the Daleks utilize their new experimental mind-control technology?
The story ends with the Doctor, minded-controlled by the Daleks, to forcefully transform Bernice into a Dalek. Once the Daleks’s mind-control technology begins to fail, the Doctor is freed and is horrified to see what he has just done to his friend. Bernice begins begging the Doctor to kill her, as the pain and suffering of becoming a dalek is too much for a human to handle. The Doctor refuses, and but knows that it is impossible to revert the process. Bernice keeps begging for death. The hate, the pain, it’s a living hell. The Doctor, not wanting his dear friend to suffer anymore, decides to fulfill her last request, and kills her by shutting off the life-support systems that were keeping her alive during the process. The Daleks are defeated, but the Doctor was forced to kill his friend in the end. The Doctor leaves, and decides that he’ll never have another companion again. Written by Ben Aaronovitch.
Season 33 (1996)
33x1: The English Way of Death (3-Parter)
The Doctor visits London in the sweltering summer of 1930. But the TARDIS is warning of time pollution. And that's not the only problem. What connects the isolated Sussex resort of Nutchurch with the secret society run by the eccentric Percy Closed? Why has millionaire Hepworth Stackhouse dismissed his staff and hired assassin Julia Orlostro? And what is the truth behind the infernal vapour known only as Zodaal? With the heat building, the Doctor sets out to solve the mysteries. Written by Gareth Roberts.
33x2: The Time Ravagers (3-Parter)
The Doctor lands on Temperos. Could it be that the legendary Time being, the Temperon is not a legend after all? Or are the Daleks up to their old tricks again? Because if the latter is correct, the Doctor will be sparing no one. Written by Nicholas Briggs.
33x3: Trial by Fire (2-Parter)
The Doctor arrives on the primitive planet, Weisto IV, where he is met by a less than warm welcome by the indigenous people. They are at the brink of the discovery of fire, but they think the Doctor is a demon from down below and seek to rob them of their new-found discovery. The Doctor has one mission – to make it out alive. Written by Steven Moffat.
33x4: The Well (1 off)
On the Planet Skyriff, there stands a well. An endless well that no one has ever gotten to the bottom or knows how far down the bottom is. One day a strange person comes up from the bottom, who calls himself the Doctor. Written by Mark Gatiss.
33x5: Paradise Lost (2-Parter)
The Doctor visits the SpaceHub Paradise, the cleanest and brightest star of the Human Empire. But when a laser strike from an enemy ship hits the SpaceHub, the only survivors are the Doctor and three other people. They must fight through the wreckage of Paradise to survive the downfall of the Human Empire. Written by Russell T. Davis.
33x6: Resurrection of the Autons (4-Parter)
Lying dormant beneath the city of Paltowine on Ilsolia IX lies the Nestene. Not dead, no, but dormant waiting to be dug up. That’s what happened when an archaeologist decides to dig it up chaos occurs.
The Doctor lands six months later and the Autons have seized control of Paltowine. The Doctor is only one standing in their way from taking the whole of Ilsolia IX. Written by Steve Lyons.
33x7: Revenge of the Master (5-Parter)
The Master’s body is decaying. The Doctor pilots the TARDIS and lands in the caravan park full of travelers. But amongst them, lies the dormant Master, planning to have his ultimate revenge against the Doctor. He causes the Doctor to have hallucinations of his previous companions, as he watches their deaths. Katie being slaughtered by the monster in the transit, and Bernice being turned into a dalek with the Doctor killing her afterwards. The Doctor fights back, and breaks free although mentally scared. The two Time Lords have a final confrontation that leads to both of their deaths. Since the Master was in his final incarnation, he died permanently. The Doctor’s current body dies and he begins to regenerate. The Eighth Doctor finally dies, and he regenerates into his next incarnation. Written by Colin Brake, and introducing Paul McGann as the Ninth Doctor.
See you in Part 3!
submitted by F-Zilla to doctorwho

Offseason Review Series: Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys 2020 Offseason Review

Welcome to the 2020 offseason review for the Dallas Cowboys. The 2019 season was one that had high hopes for this team, but ultimately ended up as a mediocre disappointment that resulted in the firing of Head Coach Jason Garrett, along with almost the entire coaching staff. As we dive into the roster and new coaches, we will look forward to the upcoming season and potential of an entirely new staff.
2019 Record: 8-8 (2nd in NFC East)

Coaching Staff:

It is easier stating which coaches WEREN'T fired than it is to list the ones that were. Kellen Moore and Leon Lett are the only coaches that have retained their position. Moore will enter the 2020 season for his 2nd year as Offensive Coordinator and Lett will retain his position as Asst. DL Coach. Doug Nussmeier has moved from TE Coach to QB Coach. They are the only 3 coaches that have transitioned to McCarthy's new staff.
Section Heads:
HC: Mike McCarthy Jason Garrett
Asst HC: Rob Davis
OC: Kellen Moore
DC: Mike Nolan Rod Marinelli
ST Coordinator: John Fassel Keith O'Quinn
Position Coaches:
QB Coach: Doug Nussmeier John Kitna
RB Coach: Skip Peete Gary Brown
WR Coach: Adam Henry Sanjay Lal
TE Coach: Lunda Wells Doug Nussmeier
OL Coach: Joe Philbin Marc Columbo
DL Coach: Jim Tomsula Rod Marinelli
LB Coach: Scott McCurley/George Edwards Ben Bloom
DB Coach: Maurice Linguist Kris Richard

New Player Additions:

S - HaHa Clinton-Dix - 1-y$4M
DT - Gerald McCoy - 3-yrs/$18.3M
DT - Dontari Poe - 2-yrs/$8.5M
TE - Blake Bell - 1-y$1.7M
QB - Andy Dalton - 1-y$3M
DE - Aldon Smith - 1-y$2M
OL - Cameron Erving - 1-y$2.5M
CB - Daryl Worley - 1-y$3M

FA Losses:

TE - Jason Witten - 1-y$4M (Raiders)
S - Jeff Heath - 2-yrs/$6M (Raiders)
DT - Maliek Collins - 1-y$6M (Raiders)
CB - Byron Jones - 5-yrs/$82.5M (Dolphins)
S - Kavon Frazier - 1-y$1.04M (Dolphins)
WR - Randall Cobb - 3-yrs/$27M (Texans)
OT - Cameron Fleming - 1-y$3.5M (Giants)
QB - Cooper Rush - 1-y$1.25M (Giants)
DE - Robert Quinn - 5-y$70M (Bears)
C - Travis Frederick - Retired

2020 Draft Picks:

R1P17: CeeDee Lamb - WR - Oklahoma
R2P51: Trevon Diggs - CB - Alabama
R3P82: Neville Gallimore - DT - Oklahoma
R4P123: Reggie Robinson II - CB - Tulsa
R4P146: Tyler Biadasz - C - Wisconsin
R5P179: Bradlee Anae - DE - Utah
R7P231: Ben DiNucci - QB - James Madison

2020 Projected 53-Man Roster (Starters Italicized):

QB: Dak Prescott - Andy Dalton
Not much of a debate here. Unfortunately, Dallas was unable to get a longterm deal done with Prescott so he will become only the 3rd QB in NFL history to play a season under the tag. Dallas may have the best backup QB in the NFL with Dalton and got him for an absolute steal price of $3M. It seems unlikely that they carry a 3rd QB given the pedigree of Dalton, so rookie 7th-rounder Ben DiNucci seems like a prime candidate for the Practice Squad.
RB: Ezekiel Elliot - Tony Pollard
Elliot has the RB1 position locked up. He is a true 3-down RB which doesn't cede many carries to any backups on the roster. Dallas just recently cut RB Jordan Chunn who was the most likely candidate to be the 3rd RB if they carried one. Pollard showed a lot of explosiveness last year and even the ability to run between the tackles, which was the major concern with him coming into the league. It is very likely Dallas enters the season with only 2 RB's on the 53-man roster.
FB: Jamize Olawale
With the lack of a 3rd RB on the depth chart, Olawale appears set to make the roster as a FB and the 3rd RB. He has proven throughout his career he is more than just a blocker and is capable of being the lone back in the backfield at times when needed. McCarthy used FB John Kuhn quite a bit during his tenure with GB, so given his history using the position and the salary Olawale makes, it seems likely he makes the roster.
WR: Amari Cooper - Michael Gallup - CeeDee Lamb - Devin Smith - Cedrick Wilson
Dallas enters the 2020 season with perhaps the best WR trio in the NFL. Cooper and Gallup are coming off 1,000-yard campaigns and Lamb was perhaps the best WR in the draft that somehow fell to Dallas at pick 17. Lamb is poised to take over the slot WR position that has been left vacated by Randall Cobb who left in FA for the Texans. The real battle will be for the 4th and 5th spots on the depth chart. Devin Smith showed some flashes last year as a burner when Gallup was forced to miss time with an injury. Wilson also showed some flashes last year as a possession WR working out of the slot. These two seem most likely to occupy the final two spots on the depth chart but there is still some chance for young guys like Jon'Vea Johnson, Noah Brown or Ventell Bryant to take a spot as well.
TE: Blake Jarwin - Blake Bell - Dalton Schultz
Many thought Witten wouldn't be on the roster in 2020, but most didn't expect him to be on another. With the exit of Witten to the Raiders, that opens a very large hole on the offensive side of the ball. Dallas rewarded young TE Blake Jarwin with a 4-y$22M contract this offseason with the expectation of him taking over the TE1 position. Witten had 63 receptions last year so that opens a large workload possibility for Jarwin. The knock on Jarwin so far has been his inability to be an in-line blocker but his agility and athletic ability will be a huge upgrade over the sluggish Witten. Jarwin should be able to create mismatches and attack the seams in a way that Witten just wasn't able to do in 2019. Blake Bell was signed off the SB winning Chiefs roster this year to take over the blocking TE role. Schultz has been on the roster for a few years now and is an average blocker and receiver and comes with some experience as the 3rd TE.
OT: Tyron Smith - La'el Collins - Brandon Knight - Cameron Erving
Smith and Collins create one of the best Tackle duos in the NFL. However, Smith has succumbed to injuries and has missed 3 games in each of the past 4 seasons. Losing Cameron Fleming as the Swing Tackle hurts Dallas considering Smith's injury history. Brandon Knight has shown some flashes as a potential young Swing Tackle to replace Fleming though. He was adequate in the one game he had to start in 2019. Dallas also signed former 1st-rd pick Cameron Erving this offseason, and considering the size of his contract, it seems likely for him to make the roster. He also offers a ton of position flexibility as he can play Tackle, Guard and Center if needed.
OG/C: Zack Martin - Connor McGovern - Joe Looney - Connor Williams - Tyler Biadasz - Adam Redmond
Interior OL is perhaps the position where the biggest battles in training camp will take place. Perennial All-Pro Zack Martin has the RG spot locked up but LG and C are currently wide open. Connor Williams is a former 2nd-rd pick and had been the starting LG for the last 2 seasons before injuries took him down. Connor McGovern is a 3rd-rd entering his 2nd season out of Penn State after missing his entire rookie season due to an injured pectoral before the season started. He was rated very highly on a lot of pre-draft rankings and had the projection of being able to step in day 1 and play in the NFL, as he has the size and tenacity for deal with mauling DT's. Williams is coming off a major injury and surgery and I believe McGovern will beat him out for the LG spot. It's also possible Williams is moved to Swing Tackle as that was the position he played in college and he doesn't have the prototypical size for an interior OL and has often been pushed around by stronger DT's. The C position suffers a huge loss with the retirement of Travis Frederick. Frederick physically wasn't as good as he former All-Pro years, but his mental abilities are perhaps the biggest loss here. He has an extremely high football IQ and was integral in helping Dak set protections and even call out defensive schemes and plays. Joe Looney started all 16 games at C for Frederick in 2018 and while he wasn't terrible, he wasn't great either. Biadasz was a full-time C from Wisconsin and was considered to be a 1st-rd pick before injuries plagued his final season at Wisconsin and caused him to fall. He says he is fully recovered from his injuries and ready to play in the league. Center may perhaps be the biggest battle on the entire roster. Due to the shortened offseason though, I see Looney winning this battle for the shortterm, but Biadasz takes over the role some point during the season. There are also some wildcards for the C position including Connor McGovern and Cameron Erving who both have experience.
DE: DeMarcus Lawrence - Tyrone Crawford - Aldon Smith - Dorance Armstrong - Bradlee Anae - Joe Jackson - Randy Gregory
DeMarcus Lawrence has the LDE spot locked up for the 2020 season and many hope he improves on his 5 sack campaign in 2019. Losing Robert Quinn and his 11.5 sacks is a big loss for the Cowboys and they will need to find a way to replace those in 2020. Tyrone Crawford is the leading candidate to man the RDE spot, at least on early down work, in 2020. He suffered an injury and missed almost the entire 2019 season. Aldon Smith is the big wildcard here. Nobody has any idea what to expect from Smith. He hasn't played since 2015 but according to reports, he is in excellent shape and feeling the best he has in a very long time with his substance abuse issues behind him now. He is primed to fill in the RDE spot on pass rushing downs for Crawford. Dallas is still waiting on word about the reinstatement of Randy Gregory and if he could be reinstated before the season, that would offer a large boon to the depth and talent of the RDE position. Dorance Armstrong has been on the roster for a few years now and has shown a flash here and there but shouldn't be expected for too much, he is the main backup for the LDE position behind Lawrence. Rookie Bradlee Anae and 2nd-year player Joe Jackson fill out the end of the depth chart. The battle here for the final spot will most likely come down to old regime player, Joe Jackson and new regime UDFA, Ron'Dell Carter.
DT: Gerald McCoy - Dontari Poe - Neville Gallimore - Trysten Hill - Antwaun Woods
Dallas has reinvigorated the DL with the FA additions of McCoy and Poe and the 3rd-rd selection of Gallimore. McCoy and Poe come over from Carolina and immediately are expected to step in and take over the starting 3T and 1T spots, respectively. Gallimore offers a lot of potential and upside at DT as 3rd in line behind them. If Dallas decides to only carry 4 DT's, Tyrone Crawford has position flexibility to play DT, the final battle will come down to 2nd-year player Hill and veteran Woods. Hill was Dallas' first pick in 2019 draft, picking him in the 2nd round after trading their 1st-rd pick for Amari Cooper. Many fans were upset at drafting Hill over Safety Juan Thornhill and Hill's poor rookie year did nothing to quell those complaints. Hill was a healthy scratch for a number of games and only played 121 snaps all year. He did show a flash here and there but he was considered extremely raw coming out of college so it would be surprising to move on from Hill after one season when he is 1 year younger than 2020 draft pick Neville Gallimore. Dallas already moved on early from one other DL in Taco Charlton, so it would be quite the embarrassment to have to do it again. However I believe both Hill and Woods will make the 53-man roster.
LB: Jaylon Smith - Leighton Vander Esch - Sean Lee - Joe Thomas - Luke Gifford - Francis Bernard
Dallas has perhaps one of the best LB corps in the entire NFL. Jaylon Smith had by, Cowboys fan accounts, a very poor year last year. However he still made the Pro-Bowl and was near the top of the league in tackles. He didn't take the step forward that many wanted after receiving a large contract extension. Vander Esch's return from injury and improved play by the DT's in front of him should help him get back on track to be one of the best off-ball LB's in the league though. Sean Lee while old provides great depth and leadership as the LB3 and Joe Thomas is perhaps one of the best LB4's in the league. Gifford flashed a lot in preseason last year and was maybe even on pace to make the roster before suffering an injury in a preseason game and missing most of the season before returning for the final 6 games. It's hard to predict an UDFA making a roster but we are gonna make that stretch here and say Francis Bernard makes the 53-man roster as the final LB spot. Justin March is the other candidate for the final spot. It will come down to if McCarthy and Nolan prefer a veteran like March or a young guy with potential like Bernard.
CB: Chidobe Awuzie - Trevon Diggs - Jourdan Lewis - Anthony Brown - Reggie Robinson II - Daryl Worley
The big story of the season on the defensive side of the ball was the Cowboys allowing Byron Jones to leave in FA. Jones ended up signing a massive contract with the Dolphins, making him the highest paid CB in the NFL. That left a gaping hole at the CB1 position. It appears that Awuzie is going to have to step up and take that role. Rookie 2nd-rounder Trevon Diggs should be able to step in day 1 and man the other Outside CB position. The main battle will come down to Jourdan Lewis and Anthony Brown for the Slot CB spot. Lewis might perhaps be the best CB on the roster in terms of coverage abilities but the previous regime didn't allow him a chance to shine because of his size, or lack thereof. Dallas did just re-sign Brown to a 3-yea$15.5M contract however, so they clearly like the talent Brown offers. If Diggs isn't ready to step in day 1, it's possible Lewis moves to the outside and Brown mans the slot. Dallas may not have a true #1 CB but they do have a lot of quality depth. The front office is very high on 4th-round pick Reggie Robinson and Will McClay called him his 'pet cat' this year. FA signee Daryl Worley rounds out the final CB spot. He is a proven veteran with a lot of starts in the league and provides excellent depth. One other player that may fight for a spot is CJ Goodwin. He hasn't played much at CB but is considered a Special Teams ace and was one of the lone bright spots on a very poor unit in 2019.
Safety: Xavier Woods - HaHa Clinton-Dix - Darian Thompson - Donovan Wilson
Not much competition here in 2020. Woods and Clinton-Dix are the clear starters. However both are in the final year of their contracts, so Dallas will have to figure something out for the future of the position. Wilson showed tons of flashes in preseason last year, intercepting 3 passes but was never given an opportunity over Woods and former GOAT Jeff Heath. Clinton-Dix should provide an instant upgrade over Heath however.
Kicker: Greg Zuerlein
After having one of the worst Kicker's in the NFL last year in Brett Maher, Dallas signed Kai Forbath mid-season and he went on to not miss a kick for the rest of the year, finishing 10/10 on FG's. There is a potential battle here as Forbath was re-signed early in the offseason and Zuerlein was signed later in the offseason. Zuerlein reunites with his former ST Coordinator John Fassel so he has the inside track to the gig. Zuerlein has been known as one of the best in the biz before having an off year last year, that can be attributed to battling injuries.
Punter: Chris Jones
As of now, Jones is the starting Punter for Dallas. He had a very poor 2019 but as of now, Dallas hasn't brought anyone in to challenge him for the spot. Fassel is one of the best in the league though, so perhaps he thinks he can make Jones work.
Long Snapper: LP LaDouceur
Nothing to be said here. LP is The GOAT.

2020 Game Predictions:

Week 1 - @ Los Angeles Rams - W
Week 2 - vs Atlanta Falcons - W
Week 3 - @ Seattle Seahawks - L
Week 4 - vs Cleveland Browns - W
Week 5 - vs New York Giants - W
Week 6 - vs Arizona Cardinals - W
Week 7 - @ Washington Football Team - W
Week 8 - @ Philadelphia Eagles - L
Week 9 - vs Pittsburgh Steelers - L
Week 10 - BYE
Week 11 - @ Minnesota Vikings - W
Week 12 - vs Washington Football Team - W
Week 13 - @ Baltimore Ravens - L
Week 14 - @ Cincinnati Bengals - W
Week 15 - vs San Francisco 49ers - L
Week 16 - vs Philadelphia Eagles - W
Week 17 - @ New York Giants - W

2020 Predicted Record: 11-5

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