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Serial number activate mpxio solaris 10

How to remove a device in use? - Page 2

Midrange System DS4000 Series storage pdf manual download. Troubleshooted and maintained Oracle Solaris ZFS, storage pools, snapshots and clones and UFS. It permits operation of virtual machines with less overhead than traditional designs by changing the way guests access CPU, memory, and I/O resources.

How do I enable STMS/mpxio on Solaris 10?

To activate FCL for a mounted file system, type the following: # fcladm on mount_point. Common Configuration Enumeration (CCE): Unique Identifiers https://delovoysoz.ru/crack/?key=1005. MPGROUPs remains unsupported for Solaris 11 configurations.

Serial code hP MPX200 USER MANUAL Pdf Download

You only need to enable it. OS Native Multipathing Software - Huawei SAN Storage Host https://delovoysoz.ru/crack/?key=1017. A place for Unix Thoughts and Ideas.

SANtricity Express Guide Storage Manager 11

Known Issues - Sun Storage Common Array Manager. Resolution is to either manually apply these patches before creating a. Hardware FLASHprom Sun Fire T5120/5220 Sun.

Registration key solaris - View topic - MPXIO: Can't get to encapsulate

So, if you try the classical luupgrade following incantation, it will fail with the reported message. Sun System Administration Guide - Basic Administration. The mpathadm show LU command shows the path state changing from active to standby or standby to active.

Solaris Host Utilities 62 Installation and Setup

EMC PowerPath for Solaris Installation and Administration

Also extensive experience with LVM, Volume Manger/VCS, Solaris Volume Manager. Note - In previous Oracle Solaris releases, the stmsboot command was used to enable or disable multipathing on the boot device only for SPARC based hosts only. The Solaris Leadville driver does not allow an admin to access the HBA for device binding.

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Upgrade Solaris 10 Update 3 to Solaris 10 Update 9 + Patch

RESOLUTION: Added ODM support for Solaris 11.4. EMC PowerPath Family for AIX Installation and. OpenSolaris) distributions, such as OpenIndiana, SmartOS and OmniOS, as well as.


Solaris 10 ZFS: Copying data from a locally booted disk. Using snapshots for boot environments One of the nice features of ZFS is the fact. Solaris 10. In Solaris 10, the multipathing software has been installed by default, but is not enabled.

EMC Host Connectivity Guide for Oracle Solaris

Problems Resolved in Versions Prior to XCP 2020: Fujitsu resources.

Volume Manager on Solaris, patch detail
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4 Enabling and Disabling Multipathing 81%
5 Configuring Solaris MPxIO for use with SVC or Storwize 64%
6 (MPxIO) Ensure that MPxIO is enabled on iSCSI systems 20%

Sun Storage Common Array Manager Software Release Notes

Sun Storage Common Array Manager Software Release Notes 13. TABLE 7 Supported Expansion Modules: FLX240, FLX280, and FLX380 Arrays. In the absence of a cluster monitor, vxclustadm can also be used to activate or deactivate the CVM functionality of VxVM on any node in a cluster. Verify Solaris 10 Multipathing/Configure SAN Disk May 28, December 1, / Christopher Paquin I was attempting to troubleshoot issues as a user was complaining about slow performance on a SAN disk.

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Configuring Solaris 10 host with SAN storage

I haven't been able to find docs for earlier version but the lack of the fcinfo command and pre-leadville FC drivers must make it a real chore. Enabling and Disabling Multipathing - Oracle Help Center. Peter's Solaris Zone mpxio quickstart.

Managing Your ZFS Root Pool - Oracle Solaris

How to identify the HBA cards/ports and WWN in Solaris. Activate mpxio solaris 10. After storage provides us a LUN(s) we need to configure that LUN to make it usable.

Sun Patch: SunOS 5.10: Solaris kernel patch

This problem will typically affect systems running Solaris 10 11/06 (Update 3) and earlier Solaris 10 Updates, where this patchset has been installed but patch 121428-13 (or higher), and required patch 121430-16 (or higher) have not been applied - please refer to the note on patch 121430 in the Extra Patches section above. Notes on Updating a SPARC M10 System to Oracle Solaris 11 pop over to this web-site. Hello Admins, How do I enable STMS/mpxio on Solaris 10?

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Karma Builds - Where can I improve?

I've been playing a lot of Karma over the last month. She's a great Support, with the capability to cover for a player who isn't playing well or help them if they are. That being said, I have some questions about the "best practices" when it comes to solo queue.
The first build that I made for Karma was heavily focused on being able to blast my way through enemies. I hit ~255 AP, 3k health, and 150+ in each defense. It was solid, but lacked any of the traditional Support items like Locket or Ardent. I've had some complaints (apparently people want me to do less damage, and do more healing/shields?), so I sat down and worked out a build that includes a fair amount of "support items."
Problem is, I have yet to win a game with the setup. It's possible I'm just getting unlucky teams, or my play today is awful, or it may actually be the item set. To settle the issue, I'd like to get some feedback on both the offensive and support builds, and hear some arguments as to what items are good on Karma.
Offensive * Eye of the Watchers * Ionian Boots of Lucidity * Rod of Ages * Abyssal Scepter * Zhonya's Hourglass * Guardian Angel
Basic thought process here should be obvious. Vision into Boots into health/AP into defense/AP into defense. Depending on their team comp, I sometimes swap the order of Zhonya's or Abyssal, or build half of one (or even the Chain Vest from GA) then the other. But generally, this is it. I had about a 70% win-rate in solo queue (Normals, low MMR still because I'm learning) with it. I really, REALLY liked playing this build. The solid stats let you push out lanes, do damage in fights, and scout/ward aggressively. The armor is a bit high, so I'm thinking of swapping in Locket for Zhonya's. I lose some AP, but get the extra shield and MR aura. The only other thing I'm considering is Banner of Command, because I need the CDR.
Support * Frostfang * Ruby Sightstone * Ionian Boots of Lucidity * Locket of the Iron Solari * Ardent Censer * Mikhael's Crucible * Guardian Angel
This is the build I developed a couple days ago, based on what I saw at Worlds. It's... not going well. Anyway, you obviously sell the Frostfang if/when you hit five items. It has good bulk when I'm finished, it has 30% bonus shield, lots of great actives. Problem is, I cannot kill anything. And, I know, I'm the Support. That's not my job. But I can't hold a lane until level ~10. It feels like I contribute much less to the team. The loss of AP (Censer is the only thing with it) hurts a lot, and I don't love the actives. Solari is great, but Mikhael's is VERY situational.
I'm kind of at a loss on what to do. I know solo queue is different than playing with a team of five, and I know I'm nowhere NEAR as good as the Supports at Worlds, but while I'm working on improving my play (something I intend to do through copious practice), I thought I would at least look into making my build better for team play. I've only been playing for a couple months, so I'm sure there's a lot to learn. I got stuck in Silver 5 after my placement matches (which I did terribly in), found out the season is ending, and decided to spend the next few months practicing for when the Ranked Queues open back up. "Perfecting" my Karma build is step one.
I think that's enough rambling for now. If you have some advice for me, I'd love to hear it.
submitted by Ephemeral_Being to summonerschool

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