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Free solaris 10 recommended patch cluster

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Patching endpoints on Solaris 11 or later. I see the latest patch cluster is now available and from memory know that the next release normally follows this. It is recommended that you use public key based authentication.

Cracked ssh to Solaris 10 server - close connection

When using HAM in a Solaris environment, HDLM supports only Solaris 10. The versions of JDK listed below are now supported. Introduction Since Solaris 11 offers a range of abstractions in the data link layer and IP layer for high availability, scaling and aggregation purposes, It becomes a bit complicated while using snoop command to capture IP or higher level protocol traffic in case if different layers of physical and logical devices configured in a Solaris system. After the download, I'm now ready to install the patch cluster. This includes a summary about alert messages and job activity, and links to all the database and Oracle Automatic Storage Management (Oracle ASM) instances.

Patch cluster 10_x86_Recommended fails at 119255-77 (thir

Solaris Patching using 10_recommended cluster not recognising LiveUpgrade patching. But I felt this post will be helpful for Solaris administrators to find the latest OS patch bundles from Oracle. The returned values are as follows: User – This component returns the percentage of CPU time spent running non-kernel code (user time). BigFix Patch for Solaris provides an automated, simplified patching process that is administered from a single console.

Serial code goAnywhere MFT Product Release Notes

Bug 838033 - patch cluster deployment fails on solaris 10 clients. It is recommended that you use the MacOS X tools for setting up a pair of mirrored servers. For Critical Patch Update (CPU) and the Recommended Patch Cluster, you can use a local repository to host the packages and share them across your network using Network File System (NFS). The bprd log on the master server shows the incoming connection and the attempt to connect to the client using the client host.

A survey on cloud computing security: Issues, threats, and

This section describes how to download the. You must be granted the AV_ADMIN role before you can run these commands. Set up Oracle ASM on an Azure Linux virtual machine. As a first step, download the recommended patch cluster from the My Oracle Support (MOS) site.

Oracle Solaris 10 Downloads

Check application logs corresponding to the faulted resource. Ensure that the new services added by Oracle Solaris Cluster are all online. Member Network tab on internal-cluster interfaces: is, * SmartCenter Pro Server: External interfaces and connect to a Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) switch. Not all patches available from Sun Microsystems must be installed.

Solaris package management

In the "Patches & Updates" tab, go to the "Patch search" window, select the "Recommended Patch Advisor" tab and enter your product ("Oracle Solaris") and release ("10 1/13 (Update 11)"). Snif Patch p4042 or above) for Unix stap. The appliance needs to find the Domain Controller DNS SRV (service) records. Solaris 10 recommended patch cluster.

Activity code solaris Troubleshooting - System Panics, Hangs and Crashes

SVM Packages needs to be downloaded and installed manually in Solaris 8. SVM packages come inbuilt with Solaris 10. Smpatch doesn't analyze properly for the "... click this link here now. Download the STB (Sun explorer) bundle from oracle website and install it by just executing the script. Beginning to Administer the Cluster - Oracle Solaris explanation.

Solaris Recommended Patch Clusters Install
1 Configure Solaris OE (Each Cluster Node) 100%
2 The latest Patch Cluster/Set for Solaris 10 9%
3 How To Set up SSH Keys on a Linux / Unix System 83%
4 Chapter 2 Developing a Data Service (Sun Cluster Data 53%
5 People used these Symantec dumps to get 100% marks 76%

Preinstallation Issues and Bugs - Solaris 10 Release Notes

Here I am just sharing few tips to find the server serial number from Oracle Solaris. Recommended Action: Determine the reason for the resource going offline. No intermediate reboots are required. Copy the contents of the key (Ctrl+C).

What is VMware Workstation

Database Configuration - OpenBase SQL

I am running Solaris 10 on VMWare Environment. SQLite is removed from MySQL Cluster releases. HOWTO: Download Solaris Patch Clusters from My Oracle. Adding Pure Storage FlashArray LUN's to the Host.

Hack installing Patch Cluster on Solaris 10 zones

Solaris 10 11/06 Release Notes. Flag -t. When this flag is used, Solaris 10 clusters install the traditional way, reporting the failure causes and ignoring certain benign errors. Install_cluster for Solaris 10 Recommended Patch Cluster not applied. Sparc t4 4 system technical overview.

Nunu Itemisation

I wanted to present my personal take on Nunu's itemisation and runes.
  • Aftershock - no doubt it's the best, anything else is straight up troll
  • Font of Life - demolish is quite a terrible rune because it very rarely makes the difference, always go this imo, but in the end it's up to you
  • Conditioning - rounds up the health purchases you make with extra resistances
  • Overgrowth/Revitalize - not very sure which one is better, because Q has health scaling on both damage and healing but I guess most people would go with Revitalize.
Here is the thing, I really think Nunu works best with Relentless Hunter. He moves too slowly around the map, especially after they removed his old W and movement speed on Q. The snowballs are coming too slow in laneganks and in general, while he has a bad time getting to places. The secondary option is up to you but I like cheap shot with my build. I overall enjoyed this rune a lot and I recommend it to everyone. Triumph+Legend is the second best option which I think probably the vast majority uses.
For rune stats I use 9% AS and 10 adaptive for the most optimal clear and scaling health for his Consume ratio.
I don't really know how things are going in the Nunu and Willump community right now but I put a high emphasize on 40% CDR when I play this champion. The CDR is everything his kit requires.
Cinderhulk is very good and standard, I didn't even try the Runic Echoes but I think Nunu will be too fragile considering he has no escapes and too reliant to hit charged snowballs to function.
I think Chilling Smite is better for several reasons. Nunu and Willump are immobile and it makes them always get an easy catch for his low range spells, especially the Snowball Barrage.
Spirit Visage is the best item Nunu can purchase to make himself really durable, I think everyone is aware of that, but one item I realy enjoy is Iceborn Gauntlet. This is one of the pieces that allows you to get to 40% CDR. This is one of the few items that lets you put a bit of damage on Nunu. It's almost impossible to escape Iceborn Gauntlet Nunu if he gets in close range and sticks to you forever. The mana is great, especially when Nunu gets into teamfights and uses a lot of rotations. I'm satisfied with it because it feels like I can carry games without relying too much on the team and play a bruiser style. I must note that you can build Iceborn Gauntlet first against heavier AD but spirit visage will still give superior tankyness compared to Iceborn even vs AD. I like DeadMan's Plate a lot on Nunu but he really works too well with 40% CDR so I don't think it's worth to get it unfortunately.
After this 30% CDR I get another Kindlegem ASAP to round my 40% CDR spike and turn it into Warmog's armor, which boosts the damage and healing of Consume by a ton while also letting you regenerate back to full health and become a huge annoyance.
The last item you can use to round your build can be: (each of these items can be bought earlier in the game situationally)
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate: overall stat efficient and cheap to increase your effective health a ton and make your ultimates and dives more disruptable
  • Locket of the Iron Solari: simply specific situations like playing against some AoE (generally magic) or protecting fragile targets from assassins.
  • Titanic Hydra: if you have a lot of gold and are a secondary type of carry and/or you find yourself ignored a lot this can work well on Nunu to increase his damage output in clustered fights against enemies with low armor when you have a lot of magic damage on your team.
  • Liandry's Torment: a very nice item on Nunu and Willump, especially good if your team has a lot of physical damage, probably the best damage you can possibly get out of an item for the champion.
  • Thornmail: awesome item to counter onhit healing teams. You can purchase bramble vest a lot earlier in the game against them.
  • Adaptive Helm: self explanatory, against dps magic damage
  • Randuin's Omen: also pretty self explanatory just when you need crit damage reduction.
  • Zz'Rot portal: super specific situations in which your team is mainly focused around splitpushing
I hope you found this useful at least a bit. I've peaked 400 in master on EUW this season, just for reference, and I theory craft (even on reddit) stuff a lot. I love you all, peace, goodluck with Nunu and Willump and don't forget to give feedback or ask questions.
submitted by BariboBangito to nunumains

[For Hire] Sr. Unix / Linux Admin w/ management skills.

Sorry for the throwaway, but I am pretty active posting w/ my main account, and I can't have my current employer knowing I am looking.
I have ~7 yrs as a Linux/Solaris admin and ~15 years in the IT field as a whole. I tend to learn very quickly and have been granted promotions within a yr of being at various companies. I have worked for multiple large financial firms w/ 800+ servers being very specialized, and I have also been at smaller companies where I am responsible for a wide variety of technologies. I have experience managing people, and writing reviews.
I am currently working for a company as a Sr. Linux Architect, and I also manage 3 other Linux admins under me. As most admins I spent plenty of time designing / working with storage, networking, applications, clustering, virtualization, databases, etc.
I would prefer a job in Florida, or one that I could telecommute, don't think the wife is interested in relocating. I listed a few skills below that I would be considered proficient in. I can provide a resume` and linked in profile w/ recommendations if someone PM's me.
Linux : Gentoo, Redhat 4+5 / OEL / CentOS, Ubuntu, Suse
Unix : Solaris 10, 9, 8, OpenSolaris
Microsoft Windows: XP, 2000/2003/2008 Server
C#, Perl, ksh, bash, python
Protocols: Samba, NFSv3/4, SFTP, FTP, TFTP, SCP, iSCSI
Fiber channel troubleshooting, multipathing, and configuration.
Hardware/administration: Netapp 3170, Hitachi AMS 1000, Sun Storage 7120, EMC VBLOCK(Symmetrix),Dell MD300/100
Software: ZFS, Solaris Volume Manager, Veritas Volume Manager, PowerPath, Netbackup, LVM
Server Hardware:
HP/Compaq, Dell, Sun SPARC/X86, Cisco UCS
Console devices: Cyclades/Avocent ACS48/ACS6000, Lightwaves
Sun Cluster, Veritas Cluster Services, Oracle RAC
VMWARE: ESX 3.5/4.0 + ESXi 4.0
Sun: Virtualbox, Containers/Zones
Cisco: Switch hardware, IOS, Firewall
IPchains/shorewall, Windows Firewall, DHCP, DNS (bind9)
Load Balancers: F5
Monitoring Tools:
HPOV, CIM, Patrol, Arcserve, Notes R5 Monitor, IPMON, Nagios, Spectrum, Graphite
Directory: Active Directory, Oracle OID, OpenLDAP, penrose
Provisioning: cfengine, Redhat Satellite Server, jumpstart/kickstart, Puppet
Web: Apache, Siteminder, Tomcat
Oracle: UCM, SOA/ Weblogic, Oracle Database 10/11g
Manufacturing: Genesys, Irenaissance
submitted by IT_jobs_throwaway to sysadminjobs

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