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Explore the endless expanses of universe in one of the best and most exciting online browser games ever produced. Statements: SET Statement - 9.2 - Sas Institute. Windows character codes (Hold down the Alt key and type.

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Download Epsilon - Advanced code editor for programmers, featuring EMACS-style editing tools, customizable commands and hotkeys, regex replace. Epsilon Keyboard Shortcuts - RAD Studio https://delovoysoz.ru/crack/?key=1059. How to use all these symbols outside the equation, select the option Use Math AutoCorrect rules outside of math regions in the Word Options.

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Amaya keyboard shortcuts for Mac OSX. Windows ALT Codes Reference Chart https://delovoysoz.ru/crack/?key=1052. Running Other Programs in Epsilon 13.

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There is no telling how long this will last but I know it has an impact on me alone. About/News ReadMe Download Screenshots Tech Notes Email About. Virtual Keyboard - GitHub Pages https://delovoysoz.ru/crack/?key=1051.

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It has built-in three methods to Create the Shortcut's and the methods are: * Create Shortcut* Create. NOVABABE5-ZHGQSU – Apply this code & get 30% off your order. Gotta love Macs sometimes - to install on your Mac drag the AmiKit XE icon over the Application shortcut icon.

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Left Hand Keys only 5 - Right Hand Keys only 6 - Alternates hands when typing Here are final list of lessons of touch typing with full keys. User Guide 0.20.3-1. Epsilon 10 shortcut keys s.

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Incrementally searches for a string entered from the keyboard. The Magic Candle II: The Four and Forty; GameSpot News. These notes are written to help you learn the basics of Epsilon.

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Key fabulous Code Chart (ALT and HTML) for Math and Currency

One such feature is Math AutoCorrect. Rekordbox is complete DJ software, from cloud music management to creative performance capabilities. Each product design is precision-engineered to strict tolerances based on a clear understanding of the original equipment part, original vehicle design and performance requirements.

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ALT Key Codes for Special Characters List

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Keyboard shortcuts for entering math expressions click for source. Aptitude Preparation: Here you can find Aptitude Questions and Answers with explanations for Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability & Data Interpretation so that candidate can learn, practice & improve their skills to crack all types of interviews, placements, entrance test, competitive examination, objective type, multiple choice & Computers sections in government/private. If you are already familiar with using alt codes, simply select the alt code category you need from the table below.

LadyHavoc's DarkPlaces Quake Modification

DarkPlaces is a Quake modification I have built over the course of 6 years on and off experimenting, it got somewhat of an overhaul when the Quake engine source code was released, and I began developing a custom OpenGL-only engine for it and other mods, which supports Windows WGL and Linux GLX, and has greatly improved graphics and. Download Epsilon - Advanced code editor for programmers, featuring EMACS-style editing tools, customizable commands and hotkeys, regex replace, and more. However, very few Microsoft Word users know that similar shortcut exists in Ms Word too.

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This article itemizes the keyboard shortcuts for Word on Windows. Ms Word Alt code for Greek Alphabets. How to Change Screen Refresh Rate of a Display in Windows 10 The refresh rate is the number of frames per second your monitor can display.

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Below are the top 10 keyboard shortcuts we recommend everyone memorize and use. It's pretty much irreversible short of reinstalling the game, but most mods use MoreSlotID now anyway, including roy12's newer character and costume mods. Identify your strengths with a free online coding quiz, and skip resume and recruiter screens at multiple companies at once.

[Fantasy World Epsilon 30-10] - 10.3 Gambolling Glamour Girl

Kay and Kel had been holding out, keeping her tied up with all those corpses in his freezer while they practised magic in secret.
Why hadn’t her meta-mind notified her? Was it hoarding the feeds? Why the sly dogs the lot of them!
Someone was getting punished after all this, and Rilian decided it would be Kel. But that would come later; currently, there was a game of tag to play.
She moved through the streets masked. It was so tempting to take it off; she wanted to see their reactions. That first glimpse of her was a priceless expression she relished: something Kel had also deprived her of. He showed her irritation, pain, glee, and impassivity, never awe.
As if he did not look up, or down on her; Instead, he gazed through, neither aggressive nor placating. If only he knew how much like an Alpha that was. Honest pleasure, he reserved for the act of creation. Rilian stole glances when he contemplated the many designs floating about in his skull. God, he turns me on.
Focus Rilian. Her priority was the task at hand. Perhaps she could expend some frustration in exertion now, and shower later. She picked up the pace to a brisk jog and aimed to corner Red 2. Her HUD was directly piped to the visual cortex, no need for convoluted low tech optics. Even so, it was a rather primitive one. She casually glanced at the overlay while picking up speed.
Of the many skills and muscle memory grafted into her body, the art of moving and acrobatics was naturally one of them. Naming conventions across the multiverse varied, but the principles were the same, and she had the best athletic body money could buy. Actually, that wasn’t true; Alphas didn’t trade in material goods but in favours, and Cousin Leren’s art had not slipped.
Rilian felt her Olympic limbs flex as they warmed from exertion swiftly reaching peak performance.
Her hood pulled back in the rush of air, revealing the dull lustre of her helm and faceplate with its multiple articulated metal plates.
She made it bob and jostle in sync, so it did not jar on her head as she ran. The metal flex-tube limbs clamped to her vest supported it further. In all, solids in contact with her body—metals in particular—felt like a second skin. A dull tactile sense even permeated what she imbued. Extended kinesthetics were the domain of transhuman worlds and up, but nothing near this visceral.
She barely breathed harder as streamlined metabolics burned through tweaked energy stores, pumping ample oxygen and glucose to her optimised muscle fibres.
The intercept path led around the periphery of the market, so streets were less crowded compared to Kay’s feed. She angled to meet up with Red 2 as it came out from the block ahead of her.
An idle horse tied to a cart obstructed the road. Bursting to a mild sprint, Rilian dove and vaulted off its rump, making a casual twist as she flew through the air and landed without so much as a pause.
People’s shouts and guffaws trailed behind her as she reviewed footage from the cam flies.
The jump was alright; it could go on the highlight reel perhaps. Rilian had been looking for Kel since she released the micro-drones, with no luck as of yet. More interference from her cloud, possibly? Had Kel done something else he would need to pay for? Likely a bit of both; he was also furthest from her as they herded the suspect. The cameras would find him soon enough.
She rounded a bend and felt her shoes and their steel runner spikes dig into the ground; they were an extension of her. Aura soaked the paving and moss ridden dirt with each stride giving her traction akin to cold welding as she adhered and detached.
She never slipped or skidded—unless she wanted to—and could dart through the bystanders like a printer head across paper. Twisting and turning; a wall run here, or a flip for some spice. There had not been a place to stretch her legs since birth, so the exhilaration was ecstatic as she ran and laughed.
Such amusements were over all too soon as she caught sight of the chased hare.
“Red 2 is the target. Over,” she said. Cam flies could have flown ahead of course, but where is the fun in that. No, they were for production value only, she refused to tarnish this art piece with shortcuts. Besides, the goal was for the runner to see them, not the other way around.
“Roger, Red 1 is confirmed to be a kid,” said Kel. “Proceeding to Red 2. Over.”
The suspect attempted to blend into the crowd, hood up again and an Airbow held down at his side its extended wooden pipe identifying the type. He hurried between the people but not enough to jostle or draw attention.
Misty dew-like drizzle began falling on everything, a common occurrence in Elgelica. The natural climate of England was further exacerbated by the terraformed super forest in its midst.
The bowman had yet to spot her, as she too blended into the crowd and advanced on him deftly. The smooth-worn and slick paving might have posed a slipping hazard were she not a Solid Mage. Her spiked soles pierced through the thin aquaplane and adhered like carpet.
“Ril, you have a backup tag? Over.”
“Why is everyone ‘over’?” asked Kay.
A wry chuckle was Rilian’s only response.
Kel was silent.
“Yes Kel, I have one in hand. I’ll make sure to give a proper greeting! Over.” She stealthily sidled close to the diminutive elf and with a substantial wind-up gave the hardest ass slap she could manage.
It contained considerable kinetic force and sent the elf sprawling across the wet stones. He yipped with the stinging pain on impact, and his bow flew from his hands and clattered away.
Other folks just stood about transfixed with the bizarre sight. Who slapped butts that hard in public after all. I do. Skipping gaily to the bow, Rilian scooped it up. Her first souvenir! There was a wall in medical she cleared just for the purpose.
“Did you just spank our poor perp?!” Kel was incredulous. “Over!”
“You be quiet, young Gamma. Yours will come later.” She turned to the elf as he got to his feet. She lifted her faceplate, and a cam fly captured the swirling glow of her pink and blue eyes in the deep shade. “Light-Finger sends his regards, little man.”
Wonder and terror imprinted the assassin’s expression. Now that was a face she could relish! The aghast elf scrambled to his feet and ran for his life.
“This is no time for selfies! I can see you doing bliksemse poses in the street!”
Just where was he? His ping was almost on top of her. She glanced around. “The RF tag is properly secured. Over.”
“Until he fucken sits, you mean!” She heard his voice above.
That devious man! He was tracking across the bridges and walkways on the second level. One of the microdrones climbed to focus on him.
“There you are, my naughty little Diver!”
“Can someone please explain what ‘over’ means!” piped Kay.
Quirky Kay, that was going on the highlight reel too. Rilian didn’t bother following the target anymore.
“Go Kel! Show us what you’ve got.” She pumped the air.
“Fucking help damn it!” She watched him run across a rope bridge in the street ahead.
“But my legs are sooo tired! Meet you at the rendezvous.” Her voice was treacle. The faceplate flapped shut, and Rilian headed for the spire with her trophy.
“Donnerse fok Ril, you owe me two massages you hear! Two!”
Trading more favours was he? She would make an Alpha out of him yet. Would I?! Is that what she wanted?
There was much to think on. Delightful and debauched fantasies played across Rilian’s cognition as she skipped away.

Comments & Calculations

As alluded, 30-10 Rilian is a distinct conscious entity to her Alpha existence. Varying degrees of connectivity to the group-mind Rilian could and do exist simultaneously, with the Ril we meet being one of the more isolated versions. She shares an existential identity with her meta-mind while maintaining her own autonomy. 30-10 Rilian could live and die a full life on her own terms, knowing those memories and identity will be preserved. In short, her afterlife is assured while the meta-mind benefits from inexhaustible permutations on existence and experience. This segues well—hopefully—into the values and desires we see them express.
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GTA Online Death... Connections to a Particular Film

There are some of us who believe this game, this story, is all a dream. And perhaps making the correct choices, following the correct path will unravel the reality with a true ending. There are many films that use the “stuck in a dream” idea such as the Matrix, Jacob’s Ladder (Jacob’s ladder referred to in Capolavoro), Groundhog Day, Waking Life, Point Blank and Mulholland Drive to name a few. But there’s one in particular that caught my attention the other day, starring Scientology’s biggest celebrity… Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky.
I had seen this movie a while back but probably not since playing GTA V. Anyway, the last few minutes of this film is where David Aames (Tom Cruise) is suddenly realising he is stuck inside a dream which has become a nightmare. The film refers to the nightmare as a ”glitch” which is now resolved. As I’ve mentioned before I believe specific glitches are a sign that we’ve done something wrong while progressing the story. There is a specific way to play the game relating to mission ordetiming which results in no glitches or anomalies occurring such as random police shootouts which seem to occur all the time, or character’s pulling their guns out automatically when switching for example.
In the movie, as David travels toward the top of the building he’s told he is coming to his ”true moment of choice”, meaning he can choose to carry on in his lucid dream, or, he can choose to finally wake up to reality by throwing himself from atop a building, which he does. He also comes to the realisation before leaping to his death, that he is in fact already dead (in a comatose state) and has been living in a lucid dream for over 150 years which he is told he can awaken from. As I’ve mentioned I believe a similar situation to be true for Michael. Not that he’s cryogenically frozen like in the movie, but that he’s stuck in a moment of time (2008) in reality but his subconscious has created this fictional reality where 5 years have passed. And this (supposedly 2013) is the moment we can finally discover his actuality, his truth.
As David falls his life flashes before his eyes. As he draws closer to the ground we see a fade to white which lasts about 8 seconds followed by a voice saying ”open your eyes”. As David’s eye opens… Roll credits.
The first thing I thought of (apart from my preconceived ideas about Mike also being in a dream, or the similarity that Mike also chooses to kill himself by falling during the mission The Time’s Come which I believe is Mike’s true moment of choice) was the fade to white that happens when our online character dies. There is a very similar fade to white just before being greeted by a floating Cris Formage. I had an old recording on my PS4 of the scene and was interested to find out how long the fade to white scene lasted… Interestingly about 8 seconds just like the final moments of the movie.
So I had to do a direct comparison right? Intrigued by what I’d seen I downloaded a couple of Youtube videos of Cris Formage appearing online and played it along side that scene in the movie…
This is what happened.
As you can see, not only is the fade to white scene the same as that in the movie but as Penelope Cruz’s character says ”Relax David, open your eyes” Cris Formage appears which seems to be more than pure coincidence. After we hear the words ”open your eyes” we hear Cris descending from the sky. In most cases, a vanilla sky.
Here is the full clip I made of the comparison. In this scene David says ”that every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.” This phrase (turning things around) reminds me of the CoM timed test which lasts for one minute in real time and is the only time real time is referred to in-game. At the end of the CoM test it says, Don’t let reality pass you by.
Also as Cris ascends at the end of the scene the title “Vanilla Sky” appears. Most video’s of this scene found online also have a similar sky to that of the movie, if you Google it you will see. Except that a Youtuber by the name of Robert Saysongkham has uploaded the same fucking 10 second video showing a blue sky about 20 times.
Here is the same clip slowed down to the specific moments during the fade to white moment.
And here is another comparison video I made. I’d noticed from watching all video’s of Cris’s online appearance that the timing of when a character dies (when the screen goes grey) can vary but the fade to white is always the same, about 8 seconds.
Epsilon Path
I firmly believe this is a clue from Rockstar. As we know… (from Wiki) The headquarters, light blue color-scheme, logo, connections to celebrities, and controversy surrounding the program are modelled after The Church of Scientology. Like I mentioned Tom Cruise is Scientology’s biggest Hollywood celebrity and is the main character of this film, and Mike is the main character of the game.
My own personal theory that I’ve had for a while now consists of two real endings that will only appear as a result of making the correct choices, correct timing and character action. The theory is completing the entire story with perfect timing and correct choices, but as this would be extremely difficult to do we need some sort of proof to do so. I believe this is what Epsilon is here for, it’s a shortcut to an end.
As another Redditor here pointed out to me (forget who sorry) in the mission Marriage Counselling when Mike pulls down Madrazo’s we see our first (perhaps the only?) fade to black. I feel this must be a significant moment in Mike’s life, a chapter if you will. A true moment of choice of whether to go down that path or not.
I believe Epsilon’s actual purpose is to save Mike from going down that specific path. I feel Epsilon is the alternate path (a shortcut through the game) which means we never have to see Lester and which means we never have to kill Jay Norris. It’s those chain of events that begin Mike’s downward spiral. The only way out for Mike if he ignores this other opportunity, is death, which he chooses himself in the end. But like the movie, this action of suicide is more a “leap of faith”. I also believe the Epsilon path is Mike’s true path, a path of enlightenment and understanding that this reality is nothing but a dream, and a dream that he can willingly change.
Easily the most laborious task we have in this game is during the Epsilon mission Bearing the Truth. As you know we are supposed to wear the Epsilon robes for 10 days, but what does everyone do? We skip those 10 days by sleeping through them to advance time. This is not the point. From what I’ve found (like this Crystal Maze theory) while taking the correct path through the game, is that the game should not be rushed through just to achieve 100%. Below is certain dialogue from this mission I feel are important and relative to what I’ve been talking about…
Marnie: ”We are all dead, and we are all immortal. Hello Zondar. Are you ready?”
Mike: ”For what?”
Marnie: ”It is today the tract can be written.”
As Mike objects the Epsilon idealism Marnie says…
”Objectional antithesises are worse than idiots on a sinking ship.”
Meaning idiots who rush and panic as opposed to being calm and reasonable.
Antithesis; (Greek for "setting opposite”) is used in writing or speech either as a proposition that contrasts with or reverses some previously mentioned proposition, or when two opposites are introduced together for contrasting effect.
After the robes have been worn for 10 days we receive a text from Cris…
”Kifflom, your robes clothe the nakedness of spectral ignorance! We have been following your progress with great interest. You shall be summoned”.
Spectral ignorance? Interesting choice of words as spectral means of, or like a ghost.
Epsilon Connections
  • One of the Epsilon members we meet is actually named Tom. We meet him in Accepting the Truth, Delivering the Truth and Exercising the Truth.
  • As I’ve mentioned in this and previous posts, going down that violent path beginning with Jay Norris’ death opens a door for the opportunity of our very first heist The Jewel Store Job. This is a mistake that Mike should not make, this is also why Trevor (Michael’s nightmare) comes back into his life. I noticed in my The Songs that Guide Us post (linked above) that the moment when we have the CHOICE of seeing Lester or meeting Marnie and Tom for Accepting the Truth there is an Ice Planet Jewelry sign above the door we enter. Once again I’ll mention the word antithesis… when two opposites are introduced together for contrasting effect. After our first fade to black Mike is sitting in a park with a spiral footpath ready to make that choice. He also tells Friedlander he needs to see him. He is literally spiralling out of control.
  • There is a street known as Sinner Street in the Mission Row neighbourhood. Almost all of businesses on this street are jewellery stores. This is also where Ice Planet Jewelry is located. It seems they are having a “Meltdown” Sale. Meltdown I believe to be symbolic of Mike’s own meltdown. It’s noted that despite what happens during this mission (Merryweather attacking his family) that right after the mission Mike calls Lester and explains to him what had happened to his family, and that he still intends to take part on the Union Depository heist (The Big Score).
There are a couple of lines from LS24 review of the film Meltdown I thought were interesting…
”When the screen went dark and Meltdown began, I bathed in the rich images of Liberty City. The vibe was incredible. Then suddenly every movie cliche- was unleashed upon the audience in rapid fire, as empty and soulless as the computer-generated backgrounds. A love interest started and didn't go anywhere. A voiceover appeared in weird places. Bizarre music choices were picked for the soundtrack. As the credits rolled, we were left with a warm fuzzy feeling about what happens when greed tries to win. It never wins. I loved the movie. It has flaws, but much like with my wife and her ever-sagging body, I will plod through the motions and get lost in the nuance.”
”When the screen went dark and Meltdown began”. As I mentioned, the moment where we choose to see Lester is right after the first fade to black scene we have. This is Mike’s personal meltdown from this moment onwards, if we let it become so.
Clichés and ”computer-generated backgrounds” are the reality of this game.
”…what happens when greed tries to win. It never wins”. There is no moral to this story if Mike lives after what he’s caused.
”I will plod through the motions and get lost in the nuance.” Subtle differences/shades in the meaning of the story… Something I believe everyone here should be focusing on in the game’s story. Understanding symbolism and metaphors which seem to be scattered all throughout.
”A mirror in a lake where truth lives”
Certain things that happen during The Truth missions seem to reflect moments of other story missions. The first and most obvious is Seeking the Truth (the first of the Truth missions) paralleled with Did Somebody Say Yoga
Did Somebody Say Yoga?
  • Mike is trying to engage with his family
  • Mike is knocked out by Jimmy's drink
  • Mike is teleported to another location (FIB building) in seemingly no time, then falls/flying (as if dreaming)
  • Mike wakes up dazed and confused in his underwear in a park near his house
Seeking the Truth
  • Mike is looking to join a cult and ignore his family
  • Mike is knocked out by Epsilon members
  • Mike is teleported to another location (satellite array) in seemingly no time
  • Mike wakes up dazed and confused in his underwear in the Grand Senora Desert
A lesser example I’ve noticed would be the 5 vehicles we steal during Assuming the Truth as we also have 5 heists. But I’m sure there are other connections to be made. If anyone’s interested here are the locations of the actual 5 vehicles from the photo’s we’re sent. If these vehicles in particular are taken they don’t show as stolen in your stats… Just something to consider.
Thanks for reading. Peace… I mean Kifflom.
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