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[NA FGO Summer 2018 event guide] SHEBA Event Forecast: Tropico collab edition - Summer! Ocean! Pioneering! Chaldea Summer Memory ~White Beach of Relaxation~!

Good timeofaday, fellow Masters! Summer's is on full swing, and that means even Servants long for the vacation! Luckily, we have our own pocket sea... So our lastest oracle calls us on the unforgettable summer adventure! So let's peer into Near Future Observation LensSHEBA to make our vacation plans! (TL;DR "guide" at the bottom)
Event duration: 2018-07-26, 07:00 UTC to 2018-08-15, 03:59 UTC. You need to clear the Prologue: Fuyuki in order to participate in this event.
For the sake of the clarity, Summer event consists of two separate parts, each with their own shop, materials to farm, quests and even banners. This guide covers only the first part. Part 2 will start at 2018-08-06, and both parts will run till 2018-08-14/15 reset.
It's a sweet sweet Summer! As we all know, Summer means Sea. And Sea means... Uninhabited Isle Castaway Adventure! What's the best way to spend your summer vacation than being stranded with your lovely Swimsuit-clad Servants on some forgotten isle in the middle of a great Okeanos, after all? So crashed there, your beloved partners depend on you to build them the means to survive and thrive! Yes, build, as devs once again are experimenting with what they can do with their core event mechanics, crossing over into the mini city building simulator! As expected of that genre, you will be accumulating the trove of different resources - Lumber, Stone, Iron, as well as Fresh Water and Food - and spend them to erect different buildings throughout the isle, to turn this untamed land into the tropical resort of your dreams! Of course, all that will be done through usual quest grind)
Gameplay loop here is as follows: after clearing initial story quests you will be presented with special "Development Quest", that cost a number of event mats to run and results in building some amenity on the map. Three "Development Quests" actually, with three different variations of a building in question, suggested by different Servants (and costing different materials), but you can only do one, and once you built something on that spot with it, two other quests will disappear. Fear not, once you clear the whole event story you can tear down everything and do other "Development Quests" to see their stories and decorate the island with their building variants. Obviously, you will need to pay the cost every time, and no refund will be given, but if you are collector and want to see all routes recorded in Your Room (and get all the MP rewards), this is the Hell you walk into) Buildings are purely decorative, so choose whatever design that strikes your fancy (or backed by one of your waifus) to be final one.
In order to obtain the materials necessary for buildings, you will need to explore (grind) the Free Quest maps. No surprises here.
In addition to free quests, large amounts of materials can be obtained as a reward from Daily quests, called Shipwreck discovery. Interestingly, quest mobs there drop QP instead of materials (materials are clear reward), so put your Mona Lisa to work there! All monsters you are going to face there there are Saber-class Giant Enemy Crabs, so pack your Archers to hit their Weak Spots for Massive Damage) And while you are at it, pray they will leave you their shells, new Ascension material needed for Summer Servants.
So, what exactly would it cost to build and what are possible options? Format of the guide restricts me to only listing the numbers, so if you want to see how your options actually look like, be sure to visit the Cirno's event page or this spreadsheet. More readable building cost spreadsheet is also available here (thanks to randomperson_xxx)
Development Plan A Plan B Plan C
1. Cabin Wooden Hut Stone Hut Stone Hut
└ building cost Lumber x40 Stone x30 Iron x50
└ suggested by Tamamo & Kiyo Archria Mordred
2. Water Supply Wooden Well Stone Well Faucet
└ building cost Lumber x40 Stone x40 Stone x20, Iron x30
└ suggested by Kiyo Martha AnnMary
3. Kitchen Earthen Rice Cooker Pizza Furnace Giant Cauldron
└ building cost Lumber x30, Food x40 Stone x30, Food x60 Iron x30, Food x80
└ suggested by Tamamo & Kiyo Marie Archra, Martha
4. Bath Open Air Bath Shower Cypress Bath
└ building cost Stone x40, Water x180 Iron x40, Water x60 Lumber x40, Water x120
└ suggested by Tamamo AnnMary & Mordred Mordred, Martha
5. Vegetable Garden Radish Garden Cabbage Garden Watermelon Garden
└ building cost Food x100, Water x50 Food x100, Water x100 Food x50, Water x150
└ suggested by Kiyo AnnMary Mordred
6. Grain Field Wheat Fields Rice Fields Corn Fields
└ building cost Food x80, Lumber x80 Food x120, Water x80 Food x160, Lumber x80
└ suggested by Martha Tamamo AnnMary
7. Ranch Cow Ranch Sheep Ranch Chicken Ranch
└ building cost Stone x30, Food x200 Lumber x30, Food x150 Iron x30, Food x100
└ suggested by Scathach & Archria Tamamo AnnMary
8. Road Meadow Road Stone Pavings Road Railroad
└ building cost Lumber x50 Stone x70 Iron x90, Lumber x30
└ Suggested by Tamamo Archria Mordred
9. Waterway Wooden Waterway Stone Waterway Pipe Waterway
└ building cost Lumber x50, Water x100 Stone x50, Water x150 Iron x50, Water x150
└ suggested by Kiyo Martha Mordred
10. Bridge Wooden Bridge Draw Bridge Ropeway
└ building cost Lumber x90 Stone x50, Lumber x60 Iron x50, Lumber x120
└ suggested by Kiyo Archria Mordred
11. Garden Regular Zen Labyrinth
└ building cost Lumber x90 Stone x120 Lumber x60, Water x120
└ suggested by Kiyo Scathach Martha
12. Playground Sports Stadium Colosseum Marieland
└ building cost Lumber x130 Stone x160 Iron x100
└ suggested by Archria Martha Marie
13. Observation Tower Lighthouse Five-Storey Pagoda Tower Rock Tower
└ building cost Stone x40, Iron x40 Lumber x100, Iron x40 Stone x150, Lumber x150
└ suggested by AnnMary Tamamo Mordred
14. Large Residence Samurai Residence Castle Iron Fortress
└ building cost Lumber x200 Stone x1 0 Iron x150
└ suggested by Tamamo Marie Mordred
15. Statue Mordred Statue Tamamo Statue Marie Statue
└ building cost Stone x100, Iron x200 Stone x150, Iron x150 Stone x200, Iron x100
└ Suggested by Mordred Tamamo Marie
Every Development Quest option gives 20MP reward for its first completion, meaning there's 900 MP for going through all three variations on all 15 quests. Fair warning: it takes 1040 Metal, 1450 Lumber, 1420 Stone, 1340 Water and 680 Food to go through all that, so be prepared to down some apples. For the first time, it would be best to go for cheapest options / ones you don't want to stick on your island, and save most aesthetically pleasing ones for the last.
Building a certain number of amenities on the isle (read: Clearing a certain number of Development Quests) unlocks progressive chapters of event story, which, in turn, unlock more Development Quests and even more areas and difficulties for Free Quests.
Chapter Requirements Unlocks
Chapter 1 None
Chapter 2 Clear "Chapter 1"
Chapter 3 Clear "Development 2" "Extreme" and "Thunder" difficulty for each Free Quest
Chapter 4 Clear "Development 7" "Development Planning 8"
Chapter 5 Clear "Development 10" "Mountain" and "Primeval Forest" areas
Chapter 6 Clear "Development 12" "Development 13"
Chapter 7 Clear "Development 14" "Development 15"
Chapter 8 Clear "Development 15" "Storm" difficulty for each Free Quest
By progressing through the event story, you will also unlock the Brilliant Summer Quests, side-stories for the featured Summer Servants. They are only available during the event, so be sure to experience them!
Brilliant Summer Quest Requirements
Going Out With Tamamo Clear "Chapter 5"
Together with Mordred Clear "Chapter 6"
A Date With Kiyohime Clear "Chapter 7"
An Expedition With Anne and Mary Clear "Chapter 5"
For most parts, this quests will have you face Crabs (Saber, 10k-17k) and then Demon Boar (Zerker, ~110k), with exception to AnneMary's, which will pit you against Shadow Teach (Rider, 149k)
And furthermore, this event gives you chance to acquire the exclusive Summer-type Mystic Code for the best enjoyment of your island vacation! Don't forget to clear the quest for it (and maybe wear this new swimsuit throughout the event, to set the mood))
In addition to all the building projects throughout the isle, materials will also be needed for the usual event feature - event shop. With the variety of materials to gather, it offers some good selection of goods, namely:
  • For Food: one copy of event CE (300), fous (20 each / 30 a pop), as well as Feathers (20 units / 50 a pop) and Seeds (30 / 50)!
  • For Water: one copy of Ascension Item (300), embers (100 each / 8 (4) a pop), Crystals (20 units / 40 a pop) and Proofs (30 each / 30 a pop)!
  • For Lumber: one copy of event CE and Ascension Item (300 each), Horns (20 / 60), Shells of Recollection (mentioned new Ascension material for Summer gacha Servants, 20 units / 40 a pop), as well as Saber Monuments (20 / 40) and Pieces (20 / 30)!
  • For Stone: one copy of event CE and Ascension Item (300 each), Scales (10 / 80), Great Knight Medals (20 / 40), as well as Archer Monuments (20 / 40) and Pieces (20 / 30)!
  • For Iron: one copy of event CE and Ascension Item (300 each), Scarab of Wisdom (10 / 80) and Horseshoes (20 / 40), as well as Lancer Monuments (20 / 40) and Pieces (20 / 30)!
All in all, to clear the shop we will need 3 400 Food, 3 200 Water, 4 000 Lumber, 3 600 Stone and 3 600 Iron. Not buying Monuments and Pieces will free up 1 400 Lumber, Stone and Iron.
In surprising twist, do not touch anything in the shop until after you are done with the story. Yes, not even the event CEs. That's because completion of the story unlocks best grinding difficulty for all nodes, and buying CE before that will set you behind on your story progress quite a bit. Besides, said CE only works for Food and Water)
Speaking of event-limited CEs, as per tradition, they offer one way to ease the pain of grind. This time around featured CEs are:
  • 5☆ Gacha CE "Pirates Party!": Apply Ignore Invincible, Gain 3 (4) Critical Stars each turn; Increase the Iron drop amount by 1 (2).
  • 4☆ Gacha CE "Twilight Memory": Apply Evade (1 time), Increase your Quick Card effectiveness by 8% (10%); Increase the Stone drop amount by 1 (2).
  • 3☆ Gacha CE "Shiny Goddess": Increase your DEF by 3% (5%), Increase your Arts Card effectiveness by 3% (5%); Increase the Lumber drop amount by 1 (2).
  • There are NO Gacha CE that increases the Food / Water drops.
  • Shop CE: "Summertime Mistress": Increase your Critical Strength by 15% (20%), Begin battle with your NP charged at 30% (50%); Increase the Food and Water drop amount by 1 (2).
Values in parenthesis are MLB effects. All gacha CEs work in the Second Part of Summer Event as well, boosting gold (Pirates Party!), silver (Twilight Memory) and bronze (Shiny Goddess) currency materials. Incidentally, Second Part Gacha CEs also work for First Part materials.
There's another way to speed up the process too, the good old bonus Servants. Each currency have their own, and all offer humble +1 drop amount increase, but thing is, ALL Servants offer bonus to one of materials:
Class Iron Stone Lumber Food Water
Saber Altera, Mordred, Siegfred Nero, Bride, Lancelot, Caesar, Fergus, Bedivere Rama, Gavain Altria, Altria Alter, Gilles Okita, Ryogi, Altria Lily, d'Eon
Archer Arjuna, Tesla, Emiya, Nobu, AnnMary Gil, Orion, Euryale, David, Gil Lily Tristan, Arash Archria, Robin, Touta Atalante, Billy
Lancer Brynhild, Altria, Altria Alter Karna, Leonidas Li, Kiyo, Cu, Cu, Diarmuid, Romulus, Hektor, Benkei Scathach, Tamamo, Elizabeth Fionn
Rider Medb, MaryAnn, Mordred, Teach Iskandar, Ozzy, Marie, Georgios Santa Alter, Kintoki, Ushi, Medusa Drake, Astolfo, Iskandar Lily Martha, Boudica
Caster Da Vinci, Edison, Paracelsus, Babbage Nitocris, Marie, Medea Meph, Gilles, Geronimo Tamamo, Sanzag, Elizabeth, Nursery Rhyme, Helena, Iri, Cu, Shakespeare Zhue Liang, Medea Lily, Andersen, Mozart
Assassiner MHX Stheno, Jekyll, Phantom, Cursed Arm Sanson Carmilla, Scathach, Jing Ke, Kotarou, Kojirou Jack, Shuten, Emmiya, Shiki, Hundered Personas, Serenity, Mata Hari
Berserker Vlad, Lancelot, Fran, Eric, Spartacus Herakles, DArius, Lu Bu, Caligula Kintoki, Cu, Raikou, Ibaraki, Beowulf, Kiyo Tamamo Cat, Asterios Nightingale
Extra Shiro, Dantes, Angryman - - - Jeanne, Jeanne Alter, Martha Ruler, Mash
It is also a high time to introduce the real reward of this event: Summer Scathach, in Assassin class! For any she will be the first real AoE Assassin to field versus waves of Riders (Phantom? What Phantom?), for which her natural free NP5 proves to be a godsend, while packing respectable generation values. Sure, her three hits across the board won't blow dedicated stargenners out of water (still, 5 on extra is nice), but they are good enough to get the job done. Oh, and NP's 5 hits on all three enemies make a nice star shower) Her skills are... pretty eclectic, with taunt and crit up in one button and targetable heal and damage cut in another. Her best skill, a Prana Burst Plus, gives her hefty 50% Quick Up for NP turn and additionally allows her to pierce Invincibility (and dodge), ensuring none can escape the Rain of Death. ...Well, instakill that her NP packs as Overcharge effect would hit through dodge/invuln anyway IF it procs, but that besides the point! (Also, with 30% base chance it's not really something you can count on anyway). All in all, a solid addition to Chaldea's lineup, shoring up lacking class-role combination and providing the sight for the sore eye, all for free! It might not be as ridiculously overpowered as Kamenless Rider GOLDEN (then again, few Servants are), but she gets the job done, NP-es hard (thanks to her welfare status) and most importantly, it is your own Shishou, clad in a swimsuit! You will receive temporary copy of her after you finish the story of Part 1 o this event, and she will shed that "Temporary" tag and joins you permanently once you finish the Part 2. Said Part 2 will open up in 10 days, at 2018-08-06. Don't worry, Part 1 will still stay around even after Part 2 starts, running in parallel for the whole duration of an event. Ascension materials for her are in Part 1 shop, and extra copies for NP improvement - in Part 2 shop, locked behind key items from Part 2 Brilliant Summer trial quests.
Free Quests data:
1) Beach
Best for Water
Enemies: Crab (15k Advanced, 25k ThundeStorm), Boss: Big Crab (100k Expert, 192k Thunder, 229k Storm); all Sabers.
Event Drops: Water, Food
Standard Drops: Shells, Saber Skill Gem
2) Grasslands
Best for Stone
Enemies: Insect (Rider), Insect Swarm (Rider, boss on Advanced- (up to 108k), regular on higher difficulties (20-27k)), Crab (Saber, Advanced+, 20-27k), Bicorn (Lancer, boss on Expert+, 192k - 287k)
Event Drops: Stone, Food
Standard Drops: War Horns, Feathers, Shells
3) Cave
Best for Metal
Enemies: Golem (Berserker, up to 20-30k; Boss on Advanced-, up to 100k), Crab (Saber, up to 21k), Gazer (Archer, boss on Expert+, 184k - 287k)
Event Drops: Metal, Water
Standard Drops: Tearstones, Octuplet Crystals, Shells, Berserker Skill Gems
4) Jungle
Best for Lumber
Enemies: Sea Fiends (Archer, boss on Advanced-, up to 96k), Crabs(Saber, Advanced+, up to 40k), Chimera (Zerker, boss on Expert+, 131k - 224k)
Event Drops: Lumber, Food
Standard Drops: Talon, Shells, Archer Skill Gem
5) Mountain
Unlocks after cleared the Event Story Quest chapter 5
Enemies: Wyverns (Rider, boss on Advanced-, up to 91k), Crabs (Saber, Intermediate, Expert and Thunder), Dragon (Rider, boss on Expert+ 196k - 296k)
Event Drops: Metal, Stone, Lumber
Standard Drops: Dragon Scale, Shells, Rider Skill Gem
6) Primeval Forest
Best for Food
Unlocks after cleared the Event Story Quest chapter 5
Enemies: Boars (Zerker, boss on Advanced-, up to 104k, regular up to 28k), Soul Eater (Assassiner, Boss on Expert+, 191k - 296k)
Event Drops: Food, Water
Standard Drops: Grease, Seeds, Berserker Skill Gem
Best resource hunting places: Water - Beach; Food - Primeval Forest (needs Chapter 5 of the Story), Beach (Expert-) / Grasslands (Thunder); Lumber - Jungle; Stone - Grasslands; Metal - Cave.
Additional Materials:
TL;DR Guide
REJOICE > Do the Story quests > See what resources are needed for the next Development Quest (pick cheapest one) > Farm appropriate Free Quest for them > Do the Development Quest > Return to step 2 until Story is finished. You can only pick one out of three Development Quests, but once story is finished you can reset it and pick other one(s). Best places to farm: Water - Beach; Food - Primeval Forest (needs Chapter 5 of the Story), Beach (Expert-) / Grasslands (Thunder); Lumber - Jungle; Stone - Grasslands; Metal - Cave. Do not touch Shop until you finish the story.
submitted by NaelNull to grandorder

ThornTree Crossword Competition

Welcome to the ThornTree Crossword Competition everyone! I have created a Thorntree themed crossword for your enjoyment, and am offering a prize to add a bit of spice to it. Just read down this post.
You can find the crossword here:
There's a picture of the grid, as well as downloadable PDF, excel, and word files for both the grid and the clues.
The crossword is not cryptic. The cluing attempts to follow the "New York Times" style. As this is a travel forum, you will need to know your way around the world to master the crossword. To help bjd, I've tried to reduce the number of Japan themed clues, but a few have still snuck in. I've tried to make up for it with some French themed clues.
Please note: I am not a professional crossword setter. A couple of the answers are very obscure. We have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy in regards to help from your friend, Mr. Google.
To enter the competition, simply send me a PM (direct message) with the correct answers to the 6 thematic clues: these are 1, 27, 46, 67, 97/93, and 114 across.
Your prize will be your own personal flair to use on this forum.
To whet your appetite for crossword solving joy, here are all the clues (yes, some of you appear in them):
1 - *Denise Ho's métier, tokyoaaron! (tokyoaaron) (8)
9 – NASDAQ coffee stock delisted in 2020 (2)
11 – Ingredient used heavily in Chettinad cuisine (5)
15 – Resident of Venice, perhaps (8)
16 – South Indian hill station (4)
18 – One of several that might be needed to put up a tent (3)
19 – "Beware 419" (when painted on a house in Nigeria) (14)
22 – Alternative to a slingshot (5)
26 – travellin_____, Thorntree poster with a penchant for diving (4)
27 - *"Give it a shot, bjd"! (landes40) (15)
29 – Suffix with meteor or magnet (3)
30 – "Sorry Giora, that idea's really ____ there!" (Giora_Thorntree) (3)
31 – Home of Dogo Onsen, one of the oldest hot spring resorts in Japan (5)
32 – In Bulgaria, it unexpectedly means "no" (3)
33 – It's considered a delicacy in both France and China (4)
37 – Necking on Bondi Beach, eg. (3)
38 - ________ Dzong, popular tourist site in Bhutan (7)
41 – Bauxite, for one (3)
42 – Lord Goldsmith and others, abb. (3)
43 – Dacoit (4)
46 - *"That's a crazy idea, lucapal"! (lucapal1)
53 – Building material for Hadrian's Wall (5)
54 – Friend of Winnie and Piglet (3)
55 – Org. Gerry Adams claims never to have been a member of (3)
56 – "R u coming? Get back 2 me soon!" (8)
60 – Opposite of 30-across (2)
61 - ___ Arbor (3)
62 – There is no shortage of these every time you step out onto the street in India (7)
63 – Fusilli alternative (8)
66 – Former rebel held town in Ivory Coast, noted for its natural and cultural sights (3)
67 - *The guys who work with the coxes, Coalclifff! (Coalclifff) (11)
70 – "Ashadu an la ___ha illallah" (phrase recited twice during the Islamic call to prayer) (3)
71 – Ames sch. (3)
72 – Pas 2m1, peut-être (3)
74 – Isn't capable of (4)
77 – Saudi Arabian city named after a letter of the English alphabet (4)
79 – Regular on the Travel Tech branch, perhaps (4)
81 – "____ with" (be full of) (4)
83 – Prefix with Aryan or European (4)
84 – Prefix with i-Khas or i-Am (4)
86 – Place to avoid while traveling, particularly if you're 44-down, abb. (2)
87 – Result of a 2-2 third period score in the NHL (2)
88 – Jordanian capital (5)
91 - _____ Cola (4)
92 – First name in East African tyranny (3)
93 – see 97-across
95 – What Donald Trump is often accused of doing (5)
97 – (with 93-across) "Don't quite remember where we met".....or, what you need to overcome to successfully answer the five starred clues in this puzzle?
98 – Largest city in Ladakh (3)
101 – You might use them to write txts (5)
103 – With "to", should (5)
105 – City badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic (7)
110 – A very, very long time (3)
111 – Indian state capital (8)
113 – They've largely been replaced by digital versions, abb. (4)
114 - *The current situation in many travel-related industries, friendly_checkingirl! (friendly_checkingirl) (13)
1 – Like Haro Kitei (6)
2 – Gandalf is a wizard, and Treebeard is __________ (5)
3 – Poetic Africa branch poster, with a name derived from a Wolof greeting (6)
4 – Hatcher of Desperate Housewives (4)
5 – Cry to a torero (3)
6 – Founder of Philadelphia (4)
7 – Aware of, as a plot (4)
8 – Now able to use the ladies, perhaps (6)
9 – She bewitched Humbert Humbert (6)
10 – City on the Rhein south of Düsseldorf (4)
11 – Predecessor of Yoko (7)
12 – Address you might get from your ISP (2)
13 - ______ du ciel, work by Georges Bataille (6)
14 – Language of Biafra (4)
17 – daveliot's photographed a sleeping one before (daveliot) (5)
20 – First name for two Israeli Prime Ministers (4)
21 – Not staying at home (5)
23 – Up for it (6)
24 – They brought Marilyn Monroe to Korea in 1954, abb. (3)
25 – Neighbor of Homer and Marge (3)
28 – Diamond mods? (4)
34 – Go bad (3)
35 – Japanese name for a speed camera, taken from the Latin word for "eye socket" (5)
36 – First name in right wing Dutch politics (5)
39 – Corp. that installs land lines in Japan (3)
40 – Former seat of the Peshwas and monsoon capital of the British (5)
44 – Lacking World Nomads, perhaps (9)
45 – Robin Williams famously voiced one (5)
46 – Armenian cheese? (4)
47 – Photo that's safe for work, perhaps (7)
48 – Port _____, city on the Suez Canal (4)
49 – Grand ____, French wine classification (3)
50 - _____ of 66-across (4)
51 – Year of Nero's reign (5)
52 – Plague bacteria to those familiar with it, like nutrax. (nutraxfornerves) (2)
53 – Fight (4)
57 – Official language of Ethiopia (7)
58 – Was idle (3)
59 – It's very important when producing travel guidebooks (8)
64 – Tear down the beach bungalows, to daveliot (daveliot) (4)
65 – Department (and river) north of Paris (4)
68 – Happy (4)
69 – It's between Fra. and Spa. (3)
72 – At the apex (4)
73 – Beijing born, Singaporean film star (5)
74 – "Good-bye", in 105-across
75 – Render void, as a marriage (5)
76 – Loc. where both bjd and tokyoaaron have lived (landes40 tokyoaaron) (2)
78 – On the other side of the demilitarized zone, perhaps (4)
80 – Uses a clothesline (5)
82 – Portuguese colony established in 1557 (5)
85 – Victim of the gem scam, perhaps (4)
89 – Her arrest prompted the detention of Kovrig and Spavor (4)
90 – The 12 trials of Hercules, for one (4)
92 – One strategy for dealing with touts (6)
94 - ____ in the machine (4)
96 – Result of a disappointing trip to Yellowstone, perhaps (5)
99 – Online auction site, since 1995 (4)
100 – "You are _____," sign on many a tourist map (4)
102 – French engineering sch. located in Palaiseau (4)
104 – Keyboard key (3)
106 – British mil. unit founded during WWI, as the first of its kind in the world (3)
107 – Language of Jiangxi (3)
108 – It afflicted Lou Gehrig (3)
109 – Matriarch, informally (3)
112 – Loc. of Ahmaud Arbery's murder (2)
113 – Ken Griffey __ (2)
submitted by Giora_Thorntree to ThornTree

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