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[For Hire] Geography B.S. with GIS Experience

I graduated from UNT May 2013 with a B.S. in Geography. I've experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and am looking for an entry level, full-time job or even freelance work. I can submit examples of work and a resume via PM if necessary. I live in Pantego and would prefer to work and live in the Arlington/Fort Worth area.
If you need any GIS work done, or know of any jobs, will you please keep me in mind?
My competencies include (but are not limited to!):
  • Quantitative research techniques, including R, Stata, SPSS, ArcView, QGIS, MapInfo
  • Field data collection experience
submitted by minorsecond to DFWJobs

So, what's going on? (Unofficial OA3 status thread)

Plenty of things which, unfortunately, can't be revealed due to many previously trustworthy persons being deemed untrustworthy for their inability to keep a secret (seriously, when someone gives you permission to see a secret channel, they're trusting you won't reveal what's inside of them unless being given permission to do so!). OA3 is doing well, as those who have access to the OA3 secret channel in the OA discord can attest.
For the rest, whatever will (possibly) come in OA3 that can be tested is located in Github, with the engine, gamecode and UI3 side of things. For those who dislike compiling for themselves or just don't want the hassle, Sago has put nightly builds for gamecode with UI3 incorporated onto MP and Windows engine which can just be unpacked and run into an OA directory. Here's a laconic version of what's changed/introduced ever since 0.8.8 was released:
== General ==
* New gametype: Possession. See Possession for more info.
* If cheats are enabled, the Missing spawnpoints error is triggered whenever the map lacks spawnpoints. Otherwise the game checks for other spawning points.
* New cvar: g_harvesterFromBodies (a.k.a. "UT3 Greed mode"), allows skulls in Harvester games to spawn from corpses instead from a central obelisk. Useful for games which lack the central obelisk.
* If cheats are enabled, the Missing spawnpoints error is triggered.
* New option for g_awardPushing: setting it to 2 now considers any non-weapon, non-environmental form of death an assisted suicide.
* New cvars: cg_enableQ and cg_enableFS. The former enables a Quake1-like scale. The latter enables/disables single-piece player models.
* The game no longer shuts down with "Couldn't find a spawn point" because of missing spawnpoints. Instead, the first entity is used. This is to stop an invalid map from crashing the server.
* New cvar: g_grapple, enables/disables use of the Grappling Hook.
* Fix: minimum bot count for team-based and non-team-based gametypes are now consistent.
* New cvars: g_ddCaptureTime and g_ddRespawnDelay, control the amount of time needed for capturing both points in Double Domination as well as the time between rounds.
* Fix: LMS doesn't spawn items anymore.
== Clients ==
* New cosmetic cvars: cg_viewNudge, cg_bobModel, cg_leiDebug, cg_leiWideScreen, cg_deathCam, cg_cameraMode, cg_cameraEyes, cg_cameraEyes_Fwd, cg_cameraEyes_Up, cg_modelEyes_Up, cg_modelEyes_Right, cg_modelEyes_Fwd.
* New cvar: cg_bob, which enables/disables cg_bobpitch, cg_bobroll and cg_bobyaw.
* New cvar: cg_kickScale, acts as a multiplier for pitch and roll damage.
* New cvar: cg_obituaryOutput, toggles between old text death messages and a new, icon-based output.
* Proxy mines now detonate early the closer they are to key game objectives.
* New cvar: cg_muzzleFlashStyle, allows different styles of muzzle flash or even disabling them.
* Improved weapon picking via cg_weaponOrder when using "best weapon" (command weapbest) criteria for weapon switching.
* New cvar: missionpackChecks, enables/disables team models.
== Serveradmins ==
* New cvars: g_emptyTime and g_emptyCommand - after "g_emptyTime" seconds the server has been empty, it executes the command found in "g_emptyCommand" (by default, map_restart).
* New dmflag: Quake II-like fast water movement (4096).
* Bots are eliminated first in Elimination, eCTF and LMS as humans keep entering to the match.
* Votes are printed in the console.
* Shuffle temporarily removed as we find a solution for the overflow problem. Related PR: https://github.com/OpenArena/gamecode/pull/51
== Mapping ==
* Added parsing of maps/mapname.info file. See mapinfo section.
* New spawnpoint entities for Double Domination and Domination: info_player_dd, info_player_dd_red, info_player_dd_blue, info_player_dom, info_player_dom_red, info_player_dom_blue.
* New key for the func_door entity for Elimination-based gametypes (Elimination, eCTF, LMS): "state_targetname", if set to "elimination_active", now opens up a door in Elimination-based gametypes during round warmup. Video example.
* The old spawnflag BLOCK_STOPS for func_train has been removed, since it's broken beyond repair.
* func_train now acts similarly to func_bob instead of a crusher.
== UI ==
* Tons of new additions and improvements to MP UI in preparation for UI3.
* MP UI/UI3 now accounts for all gametypes.
* New options and fixes added to Classic UI, which now displays the background at full screen.
== Possession ==
A new FFA-based gametype added after 0.8.8, currently all FFA maps can be playable from the "Skirmish" menu, and all maps are supported in order to test the gametype. The objective is to take control of a flag located somewhere around the map, and hold it for as long as possible.
The gamemode uses "fraglimit" and "timelimit" in order to establish the limits, with "fraglimit" being the amount of seconds a flag must be retained in order to achieve victory (i.e. 60 for a whole minute).
For testing purposes, maps without a white flag or with a restricted white flag will spawn in either a domination_point or info_player_deathmatch entity.
== Mapinfo ==
A new feature added after 0.8.8 was released. Its main purpose is to extend and make arenas.txt slim by moving additional info to a separate maps/.info file. If it's found, it overrides both .arena and arenas.txt. (The map must still be mentioned in either .arena or arenas.txt because the maps are still sorted based on the arena files.)
While the arena-parsing is performed in the UI-layer and cannot expose its values elsewhere the info files are common. Both ui, game and cgame can read the values. If a key is missing just use default. This allows better map desciption in the GUI and allow a smarter bot_auto_minPlayers.
An example file looks as follows:
author Sago007
description "After the of the first castle. Sago's second castle was redesigned with multiple layers of defence. After getting past the outer wall the attackers would have little defence. It was hoped that no one would even dare to attack. That turned out to not be the case."
captureLimit 8
maxTeamSize 6
minTeamSize 2
support_dm no
support_team no
support_tourney no
support_ctf yes
support_1fctf yes
support_obelisk yes
support_harvester yes
support_elimination yes
support_ctfelim yes
support_lms no
support_dd yes
support_dom no
support_pos no
gametype 1fctf
captureLimit 5
minPlayers 5
minTeamSize 5
gametype dom
capturelimit 500
Currently supported keys are "gametype", "author", "description", "mpBots", "captureLimit", "fragLimit", "maxPlayers", "maxTeamSize", "minPlayers", "minTeamSize", "recommendedPlayers", "timeLimit", and the different "support_*" for gametypes.
Values after "gametype dom" only applies to Domination until it sees another "gametype GAMETYPE" or "gametype *"
"support_GAMETYPE" accept "yes" or "no". If they are defined then they take precedence over the arena files.
The file is limited to 4*1024 bytes.
Unknown keys are ignored, so it is possible to add more.
I'm also doing many things on my side (whenever Real Lifeā„¢ doesn't get in the way), however leilei has the final word on what goes and what doesn't in OA3. I've been leaving aside level design for coding, contributing tons of bugfixes, backports and even some features to the gamecode repo. I'm still too new/amateur when it comes to coding, so some help and feedback on some of these would be accepted. As for level design, well... roughly a year after the release of 0.8.8 I've spent nearly two and a half years reading as much as I could about level design and wanted to throw away all of my previous work as a result, lol! However I still did some work on older OA maps (as well as some ports from older games) in order to not to rust.
Also I tried to lead a project last year (Milestone Mappack), but heavy RL issues prevented me from actively participating on it.
submitted by NeonKnightOA to openarena

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