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Unidentified: Who is Mora County John Doe?

Update! 11/23/20: I reached out to Ropes that Rescue and they told me that law enforcement has reached out to them before and that they were unable to help very much. They have been producing the "Ropes That Rescue" caps for about 20 years, and everyone who attends a training gets one. This means the RTR cap could be from anytime between 2000 - when John Doe died.
I also reached out again to OMI and I finally got ahold of someone! She told me she'll process my request after Thanksgiving. At least we'll hopefully have more info next week.
Thanks to u/crankymccranky , u/frickenfantastic , u/corvusschismaticus for broadening my point of view. These users all suggested maybe John Doe just loved his old work shirt, he wore it for sentimental reasons, or that he just didn't mind getting it dirty. I realized I've only had crappy work shirts I wouldn't wear willingly ever and it was kind of biasing me a little. I also realized that John Doe either inherited this/picked it up from a thrift store if he was on the younger side, or if he was on the older side, maybe he had worked for Soil Conservation right out of high school or when he was young.
My last update today is thanks to u/forwardaboveallelse . I can do a lot of things but reading maps/coordinates isn't my strong suit and this kind Redditor gave me the correct coordinates, which I've tried to map here so people can see where John Doe's body was found.
I really hope to have some more updates for everyone next week! I really do think this is a very solvable case. Thank you all for reading along and giving me input.
Wagon Mound is a small village in Mora County, New Mexico. Its population, as of 2018, was 285 people. Traders and travelers historically came through Wagon Mound on the Santa Fe trail, and became a landmark for people passing through. The "mound" also looked to people like a covered wagon, which is partially how it got its name. The village itself is only one square mile.
Wagon Mound is located near Coyote Creek State Park, Fort Union National Monument, and the Cibola National Forest.
Several weird events have happened near Wagon Mound, especially since it's such a small and remote area. There was the White Massacre in 1849, and the Mound Massacre in 1850. Other weird happenings include a train accident that left a mystery man called "Happy Jack" dead and without an identity in 1913, and several deceased people have been found in Wagon Mound since under rather weird circumstances.
Many Jane or John Does have nicknames, like Orange Socks or Albuquerque Jane Doe, named after distinct features of their remains or where they were found. This deceased man does not have one as far as I'm aware, so I will call him Mora County John Doe. He's gotten almost no attention from the true crime community, which is weird because his case seems like it should be solvable (if there are write-ups on him, I have never seen one).
Mora County John Doe, or Unidentified Person 13854 on NAMUS, was found by a hunter on April 13th, 2015. His bones were scattered through the area, on top of the soil. Not all parts of his skeleton were recovered, but he did have quite a few belongings with him, and the unnamed medical examiner did an awesome job of investigating this case.
The medical examiner wrote:
"No patterned damage indicative of trauma on the remains, although his remains are quite incomplete. There was significant breakage, but this is consistent with trampling damage by large mammals, and there were cowpies all over the scene. His bone is heavily weathered in some areas, but also still retains a good amount of collagen in others, and there was a considerable amount of desiccated soft tissue still present on many of the bones surfaces. His remains show evidence of considerable scavenging by large carnivores, and although PMI is problematic in cases of surface scatter and weathering, Iā€™d put him at no less than 6 months but probably no more than 2 years since death. Also, a blue fiber was entwined in the dried ligament of his knee, consistent with either the chewed underwear or the shorts that were found in association with the remains."
John Doe was estimated to have died between April 2013 and November 2014. The ME estimated that John Doe was a white male between 5'6 and 5'10. The ME was unable to estimate his weight. His age was estimated to be between 35 and 44, but possibly as young as 25. He possibly had a prominent nose, a smaller than average cranium, and possibly had allergies or nasal or sinus problems.
John Doe seemed to be well-prepared for the sometimes unpredictable weather of New Mexico. He had with him normal but expensive hiking gear and high-end sports sunglasses. He also carried a red sleeping bag, deodorant, a compact mirror, a garbage bag, and a bag with extra clothing including a green plaid jacket and a red long sleeve shirt, as well as a grey t-shirt and socks. Overall, the ME got the impression that John Doe was an experienced outdoorsman from the area. His expensive outdoors gear- a Kuhl Kontendr sweater, Merrell Vibram shoes, and field pants that converted into shorts, gave ME the idea that John Doe was probably not homeless. However, he did not have keys, identification, or a phone near his remains. He was also carrying a belt to be used possibly as a strap for his handheld carpenter bag, which the ME felt was inconsistent with his other belongings. Pictures/examples of the clothing are posted on my original write-up. Link at end of post.
John Doe did not carry any cooking tools or any other camping gear with him, though he had extra clothes, a flashlight, and a small radio with him. He carried a compact mirror, possibly to be used in case of emergency (which was open, possibly used for just such an emergency), and a sleeping bag. The ME noted that the sleeping bag isn't typically the kind that hikers carry with them, as it wasn't very compact and was heavier than sleeping bags hikers wear for longer journeys. The ME suggested that possibly John Doe was near the area working.
Weirdest of all, John Doe had two very unique possessions- a shirt with the Soil Conservation Service patch on it, and a Ropes That Rescue hat. The medical examiner found that at the time, only staff from Ropes That Rescue, based in Sedona, AZ, had hats and other logo'd gear on. Frustratingly, I couldn't find a picture of the cap that matches this description- most pictures of the folks of Ropes That Rescue are wearing hardhats, or caps with sports logos instead. The Soil Conservation Service was renamed the National Resources Conservation Service in 1994, so the patch was pre-1994. A picture of the patch, as well as the Ropes That Rescue logo, is available on my original write-up. Link at end of post.
The Medical Examiner's report includes a mention of a pen found in John Doe's bag, which has a logo from the 1st Community State Bank in Las Vegas, NM. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a logo for that bank because it's now owned by US Bank.
As for any injuries, it couldn't be determined whether John Doe had been injured before his death. His skeleton was incomplete, but a fracture was found on his left fibula, which could have happened before death after an accidental injury, or after death, due to animals being near the scene. My personal speculation is that he may have passed due to heat exhaustion or exposure, which are both likely in New Mexico because of the rapidly change and extreme temperatures.
The only exclusion on NAMUS for Mora County John Doe is Arden Bogart. John Doe is still waiting to be identified and brought home to his family.
If you can help, please call:
Wendy Honeyfield, Office of the Chief Medical Examiner: (505) 272-3053
Dustin Driscoll, NAMUS specialist: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) or (817) 240-4106
ME Case Number: 2015-01891 Namus: #UP13854
Original Write-up, with pictures
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[OC] there's one way that women's basketball would skyrocket in popularity, but it may be too disruptive to ever consider

the inherent challenge
This past season, Las Vegas Aces PF A'ja Wilson had a dominant performance in the WNBA. She averaged 20 points per game and led the Aces to a league-best 18-4 record. In the process, she won league MVP honors. And for all her efforts, she was rewarded with a sparkling salary of... $57,000. For contrast, Meyers Leonard ($11.3M) made TWO HUNDRED TIMES as much this season.
It's natural that fans of women's sports would complain about that. Wilson herself has voiced those complaints on social media, comparing her salary to her male peers.
At the same time, we have to be realistic and pragmatic here. Our economy is built on "supply and demand." Quite simply, there isn't much demand for women's basketball. As far as we know, the WNBA doesn't generate any real profit, and actually costs the NBA a deficit to run. Given that, it's hard to complain that A'ja Wilson is underpaid any more than the world's best ping-pong player or the world's best hackey sack player is. If your sport isn't profitable, you won't profit much off it. This is a business -- not a charity, not a social program.
Still, it's fair to wonder about possible ways to elevate the sport. It's not a necessary endeavor, but it's an interesting thought experiment nonetheless. Herein lies an idea that would do that, albeit in such a dramatic way that I don't expect it to actually be implemented.
some ways that women's basketball would be (temporarily) elevated
In the next few years or decades, we could see a modest increase in the popularity of women's basketball. Title IX, for example, was a practical change that helped women's sports become slightly more mainstream. If the NBA and its television partners continue to push the sport, we may see a slow tick upwards in terms of the audience.
That growth would accelerate if the WNBA could find a transcendent superstar with crossover appeal. At one point, it looked like Candace Parker or Skylar Diggins may have that type of commercial draw. Back at Baylor, Brittney Griner also generated some national hype given her dominant physical profile. I wouldn't say any WNBA star has hit the mainstream yet, but it's possible that the female equivalent of LeBron James could come along -- become the clear GOAT of the sport -- and become a household name. Still, we'd be talking about a modest increase in the WNBA audience -- maybe 10%, 20% at best.
Another way that interest in women's basketball would skyrocket is if a female player was good enough to play on a men's team. It'd be difficult to imagine in the NBA, but it's possible that one could play at a high-level D-I program. If that happened, the media would lap it up and treat that player like the female version of Jackie Robinson.
While that may be a media sensation, it'd be a temporary one. Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier, but others were able to follow his lead because they had the talent to match up with the best of the best in their sport. It's incredibly unrealistic to expect a flood of women's basketball players into the men's game. It's nothing against them aside from the physical limitations. At the end of the day, a blended team is not a feasible solution.
Somehow, some way, we need a more revolutionary idea that would open the doors for all of women's basketball and not just the hypothetical uber-woman.
but the bold way that women's basketball would be PERMANENTLY elevated
So what do we do here? How do we elevate women's basketball to be on par with the men if their physical talents will never match up?
The concept: each NBA franchise has a male AND female team. The men would play against the men. The women would play against the women. But the results and their wins and losses would be ADDED TOGETHER to form one cohesive franchise total.
Let's take a real-life example to illustrate. The Phoenix Suns (NBA) and Phoenix Mercury (WNBA) have the same ownership group, as do the Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA) and Minnesota Lynx (WNBA). If the Suns finish 42-40, and the Mercury finished 40-42, their combined record would be 82-82. If the Timberwolves finished 30-52, and the Lynx finished 53-29, their combined record would be 83-81. In our hypothetical example, the Minnesota franchise would make the playoffs. The playoffs would work in a similar way, with the male and female teams alternating games and merging the results together. If separate games feels too wonky, then separate time periods in the same game is an alternative option.
I imagine the initial reaction to this would be: this is bullshit! Why should Devin Booker and the Suns be penalized (in our hypothetical world) because their female team didn't hold up their end of the bargain? Why should LeBron James lose the title because the Sparks had a down year? Bullshit!
No doubt, it'd be a huge disruption to the status quo. But in some ways, team sports allow for that anyway. LeBron James' fate is already decided (to some degree) by the play of his teammates. In baseball, Mike Trout can be historically great and still miss the playoffs because of his supporting cast. In this male+female league, you'd simply have more teammates affecting your fate.
In turn, the change to women's basketball would be massive. If somehow, the women's game mattered JUST AS MUCH as the men's game, then the viewership and salaries would follow. If A'ja Wilson could make her joint franchise better, she'd get $10+ million a year just like her male equivalent would. It'd also be fascinating to see how teams would gameplan around the new system. Perhaps the Charlotte Hornets would invest the majority of their salary cap into their women's team, and hope their 72-10 record could propel the joint franchise into the playoffs.
If you link the two team's fates together, fans would have to care about their female team. Women's basketball wouldn't just be a novelty act or a feel-good story -- it'd be fundamentally more important.
a more realistic and modest version of the plan
To be clear, I don't anticipate this ever happening. It's not the job of the NBA to shift their business model for the purposes of social change. And as far as the business goes, they're doing just fine, thanks. The TV ratings may be down, but the Utah Jazz just sold for $1.6 billion. Owners and players aren't going to upset the apple cart, screw with the history of the game, and take a massive and unnecessary risk like this. The stakes are simply too high.
However, I would advocate for a system like this (separate men's and women's teams, with joint results) on a lower level. We can start this experiment with some high schools, or perhaps even some D-III college programs. It's worth trying and seeing whether or not it makes the two sports feel more equal. It'd make men more invested in women's sports, and create an element of harmony between the two sides.
No doubt, this is a bold concept -- too bold in fact. Too revolutionary. Too disruptive. And sure, unnecessary.
Still, the exercise here was to come up with a way to elevate the women's game. To me, this is the ONLY way that women's sports will ever be treated at the same level (in terms of interest and finances) as their male counterparts.
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