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Brand new PC built sunday has given me stability issues all week. After trying at least 10 different solutions, i'm now stuck in a bootloop andI'm completely dejected. This is my first time building so I absolutely need some help

Final edit: both RAM tests using memtest86 returned 100% clean, no errors. With bios updated, I tried installing windows, again. Got halfway through setup and it black screen restarted. At this point I'm gonna replace the motherboard and return NVMe SSD because at this point I have no other options. Yeah I could try to increase voltage on my RAM and I could try to make sure that the CPU cooler is not too tight, I could do all these one-off solutions but at this point My patience is so thin that I just want to replace the motherboard and the nvme SSD with a sata port SSD and and just go from there. Really appreciate everyone's thoughts and inputs
Edit 2: Just to keep you guys in the loop, this morning I updated BIOS to the latest version. The build date previous was dated 5/15/20 so it was a bit outdated. To rule out RAM and CPU issues, I'm running Memtest86 with 1 stick and then will redo with 2 sticks. Currently I'm on pass 2/4, 61 minutes in and have had no restart issues nor have I had any memory issues the test has found.
Edit: I really appreciate everyone's responses here. You guys have been a tremendous help and have helped set some of my frustrations at ease. Not sure where everyone's located but it's currently late here (11pm almost) so I'm not able to reply to everyone or troubleshoot anymore tonight. However the top replies have suggested troubleshooting with Windows and Linux OS, so that gives me a game plan at least.
Tomorrow when I'm able I'll wipe the SSD again and try to install Ubuntu and see if I'm still having issues. If so then it's most likely either RAM compatibility, bad motherboard, or, if I'm unlucky, the CPU itself. If Ubuntu works fine then it's obviously Windows and I'll need to go a different route (other than the installation tool via USB)
TL;DR: PC has had stability issues all week, now won't even boot into windows and just runs a boot loop.
  • Ryzen 5 3600
  • MSI B550 Tomahawk Mobo
  • RTX 3070 GPU
  • Corsair Vengence LPX series 8 G Sticks x 2
  • WSD 1TB m.2 NVME SSD (1st one I had was cracked by Amazon Shipping, best buy offered a replacement)
  • BeQuiet 500DX case
  • Corsair RM850x PSU (Prior to this I used a Corsair RM750, more details on this to be followed)
I'm going to be as thorough as possible here because I'm now feeling completely hopeless, frustrated and dejected. This was my first ever PC build. After putting it off initially back over the summer, I lucked out getting a 3070 on Launch day and decided that since I did snag the 3070, I'd of course want to build a PC along with it (that was the goal, after all. If they sold out then I'd just wait until supply is normal, but I got one so here we are)
The Timeline of events (skip to 9 where the issues start occuring)
  1. My PSU (the RM750), my final part, arrived Sunday so I set up to build. Whilst nervous and excited, I built the entire computer on my mobo case to bench test it: CPU, Stock Cooler, Ram, SSD, GPU, PSu. It booted first time to BIOS. I was elated.
  2. Got to work on assembling the components in my case which also went off without a hitch, (although the PSU cables were a bit more stiff than I liked)
  3. Wired up and cable managed everything. Booted fully assembled to BIOS with no issues.
  4. Altered BiOS Settings to boot to USB Thumbdrive for Windows Installation Tool I had downloaded.
  5. Windows installed fine, all the updates were fine.
  6. Installed latest MSI chipset drivers, that also went fine.
  7. Installed the newest Nvidia 3070 Driver. Chose the option to "Update Driver" Settings. It also Installed Fine
  8. Got my new 1440p LG Monitor on Monday. Installed the free copy of Modern Warfare Warzone. Tried playing for a bit, noticed I signed into wrong Activision account, quit the game. Tried to link previous Activision / PlayStation network account to new Blizzard account. Had some network errors.
  9. Then I Encountered my 1st Black Screen Reboot.
  10. Checked all Power connections on MOBO and PSU itself. No seating issues. Checked for tension spots, no issues there either.
  11. Ran a test through bios on my M.2 NVME, no issues there. Figured it was Windows
  12. Installed a new version of the Windows Installation tool, wiped my SSD in Bios and tried to reinstall windows. It got through installation, but at the setup menu I still encountered Black-Screen Restarts.
  13. Figured it was my still PSU causing intermittent power cuts. I returned it to best buy, exchanged it for an RM850x PSU (which was actually cheaper thanks to a price match)
  14. Open-air wired it up, got it to boot and finished updating, but then at the home screen, queue more black-screen restarts. Noticed I had a BOOT-led Debug error on the MOBO. Adjusted some boot settings, confirmed my SSD was boot priority 1 and boot override was selected on that too. Tried to boot, no LED and posted fine. Just for absolute certainty I re- wiped my ssd one more time, reinstalled my OS from the thumbdrive, and had no more LED. Ran 100% fine for a solid hour, still on Open Air. Decided to call it a night and work on cable management Wednesday.
  15. Tonight, I wired the new PSU back in the case, cable managed all power cables. Booted fine. Tried updating windows: downloaded the updates fine. Installed them fine, clicked restart. Tried to restart and now its stuck in a boot loop. I tried disabling every single boot priority list except my SSD, that didn't fix the issue still.
I'm at my wits end here and frustrated beyond belief. I've saved money since May to pay for this and i'm at a complete loss for words. If anyone can help me I would be forever grateful.
submitted by NotBen_2 to buildapc

CDDA ChangeLog: November 15, 2020

Previous Changelog
Changes for: November 9-15, 2020
Covers experimental builds: 11151-11165
Jenkins build changelog
Minor changes and fixes not listed.
Note: Stable 0.E is now recommended for newer players or any person who doesn’t want to risk game breaking bugs. Experimental versions will be riskier, back up your saves.
0.E Official Release Build (#10478)
submitted by Turn478 to cataclysmdda

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