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This professional driver management tool that can back-up, restore, update, remove and find new drivers for your PC. It can also automatically find drivers that your. Click Here to Download Driver Genius Professional (- v14 - 1 PC License) Now! Driver Genius Professional Crack can also back-up and restore your drivers – particularly helpful in case of a system crash or when upgrading to a new operating system. Crack + License Code & Keygen [Latest] Driver Genius Pro is an easy program for your media. Driver Genius 17 Key provides functions which can be such are reliable Driver backup, renovation, removal and enhance for computer [HOST] probably maybe not forget such painful experiences of looking all over for many kinds of drivers if you reinstall your operating system usually. Drivers are some of the most important files on your operating system enabling everything from.

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Download Driver Genius for Windows to keep your drivers up-to-date automatically and keep your PC running like new.

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I am 44 years old make $115,000, live in Amsterdam and work as a policy maker

Not so short introduction:
Woman, 44, American Dutchie (Dutch mum, American dad), recently single again, living alone in Amsterdam.
Other than the mortgage for my apartment I do not have debts. Not even study loans (bless the Dutch education system and Erasmus program). I used to be a ballerina (started balletschool when I was 7, graduated from the Royal Academy and worked for the Dutch National Ballet until I retired at 31) I went back to university and graduated law school. I am specialized in human rights. Nowadays I work as a policy maker for the Dutch government.
I have an 3 bedroom apartment in the center of Amsterdam which I bought 20 years ago with help from my parents. (They cosigned my mortgage, but I’ve always paid the mortgage myself.) I used to rent 2 bedrooms out to cover my costs when I was dancing and in uni. Just before corona hit, I redid my entire apartment; double glazing, all the wires for gas, electricity, outlets, kitchen, bathroom, paintwork - everything, which I paid for with my savings ($60,000).
The remaining mortgage is around $296,450 and current worth of the apartment is $1,100,000 (I am not kidding Amsterdam house prices have gone insane). I know thanks to the refurbishing, I needed an estimate for my insurances from a real estate agent.
Pensions in the Netherlands are different from the US; first we get a government pension from a certrain age (which for me probably will be when I turn 70). It’s around minimum wage. Secondly, all employees and most employers will pay for our pension. You save that with a specialized pension fund. You can’t touch the money. When you turn the required age you get a monthly income. For me that would be about 2/3 of my current income.
I have only $2,900 in savings left due to refurbishing my apartment.
No creditcard debts, I pay my credit card bill every month.
Main Job Monthly Take Home: $4490
Here is the take down: $7,555 gross a month minus $626 pension contribution and $2,439 taxes.
I also receive a fully paid public transport card for anything work related. Also my work laptop and work iPhone are fully paid for. My gym membership is $71 a month but reimbursed by work. Best part of being a civil servant in the Netherlands 12 weeks of paid holidays a year. Well, before corona this used to be a perk...
Mortgage $1,215
Home owners association fee $29.65
Water $21.34 (monthly, billed every 3 months)
Gas/electricity $86.56
Life insurance $9 (it used to be mandatory when buying a house, basically if a home owner dies the family doesn’t have to worry about the mortgage)
Health insurance $143.48 - this covers everything that is qualified care.
Other insurances (legal, home, travel) $23.72
Mobile phone $27.27 (yes, even with a fully paid for workphone I have a personal phone)
Cable/wifi/internet $80.63
Newspapers and magazines $30.24 (I have a paper, monthly fashion magazine and a magazine on running, plud NY times esubscription - full luxury)
Spotify $9.99
Apple iCloud storage $0.99
Netflix $10.99
City taxes $50.49
Environment and waste taxes $33.75
Vitamines $13.04 (monthly, receive twice a year)
Personal trainer $260
Massage once a month $100
Donation to the National Ballet & Opera $260
Donations to animal shelter $15
Donation to Amnesty International $25
Various donations to research $100
Monthly savings should be $1,200 but I haven’t done this since mid March.
I don’t have a driver’s license. I do everything by bicycle, walking or public transport.

Day 1 total spent $66.99
7.30 I took a week off and temperatures got really high this week which resulted in a week where I did totally nothing except going to parks and riverside.
I do some yoga to wake up, shower, put sunscreen on, a bikini and a sundress, grab my beach bag and a botte of water from the freezer and cycle to a park/beach like area. It’s really quite in the morning and after 20 minutes I am ready for another tropical day. I roll out my towels, have a protein chocolate shake for breakfast and eat some berries. After that: time to read. I am finishing ‘Rodham’ and it’s quite entertaining.
10.00 I reapply more sunscreen (am I the only one who is single and wondering how to apply sunscreen to my back?), stroll to a beachstand and get myself a cappuccino to go, I grab a lemon poppy muffin along ($4.55)
Back to my towel and I text some friends to see how they are coping with the heat.
Not well. My sister tells me my oldest niece refuses to leave the pool and has decided she will become a mermaid.
14.00 The park and beach are getting busier. I pack my bag and cycle back home.
One of the perks of an old apartment is very high ceilings and inside my apartment it is relatively cool. I make a leftover salad for lunch with some eggs.
17.00 I ordered groceries from a new company and they deliver. It’s from farmers markets and really fresh plus top quality and therefore a bit more expensive than what I would normally pay. On the brightside: I don’t have to go to supermarkets. Total costs of groceries that will last me at least a week and a half: $62.44
Amsterdam is one of the two cities in the Netherlands were face masks are mandatory in some busy shopping streets. I do not know who made the map for Amsterdam, but it feels really random and also, the supervisory sucks. My solution: not going to the shops (for now at least)
I’d ordered fruit popsicles and can’t resist them. Pear flavor and they are good (yes, plural, I ate two)
19.30 I call my mum (you will read this a lot) and she is really not doing well with the heat. Most Dutch homes don’t have airconditioning. She has, in her bedroom, but doesn’t want to use it all the time, which I find ridiculous and I make her go to her bedroom and just sit in the coolness.
I don’t want to cook dinner so eat some carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, cashew nuts and drink a lot of Coke Zero with ice and lemon.
21.00 I do some more yoga. As a former ballerina everyone assumes I like yoga. I do not. However, it is something I can do everywhere and anytime and I feel better after I do it. I should make this my mantra: I feel better afterwards. I really do.
I’ve been quite depressed after my relation ended and corona quarantine hit so with this week I started to reintroduce structure to my day. Well, I tried...
21.30 One of my friends has just started online dating and I am a bit annoyed with her; she doesn’t let one of us know when she spends the night with a man (ahh the dating life) Turns out I am not the only one fuming at her and she promises to do better. I am also a bit jealous of her; I just can’t get used to the idea to date in the current situation.
22.45 I move to my bedroom, turn the fan on and watch Netflix (and eat chocolate) until I fall a sleep which is already the next morning.
Day 2 total spent $31.48
7.30 It is Saturday and I wake up at 7.30. Why? I am terrible waking up on weekdays but the weekend, no problem usually. So strange. I get up and see that the forecast is really heavy showers and cooler temperatures later. I put on some running shorts and grab my headphones and go for a quick run.
Turns out the rain was just waiting for me to be halfway. I get back home as quickly as I can, but I am fully, totally soaked.
Saturdays are my selfcare days, so the rest of the morning I am busy in my beautiful bathroom. I wash my hair (Olaplex - takes forever, but very worth it), do a mani and pedi, scrub, put a mask on, the whole shabang.
13.00 Yes, I hadn’t eaten anything or had coffee. That is never a good idea. I quickly make a iced coffee (just black coffee with ice cubes, shoot me) and make pancakes with a lot of syrup.
14.30 I FaceTime my best friend. She is in lock down at her home, ‘cause her sister has corona and she saw her sister. She is also living alone and finds the lock down at home extremely hard, especially with the tropical temperatures.
18.00 This happens a lot. It suddenly is late. How did that happen? I bake some sourdough bread and have that with butter and salt.
Order a pink glitter bomb confetti card for my friend, yes, I am that sort of friend. $4.15
19.30 I am rearranging my furniture. My spare bedroom has become my home office and that means I have to find another place for all my workout gear. Spinning bike moves to my bedroom and weights to my dressing room. Order some boxes from Ikea so I can store more stuff under the stairs. Luckily, Ikea homedelivers ($27.33)
22.30 Feeling restless, so I put on a podcast. I listen to one about grief and that wasn’t my best idea... End up crying, feeling anxious and tired, but not so tired I can sleep.
Put on Netflix, grab a bag of popcorn (whoever thought of peanutbutter popcorn is a genius), and end up rewatching Lucifer. At least it entertains me till the next morning
Day 3 total spent $345.00
7.00 I wake to my phone buzzing and it’s one of my friends who wants to FaceTime. I look like shit, so instead call her back. I suspect my friends made a schedule to make sure I don’t go downhill any further. My fiancé broke up with me mid March and has since moved in with another woman and I have so many questions and basically am just angry. Not good. I love my friends for looking after me , but not at 7 in the morning.
9.00 Finally get out of bed and do laundry and clean my house. But first coffee. I am nearly out of beans and order them from my favorite shop ($57.40) I love cleaning. My mum and I used to joke that we should start a cleaning company together.
12.00 Make brunch with poached eggs, bacon, toasted sourdough and a fruit salad.
Clean the kitchen afterwards.
Sort all my trash and nearly fall down the stairs while taking down the trash.
15.00 Order flowers for my great grandaunt who trip over a stone and broke her shoulder. She’s 94 and as though as one can be ($27.60 - flowers are so much cheaper here than anywhere else; this is for a big bouquet and includes delivery)
18.30 I call my mum and afterwards my sister. Her husband is an actor and she is a pilates instructor. Both receive corona benefits and are happy that that will see them through for now. I transfer some money to my sis to give her some wiggle room ($260)
Day 4 total spent $8.65
6.45 My alarm goes off and here starts the game ‘I do not want to get out of bed, how many times can I snooze?’ Unfortunately, today it is 8h30 when I finally get out of bed. I stretch and do some yoga before making coffee and a big bowl of porridge with honey and raspberries.
Yes, I did not shower. I know. I do brush my teeth and wash my face.
I put my hair in a bun and put on a sports bra, leggings and a top and trainers. My standard stay at home outfit since mid March.
Check in on my team who are not happy that we are still working from home. We all are fully aware it is necessary, but we are so ready to go back to the office. Plans are that as of September we are allowed back once a week (spoiler: later this week the government decided that this was not gonna happen)
12.30 I make lunch: a huge bowl of fresh pasta with homemade tomato sauce and meatballs and call a colleague who is about to start his holidays. He’s going to his parents’ house in France, thankfully by car so he can easily come back if France goes in lockdown again. Freeze the rest of the pasta.
16.00 Snack time: I go out a buy cookies and Coke zero ($8.65) at the shop that is also my post office and pick up some parcels. The shop has big squares on the floor to keep distance. I joke to the shopowner he should get a dice and make it into a game and he enjoys that idea.
19.00 I call it a day and call my mum. As said, we call every day since my father passed away a couple of years ago. She is in good spirits thanks to the rain and I am so happy to hear that.
19.30 Dinner is grilled tuna with tomatoes, freshly baked bread and green beans.
Texting friends while making dinner and nearly killing my phone when I smash crash it through the kitchen.
20.30 Tuna is not a smart choice for dinner when you do a spinning session. I take it easy while watching Ricky Gervais’ Humanity on Netflix (I do not know whether or not I like it). I’ve bought a spinning bike to workout from home when the gyms closed. Gyms have reopened but I am still hesitant to go back to the spinning studio ‘cause it is in a room without windows.
22.30 I should go to bed. However, welcome to my head and my spiraling thoughts. After an hour I take a shower and listen to Spotify playlist piano music. It doesn’t work and I end up watching Netflix (Eurovison, it is strange and after that Crazy Delicious) again till the wee hours of the morning.
Day 5 total spent $1.15
6.45 Nope, ain’t gonna happen. I get up at 7.30, take a shower and put on exercise clothes. Eat a banana and grab a towel, bottle of water and cycle to meet my trainer. On Tuesdays and Fridays I work out with a personal trainer. We work out at one of the parks nearby unless it’s too hot like it was Friday.
8.30 Back home, shower, get dressed in yoga top and leggings. Picked up a freshly baked croissant ($1.15) Make my usual coffee and enjoy breakfast on my balcony.
Tuesdays are really busy at work, full day of Webex and Zoom meetings. Suddenly it’s 13h and I quickly make porridge, this time with apricot jam.
My secretary texts me that the minister would like to do an IRL meet in the Hague, would I mind to come to the office on Thursday? I do and don’t - I really need to see other people, but I have to use public transport to get to the Hague and I haven’t done that yet. Mask are mandatory in public transport.
Fun fact: although Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, parliament and all the ministries are based in the Hague.
19.00 Quick call to my mum. I attempt to make a stir fry of broccoli, asparagus and green beans with chicken and brown rice but it’s not a huge success.
While eating I call a friend who lives in Maastricht. We chat for 4 hours straight and I feel calm and happy afterwards.
23.30 Brush teeth, do skincare routine (the Ordinary serum - it is bright red and I look like I am wounded) and meditate.
Day 6 total spent $213.76
6.45 Ugh. Yes, I know. Snooze. Get up at 7.55 and am ridiculously proud of myself.
Shower, athleisure wear, breakfast: I make scrambled eggs with toast and butter and my daily dose of caffeine.
8.30 Another endless day of meetings. There was an article in my newspaper that online meetings drain energy much faster than IRL meetings and I fully, wholeheartedly agree.
10.00 Computer says no. Our system just went down. My WhatsApp explodes with complaints. We can access our mail on the phone but no documents are available. I use this as an excuses to do some online clothes shopping for autumn. Sales are on and I need some pants. End up buying black wool pants from my favorite brand and somehow also buy more athleisure wear. More black compression leggings ‘cause well, shut up. Total $213.76
12.30 Early lunch, systems are still down. I make French toast with cinnamon sugar. Really happy with the result and proudly text my mum who is not impressed (somehow I did not inherit my mums cooking gene) I do my laundry in my new laundry room - people, I never knew this a thing, it is, while making some calls and make a to-do list for the rest of the week. System is still down.
16.00 I have a Zoom call with my psychologist. The pandemic and the end of my relation were two triggers that made me fairly depressed and I’ve spent months on my couch or in bed just doing nothing. I feel very lonely at the moment, even with chatting to family and friends. I am not lonely, I feel that way.
17.30 It was a heavy session and I feel worn out. I put on my trainers and go for a stroll. It is strange to walk around in a nearly deserted city. Although tourists are slowly coming back, the numbers are much lower. Unfortunately I do feel like it are all the drinking, drugs doing, screaming tourists.
Yes, you can do drugs in the Netherlands. No, most of us have never done drugs.
19.00 I call my mum and we discuss whether she should come to visit this weekend. I say no, mum doesn’t say anything which basically means she will come to see me whether I agree or not. I make another attempt at a stir fry, this time with noodles, shrimps, cilantro, zucchini and bell peppers. Meh.
20.00 On the news the government announces that contaminations are rising again and that we have to keep working from home until further notice. Although totally expected and understandable it hits me hard and I cry than eat chocolate.
21.00 My phone explodes with everyone’s opinions and views what to do now. I text my team to tell them that we will have to work from home until further notice and that I know it is hard. I strongly urge them not to go back to the office unless it is really necessary.
I text my boss about tomorrow’s appointment with the minister. It’s still on.
23.00 Bedtime. I’ve had Headspace in the past and wonder if I should try that again.
Day 7 total spent $287.98
6.45 I snooze. My therapist says I shouldn’t do it and just set a later alarm. He’s right. Get out of bed at 7 and do some meditation exercises and yoga.
Get fully dressed with a suit and heels. Pack my office bag and add hand sanitizer, face masks in plastic bags and wet wipes.
8.00 On the train to The Hague. It is eery to see how quiet the train is. Everyone is wearing a face mask. I like how some have done their best to do something extraordinary: I see a girl with a glitter mask and a man with a spiderman one. This used to be the busiest train: Amsterdam is its start and even than I often had to stand. Not today.
9.00 Arrive at the office and feel quit emotional. Walk to my favorite coffee place and it is deserted. I order a cappuccino to go with a croissant and chat with the barrista ($7.68)
The office is deserted. I log in and take a selfie to send to my team. Somehow I work better at the office. I prepare the meeting with the minister and it goes well.
Even there we keep distance and the security staff checks in several times.
11.30 Have a coffee appointment with my director. She pays for the coffee. We walk & talk, a lot is about non work topics. After this, I order a salad with bread to go and a green juice for lunch ($17.60)
14.30 I really need new running shoes but am hesitant to go to a store. Ask my physiotherapist for advice and he says to reorder the same ones I already have online. Find my Mizunos and order ($137.59)
16.00 I need something sweet and I need caffeine. Quick dash to our cafeteria and grab a Twix and a bottle of Coke Zero ($7.68). Chat with my secretary through Webex and ask her if she has everything she needs at home.
19.00 It almost feels like a normal workday until I walk to the train. Put mask on and again it is so quiet. I call mum and send her a trainselfie. Start a new book: the latest of Deborah Harkness. I really liked the first 3 books, this one I am on the fence about. Cycle to home from the station and arrive at home at 20.30, make dinner with leftover veggies and some mince meat from the freezer.
21.30 I get an e-mail from my favorite beauty website that the have a sale. I shouldn’t. I have too much stuff. Yeah, I order anyway: Olaplex no. 3 in a big bottle and more stuff form the Ordinary and the Inkey List ($117.43)
23.30 Bedtime! I listen to some piano music and try to go to sleep.
My spending was normal for what I do since quarantine started. I treat myself to too much stuff I find I need and want.
It was really insightful to see this and it left me wondering why I do it. Gonna curb my spending and back to a budget ‘cause I do not feel comfortable with so little money in my savings.
Sorry for all the complaining in the diary and thanks for reading!
submitted by PipPippeling to MoneyDiariesACTIVE

Hey instacart here's a brilliant idea.. how about you let us control our routes!??!! Awesome idea don't you think?

Tell me why these geniuses haven't learned from doordash and let the DRIVER , whom all this would've not been possible without, control who to drop off 2 first???? Preposterous to think it's ideal to drop off customer a order 12 miles away(liquor) than customer c (also freaking liquor) who's literally down 2 fucking blocks!!!!!
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