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Game releases 2020.08

submitted by scnupdddd to u/scnupdddd

Debunking Mikebully

Step Closer:
Many people use this story as proof to MikeBro, but no. Just because Pete is the older brother, doesn't mean Michael is the older brother in the game continuity. If you read the story carefully, we can understand. The brothers are a mix of tvebrothers from FNAF 4. So here the role of older or younger doesn't matter. In addition, Pete suffered the same fate of CC (Crying Child). He was the victim of an accident due to animatronics. And I also think that Foxy was chosen specifically as the antagonist of Step Closer, as the totem animal of big brother, in order to make an allegory for Fredbear and CC.
FNAF has an irony associated with the Afton family. William was killed in the SpringBonnie costume and then was dead in him. Elizabeth wanted to go to Baby and died in her. CC had a huge connection to Plush Fredbear, and then later died to the actual animatronic. Maybe through this story Scott was trying to convey that if Michael was the older, he suffered from an accident committed by Foxy.
Pete is Michael, if he were the older. This is clearly hinted at by the fate of CC and the bullying of the brother, which issimilar to the habits of FB (FoxyBully).
The second spirit in the Logbook/Coming Home:
The second spirit is easily refuted. The phrase "I can hear sounds" and "Does he still talk to you?» are not connected in any way. If the survey had said: "He's still talking to me", it could have been considered an argument. And the answer "I can hear sounds" to the question "Does he still talk to you?" resembles bad dialogue from a category D movie.
The phrase "It was for me" is even easier to refute. The spirit can't answer questions in the future. Because the phrase "It was for me" appears on the fourth night, when "The party was for you" is asked on the fifth night.
And also...Why do spirits communicate?
Especially for those who believe that CC is the second soul in Fredbear. This is impossible, as the 4th epilogue proves. In the epilogue, the children's souls freely communicated in one body.
And CC could not die and linger around without a body like a spirit. That's impossible. This was not the case in FNAF.
Michael ignores the transparent text, but answers questions from FE written in printed text. Cassidy might have noticed this and changed the survey words on the post-shift feelings assessment page so that Michael would answer her questions in this way. Both printed and transparent text are Cassidy, since the printed word search contains her name, and "My Name" is written in transparent text throughout the Logbook.
You can also add Coming Home as evidence, where Samantha also did not notice the text written by Susie, and only paid attention to the drawings.
4th epiloge:
Here we find out the person who changed the text in the Logbook. It was Andrew, who is an allegory for a Vengeful Spirit (and he can't be CC, because William is in hell). The conclusion is obvious. The Vengeful Spirit also changed the text in the Logbook.
FoxyBully can't be the main character of FNAF 4 gameplay:
Older Brother has no reason to fear the animatronics, while CC's main plotpoint was that he was afraid of them. It would be more logical to give him the main role of FNAF 4, so that he would overcome his fears, like in a normal story.
CC has white text. White text is a basic text that is very suitable for the main character.
If the last FNAF 4 minigames paid more attention to the older brother, which meant switching perspectives to a different character it could be possible, but even they are given to CC. The room from the gameplay is CC's, as indicated by the Plush Fredbear sitting next to the monitors that show the FNAF 4 gameplay room. The differences in the rooms from the minigames and gameplay can be explained by the fact that we are in different houses(this is shown by the map in SL. It may be that mini-game with Plushtrap in a separate building).
Chekhov's gun:
What is the meaning of the phrase: "I will put you back together"? What is the meaning of the CC fear conflict? I would like to touch on the topic "I will put you back together". Somebody wrote me once that not all promises need to be fulfilled. Then why insert a Chekhov gun that is not used in the plot? And this is a sign of bad story-telling, because that's not how stories are written.
I can supplement my thoughts with the counter-argument of the MikeBro-ers: "The older brother is also not used anywhere after 4, so this is also not the way of using Chekhov guns." He was used. He fulfilled all his purpose in the lore. The older brother shoved his brother into Fredbear's mouth, thereby increasing CC's fear of the animatronics. I'll add onto this even further; FoxyBully is very similar to a simple storydevice, because we were not even told the motivation for his bullying in the first place. You can't take allegories from Fazbear Frights. For example, the older bullies Alec and Pete have completely different motives. You can note some arguments of MikeBro supporters. Allegedly, he apologized and this is a hint of redemption, but no. He doesn't say,"I promise to make amends, brother." He just apologizes, which in no means has to say that he acts out of guilt later on.
Horrible character:
MikeBro would not be a fully-fledged character, unlike MikeVictim. After passing, we would know and understand MikeVictim's motives. This character goes through hell for the sake of others. Michael had seen his father's murders. «Its too late. Hurry the other way and find someone who will help! You know what will happen if he catches you!"
How did MikeBro find out about his father's murders? There is not even a hint of this in the SL. What is MikeBro's motivation to save the MCI children?
And MikeVictim would have a much better development than MikeBully. He started off as a loser, being pushed around and bullied by his brother, only for him to end up as the hero of the story.
And what would MikeBro's motive be? "I became good because I killed my brother, even though I had absolutely no reason to do any of the things I would have done then."? That just doesn't work.
And Mikebro invented the redemption arc, which was never even shown to brgin with. What is the connection between the brother's murder and then freeing the souls? This is equivalent of stealing from a store, and then giving another store said stolen items. That isn't really redemption, is it? That's why Mikebro doesn't have redemption arc.
FNAF World:
In this game, we are given the answer to the question: "How was it all assembled?"(Not literally, of course). As well as proof that CC and the guard from FNAF 3 are the same character. And seeing how a lot of people still debate over wether FNaF World is canon or not and I'm in a hurry to answer, have this;
https://youtu.be/03E_hZdXqBE 38:40
Even if Scott hated the game and the fact that it is canon, that doesn't mean he instantly retconned it out. As a matter of fact, him mentioning how much he hates that FNaF World is canon, definitely implies that it still is. Why would he still be so mad at this otherwise?
Retcon issue:
The retcon was not used for CC's resurrection, but for the date of the bite. Up until SL's release, FNAF 4 was the Bite of '87, for the following reasons: 1)The reversed call easter egg, that can appear in FNaF 4. 2)Teaser codes for FNAF 4 (87) 3)FNAF 1 Custom Night, where you can enter 1 9 8 7, which will lead to Golden Freddy's jumpscare.
After SL, FNAF 4 ceased to be 1987, and became 1983.
Phone Call:
«But then there was The Bite of '87. Yeah. I-It's amazing that the human body can live without the frontal lobe, you know?»
Even if Michael wasn't Sammy, the Phone Guy must have known, whether his boss's child died or not.
CC's age: This argument, in my opinion, is too early to assert, because it has not been confirmed. But he could have been 13 years old and now I will prove it. You can take a taunt: "Wow, your brother is kind of a baby isn't here?" This is something the Bonnie Bully says.
"Hahahaha! No one else is scared! Why are you? Stop being such a baby!» This is something the Freddy Bully says.
This may mean that the boy isn't acting apropriate for his age (Which is similar behaviour to Michael in the Logbook). As a result, these words can be understood. CC in FNAF 4 could be 13 years old(and not the fact that at this age they become teenagers), and on their birthday they will turn 14.
The Bullies could tease the boy for his toys, his constant crying, childish behaviour, for his apparent friendship with the MCI children (and judging by Logbook, he is familiar with them. This is indicated by the phrase: "Do you miss them?")
CC is similar in size to Dipper, from Gravity Falls. It is worth mentioning that Dipper turned 13 at the end of the series.
Yes, it can still be a valid explanation. And you can justify breathing, rotting and bleeding with the help of Out of Stock. In this story, Plushtrap was a mixture of human and animatronics. I guess you could say, I gave this theory a second life =)
Even if Michael wasn't a robot, the resurrection could have been done with the help of remnant.
I will say this; Remnant is not liquid metal. I advise you to read the 1:35 AM Epiloge and TFC before you declare such nonsense.
I also suggest you remember Carlton's resurrection in TFC. So why can't we do it again with Michael? And before saying that the books are non-canon, while they aren't intended to fit together like two pieces of a puzzle, the structure of the lore and characters remain canon.
Scott NEVER said that we can't use the trilogy to solve the games. He meant that the book should not answer all of the questions.
Anyway, here's a book for the revelation of William and Henry.
And in an interview, he said that books are made from facts. . Proof: https://youtu.be/03E_hZdXqBE 1:17:01
Number of Foxy in the Logbook:
This argument can easily be justified by the fact that the artist decided to draw him, because, as an example, he's a fan-favourite. We don't make a manager out of a Balloon Boy, do we? Or a Bonnie the pirate?
Who can the older brother be:
Funtime Freddy/Molten Freddy, Foxy/Fritz or he could be the one to revive the company during FFPS times.
Proof for FuntimeBully: 1) Molten Freddy says phrases that refer to a full family gathering, which would suggest that all of the family is indeed in this building. 2) Funtime Freddy calls Michael the "Birthday boy", which may be a reference to the Bite of '83.
Proof for FritzBully:
1) He likes foxy. 2) The older brother has red hair, and Fritz in TFC has red hair. 3) If this is the older brother's laugh; https://youtu.be/Ubh4ghxofrg Then he could be one of the murdered children. 4) William is VERY capable of killing his own son.
submitted by Iwillputyouback to GameTheorists

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