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Snatch Game & Week 7 Challenge

MS.P.: Hello ladies, and welcome to the Snatch Game!
MS.P: Our first guest is the esteemed witch Myrtle Snow! It seems I’ve caught you in between stake burnings.
MYRTLE: Why chickie, this isn't m-- this isn't my first time burning at the stake but it is my first time at snatch game.
MS.P: It feels like I’m seeing double! Welcome the always hairy, Sia!
SIA: Wait, who’s thar?! Oh ez thart you, meez Paint? Hi cunt! I didn’t see you thar…or atenyone fo’ thart marter, mate
MS.P: Pop the corns and feed the children, it’s Jasmine Masters!
JASMINE: My name is Jasmine Masters, and I’ve got something to say. Ms. Paint’s Shart Race has fucked up proportional drawing. No, I wasn’t on this competition, but bitch, I am here. H-E-R-E bitch I’M HERE.
MS.P: Next we have Joan Collins as Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter! How have you been my dear?
JOAN: I'm confused... I don't recall having made arrangements to see any of you people and yet, here you all are.
MS.P: And now the talented, Amy Winehouse is here!
AMY: Straight from the 27 club and with an Alcohol and smokes full bun, You know i´m no good🎶... Janis Says hy
MS.P: Our next guest is a phenomenal singer, amazing artist, and apparently able to be in two places at once! How are you Sia?
SIA: Well, you know, as a great songwriter in the industry once said: you're going crazy and seeing two. But the reality of it is that I got a thick skin, and an elastic...Halleloo!!! I'm back bitches! Halleloo is in the building!
Our final guest for the evening, supermodel of the world; Janice Dickinson!
JANICE: Hello, RuPaul, thank you for having me here I'm a huge fan. And I can tell you're a big fan of me too, your first big hit was obviously about me! It's a good thing you're gorgeous enough to share the title you or you might have heard from me sooner.
MS.P: Let the Snatch Game begin!
MS.P: Slutty Susie is so slutty. Instead of sucking popsicles, she sucks _____
MYRTLE: That question takes me back to my days in the academia. Susette Schneider was her name and she was truly a peculiar character that girl. I'd have to say my answer is "satyr ejaculate"! laughs
JASMNE: (SALT is scrawled on the piece of paper) Drag queens. play alongs. you don’t taste that? that shit that’s in your mouth? you’ve gotta taste it because i smell that as soon as you open your mouth. Your fuckin breath—i love you all, but drag queens, cult baby alts, play alongs, everybody else – fix that god damn breath.
JOAN: She sucks the good taste out of Memorie. That would certainly explain her decisions last week. God save us all if we have to see another leg-baring look this week.
AMY: Well that´s easy mate. She sure sucks Fags, i mean not only she smoke them, she put her tongue all over them. those poor cigs wont dry on their own..
JANICE: CEOs, if she knows what's good for her. Susie, you better get started while you're young and gorgeous. If you got it, monetize it, if you don't, suck 'em till they don't care!
MS.P: Rumor has it that allovem has a new alt now. I think the username is _____
MYRTLE: I've been caught off surprise I don't know who this "allovem" person is but if I were to return somewhere on repeated occasions pretending to be someone else but acting exactly the same I'd just name myself Jessica La-- Huh, oh I mean Elsa Ma- Fiona Goode!
SIA: I’m so sory mate, I culdn’t see ther pen atenywhere hold up a bland card backward, but I think thart allovem person might be a fooking alien. I herd it from ther ex Canaydian minister of defense once an’ my blood rang cold
JASMINE: talkingwithjush. Everybody wants me to start going live on a diff acct so now this is my acct I will start going live on jush. Whats the goddamn wifi password?
JOAN: Honestly, I can't find it in me to care. Perhaps if there was anything to be gained financially then I'd take more notice of him.
SHANGELA: AlyssasLostChin (I'm sorry mawma)
AMY: Oh, for fuck’s sake! who cares bout that. he seems to be fighting some unholy war, and i won't stand behind him. Just like Van de lies trying to get realistic legs.
MS.P: There’s a spinoff of pokemon-go coming out, except you capture drag queens. Instead of throwing pokeballs to catch them, you throw _____
MYRTLE: To be quite frank my dear I have no time for any of that philistine entertainment tommyrot, however I think as I got my melon baller here at hand the correct answer is, if I wanted to catch something I would just use "Moonkshod laced melon balls"
SIA: I ha’ not seen arny other livin’ things evar since I started pooting on this wig, but I’m suure ma’ wig will suc’ en atenything AR HAR HAR HAR HUR HURHURHURHUR
JOAN: You throw diamonds, of course. That would catch my attention - although if you wanted to capture a queen like Jasmine Masters I suppose rhinestones or a particularly shiny ball of tinfoil would do just as well.
SHANGELA: deathdrop on top of them
AMY: Well if i threw any of my designer mini dresses they would definetley be traped, but we are not doing that, so... Let's just throw a good old bottle of whiskey they sure will be easy to catch after that
JANICE: You throw a runway show! I know the gays love a good ball but you put out a runway with those lights, the bass, they just line up and go crazy, I'll be right up there with 'em.
MS.P: I heard there is going to be a remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves starring drag queens. They’re calling it _____
MYRTLE: I'd say " a travesti et les sept merveilles"! Unhread of my little dove.
JOAN: They're calling it Ms Paint's Art Race. You've already got Messy, Busted, Boring, and Gimmicky... you can think of the rest, darling, I'm not getting paid nearly enough to do your work for you.
SHANGELA: Battle Of The Seasons
AMY: IsSo white and the 7 Lines. that is a movie i would watch with my husband Blake, if i were alive that is, but you know, our day will come
JANICE: "My Typical Weekend." The only people who can keep up with me at the club are the drag queens anyway, we're the ones dancing and singing and doing gymnastics. I may not be a pure virgin but you know I've always got a crowd of men following me.
MS.P: Lady Gaga is working on a new album inspired by her iconic meat dress. She’s thinking of titling it _____
MYRTLE: I've come up with a silly pun; "Steak at the stake". rather amusing don't you think?
SIA: I rote one o’ ther songs en ther but shii rejected et. It waz actually reejected by Adell an’ den Shartkira an’ den Catie Pery an’ den Reeanna an’ den fooking Biyonce an' den Mahria Carrey an' den. . .
JASMINE: (“Jasmine masters old drag queens stop Performing” is scrawled on the piece of paper) if i can do drag until i am 72—do whatever i could do? I would do it. i love gaga’s work she is a star, rupaul blessed us with 2 of her runways and my favourite gaga look was when she got pulled from the stage at the American video mtv superbowl. I respect how old and courageous she is, still making musi... what do you mean, Madonna? Bitch, these fuckin young ass drag queens fuckin trying me, testing me, god damn.
JOAN: She may as well title it Bargain Beef. Ugh, if you're going to wear a dead animal, you'd better well make sure it cost you more than $6.99 a pound.
SHANGELA: The Gordon Ramsay of Drag
AMY: Fish and Chips! Best meat in all uk!. Some say im addicted, They tried to make me go to rehab, i said no no no🎶.
JANICE: "Trimming The Fat". You saw that Ru, right? She was getting a little chubby there but now she's all slimmed down, good for her. You know how this industry is, she better keep wearing those steaks instead of eating them.
MS.P: Kylie Jenner has taken it too far. Even her ____ has an Instagram account now!
MYRTLE: I'm rather tired of these snapchats and instagrams and such, whatever happened to a classic old heirloom picture book? Am I wrong for thinking it is indeed of patrician taste to prefer older traditions to these tired vapid modern activities led by the cliché airheads society deems to esteem so highly? I'll answer reluctantly and say even her "Crotchless Panties" have an account.
JASMINE: (A BLUE CHECK is scrawled on the piece of paper) You know what, Ms. Paint - I need to know who the fuck is in charge of instagram. Because i want that damn blue check mark; by my name. INSTA! Who is in charge of this damn instagram. i need a blue mark. I think I deserve it. It’s the morning, I’m gonna get my jush. About to pay my car and praise the lord – but I want my blue check mark next to my name, instagram. So whoever is in charge in instagram, can i please get my jush? You get your jush, i get my jush... wegojushhh. Blue check. By my name. I’m ready for it.
JOAN: Even her talent has an Instagram account now! Money can buy you anything nowadays, and that's why I am who I am and I am where I am. She reminds me of a young me... that bitch.
SHANGELA: the plastic on her insides has an Instagram account now
AMY: Her Fanny Mate! Everyone wanna get tagged on that this days, that Bloody Jenners, Kardashians or whatever they all look the same to me. Rocking their F me Pumps, everyone knows their name and that's they´r whole claim to fame🎶.
JANICE: Her photoshop assistant! You know he's back there, editing all her photoshoots for her, we all know it! She may as well just give him the recognition he deserves, ha!
MS.P.: And there you have it folks! That concludes our season one Snatch Game!
The judges have made a decision…
Sally Spellman, you are the winner of Snatch Game!
You have won the power to assign all the themes in the upcoming challenge.
Week 7’s theme is: Seven Deadly Queens
Design a look inspired by the deadly sin you have been assigned
Sally has chosen these as the themes
Sally: Wrath
Miyu: Gluttony
Memorie: Lust
Malaria: Sloth
Fossana: Envy
Mai: Greed
Sulphur: Pride
The Lip Sync will be I Touch Myself by The Divinyls
The looks will be due Friday July 21st at 5pm EST
submitted by Icaruskairos to mspaintsartrace

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