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History of the Sol war Lesson 7: Humans do not surrender.

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The class walked into the classroom, there had been some discussion about what they would be learning today as the lecturer hadn’t let them know at the end of the last lecture. The lecturer stood going over his notes. He seemed a little distracted as the class walked in.
“I am glad to see you have all made it, I have reviewed your drafts and will be sending you suggestions after this lecture.” He opened the first slide, a rust red planet with patches of green and spheres of white across its surface.
“This is Sol-four, or as the humans call it Mars. This was the other major ground based battlefront during the Sol war Unlike Earth the fighting was not scattered across the entire planet, and unlike Luna where it was easy to blockade and prevent shipments from earth, the martian colonies were fully self sustaining. This meant that rather than simply preventing supply shuttles to the martian colonies the federation would have to take each colony individually.” He said as he moved on to the next slide. This one was the inside one of the white-silver domes. From the inside the dome was transparent allowing people to see the martian sky and the red deserts in the distance. Around the dome itself there was green as what appeared to be terran plants grew.
“Rather than terraforming the entire martian biosphere the humans modified terran plants to grow in the martian soil and atmosphere. While this process is far slower than terraforming the energy required and the effort needed is far less.” He paused and glanced around the class. The class seemed a little surprised at the far calmer nature of this lecture compared to others. “This also caused a curious case of stable bubbles. Where around the martian colonies there were small spheres of habitable space. The martian colonies were not very heavily militarized, a few bases and outposts, but nothing like Earth.” He moved on to the next slide, The image was of an overview of the city within one of the domes. The lecturer highlighted a small building towards the side of the city.
“This is the only military building in one of the martian cities; it is a small outpost mostly used to recruit new members of the human military force. It contains on average five to twelve human military personnel. This lead the federation was under the impression that this would make the martian colonies easy to take.” his antennae twitched clearly amused. “This was the first time meating what humans call ‘Frontiersmen’ Humans that were trained and taught how to survive on the very fringes of what humans considered ‘habitable.’ Please note, this is what humans consider habitable. Not Federation species.” He moved on to the next slide. This one depicted one of the cities, sections of it were on fire, buildings were half destroyed, roads were potholed, the dome was smoke stained, there were bodies scattered here and there.
“This is what the city looked like after thirty terran cycles. The city at this point was still not considered secure. Civilian Humans were still making things difficult for the federation ground forces. The human ‘resistance’ made use of everything from improvised explosives to homemade toxic gas. It is unclear how they produced this gass but it did not prove lethal, only a massive irritant to any exposed mucus membrane, eyes, olfactory systems or respiratory systems. Rendering most of the federations combatants incapacitated and unable to decern direction, thus easy targets for civilians armed with melee weapons. Each time our forced developed a protocol or deployed a system to deal with the human resistance another method of warfare was deployed. The federation deployed respirators to deal with the toxic gas, The humans deployed smoke grenades that covered the visors in thick dust and blinded the troops. We started using IR sensors to spot the lasers the humans used to activate their trip mines, They started to use string. String of all things to set the mines off. We used thermal vision to spot the humans hiding in bushes and rubble. They started to cover their faces in heat reflecting substances. They suffered losses non the less, However it was clear the method of warfare we were using was costing our forces far more than intended.” He moved on to the next slide. This slide contained an image of the large green bands around the edge of the dome covered in small plants of various kinds.
“This is what a dome looked like after we had ‘taken control’ for a total of three years, Those plants you see all over the edges of the dome? The humans stole them from the hydroponics bay and started growing their own food. We took over their food supplies, so they started to simply grow more. As if we wouldn’t attempt to simply burn it or prevent them from harvesting it.” He inclined his antennae in his species version of a sigh.
“That is when we encountered the hungry grass.” He moved on to the next slide. This one was of a large swath of waist high grass, it appeared to be a simple and rather common plant that most Humans enjoyed walking on. The lecturer used his UV pointer to indicate something in the corner of the image. Hidden by the grass, only visible by dint of a single limb poking out of it was the desiccated corpse of what appeared to be an Ordeen.
“When questioned, human scholars explained that this grass was developed as a anti-intruder device. The grass itself is perfectly safe so long as you are a ‘registered’ person. Registering either requires being hard-coded in to the grass’s genes, or having your own DNA mixed with a specific chemical substance and spraying the grass with it. When stored, before purchase the grass carries a general ‘human’ gene hard coded in to it to prevent any spillages from causing significant damage. Humans have also developed a specific chemical that kills the grass. Normally the grass is not lethal, as most humans keep it cut short. However when left to grow rampant, the grass can be deadly to almost any living creature.” He paused, the class looked horrified, the humans turned their decorations in to lethal weapons, to discourage people from attempting to enter their houses. Humans were insane.
“As for what it does, When brushing up against the grass, if you are considered ‘registered’ the grass does nothing. If you are not registered, it extends tiny spines, sharp enough to pearce normal clothing of most species. These spines carry a high strength paralytic venom that will render most species unable to move. The grass will then very slowly drain the moisture from the creature. Normally this process is so slow that it would take days for anyone to suffer any kind of adverse effect, However when the grass is left to grow so large and so dense it becomes fatal in a number of hours. When the invasion of some of the Biodomes started, humans grabbed large amounts of these grass seeds and spread them everywhere, and anywhere they would grow. Over the course of the years the grass grew rampant and wild.” He exhaled slowly and shook his head. He clicked on to the next slide. This one was an image of a group of humans, three of them, they wore green and grey clothing, their faces smeared with grey and dark green paints, even their hair was cut short and covered in the same stuff. They were on their knees, glaring at the camera. Each of them had clearly been armed at one point, blade sheaths at their sides or on their boots, and holsters for side arms visible.
“These are three captured resistance fighters, awaiting execution, most humans on the martian front seemed to fight to the death, even attempting to fight when their loss was a certainty. Several recorded incidents include humans blowing themselves, and the federation troops up. Humans it appears, honour and respect this tradition of stupidity and resistance to superior forces.” He clicked a button and a recording started to play.
“We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in france. We shall fight in the seas and oceans. We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air. We shall defend our island, Whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds. We shall fight in the fields and in the streets, We shall fight in the hills. We shall never surrender!”
The recording stopped. “This was part of a speech given by a human leader during one of their own wars. They had just been forced to retreat when defending their neighbouring country, which had been overwhelmed in a mere 46 Days. This was before the humans had discovered radar. A country that was nearly a thousand kilometers across overwhelmed in 46 days. And this island was barely a quarter the size. Yet they insisted on fighting. Even before this humanity has lionized and told stories about fighting on regardless. A human literary writer once published a work in which the one of the most famous sections goes as follows:
Then out spake brave Horatius, The Captain of the Gate: To every man upon this earth, Death cometh soon or late. And how can man die better, Than facing fearful odds, For the ashes of his fathers, And the temples of his gods.
As you can see The assumption that the humans would surrender was an ill fated mistake.” He moved on to the next slide, this one was of a group of what appeared to be modern human military, Each of them had a patch on one sleeve, a small solid red circle with a laurel around it.
“As is typical with humans, despite fighting a losing war they enshrined this valiant, albeit foolish defense of the biodomes in their history as the stand of the valiant few against insurmountable odds. They have even left a few of the biodomes as they were after the war, and continue to train military forces in them despite Mars itself being mostly habitable at this point. The training is supposedly far harsher than normal military training, and those that pass whatever stringent tests the humans set are permitted to join a human elite unit. In honour of the resistance the humans call this unit ‘Sons of Mars.’ It is also somewhat shocking, and a coincidence that the planet was originally named after a human god of war.” He touched the datapad that held his notes, clearly changing page or searching for something.
“Returning to the Sol war. The martian bio-domes, while considered ‘secured’ and a ‘non threat’ were never truely taken over, Right up until the federation withdrawal there were losses and skirmishes, The humans made use of anything and everything. They would launch an attack on our forces while a small force would steal our supplies. Dead troopers would have almost everything stolen. The human resistance would drag the bodies back to wherever they were hiding, strip the body down of all its useful gear and just dump the body in the street on one of our patrol routes. Some of the troops started calling it ‘doing a corpse walk.’” He moved on to the next slide, this time the slide was an image of a federation base with a strange flag draped across the walls and spray painted here and there. The flag and symbol was the same, A red ring with a stylized human skull on it. He gestured at the image
“This is what happens when the humans got hold of a federation base, they would strip it of anything useful, set it aflame and daub it with the symbol of their resistance. It was an attempt at destroying federation morale.”
“The humans adopted a symbol that had a shockingly fatalistic meaning. The red circle was clearly mars, but the skull? It was a message, Until every living human on the planet was nothing but a skull, they would fight to stop us, and even then, they would build a wall out of their own bodies. Humans will fight to the death for what is ‘theirs’ by claim, right or by simple decision of it being so. We learnt a very clear lesson here. Humans do not surrender, not to a superior military force, not to an unknown enemy, not to overwhelming odds. Given a reason to fight, Humans will fight beyond all reason, beyond all sanity. And in some cases, beyond what should kill them.” The lecturer sounded almost a little impressed.
“Now, that is all for this lecture. Our next lecture will be covering the year between the meeting between human ambassadors and federation peace makers during year seven. And the events we have discussed taking place during year eight and the unleashing of the Four horsemen. Class dismissed.”

Sorry there was such a delay, I had this written up a while ago, but I labeled it 'chapter 6' in my file names and couldn't find it! Anyway, Kicked the writers block for a bit. Also worked out what I'm going to be writing next. Also very pleased at how well everyone took to 'the horsemen ride.' Hope everyone enjoys.

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I made this as a meme during a stats lecture that I definitely should’ve been paying attention to. I made it originally to send to my coworkers and friends but thought everyone might want to try it too!
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