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[Game Dev] LoveLetter - A Yandere Simulator Game and a Huge Mess

Hi everyone! I'm a long time lurker, first time writer, so bear with me please!
While I was writing this someone else beat me to the punch! If you'd like to read a much shorter and more concise version of events (and I don't blame you), go here!
The events below are set up in roughly chronological ordewhen they were brought to light. Due to the sheer amount of drama that happened, and people involved in this whole mess, it's not guaranteed that I'll be able to hit everything that happened. If you're interested, I highly recommend you check out the LoveLetter Confessions Blog, which is where a large amount of my sources come from. Strap in folks, this is a long one. This is the story of LoveLetter: My True Feelings.
Edit: The Official LoveLetter Twitter account a deleted their twitter around the time this thread went up. I've saved as many links as I could, but some sources are just gone. Thanks for letting me know!
Prologue- Background Info
Yandere Simulator is a game that started development in 2014, and is still being made to this day. The word "Yandere" is Japanese, basically meaning "lovesick". You play as a Yandere and try to win your Senpai's (your crush) affection by eliminating all of his other potential love interests. These eliminations can be done in many ways, such as straight up murder, framing them for something, or befriending them and asking them to leave Senpai alone.
Initially, the game and its creator Alex, better known as YandereDev, received a lot of support. People loved the concept of the game, and it helped that he tried to be extremely open about the development process. He posted demos of the current build of the game, as well as videos that discussed what he wanted for the project.
But over the years that excitement turned into impatience as no real progressed seemed to be made. The full game was supposed to have ten love interests to defeat; the most recent demo has only just now added the first, six years into development. That, compounded with YandereDev's attitude towards his fans, his controlling behavior towards the game's subreddit, and other drama has turned him and his project into a laughing stock. Heck, it's a meme to try to get banned from the Yandere Simulator Discord as fast as possible!
In short, the common perception of YandereDev is a man with a fragile ego and a bad attitude who's in over his head. It's in my opinion, dear readers, that if you feel the need to make a statement to debunk rumors about you, something is definitely up.
Part 1- The Good Doctor
On July 4th, two videos of a remade Yandere Simulator were uploaded to YouTube. You can see them here, and here. (It appears that there were some copyright issues with the music and so they were re-uploaded on July 5th. But the links started being passed around on July 4th as far as I can tell.)
The game, titled LoveSick, was programmed by DrApeis and Nocturnal, and posted on the former's YouTube. DrApeis would go on to become the face of the game and the leader of the project- And, as we will see, one of the key players in the drama to come.
An FAQ in the video descriptions included this question:
Q: "How long did it take to program everything shown in this video?" A: Around 2 weeks. Another programmer and I are hard at work making this game optimized, great to play, and an all-out fun experience. (I'm not joking, it only took 2 weeks for all of this.)
The announcement trailer spread like wildfire on Twitter and Reddit. LoveSick was touted around as proof that YandereDev was a sham- that the only reason Yandere Simulator was taking so long was because of the dev's own incompetence. Everyone was saying "someone had made a better version of Yandere Simulator in two weeks".
YandereDev didn't like that.
YanereDev contacts DrApeis and tries to guilt trip them into ceasing development on LoveSick. He blames the fledgling project for the increase in harassment he'd been receiving, says that he had been planning on re-branding Yandere Simulator to LoveSick before they showed up. Says that even though LoveSick looks like a better Yandere Simulator there's no way it actually is. But by far the worst thing YandereDev says is this:
The actual drama started a while ago, but I don't feel like talking about that.
If you are aware that your project is having so many destructive consequences on another person's life, how can you possibly continue?
Don't you see how harmful and damaging this is for me?
If the cost of Yandere Simulator was ending a person's life, I'd cancel development.
All of this was enough for DrApeis to post an apology video on their YouTube... A video which has since been removed.
See, this conversation was made public when a moderator of the LoveSick Discord leaked it to both the Yandere Simulator reddit and to Osana. When it was first posted on July 12, the LoveSick team, including DrApeis themselves claimed it was fake... But two hours later admitted that it was real and explained that they had lied in an attempt to protect YandereDev's privacy.
The public response fell squarely on DrApeis side. Many saw what YandereDev had been trying to do as inexcusable, and DrApeis attempt to hide it as justified. Although, there were a few people who felt that DrApeis had acted pretty shady
And apparently, DrApeis changed their mind, because they later released screenshots given to them by EpicMealDev, a former developer of another Yandere Simulator fan game Watashi No Mo, of YandereDev trying to do the same thing.
Oh! And this whole thing started trending on twitter under #RIPYandereDev!
On July 18, the game LoveSick was re-branded as LoveLetter: My True Feelings. The announcement video (that was taken down for reasons that will become clear later, but here's a reaction video to it if you want to see it) also showed off the game's protagonist: Bow-Chan.
I'm not interested in talking about YandereDev more than necessary. The reason it's here (when it has already been covered phenomenally by another HobbyDrama poster) is to set the scene.
Even before this incident, YandereDev had long since become the villain of his own story. When DrApeis appeared, people put faith in them, and in their new project. Which makes everything that happens next so much worse.
Part 2 - Discord
After the whole YandereDev vs. DrApeis thing got out, tons of people raced to volunteer to help work on LoveLetter. Despite there only being a prototype artists, 3D modelers, and voice actors rushed to offer their skills to the project. Soon enough, the discord was filled with talented people who were excited to start work.
Even from the early days, though, the LoveLetter discord was a mess. It's difficult to say what the first major event was, as they all bleed into and influenced one another- but the earliest thing I can find evidence for was the raid on CameronF305's video.
What appears to have happened is that Cameron, a youtuber and volunteer on YandereSimulator, contacted DrApeis shortly after DrApeis' very first videos of the project went up. The two had a civil conversation. Then at some point, perhaps after DrApeis DMs with YandereDev leaked, they had a falling out. Afterwards, DrApeis claimed that Cameron had faked screenshots of their DMs, which Cameron denies having ever done.
Whatever happened, on July 27 Cameron uploaded a video titled "The TRUTH about DrApeis (The Truth behind LoveLetter) YandereDev Shares His Side!" That same day, the good doctor shared the video in the LoveLetter discord, and almost immediately a fire broke out. Screenshots of the LoveLetter Discord show that DrApeis directly told the people present to "dislike the video". Many of them did so, even getting their friends outside the server to do the same.
The raid on Cameron's video wasn't the only instance of group toxicity- On one occasion a ten year old sent in a fan mail only to be mocked and possibly doxxed.
Another issue with the Discord server was the lack of communication. Things were declared official with no warning, only to be walked back that same day. When a casting call was put out for voice actors it was only open for a day and a half before it was closed, causing at least one voice actor to completely miss it. A "strike system" was suddenly implemented without warning. Etc. Some volunteer testimonies say that there was some kind of drama happening almost every day.
Oh! And on July 21 DrApeis revealed to the team that Nocturnal had left the project... two weeks ago.
The Discord was in quite a state. The moderators couldn't enforce any rules because, quite simply, there were none. Let me repeat that: The LoveLetter Discord where the game was being developed, had no rules or guidelines on what kind of behavior was allowed. Although the last word always seemed to belong to Outset_Isle.
Outset_Isle was a Volunteer Manager who ran the official Love Letter twitter account. She was DrApeis right hand, and I feel comfortable in saying that she was complicit in much of the drama that went down.
As manager on the project, Outset was approached whenever a problem arose- which was often. For instance: When a volunteer was anxious about a situation they were involved in, Outset told them that they were swarming her. When a different volunteer, who was a victim of sexual assault, wanted to clear up what nsfw topics were allowed because they were getting triggered by discussions? Outset told them they were being thin skinned and that everyone on the server had a problem with them. When arguing with another moderator, Shortcake, who had been doxxed? Outset said that it happened because Shortcake "gave people an in."
Part 3 - Voice Actors
In early July, Xaid was brought onto the project as the male protagonist's voice actor and was soon made a manager of the project. Very quickly, Xaid began to make people extremely uncomfortable. He flirted with other volunteers, made inappropriate jokes, and talked over people constantly. He was soon removed from the server.
After this, DrApeis went to each volunteer individually and asked how they felt about allowing Xaid back onto the project. A different voice actor, Stanpie, was appalled by this. He voiced his opinions publicly in the Discord, and many other's agreed, chiming in with the same message: Xaid made people uncomfortable and they didn't want him to come back.
DrApeis dropped the subject and Roman!, who was supposed to voice Senpai, was chosen to replace Xaid. With the constant influx of new volunteers, Stanpie and another VA TheOriginalBee felt that they should hold a new audition. TheOriginalBee had been chosen to voice Bow-Kun, but wanted to make sure she was chosen because she was the best suited for the role and not because she had gotten there first.
Roman! had been told by someone else on the server that Stanpie wanted his role. He was opposed to an audition being held. I should also mention that Roman! is 16 years old. The argument got so heated that DrApeis and Outset were forced to step in. They eventually agreed that an audition should be held.
Both Stanpie and TheOriginalBee are recast in the same roles. During the announcement Roman! says that Stanpie is on his second strike (which is what Roman! had been told by Outset). Stanpie was not present for the announcement though, and only learned of his 'strikes' when TheOriginalBee mentioned it to him offhand.
Then a NSFW discussion happened. Many people were involved with it, but Roman! and another moderator singled out Stanpie. TheOriginalBee stuck up for him. Both were kicked almost immediately.
DrApeis and Outset told everyone that the reason they were kicked was because they were "drama mongers" and volunteers were told to just block them. This was a tactic that was used again when Shortcake was kicked before them- the removed volunteer would be slandered by the higher ups, causing everyone else to join in.
It's shortly after this, on July 31, that the LoveLetter Confessions wordpress and twitter are made. TheOriginalBee's statement is the first published.
On August 5, a moderator and the owner of the Love Letter fan discord gives screenshots of a conversation they had with DrApeis to Love Letter Confessions blog, revealing that Xaid was still working on the project in secret. When this got out, people were not happy. Thanks to the backlash, Xaid was removed from the project- for real this time.
Part 4 - The New Girl, BowChan
Bow-Chan was originally a fan-design created by Shortcake, a volunteer artist/moderator on the LoveLetter team. The design was posted in the 'Fan Art' channel and Shortcake started playing around with the color scheme, asking for feedback on what looked best. DrApeis took notice of this and asked if they could make Bow-Chan the protagonist of LoveLetter, to which Shortcake enthusiastically agreed.
As a moderator, Shortcake was witness to much of the drama that occurred on the Discord. They were there when Cameron's video was posted. And they were swept up in the raid that was carried out, participating in disliking the video en-masse. They also left a comment correcting Cameron that Bow-Chan was not based off of Yandere Simulator's protagonist.
Cameron got in touch with Shortcake, and apologized for his mistake. Shortcake, in turn, apologized for taking part in the raid. They also showed Cameron screenshots that proved that the raid took place, as they felt that he deserved to know what had happened.
After the voice actor drama led to more volunteers getting kicked Shortcake tried to create guidelines and rules for the server. Outset Isle confronted Shortcake about the guidelines they had wrote and the two of them butt heads over what happened with Stanpie and TheOriginalBee. After another volunteer was kicked off the project, the two moderators clashed again.
One of the voice actors got Shortcake and Outset Isle into a voice call together, and the two of them talked everything out. During that call, Outset promoted Shortcake to co-manager.
Inspired by the way they had made peace with Outset, Shortcake believed that if they could get DrApeis and Cameron in call, the drama between those two would end. The next day, Shortcake talks to the good Dr about this idea.
It didn't go well. DrApeis confronts them about Cameron, and Shortcake admitted to having told Cameron about the raid. DrApeis immediately kicked Shortcake off the volunteer team. Shortcake leaves, but decides to take Bow-Chan, both the character and the design, with them.
Apeis and the LoveLetter team didn't like that. In an effort to keep Bow-Chan, they claim that her creation was a team effort, and therefore she did not belong to just Shortcake. When Shortcake brought up copyright, the LoveLetter team tried to wiggle out of it by giving Bow-Chan a new hairstyle. Their logic being that this version was technically their creation. Kinda.
On July 31st, DrApeis made a tweet about the situation, claiming that Shortcake was "spreading misinformation that she had created the character". Ten minutes later, Shortcake created a twitter thread about the whole situation. Three hours after that, the official LoveLetter twitter announced that the protagonist of the game would be getting a redesign.
The next day, the official twitter revealed LoveLetter's new protagonist. The female version is named Setsuna, and the male version's is Setsurou. The fan response to Protagonist Design 2.0 was apparently not great, because literally the next day the official twitter announced that they would be making changes to the design.
Hopefully, this time the LoveLetter team would take their time in creating what would be the face of their game, instead of making a snap decision based on a piece of fanart.
Of course that's not what happened.
On August 3rd,Setsuna 3.0 was revealed! This design, once again, was created by a fan artist. The LoveLetter team saw it and approached the artist to make it official. The artist, like Shortcake had been, was honored by this and accepted. But, rest assured- the LoveLetter team had learned something from Shortcake and TheOriginalBee's departures. This time, they had the artist sign a contract! Setsuna 3.0 belonged to them, and they wouldn't have to give it up even if the fan artist, now volunteer, left the project. (Which she did)
Now that they had their protagonist's design, that's the end of it, right? They didn't change the design again, so that must be it... Right?
Of course not! On August 6th, the official twitter revealed Setsurou 3.0! This design, done by a completely different fan artist, was also picked up and made official. This came as quite the surprise to the volunteer artist who had been working on Setsurou 3.0, as this was the first they had heard of it. This artist ended up leaving the project after having their concerns brushed off by Outset Isle and another manager.
Part 5 - HeartBreak
I want to take a moment to remind you that this project only lasted THREE MONTHS. All of what has been covered so far took place within the first. But do you want to know the most audacious part of this whole mess? All this- the malevolence and the mismanagement? It's all happened before.
See, there was this other Yandere Simulator game that ended up falling through. A few of that game's former volunteers signed up to help with LoveLetter, suspecting that DrApeis was the former lead of that project. DrApeis repeatedly denied this whenever the subject came up. When those volunteers confronted Apeis with this, they were all immediately kicked from the discord and banned. DrApeis was so determined that people believe they were not that project's former leader that they even approached a YouTuber in the LoveLetter community and asked them to make a video about how DrApeis was not that person. This request was made the day before DrApeis revealed that they were, in fact, that person.
Many LoveLetter fans were confused- They had never even heard of Heartbreak! Many didn't see the problem with hiding a past internet identity. Well, dear readers. Let me tell you about Heartbreak.
Led by one NarwhalsAreFalling, Heartbreak was a game based off of YandereSimulator. Although Narwhals didn't do much leading- they were almost never in the discord- they did contribute to the project as a programmer. The project suffered from a toxic working environment.
Despite this, things seemed to be going well! The volunteers were passionate and within a short time had created numerous assets for the game, and even a 90 page lore document! And then, NarwhalsAreFalling just left. Without telling anyone, the leader of the project, and perhaps its only programmer, just walked away, leaving the project's Discord server in chaos. The only reason that the volunteers found out that they had left was because Narwhals had asked a UI artist to help out with their next project.
Also, on August 4th, the same day that DrApeis revealed that they were Narwhal, they got doxxed. I'm not sure if it was the doxxing that prompted them to reveal the truth, or if revealing the truth motivated some monsters to doxx Apeis. Understandably, this sent Apeis into a panicked frenzy as they tried to figure out who was responsible for this.
Never the less, after Apeis' reveal, a few former Heartbreak volunteers came forward to share their experiences on that project. You can read those here and here. As desperate as Apeis seemed to be to hide their past identity, they never seem to realize why people would be upset about the lie.
And that seemed to be the end of it. For a while, the drama seemed to die down. I'm sure there was more happening internally with the LoveLetter discord, but as no stories came out after this that I know of, I can't say for sure. The only thing of note was that Apeis released a statement on their twitter to debunk rumors. Surely though, there's nothing on there that I haven't already told you?
Did you talk explicitly to a ten year old when you were fifteen?
Oh. Oh no.
Part 6 - Oh come on!
Nothing included is sexually explicit, however it is definitely NSFW. Please use your best judgement.
The same day that Apeis' rumor page went up the ten year old- now thirteen- made their own statement. I'm hesitant to post a link to it, as they have already deleted their twitter account, presumably due to the harassment they've been getting about this.
The story goes something like this: The ten year old (Who I will be referring to as September) was part of the Yandere Simulator fan community, and Apeis, at the time, created videos for said community. September actively befriended content creators in that community, admitting that they had a dream of becoming famous off of those connections.
Things got bad, fast. After sending their first message regarding sexual subjects, Apeis asked them how old they were. September responded truthfully, to which Apeis replied "cool". Within the first day of the two meeting, Apeis had told September about how they had stolen porn from someone's laptop and had made a number of sexual jokes in their conversation.
After September said their piece, they were met with harassment and skepticism, images of which were included in the document. Most of the skepticism seems to be along the lines of "They were both underage so it isn't pedophilia!" and "Apeis already apologized, so just move on! Stop bringing up old drama!" While both of these sentiments are technically true, the fact remains that Apeis still acted completely inappropriately, and made someone who looked up to them and considered them a friend, extremely uncomfortable.
September was not without support, thankfully. YouTuber Omnia, who had covered some of LoveLetter's drama before, contacted September and actually helped in writing the document. Omnia had been in contact with Outset_Isle, as she suspected that her previous video on LoveLetter had been raided by the game's community.
Part ? - An Ending
After that, everything went quiet for a time. Until September 23 when DrApeis released a video announcing the end of LoveLetter. They decided that things had just become too stressful, and that they were ending the project. Aside from the main announcement, there is something that DrApeis says in that video that I want to highlight:
"During the development of LoveLetter there was a lot of drama..." "...Most of all the drama is petty and childish. Some of the drama also had no context or explanation behind it, and was very one sided."
Which. Part. Do. You. Think. They. Mean?
And that's the last of it. If any former LoveLetter or HeartBreak volunteers are reading this- I'm really sorry all that happened to you. If anyone actually finished reading this- thank you.
I think it's safe to say that LoveLetter: My True Feelings didn't go the way that anyone wanted it to.
submitted by ShatteredSanity to HobbyDrama

Stats from every song rated by r/Popheads after 100 rates

Hello Popheads! I am u/TiltControls and I hope you're ready to be overwhelmed with too many tables, stats, and numbers that have no influence outside of this subreddit! Over the course of the pandemic, instead of learning a new language or skill, I have been compiling a list of every song rated in Popheads history, including score, controversy, placement, and more. With the Redemption Rate Reveal yesterday two days ago (because I am slow) Popheads has hit its 100th rate! (Actually can be 97-102 depending on how you classify rates but ignore that…). So I figured now was as good a time as any to finally get this list finished and posted!
For those unaware, the subreddit performs 2-3 rates a month where we all come together and endlessly bicker send in scores to determine our general consensus/opinions on songs! A good overview on past rates and how to do it can be found here.
About the data: not included here is the bonus rate for the Up and Coming Rap Girls since the conditions for rating were different than normal (and it breaks basically every statistic I have). Also there is no guarantee everything listed here is correct, but I am reasonably confident it's all accurate. Still, if you see something off let me know!
If you don't care about the numerous charts that are included you can find a link to the raw data/full songlist here and again at the bottom of the post.

Songs Statistics

Score Leaderboard
The leaderboard is probably the easiest to calculate, and I am definitely not the first to do it. However, it wouldn't be a full listing if I didn't include it.
Place Score Song Artist Rate
1 10.107 How Will I Know Whitney Houston 80's Dancepop Debuts
2 10.038 All I Want for Christmas Is You Mariah Carey Holiday Music
3 9.962 Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) Kate Bush OG Art Pop
4 9.954 Dancing On My Own Robyn Futuristic Flops
5 9.867 The Chain Fleetwood Mac All Time Classics
6 9.864 Creep TLC 90's R&B Girl Groups
7 9.854 Can't Get You Out of My Head Kylie Minogue Fever vs. In the Zone vs. Music
8 9.756 Oops!...I Did It Again Britney Spears Y2K Teen Rate
9 9.737 Get Outta My Way Kylie Minogue Futuristic Flops
10 9.734 Mr. Brightside The Killers 2000's Pop Rock
... ... ... ...
5137 2.854 Take a Little Ride Jason Aldean 2012 Billboard Year-End
5138 2.771 Bad Guy (Remix) billie eilish (ft. Justin Bieber) 2019 Main Girls Rate
5139 2.745 SAD! XXXTENTACION 21st Century Hip Hop #1s
5140 2.672 It's Everyday Bro Jake Paul (ft. Team 10) Meme Songs
5141 2.668 Watch Me Silento 2010's Billboard Decade-End
5142 2.644 Drunk on You Luke Bryan 2012 Billboard Year-End
5143 2.438 Birthday Cake (Remix) Rihanna (ft. Chris Brown) 2011 Ultimate Albums
5144 2.371 On My Own Farrah Abraham Charity Rate I
5145 2.322 Somethin' Bout a Truck Kip Moore 2012 Billboard Year-End
5146 1.570 Earth Lil Dicky Charity Rate II
I don't think there is anything I can add to this conversation except for the features on Earth should go thank Lil Dicky for not being listed.
Eleven Leaderboard
After another 60+ rates, Praying is still holding that number 1 spot strong (though now tied with one T. Swift). Not listed is a 5 way tie in the #11 spot, each with 18 11's a piece: So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings, All I Want For Christmas Is You, Mr. Brightside (2000's Pop Rock), Gone, and Nobody.
Rank 11's Song Artist Rate
1 36 Praying Kesha 2017 Ultimate Albums
1 36 Cruel Summer Taylor Swift 2019 Main Pop Girls
3 32 Juice Lizzo 2019 Main Pop Girls
4 30 disco tits Tove Lo 2017 Electroflops
5 29 Your Best American Girl Mitski Women Who Rock
6 27 cellophane FKA twigs 2019 Ultimate Pitchfork Acclaim
7 24 All Too Well Taylor Swift Anniversary Rate
8 22 Bad Romance Lady Gaga Billboard 2010's Decade End
9 21 G.U.Y. Lady Gaga 2013 Ultimate Albums
10 19 ghostin Ariana Grande 2019 Main Pop Girls
Zero Leaderboard
People have opinions with these Ultimate album rates! Though partially owing to the large turnout they get whenever we do them, I'm still surprised that 5 different ones have taken 6 spots on the leaderboard. Currently the top spot is held in a 3 way tie, with 3 controversial tracks I'm sure someone out there likes (Okay, maybe not Earth).
Rank 0's Song Artist Rate
1 36 Earth Lil Dicky Charity Rate II
1 36 Birthday Cake (Remix) Rihanna (ft. Chris Brown) 2011 Ultimate Albums
1 36 ME! Taylor Swift (ft. Brendon Urie) 2019 Main Pop Girls
4 27 On My Own Farrah Abraham Charity Rate
5 23 It's Everyday Bro Jake Paul (ft. Team 10) Meme Songs
6 21 SAD! XXXTENTACION 21st Century Hip Hop #1s
7 20 This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things Taylor Swift 2017 Ultimate Albums
7 20 Jewels N' Drugs Lady Gaga (ft. T.I., Too $hort, Twista) 2013 Ultimate Albums
9 19 7 Rings Ariana Grande 2019 Main Pop Girls
10 18 Ur So Gay Katy Perry 2008 Ultimate Albums
Minimums and Maximums
Out of the many, many songs we’ve rated only 5(!) have gone through a rate without receiving a score 7 or below.
Lowest score 8.3 | How Will I Know – Whitney Houston (80s Dancepop Debuts) Lowest score 8.0 | POWER – Kanye West (Modern Classics of Hip Hop) Lowest score 8.0 | Valerie - Mark Ronson & Amy Winehouse (Disco/Funk Revival Bonus) Lowest score 8.0 | One More Time - Daft Punk (Disco/Funk Revival Bonus) Lowest score 7.5 | Do I Wanna Know – The Arctic Monkeys (2013 Alt Rock) 
(If you want to be more forgiving there are an additional 16 songs whose lowest scores were 7 exactly)
On the other side, 3 songs have never received an 8 or above when rated. Funny enough, all of them are from the same artist and rate. Sorry Backstreet Boys, better luck in the VH1 90’s rate.
Highest score 7.8 | Spanish Eyes Highest score 7.5 | You Knew What I Knew Highest score 7.0 | You Wrote the Book on Love 
Current Thresholds
Wondering where in the rankings each song falls? Here is a list of handy milestones to compare! Also included are what songs sit as the gatekeepers of each milestone (Dreams for example, is in place #50).
Top 50:
9.403 | Dreams – Fleetwood Mac (All Time Classics) 
Top 100:
9.259 | Run Away With Me – Carly Rae Jepsen (Winner’s Rate 1) 
Top 500:
8.642 | Oops I Did It Again – Britney Spears (Winner’s Rate 1) 8.642 | Waking the Witch – Kate Bush (OG Art Pop) 
Top 1000:
8.222 | Empire State of Mind – Jay-Z and Alicia Keys (All Stars 3) 8.222 | Old Habits Die Hard – Allie X (2017 Electropopflops) 
Top Half of Songs (Median):
7.383 | Sirens - Kelsea Ballerini (New Country Girls) 7.383 | Just Another Thing – Maren Morris (New Country Girls) 7.383 | Haunted – Evanescence (Aughties Rock) 
Not in the bottom 100:
4.841 | Dear Diary – Britney Spears (Y2K Teen Rate) 
Overall Average
Over every single rate, using every single song, the current average (mean) sits at a score of 7.320. Anything better than that score can be considered above average and anything lesser is below average. From there only one song is considered right on the average in the first 100 rates: Altar by Poppy from the 2016 EP Rate. (If you exclude bonus songs the total average rises slightly to 7.341).
Controversial Songs
Possibly unsurprisingly, Closer (from the 2016 EP Rate) still holds the top spot for controversy after all this time. In the top 25 it also holds spot #16 (from the All Stars 3 robbery). Work From Home is the only other song with that distinction sitting at #3 and #21.
Currently 86 rated songs have achieved a controversy score over 3.00. And 11 of those are just from the Meme rate! In contrast, only 20 songs have received a controversy score at or below 1.00. 20% of those songs all come from the same rate (Modern Classics of Hip-Hop).
Controversy usually dooms a song to a low rating, but not always. The only 3 songs to get 7+ with more than 3.0 controversy are Shoes (Meme Rate), Where's My Juul (Meme Rate), and Closer (EDM/Pop Girls Collab Rate). If that isn’t justification to include it in Meme Rate 2 among its brethren I don’t know what is.
Rank Controversy Song Artist Rate
1 3.669 Closer The Chainsmokers (ft. Halsey) The 2016 EP Rate
2 3.640 Ur So Gay Katy Perry 2008 Ultimate Albums
3 3.617 Work from Home Fifth Harmony (ft. Ty Dolla $ign) X-Factor Excellence
4 3.537 Santa's Coming For Us Sia Popheads Holiday Music
5 3.530 American Pie Madonna Fever vs. In the Zone vs. Music
6 3.527 Fairytale of New York The Pogues Popheads Holiday Music
7 3.506 4:33 John Cage Charity Rate I
8 3.477 !!!!! billie eilish 2019 Main Pop Girls
9 3.453 9 (After Coachella) Cashmere Cat (ft. SOPHIE, MØ) EDM/Pop Girl Collaborations
10 3.448 Blurred Lines Robin Thicke (ft. Pharrell Williams, T.I.) Billboard Songs of the Summer
... ... ... ...
4988 0.907 Heartless Kanye West Moody R&B
4989 0.905 Do I Wanna Know Arctic Monkeys 2013 B+W Alt Rock
4990 0.862 Joga Björk OG Art Pop Rate
4991 0.848 Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) Kate Bush OG Art Pop Rate
4992 0.842 Switch TLC 90's R&B Girl Groups
4993 0.785 Native Tongue Paramore Emo Rate II
4994 0.774 How Will I Know Whitney Houston 80's Dancepop Debuts
4995 0.759 One More Time Daft Punk Disco/Funk Revival
4996 0.752 Valerie Mark Ronson, Amy Winehouse Disco/Funk Revival
4997 0.696 POWER Kanye West Modern Classics of Hip-Hop
In the top 25 leaderboard there are also 6 former Miss Songenialities (Ur So Gay, Work From Home (X-Factor), Revenge, Closer (AS3), Accelerate, and Party Rock Anthem (Songs of the Summer)). We love to award a messy song!
Songs Rated Multiple Times
Excluding bonus songs, we have rated 410 songs more than once. Of those 57 songs have been rated 3 or more times and 8 have hit the 4+ barrier (below).
Title Artist Rates In Avg Score
Rolling in the Deep Adele 6 8.513
Paparazzi Lady Gaga 4 8.851
When Doves Cry Prince 4 8.785
Call Me Maybe Carly Rae Jepsen 4 8.549
Lights Ellie Goulding 4 8.413
TiK ToK Kesha 4 8.400
We Found Love Rihanna (ft. Calvin Harris) 4 8.363
Closer The Chainsmokers (ft. Halsey) 4 6.611​
The songlist sheet only contains songs after they have been rated, but due to the VH1 90's rate Genie in a Bottle and Waterfalls will be joining the 4+ club very soon. Additionally, once the 2nd Winners Rate starts Dancing On My Own and We Belong Together will also both be joining the 4 timers list.

Artists Statistics

Including both primary and featured credits, we have rated nearly 1300 artists at this point!! From those, 228 have more than 5 ratings (excluding bonus songs). Any artists mentioned in this next section will be about those artists since they've got enough ratings to pull data from. These only include credited names, so for example, Beyoncé is not credited for Destiny's Child songs (though I want to add this feature some day as a toggle or something).
Artist Averages
Despite a rough showing in the Redemption Rate (which also means Hounds of Love [Redemption] is now her lowest rated song), Kate Bush still holds the number 1 spot by a good margin. The bottom 5 is also included, though I don't think many will be surprised by their inclusions. Though T.I.'s spot might not be an immediately expected guess, but it shows when you see that of his 6 ratings - 1 is Jewels and Drugs (avg: 4.751) and 2 are from Blurred Lines (4.333 and 3.527).
Rank Average Artist
1 8.636 Kate Bush
2 8.461 Prince
3 8.416 Björk
4 8.399 Michael Jackson
5 8.362 Fleetwood Mac
6 8.335 Carole King
7 8.309 Frank Ocean
8 8.307 Fiona Apple
9 8.281 Alicia Keys
10 8.263 ABBA
... ...
224 5.734 Pitbull
225 5.531 T.I.
226 5.399 Wiz Khalifa
227 5.036 LMFAO
228 5.034 Chris Brown
Artist Controversiality
Barring a contest held for "Lowest Artist Average" or "Worst human being rated", Chris Brown is at the top of hopefully the only chart that can be made for this data. Joining him is the rest of the bottom 5 average artists listed above as well.
Rank Contr. Artist
1 2.850 Chris Brown
2 2.848 The Chainsmokers
3 2.800 LMFAO
4 2.719 SOPHIE
5 2.689 T.I.
6 2.534 fun.
7 2.500 Pitbull
8 2.467 Kiiara
9 2.464 Wiz Khalifa
10 2.453 Iggy Azalea
Most Times Rated
Surprising absolutely no one, this top 10 is composed entirely of the sub's favourite pop girls. In fact nearly all of the top 20 is made of women, except for Kanye West (#12), Drake (#14), and The Weeknd (#17).
  1. Taylor Swift (105 times)
  2. Britney Spears (92)
  3. Lana Del Rey (90)
  4. Beyoncé (87)
  5. Lady Gaga (81)
  6. Katy Perry (77)
  7. Rihanna (75)
  8. Madonna (70)
  9. Carly Rae Jepsen (69)
  10. Kesha (64)
Least Zeroes
Managing to survive through rabid stans, ratings sabotage, and the messiness known as "All Stars", only 11 artists of the 228 have never received a zero! From most ratings to least they are
  • MisterWives (0 zeroes/15 songs)
  • The Jonas Brothers (0/15)
  • Carole King (0/12)
  • Dolly Parton (0/12)
  • Fiona Apple (0/12)
  • Paula Abdul (0/11)
  • Purity Ring (0/10)
  • Usher (0/8)
  • Ludacris (0/7)
  • Alicia Keys (0/6)
  • Rico Nasty (0/6)
Congrats! Everyone either loves you or you’re so forgettable no one cares enough to bring your scores down. Shout out to Jess Glynne, Jay-Z, Amy Winehouse, and Florence + The Machine who all have the lowest amount of zeroes per song otherwise, with 1/20, 1/18, 1/16, and 2/32 respectively.
Most Elevens
Quick, before you get to this list take a 2 or 3 guesses which popheads favourites might be on it. If you didn’t guess any then you must have just joined this subreddit, in which case – Welcome!
  1. Taylor Swift (291 elevens)
  2. Lady Gaga (210)
  3. Lana Del Rey (178)
  4. Carly Rae Jepsen (172)
  5. Ariana Grande (158)
  6. Beyoncé (151)
  7. Lorde (146)
  8. Kesha (130)
  9. Britney Spears (128)*
  10. Kanye West (126)
*Couldn't find the number of 11s from the first time we rated Toxic, but if I had to guess it would be enough to move her to at least 8th.
Most Zeroes
Only Taylor could top both of these categories by such a large margin. Say what you want about her, but she knows how to get a reaction. Beyoncé and Halsey are technically tied for 5th, but I don't feel liking working around markdown today to fix it.
  1. Taylor Swift (213 zeroes)
  2. Katy Perry (120)
  3. Rihanna (98)
  4. Lady Gaga (79)
  5. Beyoncé (78) [TIE]
  6. Halsey (78) [TIE]
  7. Britney Spears (76)
  8. Lana Del Rey (75)
  9. Ariana Grande (74)
  10. Charli XCX (72)
Least Elevens
Out of the group of 228 with 5+ ratings, there is only a single artist that has never received an 11.
Sorry LMFAO stans (if you exist). Should have thrown them an 11 when we rated Party Rock Anthem for the third time.
All around trash human being Chris Brown is otherwise worst of the pack, with only 1 eleven score out of 11 rating entries. Joining him in the bottom 5 include Wiz Khalifa (1/8), Linkin Park (2/15), Ne-Yo (1/7), and Macklemore/Ryan Lewis (1/5).
Edit: This is too long and breaking my reddit so rate stats are included in a comment
That's it from me! Here is a link to the raw data/full songlist for anyone interested! Some tips:
  • Ctrl/Command + F is your friend if you are looking for specific artists/songs
  • If you want to sort/reorder the sheets you may have to download or make a copy for editing rights
  • Due to the headers, to determine a song's ranking just take 1 off the row number (ignoring ties)
  • Some of the songs/rates are missing data (usually controversy or participant data). Due to this some of the aggregated stats might be slightly off (score-related stats should be all fine though)
All the source data is actually stored in a database so if anyone has rate questions that can’t be done in Sheets let me know (in the comments or as a message) and I’ll see what I can do. I'll be slowly adding more stats to this sheet as I figure out a good way to either calculate or store them, so be on the lookout for those! I'll try to keep the list updated within a day or two of new rate results as well. Enjoy! And don't fuck up the Emo/90's Rate like y'all did Redemption!
Edit: I've been lucky enough to be granted a Wiki page to keep a running stats page for any new rates! Check it out! Thanks for the kind words and awards from everyone! I'm not usually one for gold edits, but really everyone who does these rates (both hosting and participating) does great work and I've discovered so much more fantastic music that I never would have otherwise!
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