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Photoshop Battle #2 Submissions May 9, 2014

I had a lot of fun with these battle. Definitely had a few laughs too.
Photoshop Battle #12, July 11, 2016
Images: PB1 - Coronation Ball
Portgas -- No Title
Zook024 -- go ahead and dance with her Eugene, she won't bite!
Elsaccount -- True love will thaw a frozen heart
vetahi -- Kristoff is not impressed
LastUniqueUserID -- Glad I caught you!
Photoshop Battle #11, February 13, 2015
Original Image: Anna Sleeping
Nanosapiens -- Dreams of Summer Magic
snowy_slope -- Anna Dreaming
Nanosapiens -- Annielle, the graceful mermaid
TeleVue -- I'm having too much fun cuddling with you
Demian_Dillers -- Anna's most complex and profound dream
guldfyr -- Hans "cutting" ahead of the plot
HeimrArnadalr -- Wake up cousin! It's our birthday!
Photoshop Battle #10, January 30, 2015
Original Images: Hang in there guys!
Portgas -- My entry :D
TeleVue -- Let's go Fishing!]
blaaze6 -- IT'S... IT'S STING!
damocles2501 -- Don't come back! We won't!
Eriflee -- Duel of the Fates
HeimrArnadalr -- Dropping in
queen_glados -- Splinter Cell: Frozen
Achlianis -- The rescue
Daxlab -- Nana nana nana nana Batnna!
Nanosapiens -- Yay, we found the North Mountain!
Captain_Gardar -- In some serious trouble!
Photoshop Battle #9, August 31, 2014
Original Images: Album from Timbo_KZ Original Images: Album from TeleVue
TeleVue -- "Hans, you're a bully"
charredgrass -- "Hans kills himself"
airbusramo -- "No more Movies for Anna"
Mehmed_El-Sanna -- "The Flowers of Annagabalus"
Aldereon666 -- "Anna's Odyssey"
zephis -- "Anna tried out "lutefisk"
damocles2501 -- "We could have ruled together. So be it, Anna."
GamingSpam -- "No matter how beautiful the place, humanity will always remain the same"
VileTheVandal -- "Oh Anna, Hans Vandalism Control Association"
Photoshop Battle #8, August 8, 2014
Original Images: Flying Anna
Album: Flying Anna ALBUM
blaaze6 -- "FINISH HIM, ANNA. I memorized all of her fatalities.
zephis -- "Anna Claus is coming to town...maybe"
Nanosapiens -- "Anna freaking out Oaken Claus's reindeer"
TeleVue -- "A TeleVue Film: Sven"
Spleetal -- "Anna Versus Kirito!"
9kz7 -- "When Anna enters a certain universe..."
newcampnarakol -- "Anna beyond the troposphere"
damocles2501 -- "Screw this 'jumping stuff... fly!"
thelateralbox -- "Lon Lon Ranch"
Tumthe3 -- "Watch Out"
GamingSpam -- "An Icy Swim"
JadedFuture -- "How did I ever get here?"
Photoshop Battle #7, July 25, 2014
Original Image: Hanging Hans
Album: Hanging Hans ALBUM
Nanosapiens -- "The Abominable Snowman Strikes Back!"
PM_ME_ICE -- "Hans Selfie"
Powy -- ""Let him go!" "MY. DOLL. GWHAA.""
Timbo_KZ -- Anna and Hans preparing to jump"
TeleVue -- "Anna (:o) <-- Hans. :D :l :D :l"
Zephis -- "Wait, don't touch the sides!"
damocles3602 -- "I'm in trouble"
LightningOwl -- "Hans as the coronation sepulcher"
Photoshop Battle #6, July 11, 2014
Original Image: Sitting Anna
Album: Sitting Anna ALBUM
Nanosapiens -- "Anna, the little runaway"
Nanosapiens -- "How Anna deals with monsters under the bed..."
Tumthe3 -- "The heir to the throne"
JadedFuture -- "( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"
Hans4Life -- "Im not the best photoshopper"
Hans4Life -- "Im just getting worse"
TeleVue -- "Anna's Potty Training"
Tumthe3 -- "Where's Elsa?"
ozeyc98 -- "Anna needs a friend"
Bobbyl2K -- "This will get you two and no more"
damocles2501 -- "When you play the Game of Thrones"
Powy -- "How to train your Dukembo"
Nanosapiens -- "We play now. Right now.
Powy -- "Rocket Anna !"
zephis -- "Circle of Life"
Powy -- "It's a trap!"
Photoshop Battle #5, June 27, 2014
Original Image: The Duke
Album: The Duke ALBUM
Mattie1304 -- "Rolling around at the speed of WESELTON!
nccxtre -- "The Duke Inspecting The Troops"
TeleVue -- "Weaselton Air Force"
Drewshoo -- "Goooooooooooooaaaal in the 69th minute by 'the Duke'"
newcampnarakol -- "Declassified: Duke rehabilitation"
damocles2501 -- "The face that launched a thousand ships"
JadedFuture -- "Clash of the Titans"
Powy -- ""Come out Duke! I will find you!""
Nanosapiens -- "The Annual Arendelle 'Silly Cycling Competition'"
Zephis -- "Cute Little Dukelings"
Photoshop Battle #4 June 13, 2014
Original Image: Triumphant Anna
Album: Triumphant Anna ALBUM
Mattie1304 -- "It can go anywhere in time and space"
zephis -- "Is this a dream?"
TeleVue -- "First Napoleon, Second Hitler, Third... Anna."
Nanosapiens -- "and they became best friends everafter"
Mattie1304 -- "I don't want to go"
damocles2501 -- "Anna - Dragon Rider
alex0229 -- "CHARGE!"
ThePraetor -- "Pole Position"
ozey98 -- "Anna has traveled way too far"
PJ_dude -- "Welcome to Silent Hill"
Nanosapiens -- "Hang in there Joan! Anna, the Knight."
BobbyL2K "What do you like more Kristoff, ice or Anna?"
Powy -- "= Super ANNA Kart ="
guppy221 -- "Anna getting hit by freight train"
boomerangotan -- "Sven Swap"
guppy221 -- "Forget the trains, no trains here. Just chairman Anna"
JadedFuture -- "I have no explanation."
Photoshop Battle #3 May 23, 2014
Original Image[s]: Elsa on Ice
Album: Elsa on Ice ALBUM
Nanosapiens -- "Sadly, just a dream"
Nanosapiens -- "Elsa delivering 6 petajoule of energy"
zephis -- "Welcome to Hogrendelle!"
JadedFuture -- "Hail Corporate"
TeleVue -- "No Capes!"
Powy -- Elsa the Snow Queen is leading the charge"
PeacefulFellow -- "Elsa Leading the Charge"
ExplosiveNippleFart -- [No Title: Elsa running from Jack Frost]
ozeyc98 -- "GOTTA GO FAST!!!"
damocles2501 -- "FIGHT!"
Spleetal -- "Elsa Wins Gold for Arendelle!"
WWWWWWGMWWWWWWW -- "Elsa Skateboarding At Burnside Skatepark"
WWWWWWGMWWWWWWW -- "For All You Beatles Fan"
WWWWWWGMWWWWWWW -- "Fjord Crossing"
Photoshop Battle #2 May 9, 2014
Original Image: What are you doing Anna?
Album: What are you doing Anna? ALBUM
Spleetal -- "The Keyblade Master"
outermostdig -- "GO TEAM!"
damocles2501 -- "I do what I must because I can"
TeleVue -- "Anna and the Chocolate Factory"
Nanosapiens -- "The Yearly Arendelle Trollball Competition"
Tjomi -- "Im sorry, its an old reflex"
Tjomi -- "Cliffhangers"
Powy -- "Anna on the ring!"
Portgas -- "What do I win?"
CurryCombo -- "When a fist to the face isn't enough"
zephis -- "A gig worth melting for - DJ Giant Floating Distorted Olaf's head feat. The Stagediving Royal Family "
Photoshop Battle #1 April 25, 2014
Original Image:Anna with no Ducks
Album: Anna with no Ducks ALBUM
damocles2501 -- "Anna's Orders"
outermostdig -- "Your father was a powerful Jedi, Anna"
YourAverageAnon -- "Oh Hans, You're so Cute!"
Aldereon666 -- "Annaception"
Talovar -- "It's a human effify"
Nanosapiens -- "Oaken and Anna helping out the Duck after a minor 'malfunction'"
bommerangotan -- "It's time to sleep, my brain is getting weird."
artymads -- "Ew, ew, the body!"
Intr1nsik -- "The man Anna's man could smell like"
Stompystomp -- "Anna is Gifted"
submitted by TeleVue to Frozen

From interesting, fun to play zone control, semi-burst mage to awkward linear champion. Former diamond and Anivia main analysis.

Anivia was a champion that was a control mage and a semi-burst mage at the same time and players could make choices and adapt in game whether they will play her more utility or more burst focus (depended on teamcomps and how game was going).
How did it happen that balanced champion that even struggled in s3 and s4 and was considered outdated became so strong without buffs?
Here is the answer:
  • In v5.2 patch Riot removed Deathfire Grasp item from this game. Before this Anivia had hard time in game because she had less kill potential than champs using DFG, she had hard time laning against them and she could be killed by them very quickly.
  • In s4 and s5 Riot was constantly nerfing champions that were using DFG, like Ahri or Diana and this nerfs included skill ranges so for example Ahri was no longer outranging Anivia
  • In v5.22 Thunderlord's Decree mastery was added (free ignite every 30-15 sec for Anivia that had already high base dmg). This allowed Anivias to select ghost/teleport instead of ignite, so her mobility and map impact increased. (Or pick ignite and Stormraider mastery).
And this is a moment when interesting things started to happening. Anivia started to be considered as an slightly OP champion, so Riot decided to... make changes that from one perspective were nerfs but made her gameplay linear and were in fact huge buffs to her laning phase which was already better that it should be.
In patch v6.9:
  • her autoattack was buffed,
  • her 'q' base dmg and AP ratio was nerfed, stun duration increased (not very impactful) This change was strange because the argumentation was that changes had to be rewarding for using her kit correctly - decreasing dmg of one of the hardest skillshots in game is counter logic in this case.
  • her 'e' projectile speed increased by 33%, range is reduced from 650 to 600 (and this is a buff), also range is now calculated differently (Edge range instead of Centered)
  • her 'r' is completely reworked. Ult radius heavily decreased, but cast range increased to 685 (huge buff).
I want to stop here to explain why this last two changes were a horrible mistake and with patch 6.10 (increased ult range to 750) pretty much killed all balance of this champion and made her completely opposite to what she should be.
Before all this changes her 'e+r' combo had shorter range than many other champions and it was always a risk to do it because champs like fizz, ahri etc could outplay it and kill Anivia. It worked like this because ultimate had shorter range than her 'e', so 'e+r' combo could be outplayed, dodged or even abused by an enemy. It also required skill, good positioning and game knowledge to make good usage of ult placement in teamfights but it had immediate zone control impact.
After all this changes Anivia 'e+r' combo outranges pretty much everything. Everytime Anivia is in range of 'e' she is guarantee to safely place 'r'. Even if opponent has godlike reflex and predicts that Anivia will throw 'e' to him, he cant do anything because her 'r' is 150 range longer than 'e' so he can't outrun it. So the only counterplay to not get hit by 'e+r' combo is to stay away from it and because of 'r' range it needs to be very far away. At the same time, her zone control teamfight impact got marginalised by a 3 second growing ult that doesn't have immediate impact, can be easily even sidestepped.
"Thanks" to this changes that didn't really touch source of problem Anivia became a champion that could dominate lane as soon as she hit 6 lvl with just tear and catalyst and her powerspikes were huge, so she had very high win ratio in games shorter than 25 minutes which is counterlogical to a scaling mage that buys scaling items.
And what solution does Riot have to a situation caused by their changes? Another changes that pretty much creates a new linear, very situational champion that has no reliable dmg source and can be played reliably only as CDR CC source. She will be great support with all her CC, but as an AP mid, You can't rely on her dmg, because it requires enemy to missplay or don't have any mobility in his kit. Maybe she will work as Toplaner.
At the end I will just share my thoughts what could have been done intead of things that Riot did:
  • Simplest and most logical thing to do to a scaling champion that buys scaling mana items would be a shutdown to base dmg and addition of mana scaling dmg to her abilities. Thanks to this she would be much weaker in early game when she is flying with mana items, but from certain amount of AP/mana she would have same power as before + there would be still an option to do different build paths and play style that You most enjoy (even risky aggresive early AP builds).
  • Also small changes like for example making her 'q' proc only one tick of tear, so it will scale longer.
My English is not the best and i don't really know how to put in words all my thoughts but that's pretty much it. Even if I am sad and i think that Riot balance team and their way to balance this game is horrible and counter logic I still enjoyed playing this game since season 1 untill season 4 big reworks. Now when all my champions are reworked I unistalled this game and i feel kind of relief, that there is nothing more that keeps me playing it.
I wish You all good luck whatever decisions You will make.
submitted by InLoveWithVampire to AniviaMains

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