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A breakup letter to Microsoft

Dear Microsoft: Nobody loves you. There. I said it. We tolerate you in the same way that we tolerate our mothers-in-law. Nobody gets excited about what you do. Nobody has ever looked at a Windows update and thought Wow! How could they possibly improve upon perfection?!
Thankfully, in my career as a datamancer and devops guy, you're extremely easy to ignore. I have a single Windows machine that I only use grudgingly. There are just a few apps that do not have a good Linux equivalent. For me, it's CAD and CAM software.
I needed to sketch out and 3D print a silly little part for a broken toilet. So I flip over to my Windows box...
Oh, look at that! It automatically updated. Again. And restarted itself. Again. Did the autosave feature from Rhino work? I guess, you got your ass bailed out.
And now it wants another restart? Well, in for a penny in for a pound.
Huh. Not coming back on. Just sitting on my BIOS screen. I guess I'll just dig out an old GRML bootable USB drive and try to figure it out.
So you fucked up my EFI settings? How? I'm not even angry, I'm impressed. Simple fix, but ya know what? I'm beginning to think that maybe you shouldn't have laid off your QA department.
Okay. So my night is pretty much shot. At this point I could have fabricated the part I need in an open source CAD application and have been done. But now? Now it's a point of pride. So, EFI fixed, OS updated, let's reboot!
The Windows logo! Hurray! And still the logo... And now a black screen. Pull out the Switch to play some Slay the Spire to calm me down. Fifteen minutes in and I see my monitor come to life. We're rolling back your updates, it happily told me. I'm several parsecs past the point of caring at this point. You do your thing, I told my PC, Imma do mine.
Ten more minutes and the monitor comes back on. What the hell is on my screen now?! It was some bizarre, foreign layout. I dug through my memory and realized that a few lifetimes ago I would have called this a "log in screen".
I keyed in the password and saw a desktop. Hurray, again! Let's just double click on the Rhino icon and I can finally poop (or at least flush) again.
My desktop has vanished. What fresh hell is this?! It's Edge. The Ross Perot of the browser race. Well that's obnoxious. Importing my settings from Firefox. Unprompted? Well, fuck you, Edge. Let's just close you down. Huh. The close button isn't working. I guess I can just right click the taskbar and close it that way. Or can I?
You want me to take a tour? Of software that I didn't want installed and have shown zero interest in. You won't let me close it. You pull in my personal information from the only browser worth trusting?
You add a shortcut to my desktop.
You add a shortcut to my taskbar.
At this point, Microsoft, Edge could reward me with heroin blowjobs every time I click a link and I still wouldn't want it. I may have given it a test drive if you had just let things be. But no. You had to hijack everything. You had to shove this down my throat. It's now a "core part" of the operating system and cannot be disabled or uninstalled. I can't disable updates or even tell the OS that I don't want to see Edge anymore.
You forced me update to Windows 10 like a thief in the night, without prompting. You put ads in my Start menu. You prompt me to buy cloud storage from inside my file browser. You preinstall and arbitrarily reinstall idiotic games. You ignore my settings after updates, prompting me to ask if I'm really sure I want Firefox as my default (you claim that it's terrible on battery life...on my desktop workstation). You download things unbidden, using gigabytes of bandwidth without my permission.
You track what I do under the guise of telemetry. Why does telemetry need an "Advertising ID"? Why are you boasting about limiting some of the data being sent back to the mothership. Couldn't I just, ya know, not have an Advertising ID?! I paid for the software. Is it too much to ask to go five minutes without somebody looking over my shoulder to see if I need a new washing machine? Just because Google tracks what I do from within a browser (that I can simply not use) do you have to as well?
So guess what? We're done. I've powered off your shitty, security nightmare of an OS for the last time. My "year of the Linux desktop" was in 2010 when I finally started using it as my daily driver. I kept you around for a few games that I can easily live without and some prototyping software. Now I regret even that.

We've made too many compromises already, too many retreats. They invade our space, and we fall back. They assimilate entire worlds, and we fall back. Not again. The line must be drawn here! This far, no further!
submitted by archaeolinuxgeek to Rants

[OoT][MM][FSA]Some interesting Arabian and Islam references in the early games of the Zelda series.

Warning: topic is spoiler heavy for if you have yet to play the games OoT, MM and/or FSA.
References tend to be all over the place and can be very speculative of course so nothing I write is intended to be perceived as set in stone. Nonetheless I figured I shared a few tidbits about some groups and figures that in the past went a little unnoticed or were a little too confusing to process. It was and still is not my intention at all to just nag at imperfect translations or other nomenclatures. In fact for its time wikia pages have their own good qualities and were loads better sources of information compared to anything else when they came out. Only, I figured since these OoT and MM are such iconic Zelda titles it was a bit frustrating to figure that over time nomenclature had not been updated or expanded.
This post primarily addresses the, Kokiri, the Gerudo, Sheikah, Shiekh and a group known as the Zuna. We will also focus on one small misconception with the Sheikah as it may otherwise become a permanent impression with no proper grounding.
With all that out of the way let us start.
One of the stranger things about the Gerudo is that there is always so little background in regards to why they are they way they are. You see Sheikah is a word for a female muslim leader, so it would make sense for a tribe primarily consisting of woman to hold such a name instead. Yet the Gerudo are the Gerudo, not the Sheikah.
In game files katakana work rather phonetic and are at least confusing enough that 'Sheikah' could become 'Seekers', but that makes more sense for Japanese and less for English game coding. Nintendo is also not particularly foreign to controversy and has gradually changed certain insinuations and designs to a more accommodating one. The gerudo symbol used to be a Izlamic star and moon, but was eventually changed to the modern day mask en wench. Gamepedia claims it to be the 'back of a king cobra', but where this state stems from is not really certain. Also there is no reason why it could not be both cobra back and mask.
It appears to be believed that Shiekah lean towards naming their members after fruits and veggies, but this is only close to the truth.
Nabooru and Malon
These Zelda wikia pages are rather one and done with their interpretations and tend to focus on finding a single explanation for a nomenclature. Noboru may indeed by a way to write 'rise' or 'ascend' in Japanese, but the word is normally not written as 'nabooru' as opposed to 'noboru'. A 'Naboo' or cactus fig is a naming of French origin. A cactus fruit known as the 'prickly pear' or 'cactus fig'.
Malon as is the Istriot word for 'melon'. Istriot is a language of Croatia.
Choctaw Impa Shalup is a type of soul eater in Choctaw mythology. The Impa Shalup is also known as a Nalusa Chito a type of 'shadow being'.
The idea that sheikah are named after veggies and fruits also falls apart if we look at the name 'impa'. Yes, by a stretch it is true that Impa can mean 'to eat' in Chicasaw. There are/have been many Native American descendancies so there are also many Native American languages. Impa can also mean 'to impress' in Swedish. None of which are wrong by definition. For example Hylia('to hide') is an important goddess and her name is also Swedish. She is closely connected to the Hyrulean royal family. It goes to show that completion-ism is very worthwhile if done as what defines it. It suggests the reality of a system in which different insinuations could provide for a different chemistry in purpose and dynamic.
Shiekh is a slightly different story and more complex. The term is more gender ambiguous and of course could serve a function to obscure Shiekhs true idenity. Another possible origin may be the books of George Orwell in using it to hint at a romantic insinuation in the game. Nowadays Orwell is better known for the sentence: "Big Brother is always watching."
When your last natural tooth goes, the time when you can kid yourself that you're a Hollywood sheik, is definitely at an end.
Zuna can mean 'fasting'/figuratively'lacking'(Friulian) or 'sand'(Japanese) depending what (written as Suna) language the phonetics and writing is attributed to. Friulian is primarily spoken in parts of the Friuli region Italy. It is possible that both Zuna and Gerudo were inspired by izlamic culture but had this connection altered to make a clearer distinction from real religion as a fictional people of the Zelda universe. Ganondorf shares many characteristics of the Zuna and it is commonly believed his trident originates from a pyramid of the Zuna.
The names of the Gerudo and Gerudo Desert were likely chosen based on the enemies introduced in The Adventure of Link and A Link to the Past, the sand-dwilling Geldarm (Gerudoamu) and Geldman Gerudoman). One page in the Hyrule Historia, showing the Gerudo Typography, implies that Nintendo originally intended for the Gerudo to be translated as Geldo. The Germanic name element ger means "spear".
I think I have to disagree with this translation.
Geldo is also a name of a place in Spain as well.
It is also located within valencian community, Valencia meaning 'courage'. Either way back to the name Geldo:
In the fifteenth century he went to the Vallterra family and they sold it in turn to the family of Albalat de Sorell in 1416 , likewise Geldo owned a nephew of Tomás Sorell called Bernardo Sorell. Finally in 1495 the Tower of the Path (Xeldo) was sold to D. Enrique de Aragón , Duke of Segorbe . The word tower should not lead to confusion, what the king donated was a fast or rabid tower, an Arabic word that in Castilian meant hermitage or mosque outside the town and that in the documents of the time the scribes called it interchangeably and even with both Tower names or quick at the same time. All this agrees with the occupation of these lands by the Arabs. After passing through the hands of several families, he was granted the village letter in 1611 by Enrique Folch de Cardona .
Geldo was the name of a mosque after which the place Geldo(Xeldo) was named.
Ganon/Gannon, Mandrag and Dragmire
This is of course rather speculative, but explanation of choice will be give where it is due. This is not particularly about Arabian and Izlamic nature, but more for contrasting purposes between the leader and the tribe.
Ganondorf and ganon are often read as the same person, but it is possible for the two to appear separate. In fact this has already happened in various games in the Zelda series. Gannon is a spelling used in older games, but it is no longer in use so it does possibly not derive from the Irish royalty Gannon.
Dorf is the Yiddish, Germanic or German 'dorf/Dorf' for village. But because it does not really fit with the Ganon before it this wordplay does not really blend well. Generally the concept needs to share the same system or language. Sure, for wordplays it is possible to blend almost anything, but it is more commonplace to stick to consistency in literature, culture, history, art. Maybe the YiddishGermanic was a choice to make him seem of ancient descent. Historically speaking it were Europeans whom 'discovered' America and many American wars held multicultural subtexts, such as slavery and suppression Native American families. There might be a much different explanation for the whole Ganondorf thing and it could be something else entirely as well.
(ALttP) manual pg 5-6:
The name of this king of thieves is Ganondorf Dragmire, but he is known by his alias, Mandrag Ganon, which means Ganon of the Enchanted Thieves.
Dragmire and Dragomiresti
Dragomirești-Vale is a commune in the southwestern part of Ilfov County, Romania. Its name is derived from Dragomir, a Romanian name of Slavic origin (from Драгомир, which means "precious and peaceful"), the suffix -ești, and noun Vale, which means "valley".
Mandrag and Mandragora
Mandragora Greek wiktionary
In this context a new language is created, but yeah Ganondorf has nicknames that function as surnames of sorts. For 'king of thieves' it would be Dragmire, but for 'of the Enchanted Thieves' it would be Mandrag. It is unclear if Mandrag is derived from the plant known as Mandrake or Mandragora. Sometimes dragora is related to plants, some speculate it to be related to the Persian for man plant. Mandragora has been in use in many cultures for its medicinal and hallucinogenic purposes.
Ganondorf and Ganondagan
The village was also referred to in various spellings as Gannagaro, Canagora, Gandagora, and Gandagaro.
Also refers to Gandagaro, there are enemies called Garo in Zelda (MM).
Ganondagan was once the largest Seneca town; the Seneca nation was considered to occupy the western gateway of Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Confederacy) territory. This site is at the center of the story of the Peacemaker, who unified the five major peoples and created the Haudenosaunee confederacy. It survives to this day.
Seneca oral tradition tells of a Huron man who arrived among the Mohawk speaking of the Gayanesshagowa (aka The Great Law of Peace). This prophet is known today as The Great Peacemaker. The Mohawk, Oneida, and Cayuga pledged to join his proposed confederation and, following a dramatic interlude, the Seneca agreed also.
The discussion about how to bring in the Onondaga took place in the Ganondagan house of Jikonsase (or Jikonhsaseh), a Seneca woman elder now known as the "Mother of Nations." She proposed a solution which eventually brought the Onondaga into the fold, for it gave them a prominent place in the confederacy. She lived in the vicinity of Ganondagan, and is buried nearby.
Because of this tradition, the Seneca refer to Ganondagan as the "Town of Peace". They revere and protect the burial site of Jikonsase. The relation to their Great Law of Peace is more important than the attack that destroyed the village, for the people have carried forward their means of negotiating for solutions. Concepts of the confederacy may have influenced early American political thinkers, although they gathered similar ideas from English and European thinkers.
Early French explorers referred to these natives as the Huron, either from the French huron ("ruffian", "rustic"), or from hure ("boar's head"). According to tradition, French sailors thought that the bristly hairstyle of Wendat warriors resembled that of a boar.
In the 21st century, more than 10,000 Seneca live in the United States, which has three federally recognized Seneca tribes. Two are in New York: the Seneca Nation of New York, with two reservations in western New York near Buffalo; and the Tonawanda Band of Seneca Native Americans. The Seneca-Cayuga Nation is located in Oklahoma, where their ancestors were relocated from Ohio during Indian Removal. Approximately 1,000 Seneca live in Canada, near Brantford, Ontario, at the Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation. They are descendants of Seneca who resettled there after the American Revolution, as they had been allies of the British and forced to cede much of their lands.
It is in this context that the Great Peacemaker (sometimes referred to by his name Deganawidah, but out of respect this was not generally used) came to her and described his vision for a peace to be built upon a confederacy of the warring nations. She said this sounded good but asked what form it would take. He replied, "It will take the form of the longhouse in which there are many hearths, one for each family, yet all live as one household under one chief mother. They shall have one mind and live under one law. Thinking will replace killing, and there shall be one commonwealth."
The woman recognized the power in peace. The Great Peacemaker gave her the task of assigning the men to different positions at the peace gathering, and to women in the future the power to choose the chiefs of the longhouse. He called her Mother of Nations, as she was the first ally of his peace movement.
So Ganondorf 'could' be a reference to Ganondagan due its many cultural implications, but it will possibly remain impossible to confirm how his idea came to be. And this could mirror how unity between the five races/tribes was a thing in SS. Garo might also be a wordplay on Ganongaro and the words Impa and Ikana also have many Native American implications for such a thing to make its own types of sense. (Just, once again, context as well as subtext matters.)
Garo(Japanese wiktionary)
Garo is another of those words which can be interpreted in many different ways. Most of them do not really seem to make sense of anything. But there are those which seem to make a little sense like the Garo people. The most fitting would appear to be the Japanese. In Japanese garo can mean 'hungry wolf' for example and in TP Midna considers wolf links appearance fitting for the idea of a 'divine beast'. (But) What qualities she selects link on is not elaborated well. Sadly this is also not really the topic for this purpose. So I am forced to halt that effort here.
One other reason to mention the Garo is because in WW Ganondorf utilizes two blades and this is also sometimes seen among the Gerudo thiefs. With later installments of the series there came more enemies in the act of dual wielding, but initially this did not happen too often. Of course once again, these things can be purely coincidental, but who knows. Maybe ganondorf and garo are more closely connected than the game directly alluded to.
The point was to underline that a tribe or leadership of a certain systematic has little to do with individual leaders or members. But over time seemingly irrelevant implications can seem to gain this once a new name or context is added to the game or series.
The Kokiri are neither very Arabic or Islamic in their naming, but if I had to express the difference between Spirit and Forest it would be in the word Flamenco. Flamenco is more a Spanish Japanese concept than a Spanish Arabic/Islamic concept for that matter, but it is nonetheless the best word to account for those both. The usage of music and castagnettes for example is pretty spanish and fits the term Gerudo(Geldo) well, but if one had to consider the Duende aspect of Forest vs Spirit it would get more complicated.
Kokiri are named after the Alfeggio sound scale. Sound scales tend to express themselves symmetrically. When going up in sound the sounds tend to have the same notes, but just backwards. For Alfeggio/Solfege this is not the case and their usages is very often for oriental music. This does not signify Alfeggio/Solfege very well, but it makes it recognizable for beginners in music and sound scales. Alfeggio is not even very Arabic nor is it Islamic, but its usage is sometimes easily understood as such even when it is not. In essence it is more closely associated with India if any of those countries (Spain or Japan) at all. So it ads about as much confusion as it reliefs.
Duende refers primarily to a "spirit" or "insipiration," particularly in the context of art. It is the evocation of authenticity, especially in Flamenco. A duende is also a creature somewhat like a human from Iberian, Latin American, and Filipino folklore. The Spanish term duende originated as a contraction of the phrase dueño de casa or duen de casa, "possessor of a house", and was originally conceptualized as a mischievous spirit inhabiting a house.
During the design of these Zelda games it would seem the Forest Temple was a bit intended as a haunted house of sorts, not so much as the Shadow Temple, but with an art direction centered around spirits and the difference between 'life and death'. Chuang zhou was a Chinese Legalist writing around those concepts of Hot and Cold, Life and Death, Light and Dark when it came to his writings. Each Zelda temple adheres to one of those. Yet, it should be noted that there is a bit of gap bridged by secondary concepts such as, Slavic culture(Fire and Water), Solfege/Flamenco(Spirit and Forest) and 'The Shadow out of Time'(Shadow and Time). It is not a perfect explanation, and was never intended to be, but I wanted to write it. And now I did. Not perfectly of course, I would love to write about Zoras and Gorons and how bootstrap paradoxes relate to Shiekah and the Temple of Time, but this is also awfully tedious and takes lots of topic space.
A Requiem or Requiem Mass, also known as Mass for the dead (Latin: Missa pro defunctis) or Mass of the dead (Latin: Missa defunctorum), is a Mass in the Catholic Church offered for the repose of the soul or souls of one or more deceased persons, using a particular form of the Roman Missal. It is usually, but not necessarily, celebrated in the context of a funeral.
Twinrova are possibly twins as a reference to the the concept of libations that was often associated with the Gemini constellation. Libation is a concept in which liquid is poored in order to honor the dead. This idea might thus also explain why Stone Tower Temple is located in an area with undead population since the boss of this area is twinmold. Yes, Twinrova are named Koume and Kotake from a Japanese novel. It does not change that they are also twins. Heck, if we want to go in that direction that not all figures from one race, affiliation or thematic area are named according to their caste or class then it is better not to looking up naming at all. It is very inviting to think that the Gerudo are carrying spears because of the 'ger' component as a double entendre, but in Japan there also exist warrior women known as Onna-Bugeisha. It does not explain why Gerudo are only women and also not why their only male of a hundred years is their king by law, but it fits with the Japanese twinrova if anything.
If we contrast Arabic/Islamic and other naming with the poe sisters of the Forest Temple it should be clear that they are NOT Arabic/Islamic or anything of the sorts either. That does not mean they have no relevance to the world. The events of 'Little Women' transpire in the American Civil War and this might be intentional that the sisters of OoT were named this way. Link would be told of his origin as a war orphan right after completing this dungeon.
Saria is a bit difficult to pinpoint, it could be either or both of Saria Island(Greek) as well as Sariaya a municipality in Quezon. There exists a Greek sand goddess known as Psamathe for example and her husband wields a trident, possibly explaining why Zuna guard such a thing and why Ganon uses such a thing.
1st class municipality in the province of Quezon, Philippines.
The origin of the word Sariaya was allegedly came from the word Sadyaya — one of the town's numerous rivers, but words of the great ancestors and legends have it that it was named after Saria, an supposedly 'illiterate' (according to the Spanish) woman who encountered the first Spaniards in the town who were asking the name of the settlement. Saria can't understand the question as it was in Spanish, which was foreign and unknown to everyone in the area during that time. She was thus branded as illiterate by the Spanish despite being highly educated through Tagalog traditional knowledge. The woman gave her name as answer to the Spanish, assuming that they were asking her name. The Spaniards wrote "Saria" on their notebooks as the name of the settlement. And while the Spaniards were talking with each other, the natives heard them utter the words "Saria-ya". Hence, the words traveled from mouth to mouth and became a common saying until the two words were combined.
Sand Goddess
In Greek mythology the 'sand goddess' is called Psamathe. She represents the 'sand of the sea-shore'.
Her husband, Proteus is sometimes depicted with a trident.
It is possible the area is inspired by the Red Sand Riyadh desert of Saudi Arabia.
Pigs are in Islamic culture interpreted as animals of 'impurity'. It is NOT understood such that the animal is therefor 'evil', but that it is like a living being inclined to 'evil', but with 'good' qualities. This might have to some extend contributed to Ganons design choice, but there is also the boar of Arthurian myth/legend to consider (a symbol of Arthur). As well as the Native American Huron mentioned above. So yeah pigs and boars, difficult to estimate.
In fact Majora in Japanese used to be 'Mujura' as a combination of the name Imamura(one of the creators) and Jumanji. Takaya Imamura was the art director for the N64 version of Majora’s Mask.
(scroll to bottem)
For unclear reasons this was lost when bringing the name to English. What can be noted about 'major' is that it has something in common with the kokiri. Each kokiri has a name stemming from the Solfege or Solfeggio sound scale. Major and Minor would be its own sound scale.
Majora could also stem from the French Marjoram, a type of herb grown in Turkey.
Marjoram is indigenous to Cyprus and southern Turkey, and was known to the Greeks and Romans as a symbol of happiness. The name marjoram (Old French majorane, Medieval Latin majorana) does not directly derive from the Latin word maior (major).
I kinda hoped to end my topic here and that these small tidbits could help you as much as they did for me. For now this topic is rather incomplete. If you are curious about something feel free to pm me. It is a bit of a mess as it is but there are restrictions to maximum size and writing simple things is not something I am particularly good at.
submitted by QtORuleZero to zelda

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