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Activation key feeding frenzy 2.4.1 cracked

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  • Feeding Frenzy 2.4.1 (7 Downloads Available)

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Feeding Frenzy 2.4.1

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[Windows] [2004ish] A Game Similar to Feeding Frenzy

So there was a game I had downloaded and played once in my youth. I spent a lot of time on Reflexive Arcade and RealOne Arcade at the time. This was somewhere between 2004 and 2008. The game plays pretty much exactly like Feeding Frenzy except the maps are bigger and I think the game might have been done in claymation. I believe the game was freeware and I had downloaded it from some site other than RealOne Arcade or Reflexive Arcade I believe, I've recently been pouring back over these sites old catalogue on the Wayback Machine just in case. Unlike Feeding Frenzy many of the levels were much more puzzle like. I remember one level in particular having several circles of fish rotating around the center and you had to carefully work your way in and out of the circle. I think the name had something to do with chomping, eating, or munching but I could be wrong. I've searched for this game for quite awhile with no results to show. I've tried using TVtropes, Giant Bomb, and Mobygames to find this game. My hope is that someone else has played this game at some point.
Thanks for reading!
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Feeding Frenzy

She was a predator, swimming in the void.
Her name was the Mako. The progenitor of her class, she was built for war. She was 1.5 kilometers long. She bristled with weaponry, a pair of fins on the side containing sensors and missile pods. She had multiple batteries of heavy railguns, light railguns, and grapeshot-each one individually capable of crippling a ship of like class and size from either the Skrovan or the Xi'crati. A battlecruiser, she used her speed and agility to get into position, and devour her prey. The only thing more fiery than her AI Furiosa's hair, was her AI's temper. She was long. Sleek. Deadly.
And she was on the prowl.
She led a battlegroup consisting of 2 of her sisters, 10 heavy cruisers, 20 light cruisers and 40 destroyers. Their mission was to seek and destroy. Subspace Buoys had detected possible Skrovan activity along a Current, and the last thing they needed was for a Skrovan strike force to hit a logistics convoy. They cruised through the void between stars, occasionally dipping into the weird of Subspace to track their prey. They couldn't stay too long, lest their prey caught them instead. It was a game of cat and mouse. They knew the enemy fleet was around. The enemy fleet knew they were around. Whoever caught the other first, would be able to rip them out of the Grey using dampeners and get the first shot-maybe even Husk them, if they were lucky. The human fleet had almost been caught a couple times, but had been able to detect and deftly dodge out of the way in time. Admiral Alyusia was patient, though. Patience, in the battlespace of the void, was key.
There it was. A ping, indicating the visual or spectral detection of a Skrovan ship. In the Grey, visual detection could be an all-or-nothing thing. it was highly possible for a ship to be completely visible to one side, but the other one being completely covered in a haze that made detection all but impossible. They waited patiently, their dampeners charged, for their prey to swing by. If their prey was smart-and the skrovans were always smart-they would avoid the haze like the plague. But if they were clever, they would also try to use the haze to their advantage. And the skrovans were always clever. It would be a dangerous gambit on both sides behalf-the skrovans would likely send in several of their lighter escorts to scout out the haze, and the humans would have to carefully avoid detection. But stray too far, and they may lose detection themselves-potentially allowing the skrovans to detect them, and jump them in turn.
The humans launched probes. Nanobots only slightly larger than a human skin cell, not completely undetectable, but the closest thing to it. They laid in wait for the skrovans to come, watching their light destroyers enter the haze. the nanos were still. Any movement could betray their presence. The quantum communicators inside of them kept their fleet updated, while the skrovans patrolled the haze. After nearly a day of tense waiting, their moment came. The skrovan fleet entered the haze-it was large. Far larger than their hunters. Two battleships, 4 battlecruisers, 15 heavy cruisers, 30 light cruisers, nearly 60 destroyers. In a straight up fight, the humans stood no chance.
But warfare isn't about fair fights.
The Mako charged them, her entourage charging with her. Dampeners lit up, ripping the skrovan ships out of the grey and disorentieng their crews. Milliseconds after the charge, the humans jumped out with them, railguns blazing and missiles streaking at targets who were unaware of their presence. They streaked past the skrovan fleet at nearly .2 light, taking almost no return fire and pumping out volley after volley of their own. The effects were satisfying to Alyusia. She let out a grim smile, as she ordered her fleet to turn around.
The skrovans were devastated. One of their battleships crippled entirely, the other heavily damaged. Two of the battlecruisers were nothing more than highly charged particles. Multiple heavy cruisers and light cruisers had been destroyed, to say nothing of the shattered destroyer escorts. Almost a third of the fleet was crippled or destroyed. Many of the rest were untouched, but not even the soulless, emotionless Skrovans could withstand the shock and speed of such a hit. "Shall we go again?" Furiosa asked, her avatar shimmering to life next to Alyusia. Alyusia nodded. "Order all ships to manuever up 127 degrees in 10 seconds. Get me three subformations, one on us, one on the Thresher, the other on the Whitetip. We'll wait to see what they do but i want the agility." Furiosa nodded, an almost literal fire in her eyes. "Aye aye. Orders have been relayed. Formations are gathering together now." Alyusia sat back in her chair, her HUD bringing up fleet status reports as she waited for the light of the Skrovan reaction to reach them.
A quick ping informed her the light had gotten to them. "Blue shift, blue shift. Skrovans are moving to intercept us. They're accelerating towards an intercept now." One of the watchstanders reported, leaning over her console. "Time until intercept" Alyusia demanded. "Eight minutes. Ma'am, we can lessen that if we go down another 20 degrees, to 6 minutes." Alyusia nodded. "Furiosa, give out the orders. I want Thresher to move starboard 10 degrees in 20 seconds, for about 10 seconds. Whitetip is to move starward 10 degrees in 15 seconds, for 10 seconds." The skrovans, 30 seconds ago, had broken themselves into two separate subformations, each focused around one of the two surviving battlecruisers. They had left their wounded behind. How awfully like the skrovan, such brutal pragmatism. Despite now outnumbering their enemies, it was still an even fight. The skrovans could move and hit harder than their human counterparts. But, despite all their cleverness, the skrovans were predictable.
"Furiosa-check this for me. I predict that, 10 seconds real time before engagement, they're both going to swing wide, dodge us entirely, and hit Thresher and Whitetip individually. Probably aim for the sides, avoid the battlecruisers and hit our escorts. Your thoughts?" Alyusia asked, her chin in her hand, thinking furiously. Furiosa appeared next to her, the fire in her eyes and her hair dimmed but still bright. "Yes, but they may know we may try to counter that. They won't expect us to just keep moving forward, you know." Alyusia tilted her head in thought, then nodded. "Yes, but if Whitetip moves, say, 60 degrees starboard at around 30 seconds before engagement, and mako moves starward 30 degrees, we can rip past this-" She marked one of the formations-"Subformation if they move like this with both Whitetip and Mako. Whitetip won't be able to intercept, but she can have her turn the next go around." Furiosa's brow furrowed. "What makes you think they'll move like that? Both going starward?" Alyusia smiled. "Because it'll be harder for them to engage, but not much harder than the other options. Knowing them, they're going to go for what we would consider the least likely option, because it offers not much more risk for much greater reward." Furiosa nodded. "I agree. Shall i give the orders?" Alyusia nodded in return. "Yes. Let's get these fuckers."
The time came. The time went. The fleets shot past each other, encountering each other at nearly .3 light. Just as she'd predicted, the skrovans had both modified their formations 10 real seconds before engagement, aiming to hit Whitetip. Whitetip and Mako in return moved before the light of the skrovan maneuver even reached them, and the shots began to fly. In less than a second, hundreds of people died, along with thousands of skrovan. The battlecruiser was shattered, along with most of its escorts. In return, the humans lost several light cruisers and destroyers, as well as 3 heavy cruisers. A fourth heavy cruiser fell away from Mako's formation, drifting dead in space, pockmarked with holes and venting atmo. "Banshee reports all systems dead-backup power is online, they've lost all maneuvering." A watchstander called. Alyusia looked grim. "Get Barrow and Verily Unto Thee over there. I want them to start pulling off survivors." Suddenly, they were interrupted by another watchstander. "Greyscreen! Greyscreen! Other formation is hopping into subspace!" Furiosa laughed. Her hair was no completely ablaze in joy. "Cowards. They're jumping away." They were leaving behind their wounded-none capable of jumping into the Grey themselves. "Good. Let's finish them off. Target any crippled ships with heavy rails, if they're drifting with no power. What's the state of that battleship?" "It's got some maneuvering, but that's it. No shields, for what good it does them. Definitely has weapons. We'll need to hit it fast." Furiosa smiled. "Admiral, may i plot this one? Hercules over on the Whitetip is feeling left out, and we can easily get to .2 light speed before we hit them. They won't stand a chance of targeting us." Alyusia shook her head. "Sorry, Furi. Whitetip can leave the charge, but communication is already a pain in the ass without us being at relativistic speed and the rest of the fleet slower. You can plan out the action, but leave Mako out. Whitetip can take that easily enough." Furiosa's hair went dull again. "Aye aye, admiral. Plans have been sent over." Alyusia sat back in her chair, and sighed. It had been over in 30 minutes-when space battles were usually measured in days, that was astounding. The skrovan fleet had been utterly annihilated-only one battlecruiser, 10 of their heavy cruisers, 10 light cruisers and 15 of their destroyers would make it out of the original. They had taken shockingly few casualties in return-not a single hit landed when they jumped the enemy fleet. Overall, a successful hunt.
"Furiosa, comm in a status update to sector command." Alyusia had a fierce grin. "Get printers set up and ready to create more ammo." With a flick of her hand, she activated the fleet wide comm network. "Alright, boys and girls. There's blood in the water. We have wounded prey trying to escape." She paused to let that sink in. "Now it's time we do what sharks do best."
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