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[USA] [H] Entire collection! [SFC, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, Wii, GCN, GEN, SEGA CD, etc.] [W] Paypal

Alright kids, it's time to sell my childhood to provide for my family. Every game and system in my collection is up, priced to sell quickly so I can get out of debt and out of unfavorable living conditions. I am willing to cut you a deal if you have a large order or order any of the more expensive games or systems, and will pay for shipping on any order of 2 games or more (United States only, please), but I'd rather not ship one $5 game and end up in the negative. All games are complete and in excellent condition unless otherwise stated, and at your request I will send a detailed description of any particular game's condition. I may not respond too much tonight (7/22), but I will get on it in the morning!
Xtension 4 Player Control Board Brand new, used once. See here for specs. - $200
Super Everdrive, basic edition
Super Famicom shell! Barely used. Has a back label but no front label because I was going to make it a cart dedicated to an unreleased game. Comes with an 8gb micro SD and a protective case. - $100
SD2SNES, Basic Upgraded
Super Famicom shell! Barely used. Black shell, purple labels, purple screws, and light pipes. Comes with a 16gb micro SD and a protective case. This was made to match my custom Super Famicom cosmetically. - $150
Custom Super Famicom
From Game Over Gaming, I took the last one they had in stock. Painted custom purple on top, black on bottom. Comes region modified so that you can switch from PAL to Japanese games. Needs a UK to USA power converter! But it's brand new, never been touched. - $200
Super Famicom
In full working order, comes with two controllers. - $40
Ocean Blue Japanese Playstation 2
with Two Controllers, in beautiful condition, however the RCA cables have split almost half way. Needed to play J-PS2 and J-PSX games. - $100
PSX Mini with Two Controllers - $20
Sega Genesis Model 1 and Sega CD Model 1
All hookups and 1 controller. Tested and working. - $125
Wii games
Pandora's Tower $20
Xenoblade Chronicles $40
Skyward Sword $30
Super Mario Galaxy 2 $20
Boy and his Blob $15
Sakura Wars $20
Rune Factory $15
Fragile Dreams $25
Last Story $40
Klonoa $20
Deadly Creatures $10
Endless Ocean $10
Endless Ocean Blue World $10
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories $15
Zack and Wiki $5
Sin and Punishment $10
Muramasa The Demon Blade $10
Cursed Mountain $5
No More Heroes 2 $10
Phantom Brave $10
Rayman Origins $5
Red Steel 2 $5
Jaws $5
Okami $5
Mad World $5
Battalion Wars 2 $5
Metroid Other M $5
Metroid Prime 3 $5
The Conduit $5
Monster Hunter Tri $5
Wario Land Shake It! $5
Tornado Outbreak $5
Donkey Kong Country Returns $5
Excitebots $5
Epic Mickey $5
Bully $5
Goldeneye 007 $5
Gamecube games
Ikaruga $40
Wind Waker $30
Rebel Strike $15
Starfox Adventures $15
Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader - $10
Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike - $10
Gladius - $10
Spiderman 2 - $10
Wave Race: Blue Storm - $10
Xenogears - $20
The Adventures of Lomax - $125
Final Fantasy 7 black label - $20
Rayman long box - $20
Trap Gunner - $20
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo - $10
Love Love Toroko (Love Truck 2) - $15
Love and Destroy - $15
Neverhood - $5
Aconcagua - $15
The Firemen 2 - $20
B.L.U.E. Legend of Water - $10
Robbit Mon Dieu (Jumping Flash 3) - $10
Blade Runner (4 discs, plastic case and the manual, no box) $20
PAL Super Nintendo
Super Punch Out $15
Winter Gold $5
Syndicate $10
Tin Tin Prisoners of the Sun $10
Tin Tin in Tibet $10
Super Tennis $5
Super Famicom
Magical Pop'n - $200
46 Okunen Monogatari (E.V.O. Search for Eden) $20
Macross Scrambled Valkyrie - $45
Indiana Jones Greatest Adventures - $40
Do-Re-Mi Fantasy - $50
Kiki Kaikai (Pocky and Rocky) - $50
Flashback The Quest for Identity - $15
Super Metroid - $10
The Firemen - $20
Assault Suits Valken - $15
Cotton 100% - $25
Gundam Wing Endless Duel - $20
Castlevania IV - $15
Super Star Wars - $10
Super Empire Strikes Back - $25
Super Return of the Jedi - $40
Earthworm Jim - $20
Battle Cross - $10
Jaki Crush - $15
Super H.Q. - $10
Gokujyo Parodius - $15
Shin Nekketsu Kōha: Kunio-tachi no Banka - $15
Virtual Bart - $10
Super Ghouls n Ghosts - $10
Xandra no Daibouken (Whirlo) - $10
Outer World (Another World) - $10
Panel de Pon (Tetris Attack) - $10
Mickey no Tokyo Disneyland - $10
Gradius III - $10
Thunder Spirits (Thunder Force III) - $10
Battle Racers - $10
X-Men Mutant Apocalypse - $10
Super Mario Kart - $10
Super Mario World - $10
Super Mario All-Stars - $10
Final Fight - $10
Twinbee Rainbow Bell Adventure - $10
Pop'n Twinbee - $10
Donkey Kong Country - $5
Donkey Kong Country 2 - $5
Donkey Kong Country 3 - $5
Aladdin - $5
The Lion King $5
Beauty and the Beast - $5
Lemmings - $5
Kirby Bowl - $5
Alien 3 - $10
Dossun! Ganseki Battle - $5
Super Genjin 2 (Super Bonk 2) - $5
Ganbare Geomon 4 - $5
Hashire Hebereke - $5
Araiguma Rascal - $5
Kid Klown in Crazy Chase - $5
Super Street Fighter 2 New Challengers - $5
Zoku The Legend of Bishin - $5
Ranma ½ Ougi Jaanken - $5
Aim for the Ace! - $5
F-Zero - $5
Tsuppari Oozumou: Risshin Shusse Hen - $5
Mickey Mania - $2.5
Wagyan Paradise - $2.5
Legend of River King - $2.5
Legend of River King 2 - $2.5
Las Vegas Dream (Vegas Stakes) - $2.5
Dynamaite The Las Vegas - $2.5
Cu-On-Pa - $2.5
Cacoma Knight - $2.5
Super Gussun Oyoyo - $2.5
Super Baseball 2020 - $2.5
NTSC PCB’s inside of SFC carts
Harvest Moon - $75
Mother 2 (Earthbound) - $50
Chrono Trigger - $50
Super Mario RPG - $20
Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy III in U.S.) $20
Septentrion (S.O.S.) - $20
Shadowrun - $15
Uncharted Waters New Horizons - $10
SimAnt - $5
Illusion of Gaia - $5
Outlander - $5
Reproductions- in English
Clock Tower - $40
Treasure of the Rudras - $40
Holy Umbrella - $20
Violinist of Hameln - $20
Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret of Mana) - $20
Front Mission - $20
Live A Live - $20
Wonder Project J - $20
Rendering Ranger - $20
Sega CD
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs - $15
Rise of the Dragon - $10
NHL 94 - $5
Spiderman vs Kingpin - $15
Power Monger - $5
Thunderstrike - $5
Dracula -$5
Cliffhanger -$5
Snatcher(repro) - $10
Sega Genesis
Vectorman - $10
Jurassic Park - $5
Pat Riley Basketball - $5
Super Hang-On - $5
Cool Spot - $5
Playstation 2
Stretch Panic - $10
Playstation 2 – Japanese Imports
Red Dead Revolver - $10
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - $10
The Zombie VS Ambulance - $5
The Chikyuu Boueigun (Earth Defense Force 2) - $5
Garou Mark of the Wolves - $10
The Last Blade 2 - $15
Tori No Hoshi: Aerial Planet - $10
Evangelion Jo - $5
Berserk: Millennium Falcon Hen Seima Senki no Shō - $10
Fire ProWrestling Returns (Comes with english guide) - $25
PS3 – Japanese Imports
Aquanaut's Holiday (Korean/English Version) - $125
Wipeout HD Fury - $20
Hakuna Matata - $15
Tokyo Jungle - $15
Ukiyo no Shishi - $15
(All games are black label)
Alpha Protocol - $5
Assassin's Creed II - $5
Assassin's Creed III - $5
Assassin's Creed Revelations - $5
Batman Arkham Asylum - $5
Batman Arkham City - $5
Bayonetta - $10
Beyond Two Souls - $5
Bioshock - $5
Bioshock Infinite - $5
BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger - $5
Catherine - $10
Dante's Inferno - $5
Dark Sector - $5
Dark Souls - $10
Deadly Premonition Director's Cut - $15
Deception IV: Blood Ties - $10
Demon's Souls - $10
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - $5
Dirt 3 - $10
Dishonored - $5
Dragon Age Origins - $5
Driver San Francisco - $10
Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon - $5
Fallout 3 GOTY Edition - $5
Fallout New Vegas - $5
Farcry 3 - $5
Folklore - $15
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - $5
Heavenly Sword - $10
Heavy Rain - $5
Hitman: Absolution - $5
Hitman HD Trilogy - $10
Ico and Shadow of the Colossus - $5
Journey - $5
Just Cause 2 - $5
L.A. Noire - $5
The Last of Us - $5
Lego Marvel Super Heroes - $5
Little Big Planet 2 - $5
Mass Effect Trilogy - $20
Max Payne 3 - $5
Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - $5
Metal Gear Solid 4 - $5
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection - $5
Metro Last Light - $5
Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition - $10
Nier (black marker on cd) - $10
Ninja Gaiden Sigma - $5
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - $10
Plants VS Zombies - $10
Portal 2 - $10
The Orange Box - $15
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - $5
Remember Me - $5
Resistance 3 - $5
Ruse - $5
The Saboteur - $5
Shadows of the Damned - $5
Skyrim - $5
Sniper Elite V2 - $5
Sleeping Dogs - $5
Soul Calibur IV - $5
Soul Calibur V - $5
StarHawk - $5
Tales of Xillia - $5
Tomb Raider - $5
Twisted Metal - $5
Uncharted - $5
Uncharted 2 - $5
Uncharted 3 - $5
Virtua Fighter 5 - $5
Warhammer Space Marine - $5
WWE 2K14 - $5
XCOM: Enemy Unknown - $5
Zone of the Enders HD Collection - $10
Life is Strange - $10
Infamous: Second Son - $10
Assassin's Creed: Black Flag - $10
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - $10
Bloodborne - $15
FarCry Primal - $15
Wolfenstein: The New Order - $10
Gravity Rush Remastered - $15
Minecraft PS4 Edition - $10
The Wolf Among Us - $10
The Order 1886 - $5
FarCry 4 - $10
Mad Max - $10
Shadow of Mordor - $10
Watch_Dogs - $5
Final Fantasy X/X-2 - $10
Rocket League Collector's Edition - $20
Brothers - $5
Until Dawn - $10
Alien Isolation - $10
Assassin's Creed Syndicate - $15
Batman Arkham Knight [Sealed] - $20
Shadow Warrior - $10
The Crew Wild Run Edition - $15
PS4 Imports
Hotline Miami Collected Edition (Contains Hotline Miami 1 Hardcopy) - $25
Game guides
Grand Theft Auto V Collector's Edition - $5
Metal Gear Solid V Collector's Edition - $10
Hitman Absolution Professional Edition - $5
Rune Factory Frontier - $15
Harvest Moon – Magical Melody and Harvest Moon - $10
Edit1: Forgot a few of the PS4 games (listed at the bottom).
Edit2: Sorry I only had half an hour to respond this morning. I'll be back on in about an hour!
Edit3: Added a few more games. Shadow Warrior [PS4], Resistance 3 [PS3], and then some J-PSX imports: Robbit Mon Dieu (Jumping Flash 3), The Firemen 2, B.L.U.E. Legend of Water
Edit4: Okay I've done all that I can for the evening. I know there are some of you that I neglected, but I promise I will get to you in the morning!
Blade Runner
Heavy Rain
Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch
Until Dawn
Dark Souls
Sold to paradoxicalpegasi for $50.00
Assassin's Creed II $5
Assassin's Creed III $5
Assassin's Creed Revelations $5
Metal Gear Rising $5
Hitman Absolution $5
Hitman Collection $10
Deus Ex $5
FarCry 3 $5
The Orange Box $15
Metal Gear Solid 4 $5
Metal Gear Collection $5
Beyond 2 Souls $5
Bioshock Infinite $5
Xenoblade Chronicles $40
Metroid Prime 3 $5
Mad World $5
Last Story $40
A Boy and his Blob $15
The Conduit $5
Rayman Origins $5
Okami $5
Sold to ninwinz for $175.00
Final Fantasy X / X2
Batman Arkham Knight
Sold to DotaGreed for $35.00
Stretch Panic
Starfox Adventures
Sold to davydoo for $25.00
Harvest Moon - $75
Mother 2 (Earthbound) - $50
Chrono Trigger - $50
Super Mario RPG - $20
Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy III in U.S.) $20
Septentrion (S.O.S.) - $20
Shadowrun - $15
Uncharted Waters New Horizons - $10
SimAnt - $5
Illusion of Gaia - $5
Outlander - $5
Adventures of Lomax - $125
Super Puzzle Fighter - $10
Xenogears - $20
Brothers - $5
Sold to alexsyc11 for $365.00
Alpha Protocol
Grand Theft Auto V Guide
Sold to Kemix10006 for $17.00 (With a little extra added to pay for Paypal fees. Thank you sir!)
No More Heroes 2
Street Fighter 3rd Strike
Sold to brngrc for $30.00
Final Fantasy 7
Sold to jgorgong for $50.00
Deadly Premonition Director's Cut
Deception IV: Blood Ties
Heavenly Sword
Ico and Shadow of The Colossus
Mass Effect Trilogy
Metro: Last Light
The Saboteur
Tales of Xillia
Sold to Korami for $105.00
LOZ Skyward Sword
Silent Hill Shattered Memories
Pop'n Twinbee
Rendering Ranger
Sakura Wars
Sold to maximo310 for $85.00
FarCry 4
FarCry Primal
Mad Max
Sold to NeverDoneTrying for $30.00
SALE 12 (This actually should've been higher, forgot to update.) - PACKAGE SENT!
Fragile Dreams
Pandora's Tower
Rune Factory
Wario Land Shake It!
Sold to MikeyJBlige for $60.00
Rogue Squadron II
Shadows of the Damned
Robbit Mon Dieu
Jaws Unleashed
Sold to CabooseMiller for $30.00
Regular Super Famicom $40
Super Mario All Stars $10
Super Mario World $10
Ghouls n Ghosts $10
X-men Apocalypse $10
Sold to JustASeabass for $70.00
Shadows of Mordor- $10
Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes- $10
L.A. Noire- $5
Donkey Kong Country Returns- $5
Epic Mickey- $5
Goldeneye- $5
Monster Hunter Tri- $5
$15 shipping fee
Sold to 128BitMan for $60.00
Zone of the Enders HD Collection
Gravity Rush
Sold to bahamutfan64 for $25.00
Front Mission
Secret of Mana 2
Sold to JustASeabass for $40.00
Metroid Other M
Sold to oyobosu for $25
Little Big Planet 2
Battalion Wars 2
Muramasa The Demon Blade
Sold to Resident_sky_devil for $20
Hotline Miami Collected Edition
Rocket League
Sold to ForgottenEmotion for $45
The Last of Us
The Order 1886
Earth Defense Force
Sold to jtt93 for $14
Cursed Mountain
Red Steel 2
Sold to Resident_sky_devil for $10
Do re mi Fantasy
Dossun! Ganseki Battle
Araiguma Rascal
Tokyo Jungle
Twinbee Rainbow Adventure
100% Cotton
Ganbare Goemon 4
Ranma 1/2 Ougi Jaanken
Super Bonk 2
Lion King
Super Metroid
EVO Search for Eden
Hashire Hebereke
Castlevania IV
Zack and Wiki
Life is Strange
Shadow Warrior
Kingdoms of Amulur
Phantom Brave
Free bonus: SFC screwdriver
Sold to IcyWolfosKelsos for $200
submitted by grrmuffins to GameSale

I've had some success with a Faraday Cage, this is a repost from Fibromyalgia, but I want to let you guys know in case it helps you <3

A little bit about me, I've had Fibromyalgia for about 7 years or so. Some things I've done in the past in my pursuit of a less painful life have included plant based diet, distilled water, etc., vitamins, on and on. I'm sorry if this post is not perfect but I just wanted to tell you guys the best that I can what happened so if you guys are suffering like I was you can get this tip. <3
About a year back I started becoming aware of EMF and since my work is computer based I started experimenting on myself just by removing the sources of EMF. The main culprit was the router and smart meter. Anyway I saw a dramatic reduction in pain when I moved to wired connections. Essentially I wired my house from my router, and turned off the WiFi through my routers control system, so we don't have WiFi blasting in the house anymore.
That reduced my pain almost immediately, no longer did I have very intense pain in the evening. Unfortunately, the pain and symptoms of Fibro still existed for me to a lesser degree.
My symptoms still included as of 4 days ago: Increasingly intense tension throughout the day, Fatigue/ Stiffness, Anxiety, Headaches, Concentration and Memory Problems, Pain increasing throughout the day, Alcohol Cravings intensifying with intensifying pain.
Okay, so getting to it, I built a Faraday Cage. Now it's not perfect at all, it's an 8/10 double layer fully enclosed (floor and ceiling) tin foil square with ventilation / AC ducts. It's grounded. I know how this sounds but if you decide to try this there are a lot of luxurious alternatives that are for sale. That wasn't what I did, idk. I used PVC tubing to build the square, anyway, it's nice, but it doesn't even fully block cell signals. I'm just mentioning this just to note that this doesn't have to be perfect. I get 2 bars of cell phone signal inside for instance, that's just because it's not fully done, but I have to just put some aluminum foil tape over the gaps and layer it up maybe to fix that.
Okay so I've been sleeping in this imperfect Faraday Cage for 3 days and here's what happened!
First day: After about a half hour or so, I started to take deep automatic breaths. In the past I barely breathe, I'm a smoker. In the first half hour my breathing was hard automatic breaths and I seemed to get kind of restless but it felt good. I started to kind of sweat and flail around a little bit because it felt like my hands and legs were getting oxygen. I was coming from a place prior with pins and needles in my arms and legs, almost barely able to feel my own limbs.
Weird feelings: I felt aches and pains come back as they were in the distant past, like 2008. They weren't bad or really painful but you just feel you know that mild feeling. I also started to kind of feel my internal organs more, not overly so, but just for instance I ate a large meal, it was to large and when I went to sleep in the cage I felt really uncomfortable. It was definitely different from what I'm used to feeling which is nothing but weird dull pain or pins and needles.
I felt hunger pangs at one point later when first waking up, for the first time since junior high which was weird.
My muscle tone and feeling my muscles, abdominal etc, is coming back. Especially during the first part of the day, it feels good. I'm standing up straighter naturally and I just feel like I have the power to do what I need to do in the day. This is coming from extreme fatigue 4 days ago and confusion, and actually just no power whatsoever.
No significant alcohol cravings. In the past I would try not to drink because of obvious downsides, but it's the only real legal relief from pain that I have access to so, it's difficult not to reach out and take the relief. I would wait a few days, a week but eventually the pain needed to go away. But now, pretty much no cravings. The pain is nonexistent to manageable.
Anyway, I feel GOOD. Each day for 3 days I wake up, no irritation in the morning, decreased fights, actually no real fighting with my spouse. Then throughout the day the symptoms slowly re emerge while I'm outside and in my house. Our jobs are at home and they're computer based so, I don't know what to really do about that, it's just not possible to get rid of the devices completely etc. Ya know, but this is what I've done and I just wanted to let you guys know.
Also, I had my Mom over and had her take 2 naps in it, about 2 hours and then a 1 hour nap. She reported the same thing basically because she has a lot of pins and needles, anxiety, even mania quite a bit. She reported automatically deep breathing, the feeling of her legs coming back to life, no more pins an needles etc and just more general vitality and life.
I just wanted to write this because there was nothing I could find online about health benefits of a faraday cage, so, just fyi. I didn't believe it either, but it's working. Anyway, I hope this helps someone <3
submitted by LizVSLiz to ChronicPain

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