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So, I've been kicking around the idea of starting a blog based off of stops near the metro stops. Here's my first write up based off the Pershing Square stop.

So this will be my first post and I'm already cheating. This was an event I attended from meetup.com. But, it'll make the first step a bit easier and hopefully give me enough reason to make this a regular thing.
Either way, welcome to my day long bar hopping trip through downtown.
Stop 1. Ace hotel rooftop bar. Approximately 0.6 mile walk from the metro station.
Well, what's there to say about this place. It's a fancy rooftop bar. If you feel inclined, there's a pool. But, as I was meeting up with a bunch of strangers to walk around an unfamiliar city and drink an ungodly amount of booze, I wasn't too surprised when we weren't so inclined.
Food and booze served. All prices had a strong rooftop premium. But, not a terrible stop. Decent looking menu of mixed drinks. But it was 11am. So, I deferred to beer. The selection was severely limited. But, it was limited to some good stuff. The citrius saison I got was a tasty start to the day before meeting up with my group and venturing out into the city.
I'd take a date here, I'd have brunch here with my family. Though, I hear the food isn't very good. But, that's not the point of places like this. At least not for me. It's somewhere I would go to spend some time with the people I really want to spend time with.
Stop 2. Spring St bar. 0.4 mile walking from metro stop.
Definitely a highlight of my trip. A couple of other stops would have been strong competitors, but I've been to those places before This place was new and exciting, with that emotional plastic protective covering on it for me to peel off and enjoy. As opposed to our first more... high brow stop, this place was completely unpretentious. Cute bartender that was pleasant helpful and professional. But, I have a feeling that I wouldn't want to get on her bad side.
I like that.
Every good bartender needs to have a firm hand in their back pocket for when the smiles and sugar aren't doing the trick and someone is stepping out of line.
Booze and food served here.
Food was great pub fare. Sandwiches, salads, chili and snacks. All priced under 10 bucks. For a sandwich and bag of chips, I don't think there's a ton of places in LA where you can beat this spread. The sandwiches are all named after famous boxers and I opted for the Dempsy. A spicy, perfectly sauced meatball sandwich. Surprisingly, didn't become a giant mess because this bar serves their sandwiches on good, firm, crusty bread. It shows strong standards in a cozy comfortable bar.
The booze, well there's a wall of alcohol with all the standard fare with some really good quality stuff mixed in. I spend a good portion of my time eying a bottle of Japanese “scotch” whiskey. But, as it was 12:30, I decided to stick with the beer. Cheerfully abundant and varied selection, I was very tempted by a peanut butter milk stout. But, decided that a Racer 5 would go better with my meal.
Man, I need to go back.
Stop 3. Coles 0.4 miles from the metro station (right around the corner from the Sprint St bar.)
Man, I kind of wish my group leader would have gave me a heads up before I ordered a sandwich at Spring St. This place is an LA institution, but I somehow never heard of it. Having the food might have given me something more than a solid old fashion to give this place credit for. I hear french dip is really good. But, this place was a disastrous stop.
To be fair, it's partially my fault. To avoid issues with the check later on, I decided to order my drink from the bar. Seemed to make sense to me at the time. And about two other people in our group thought so too. The waiter didn't like that. Guess he didn't want to lose out on tip for the table. It might be a regular policy at places like this that I'm just not aware of. So he asked that we don't do that in the future. It rubbed one of our group the wrong way and ended up in a big fight. Too much to get into but, the guy had a point. The woman in our group had a point. They both had the grace of gasoline flowing freely onto a fire.
I'd chalk it up to a bad day. But, the group leader said he had lots of issues with an attitude from the same waiter the last time they were there. It was on our list of stops because he was hoping it was an off night.
Either way, you can make up your own mind. Everyone seemed to really like the food. The old fashioned was classically made by the wonderful, bald lady bartender. You know a place takes their cocktails seriously when they take the time to hand cut their ice into one large cube that'll cool your drink for the duration of it's existence, but melt much slower than a bunch of loose cubes. If heading here at night, they have a speak easy in the back that's fairly limited in space. But, don't line up outside the door or at least hope that waiter isn't around if you do.
This place has tons of potential. But, I'm not sure if it's worth a second trip back. Even for the drinks or the speak easy.
Stop 4. Perch. Right across the street (and up a series of elevators) from the metro station.
The last rooftop joint of our crawl.
Minus the the pool and (from what I could tell) the food, this place was in every way... “more” than the Ace hotel rooftop bar. The drinks were better, the atmosphere was better, even the view was better. Though if you do want food, there is a very beautiful restaurant right below the bar. Though it looked like one of those coat and tie kind of places. So, it'll be a while until I check the place out personally.
As we came up, a group of couches cleared up with just the perfect amount of space for our group to sit and chat with a very pleasant gay couple. It was at this point we realized that we were rushing through our schedule and would leave others looking to join later in the day in our dust. So we sat and chilled.
It was a great place to chill.
The bar kiosk was as well stocked as it could be. Another limited, but quality beer list available. I sat and enjoyed an admittedly excessive number of templeton ryes (neat) and a Norwegian white ale who's name I couldn't possibly remember.
One note I should make at this point is that everywhere we hit up was been early in the day. We made it to Perch before 2pm. So, be aware that your experience may vary (as in very street level atmosphere) if you try to come here later. But, if you can get in, it's a good spot where the rooftop premium starts to feel worth it.
Stop 5. The Gallery Bar at the Bitmore Hotel. 0.2 mile walk from the metro station.
Holy hell is this place fancy. Out waiter was pulled straight out of one of those huate cuisine, 3 Michelin star kind of places. It's low, dim lighting made the place glow as if it were made of gold. And I wouldn't be surprised if you told me it was.
And I was wearing sneakers.
Food and booze served here.
Seeing as this was a classier place, I opted to go for a cocktail. The old fashioned I ordered was perfect. Or at least as perfect as I can tell as I'm not a huge cocktail person.
Their options for food looked great, but as our whole group had eaten not too long before, we opted for chicken wings. And upon reflection, teaching people to properly eat a chicken wing was probably a bit odd in this scene.
I would highly recommend this place if you want to have one or two really good drinks or want to spend a night really treating yourself. But, I doubt I'd ever be able to afford to make this place a regular stop.
Stop 6. Bar 107. 0.3 miles from the metro station. But, please note. This LA institution will be closing at the end of May.
This is a dive bar. Pure and simple. I ordered myself a couple of red stripes. Listened to a bunch of 80s music and hung out with a bunch of people who just couldn't collectively muster up a single shit give.
It was my first time there and maybe my only time. But, when it goes, I will desperately miss it.
If you have a chance, go. Hang out under the giant horse statue, order a cheap beer and take it all in as it is one of the last, great dive bars in downtown and it's going away.
There's not much more to say than that.
Stop 7. Angel City Brewery. 1.0 mile walk from the metro station. (0.3 mile walk from the little Tokyo station)
Alright cheating a bit more here. This stop and all that follow are going to be much closer to the Little Tokyo stop. I'll move it over to that post when I write it, but I feels right here because this all started after I stepped off the train at the Pershing square station.
This is the public house for the Angel City Brewery. They have the 5-6 beers currently in their rotation on tap. All are good. Not amazing, but good. I haven't been back to LA for long. But, this is the closest thing I have to regular stop.
Beer and food served..
Again, a very limited selection of beers. Flights run 9 bucks for 5 one once pours. It's a great way to test their spread before picking your favorites that you'll drinking for the rest of your stay at 6 bucks a pint.
The place is a big open warehouse. They always serve food, but regularly have food trucks parked out front. Dog friendly. They have a bunch of board games on site, there's an overflow section when the place starts getting crowded or if you want to rent it out for an event. And it's the only place in LA I know that has cornhole and darts available (but, if you know of another place, I'm up for a match).
If I had to describe the place in two words, it'd be “home base.” Not the base ball kind. But, for me at least, it's the kind of place that will always be a reliably fun place to gear up and wind down for my nights out.
Stop 8-ish. Wurstkuche. 1.1 mile from the Pershing Square station. 0.4 mile away from the little tokyo station (but 0.3 mile of that distance can be covered by going to Angel City).
I say “-ish” because, to be honest, I just didn't go. The place had a line. And being an undetermined but substantial number of drinks in at that point, I just didn't have it in me to wait in line. But, I've been to this place about 3 or 4 times and have never been disappointed.
This place has a real German lodging house feeling to it. Large, open dining space with long communal tables. If you don't like it when random strangers come up to sit next to you, you should avoid this place. It fills up quickly enough that you'll be rubbing elbows with a stranger before too long.
But, the large selection of really good beer and the gourmet sausages make the place worth it.
It should be noted that the sausages tend to be a bit more exotic than you might expect. Though you can get your standard beef or pork wurst here, more than one wurst contains rattle snake.
My personal recommendation for the place is to grab a rabbit and rattle snake wurst, an Old Rasputin and an order of fries and enjoy.
If you're so inclined, they offered uncooked sausages at 30% off if you want to rush in, grab a few and just enjoy something different and delicious in the comfort of your own home. At least the did my last stop there a couple of years ago. Man, I should have gone...
Stop 9 (and my final stop). 82. 1.0 miles from the Pershing square station. 0.3 miles from the little tokyo station.
This is the final of my solid three of Little Tokyo. When I want to show someone a good time in LA and don't have something better in mind. I usually hit up Angel City, Wurstkuche and this place (in varying orders).
82 is a barcade. It's a bar with great video game themed cocktails ($12) and an alright selection of good beer ($6-8). Bit of a tip, if you can't make the stop at the bank or don't have cash on you, the bar can charge it to your card and give you cash for the change machine. But, this can get very out of hand. Before you know it, you can be $70 dollars in the hole between the delicious drinks and manically trying to beat the Simpsons or X Men arcade games, then suddenly realize that only an hour has passed since you got there. Have fun, drink and be merry. But, don't say I didn't warn you.
It's a good place to go during the day and just hang out. It's decent place at night when they've got the DJ's going and you're watching the patrons' games of Street Fighter II projected for the whole place to watch. And, if you're a pinball aficionado, they have a whole “wing” of the place just dedicated to the flinging of those tiny metal balls.
Final word: Ow... my poor bank account. I definitely do not suggest you do the crawl I did. But, I can see the mixing and matching of 2 or 3 of those places and possibly adding a place to eat rounding out a very nice night on the town. You'll see very quickly that I'm not into the night club scene. Food and drink are really my wheelhouse. This was my first grand adventure into downtown. But, it definitely won't be my last. Let me know what you think in the comments. Tell me what I got right, what I got wrong and any suggestions you have for my next post. This is my first time writing up something like this, so please let me know if there's any non-grammar ways I can improve (I'm aware of that issue and hopefully, it'll get better as I do more of these).
Keep in mind that the style of these posts will change due to the fact that I'm not going to always have a structured menu of stops dropped on my lap every time I go out. This will evolve and (hopefully) get better and tighter. I just wanted to see what the response to this would be before taking the dive and paying for a website to do this on a regular basis.
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