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Dota Plus subscribers also have a new set of Seasonal Quests to complete during the new ranked season. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars.

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What does Overwatch make me ACTUALLY want to play?

There was a free trial recently, and it pushed some buttons but it made me want a different game but I don't know what it was or might be
I'd love some recs or suggestions for what game I might be thinking of or just a game I might want, if I can't find anything that satisfies I'll probably bite the bullet and buy overwatch at the end of the sale but I feel like there's something else better suited with less cynical game design that keeps tugging at my head when I play
I liked the bombastic sci-fi/fantastical tones and uses of color instead of Very Grim Modern Day Brown Shooter
I tended to main Mei or Symmetra or Mercy, I liked the use of utility roles and it not being necessary to shoot anybody to be useful when you can build stuff or control the environment instead, this is one of the bigger clues to whatever game it is, I think
I liked the variety of personalities and actual powers instead of everyone having the same equipment, I feel like the game I actually want has more of an element of customization to achieve this but still personalities exist but I dunno
The game I'm looking for might not be an FPS, but that certain high octane quality needs to be in there and it's gotta be multiplayer in some form, preferably with story elements and maybe a co-op mode if I'm lucky
STUFF I'VE TRIED IN MY SEARCH: Tribes - Ascend: Tribes was the first name that popped into my head when I tried to think of games, even though I'd never played it, and for no reason in particular. It's very pretty for a 2012 game, the environments are nice and the whole momentum jetpack weird weapons thing is good. The customization is mind-boggling but it feels lacking in certain ways, the aesthetic of the actual characters is kinda repetitive robot-ey and there's no sense of progression or meaning from the bit I've seen. I feel like I'd be a lot more strongly in favor of this game if it had a more objective-based game mode. I may still keep playing this game but it's not filling the role I need filled
Quake Champions This was a neat little game for sure, it definitely captured that old-school id software feeling with the fast-paced armor grabbing rocket jumping business, and basically being a smash bros FPS of their ips without feeling contrived was a neat accomplishment, but it wasn't really the game to fill this niche, and being what it was it was fairly grimdark without a uniting purpose. I'd still play this if I had an extra 20 gigs to spare on my drive, for sure, but I gotta conserve
OTHER GENRE GAMES I PLAY WORTH MENTIONING Gotham City Impostors: Pretty much the closest thing to a generic FPS I really play, but you can deck your character out with spring boots and a freeze gun or a hang glider. Lots of ways to feel unique.
Chivalry - Medieval Warfare: "FPS" loosely, but close enough. It does something unique with the setting, while still being online multiplayer I can go smack someone with a flail or switch to a bow. Stands out while still scratching a certain itch.
Friday the 13th: the Game: This one's a little more divorced from the standard, you're not trying to 'win', just escape being murdered in a thoroughly cinematic slasher genre experience. You get to pick from one of like 15 camp counselors that each have a ton of personality, then deck them out with perks and such as you unlock them, making them unique. It's also asymmetric multiplayer, which is awesome, and occasionally you'll be one of the sevenish different jason designs from each movie with different specializations and equipped with kills of your choice. Like I said, not really an FPS but an example of a game that has similar qualities while being outside strict FPS genre; still, not quite what I need and less relevant despite being a cool as f game.
STUFF ON MY LIST TO TRY Warframe: I guess. You work as a team and can fulfill lots of roles, spec out your frame and enjoy blasty shooty combat, apparently. I don't know a lot about the game but I feel like the aesthetic would be too much dystopian robot shooter and not enough excitement in that sense. Lots of people whose game opinions I respect like this game which is why I stopped immediately dismissing it like I did for however long its been out. Someone describing it as Saturday Morning Cartoon-esque and it showing up on a list of 'games like Overwatch' are why I thought it might be what I'm looking for even though I haven't played it. There's a part of me that is trying to remember a game I already played, but that might be an illusion so whatever gets the job done
Atlas Reactor This shuts down in like a couple months so.....
STUFF THAT PROBABLY ISN'T THE THING: Modern games that exist to capitalize on the success of overwatch - Paladins, Battleborn, etc MOBAs like league or dota TF2 (I prefer team fortress classic anyway) Gigantic seemed like it would have hit a few buttons, but was dead before I ever even heard of it
That's it I guess, I dunno
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Is Epic's grand plan to make Competitive Fortnite about adapting to new rules/conditions?

Other eSports have some elements of this. In OWL last year Mercy became ridiculous overpowered and teams had to shelve all of their existing strategies to play around her. A patch later and she was playable but not mandatory, and teams had to adapt once again.
In LoL and Dota new heroes are released and buffs/nerfs can change the meta dramatically overnight.
But nonetheless, those games remain pretty much the same, and do very well for themselves.
What if the plan for Fortnite is to make it more like Hearthstone, or Magic: The Gathering - where a lot of the hype comes from watching pro players adapt to dramatically different conditions overnight? The biggest events in Magic tend to be pro tours, where the players get a new set of cards and have a couple of weeks to figure out how to succeed with the new cards.
Now I'm not saying Epic/Fortnite is doing this intentionally - but it could be kind of hype if some of the major Fortnite tournaments came right after some game-changing update. I think they should be more transparent about this, of course - I imagine it really sucks for pros to feel blindsided about the glider update (and god help us if these zombies show up at Twitch con) - but I honestly think it wouldn't be the worst thing to keep interest in Fortnite eSports high considering we're already seeing a fairly well established pro meta.
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