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[OC] The Third Species: Prologue

The Third Species is being rewritten! expanded scenes and plot with much higher writing quality! If you found your way here start reading the new series by clicking this link. If you want to continue reading the old original feel free.
Hang out on the B&S Discord with me!
This is my 1st post and 1st HFY story. I always loved this community and I wanted to give back. Please let me know how you feel in the comments blow.
Disclaimer: "I am not a writer"- famous last words
Edited: changed station population to better represent the size.
Edit #2: Performed minor clean up duty. should be much more readable.

Prologue 1

Since the early days of their respective worlds the Caruvann and the Grule people knew of each other's existence. The populations of the second and third worlds of the system 'Haluu-Trakk' were only separated by the asteroid belt between them. In their history when they reached the stars, nine Grule houses of the sixteen declared war on the Caruvann. Though the Grule were natural born warriors the Caruvann united under a single banner of protection and repelled the nine houses. The other seven houses exiled them from Grule-Prime in efforts to protect their world and as a show of good faith to the United Caruvann Peoples. In the coming twenty years the two people would come to inhabit their system. Besides minor skirmishes and raids from the exiles, there was a time if relative stability. Until a pulsing signal was heard in the great blackness beyond their system…

[Caruvann-Prime, Central Coordination Ring]

There was bustling in the strategy room, at the center table were three important figures. The World Civil Leader, the Military Grand Coordinator, and the Intelligence Master Keeper.
World Civil Leader: “Thank you for joining us Master Keeper Seruul…”
Seruul: “Leader Trann, Coordinator Whuul” He greeted placing his open hand on his head while spreading his wings. He took his seat across from them before they continued on.
Whuul: ”Trann and I got the early memo but was unable to make sense of it. Care to enlighten us on what we are looking at? Is this related to exile activity?”
Seruul Placed a data key into the table before a screen rose showing telemetry and other informative material.
Seruul: “I’m afraid not. What we are seeing almost looks like a signal from a pulsar; though it’s moving right towards our system from approximately a light week away and closing fast.”
Trann: “How much time do we have, and what kind of object are we looking at?”
Seruul: “I would say the estimate be between two weeks to a month for the objects arrival, and as to the nature of the object… it’s intelligent.”
There was a pause between them, the implication set heavy as they knew they were not alone. The Grule proved that extraterrestrial life was possible. They were too focused on inter system issues to explore the idea of outer system exploration. Their people also had not figured out how to travel faster than light.
Trann: “What confirmation of intelligence do we have. I want to make sure before classifying this as first contact or a natural cosmic crisis.”
Seruul: “Between the radiation pulses we were able to pick up a small wide area signal. Its broadcasted on the ultraviolet band and it seems to be a prime number sequence shortly followed by an unknown data broadcast. Our team is currently looking into decrypting the code. Preliminary evaluation seems to be some sort of computer language code. My team believes that if this what it looks like at face value, the object seems to be attempting communication.”
Whuul: ”So not inherently hostile, Keeper Seruul thank you for the updated briefing. I will arrange the fleet for first contact action, as soon as arrival telemetry becomes available.”
Trann: “I will arrange the Peacekeepers for joint action with the fleets.”
Seruul: “And with that I believe this meeting is concluded.”

[Great Divide Asteroid Belt, 18 days later]

In the following days a fast response strike force consisting of 73 United Caruvann Void Military vessels and three Grule Homeworld Combat Ships arrived. They orbited outside of the central asteroid belt. The vessels kept formation with each other. Periodically firing ion thrusters to correct their natural orbital discrepancies.
Caruvann military vessels all shared certain similarities. All painted a deep blue with white military markings. Most vessels are long and round almost like a submarine. From the left side near the rear jutted a bridge that flowed with smooth curves with the rest of the vessel. Along the tops and bottoms were rows of turrets. They contained kinetic batteries up to four barrels, or stubby laser cannons. Along the sides of the vessel were ports for releasing ordinance such as torpedoes or drones.
The three Grule ships were vastly different in configuration. They held a copper tone. There is a large plate in the front making the hexagonal vessel appear in a rough T shape. Atop the center of the T was a raised area for a bridge. Poking up from behind the large front plate lined many turrets like the Caruvann vessels. The bottom seemed to be where the vessel would open up to launch ordinance or other payloads.
Comm: “GranCoord Whuul, we have an incoming transmission from GHCS- Deep Cutter, its Matriarch Grranthory of House Rulzz.”
Whuul: “Send the line to my console” he ordered the officer.
Grranthory: “It’s an honor to see you out here personally Grand Coordinator.”
Whuul: “As it is mine to see one of the seven out here as well.”
Grranthory: “Please save your flattery. The constraint of time and current orbit of our fleet assets leaves us in less than ideal positioning for this event. Not to mention it was the Caruvann who discovered this signal, I leave this operation in your hands. To trade and prosperity!”
Whuul: ”Trade and prosperity! We are glad to have you along for the ride.”
Caruvann physiology can be traced to a couple key points. Their world has many creatures with six primary limbs. Caruvann share qualities with earth bats where their center arms being large wing like appendages. Their appendages all have three fingers and a thumb structure with two joints. They are covered in fur except for their face, chest, groin, and inner thigh. Their head mane grows longer and can be styled like human hair. Male fur tends to be more coarse and straight while females have a lighter fluffier coat. Their eyes are about twice as large as a human and their nose is more shallow and pointed higher. Males have a small leaf of skin on the tip of the nose. They have pointed ears atop their head that swivel to the direction of sound, females tend to have larger ears. The average height of a Caruvann is between 135cm to 165cm.
The Gruel could be described as a mix of a couple earth creatures. Entirely covered in fur their head resembles a four eyed wolf with all four eyes sharing the same level. Two are forward facing and two are wider set. They have a large gorilla-esque torso going down to the rear haunches of a wolf. The feet resemble the gorilla. They also share four digits though with large claws. A bushy tail sways at their rear. Gruel heights are between 180cm at the shortest and 245cm at their tallest. They are heavy set and the females tend to be bigger.
Intel: “Incoming debris storm eta ten minutes, our picket is currently within its range”
Whuul: “Pull the picket line back! If the debris is in fact pieces of ship hull it will rain on them like high caliber kinetic fire.”
Small thirteen meter craft began firing their retro thrusters turning their prow back towards the fleet. Their crews working to remove themselves from the impact area of the upcoming storm. Time was not on their side. Igniting their main nuclear drives they began to quicken their pace back towards the main formation.
Intel: “Incoming in three…two…”
A furious shower of debris fell upon a large area in front of the fleet, the shower being 200,000 meters in diameter. As quickly as it came though it was over within seconds. The trail of falling debris shrunk smaller to the point of arrival of the unknown object.
Whuul: “Report”
Comms: “We have one ship calling in distress. PV-221 Dancing Bird reports impact. Injuries on board, no fatalities, main drive disabled.” Whuul flaps his ears twice in acknowledgement
Whuul: “Redirect them to crawl to LV-010 Forest, contact the Logistics Vessel and prepare for recovery operation.”
Intel: “Incoming pulses, object arrival ETA two minutes”
Large radiation pulses show on the ship scopes as its intensity grew in size with each one. As each pulse passed they observed the object slowing, the object was going to come to a stop in the asteroid field.
Intel: “confirmed object decelerating… its huge!”
Whuul: “clarify” he snapped as ‘huge’ was improper procedure
Intel: “object roughly fourty kilometers in length eight kilometers wide.”
The large object came barreling in front of them. It was a huge cylinder with four massive circular plates on the rear. One of the plates released a shaped fusion charge and detonated pushing the massive plate against large suspension tubes. As the object came to rest it was clear that, whatever it was, was not only huge but advanced and at the same time old. The sides of the cylinder had section of plates impacted or peeled off. Its exterior lined in various ports and turrets aligned across the entire cylinder. Their construction is in harsh squared angles. The turrets across the cylinder spaced largely apart. This pointed to its use for area defense more than an offensive configuration. Kinetic and laser weapons are familiar as well as what appeared to be sensor clusters. At the front of the vessel three large structures perched. The largest was a squat cylinder that was around two kilometers long and one kilometers wide. The second largest was about 1.6 kilometers long. It is more sleek and built like a blunted sword. The second structure is lined in turrets that made the most armed Gruel warship look like a toy. The third structure was another sleek looking vessel also heavily armed. Its midsection grew wide in large rectangles, the front of the rectangles had large doors sealing them shut.
There was a low whisper on the bridge of the Caruvann Leader Vessel. The ship itself only half the size of the 2nd vessel. Whuul let the lack of bridge discipline slide because he too was in shock and awe at what he was looking at. Though the object was over 100,000 kilometers away, the Intel officer processed images from high powered telescopes and other scan pieces.
Intel: “Our team was able to decipher the initial message, it seems to have an audio component, would you like me to play it?”
Whuul: “put it up on the bridge wide PA”
Unknown Language: “Federated Earth Nations Deep Exploration Station- FENS-003 ‘Angel Heart’ Station.”
Whuul: “Gods, I hope this doesn't signal the beginning of the end…”

Prologue 2

The FENS-003 ‘Angel Heart’ was preparing for final deceleration. The 133 year old mobile O’Neill Cylinder had finished its retrograde warp slowing it down from FTL speeds. Currently it was moving at 0.22C. The vessel segmented its two giant Alcubierre rings and stowed them at the front and rear of the station. EVA crew ships worked making sure the ship was ready for its 180 degree turn. Moving a twenty-five mile long station with a complement of over 1,000,000 souls was always done in slow measures. After the ship is secured it would begin a slow turn over the span of two weeks. It aligned its four massive Orion drives for final deceleration.
Inside the colony the people secured belongings for the cut of their rotational gravity and transition to deceleration. Open ponds and lakes are covered and sealed while civilians went into bunkers. The eighteen station blocks began to undergo rotation. The station had three main habitat sections built upon four plates per section. These large plates angle towards the front of the craft. When deceleration occurred the residence could still live under artificial gravity.

[Governor’s office, Angel Heart City]

Catherin vomited in the small personal bathroom in her office. The City Governor was not alone as Admiral Edison stood behind her holding a bottle of water for her.
Catherin: “I don’t think I can ever get used to this…”
Edison: “I think you are doing fine, you are not invincible”
Catherin: “It’s not me I wish was invincible. I will never get over giving orders that will always end in people getting killed.”
She drank from the bottle before spitting and wiping off her face.
Catherin: “We delayed enough, we are needed at Command”
They boarded the internal transport line, they were moving to one of the three ships held on the front of the vessel. They were on the bridge of the Angel Heart Military Ship – TN- 1018 'Excalibur' the ‘Lu Bu – Class’ Titan. The bridge was a towering superstructure of box like angles three quarters back on the ship’s hull. It had a commanding view forwards as the room held many stations lining the walls. There is a couple rows of consoles also set into the center of the room. This was the best operations bridge on the whole station and for the final weeks of deceleration. The Governor and Admiral would be here coordinating their final approach.

[Excalibur Bridge, 18 days later]

Skipper: “Admiral on bridge” he saluted
Edison: “Report”
Skipper: “We should be arriving within the hour, internal assessments show minor to moderate breach of outer colony shell. Further assessment will be needed and EVA crews are on standby. Medical teams are reporting expected injuries and fatalities have been confirmed. The report will be sent to the Governor’s office for processing after arrival.”
With a final thunderous boom from the shaped fusion warhead the colony slowed to a halt on the border of the system's asteroid belt. It took only moments for the lights to cycle from the working white to the glow of red as the bridge rang sirens and warnings.
Sensors: “Contact, contact, reading vessel signatures bearing 112 by -21 range 118K Kilometers…”
Targeting: ”Passive sensors confirm 76 vessels, weights Cutter to Battleship class. Beginning target catalogue Uniform 1, Unifor…”
Edison: “Set colony to Condition three, I want full external blackout. Bring online CIWS coverage. Wait for incoming response, and for now we will play dead. Strike craft wings set fast response.”
Internal Comms: “CIWS eta three minutes. twelve minutes for Strike craft launch standby.”

[Caruvann Leader Vessel UCVM ‘Shasu Kano Vol’]

Whuul: “Bring us in, set weapons crew to standby.”
The fleet moves in approaching the grey behemoth. As they break past 100KM warning sirens start blaring on the bridge.
Defense: “Sir we are being targeted, EM and light band.”
Comms: “Similar report from fleets they are being targeted as well.”
Whuul: “All ships emergency retrograde, swing our orbit out and fall back.”

[Excalibur Bridge]

Targeting: “Unknown fleet falling back”
Edison: “Drop targeting after 100KM.”
Edison holds his breath for a bit longer before letting out a sigh of relief. The unknown group has not contacted them. He hoped they would process their translation package enough to make first contact. Until he could confirm their intentions he wanted to keep them out of medium combat range.
Edison: “Get me a rock, anything incoming close sub 100K. engage single station laser full load.”
Targeting: “sending solution to turret S12…”

[Station Turret Control]

“Incoming firing request, confirmed turret twelve, full load.”
“Full load confirmed, loader cycle eta fifteen seconds.”
A large mechanism moves to a rack full of large metal cylinders. One cylinder pushes into the mechanisms cradle and transported to an open slot on the back of the firing piece.
“Reaction canister loaded.”
“Targeting rotation complete in fourteen… thirteen…”
“Lens and mirror diagnostics complete, retracting tools and locking round.”
The cylinder locked into place as large metal tabs grab the matched grooves of the cylinder.
“Reaction ready.”
“… three… two… one target set, hit chance prediction 99.9%”
Large plates slide out the back of the cylinder as the chemicals mix. The reaction makes a light that filters through the firing mechanism and focusing components. The invisible laser fires from the stubby square turret as it slams into an approaching asteroid.

[Shasu Kano Vol Bridge]

Sensors: “Alien vessel has fired, laser based confirmed”
Whuul: “target.”
Sensors: “They have fired upon a class three asteroid on close approach… by the under god target has been vaporized!”
Whuul: “Vaporized?”
Sensors: “Laser output has vaporized the target, sir that would mean that the output to be at least 3 times higher output than us!”
Whuul: “Were you able to detect a capacitor charge before fire?”
Sensors: “Negative, unable to detect charge cycle.”
Whuul: “All vessels retreat to the 200KM line, prepare recon for probe coverage on this location.”
Whuul tempered his body from shaking with fear. Their weapon output far outclassed his own. He was also unable to determine the rate at which their energy capacitor charged. The power alone said its effective range could reach out and touch them, assuming their targeting was capable, which he was not willing to risk.

[14 days later...]

submitted by WeebleKeneeble to HFY

You're a Destiny fan and you're curious if you should get this game... Yes, you 100% should!

So here you are. You’re either curious about buying this game for the first time, or you played it at launch, stopped for whatever reason, and are thinking about playing it again. You like playing Destiny, but are sick of the BS as of late, and wish it was more in depth. You keep hearing great things about The Division, and you're curious. Should you start playing? Where do you start? What kind of endgame is there? Is this game even fun?
Yes. Yes, you should play. This is a fantastic game now. Who am I? Nobody important, just a fan, but I’m here to tell you that The Division is for you.
Let’s start with some statements and key differences, in no particular order.
This game got terrible reviews, and some of my friends bought it and hated it. Why play it now?
  • This is true. This game was hyped up (similar to Destiny 2) to be the “Destiny 1 Killer”, and some felt that it fell flat. There were glitches, bugs, hackers and the endgame was subpar. The playerbase died and the developers couldn’t fix it as fast as some liked. Eventually the devs came out and flat out said their game was broken and they were delaying the DLC so they could fix the core game... and they did around update 1.4. Then later around update 1.6 they also said that their PVE was too bullet spongey, and they changed things so it felt like you were fighting an enemy instead of a health bar. Now with update 1.8, this is like The Taken King compared to vanilla Destiny. The game is fresh, rewarding, but most importantly, just plain fun.
I don’t like 3rd person shooters. I’m more of an FPS kind of person.
  • I thought the same thing. I used to be a Call of Duty/Halo/Destiny player only. And I was never a fan of 3rd person in games like Assassin Creed and such, they just felt wonky and weird. The 3rd person and movement system works fantastically in The Division. Cover to cover, running, using abilities. It just works. It feels good. Like using a super or using a sword in Destiny, how it feels good? That’s how The Division is.
  • The movement and UI system is top notch, and honestly might have the best UI of any game I’ve played on the PS4. The guns also somehow feel incredibly unique, but good, for being a 3rd person shooter. A Vector SMG plays different than an MP5 SMG, a Lightweight M4 is different than a Warlord AR, etc. The guns feel like they have individual personalities. It’s surprising how good the game plays in 3rd person.
It doesn’t make sense to empty 100 rounds into a street looking thug in NYC. That’s weird.
  • That’s true, it’s weird at first... but with that logic it doesn’t make sense in almost any video game, especially aliens wielding special abilities in Destiny. Have an open mind. It wouldn’t be fun if you killed everything in 1 bullet. Enemies have varying levels of armor. Think of it as them having lots of armor (just like you do). And with the way Massive reworked the health bars/movements of enemies, it feels more like you’re playing against an enemy versus a health bar (a problem that plagued The Division and Destiny early on).
I miss customizing my build from Destiny 1. I miss the “Space Magic.” I hate being forced to play builds I don’t like in their team-shoot meta.
  • In Destiny 2, you put on Better Devils, MIDA or Uriel’s Gift, and that’s it, that’s the best… In The Division, you can play any way you want, and nothing is “better” than anything else. Everything can be set up to be fantastic. The different playstyles are vastly different and can even be different in the same style. There’s a number of different guns, perks, abilities, talents, and mods to set each up. There’s even armor sets, and if you have a full 4 or 6 piece set it will unlock more perks/abilities. If you want to be the world’s strongest sniper, you can do that. If you want to be a tank with a riot shield that draws aggro from your team while doing damage, you can do that. If you want to sit back and snipe things and heal your team, yes, you can do that. You can set your gear up where you face tank enemies with a shotgun and you’re almost impossible to kill. There's a build where you can shoot your LMG for what seems like forever. There’s even builds where you can have the strongest abilities that make things blow up and go BOOM! There’s builds where you can light things on fire with a turret. There’s builds where you can do a little bit of everything. There’s builds so you can speed run PVE activities, or be strong as hell in PVP. There’s a build for everything, and everything is surprisingly fun, and all of it can be customized exactly how you like. It’s insane.
Doesn’t New York City get boring? It’s a city in the winter. How interesting can it be?
  • You would think so. You would expect repeating buildings and textures and such... But the developers went into such detail to craft each area different, to make everything feel unique. The sky boxes are incredible. Each skyscraper looks different. They hired graffiti artists to make art for the game, to make the city feel alive. They crafted each area to feel special. Even different alleyways feel unique. You can shoot out individual windows in cars, like, individual panes of glass. You can shoot out individual tiles in the walls down in the subway. There’s dogs that walk around that sometimes poop. Random rats run around. There’s different levels of snow, sometimes to the point of a full-on blizzard. The snow will even settle on objects and even your character’s shoulders, and when the snow eventually goes away your clothes will look wet. Hell, if you’re on PC and you look close enough, there’s individual snowflakes.
  • The amount of detail this game goes into is amazing, and the accuracy to the real world is astonishing. I visited NYC at Christmas time a couple years ago, and every time I’m running through the Dark Zone going from “Midtown Music” to “The Pit”, I’m just reminded of the time I saw the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall (Midtown Music), and then we walked over to the ice skating rink by Rockefeller Center (The Pit) and saw the giant Christmas tree. There’s dozens of posts on this subreddit showing pictures of the real world and the in-game world, and it almost matches perfectly…The city truly feels alive. If you don’t believe me, go watch a YouTube video or go on Twitch right now and see for yourself.
Doesn’t it get boring fighting the same masked bad guys over and over?
  • Did it get boring fighting the Fallen and Hive in Destiny? I mean, aren’t they all aliens? Of course, but there’s differences between the aliens, just like there’s differences between the 4 different enemy factions. They even have differences in between them depending on place to place. You have rushers, snipers, tanks, Tacticians, healers, straight shooters, flamethrowers. All enemies have their own quirks, weakpoints, and movement styles. Bosses have a little more character. It’s actually quite impressive the amount of variation and personalities the developers gave enemies in The Division, for them “just being humans”. Besides, there's a certain level of satisfaction that you will get no matter how many times you make a Cleaners' fire tank blow up or make a Heavy Tank's explosive backpack explode.
  • Above all that, there’s Hunters... Hunters are probably the toughest PVE enemies I have ever played in a video game. My heart pounds when they spawn in. It feels like you’re playing a skilled player. Seriously. They’re terrifying. I'm not going to spoil them for you with details because the first time you face one is a real treat, but their movement style and use of abilities is probably the closest I have ever seen an AI enemy feel like a real person. It's incredible and gets your blood pumping. Hell, there was a post on here the other day asking how a PVP player killed them in a Survival PVE mode, and people were like "Yeah, you just faced your first Hunter". The enemy style is fantastic in The Division and I would love to see Hunters added to other areas of the game, and excited where they can go with them in the future.
The game has been out for a long time. How am I supposed to gear up and be competitive?
  • The game throws loot at you for everything. Seriously. Reach level 30, and play whatever it is that’s your favorite thing to do, and work on reaching “World Tier 5” (as you get better gear after Lv. 30, your gear score will increase; the higher the gear score, the higher world tier you can go in, and then that means the better loot you get, WT5 being the best). Weekly missions, Underground, Dark Zone… whatever. And loot will rain from the heavens. Certain things give better rewards than others, but a good chunk of everything will drop from anything. Play with friends, or meet someone online, or use the in-game matchmaking to play things, and people will even share items they don’t need with you. I played with my one friend just last night. He reached Lv. 30 about 2 hours before I got online – after doing a couple different activities and sharing our stuff, he had 3 exotics, a number of great high end guns, and a few different pieces of gear sets including a full striker set, and could now do endgame activities with us.
Did you say in-game matchmaking? Is that like Guided Games? Oh no…
  • Yes I did. And you can’t even compare those two. Guided Games in Destiny is the biggest steaming pile of garbage I have ever seen for in-game matchmaking. Wait in orbit for an unspecified amount of time, unable to do anything else, and then no one else can join after the activity starts, and there’s no checkpoints… It’s so bad that I wonder how the developers at Bungie actually published that, and stand by it like it’s a good thing. I wonder how anyone can wait 45 minutes doing nothing to do a raid, only to have it not completed. A literal waste of time. It’s terrible.
  • The Division has seamless matchmaking, for everything. From your little daily missions to Resistance to Legendaries or Incursions, there’s matchmaking. And if you don’t find a group right away, load up the matchmaking and do anything else you want. The game will continue to search for a group for you, and when one becomes available a little icon will pop up for you to join the group. Something that The Division does great is 95% of the content is hard enough where it’s challenging and difficult (and rewarding feeling), but it’s not downright mechanic heavy and impossible like some of the stuff in Destiny raids. If everyone doesn’t have the absolute best gear, you can still do the activities, it just might take a little bit longer (think of Destiny year 1 Nightfalls, minus getting booted to orbit). I wish sometimes that The Division had a little bit more mechanics in things, but because it’s not as mechanic heavy, you can do most Legendaries/Incursions with any PUG group.
  • There’s also in-game chat and proximity chat. In Destiny, you can’t talk to people next to you in the Tower, not even in your clan, for being such a social game. It's baffling, honestly, and a huge reason a lot of PC players quit Destiny 2, and I mean, seriously, what kind of social PC game doesn't have a freakin' in-game chat?! And if you do want the option to meet new people like a traditional LFG, there’s a few Division LFG websites, some Facebook Division groups, a Division LFG subreddit, but the best thing of all (in my opinion) is the Discord, which can be found on the sidebar or clicking right here. If you like them, add them. Pretty soon your friends list will be overflowing with great and friendly people who want to play.
What else does The Division have, that Destiny does not?
  • Horde mode! Oh, you know how people have been begging Bungie for a horde mode of sorts? Since there was basically one of those back to the Halo days, and Call of Duty’s Zombies mode is super popular, and it would seemingly work great in Destiny. Yeah, The Division has that. 3 different maps to play with increasingly stronger waves of enemies. And it’s rewarding, giving you reward caches and also the option throughout the mission to open a reward chest to get even more loot (high level and rare loot which you can use).
  • Randomly generated dungeons! Wait, WHAT? Yes. You know that thing Bungie just released called the Infinite Forest that everyone thought would be like rifts from Diablo? But it turns out that it’s actually not infinite at all, you can just run through it and you get nothing for doing it (also, it’s boring other than looking pretty the first time you do it). In The Division it’s called the Underground. You go in, and you can put on different modifiers (oh how Destiny is missing that) on different levels of difficulty while also choosing 1-phase or 2-phase or 3-phase (varying lengths of time), depending on what you want to do. The bosses in there drop loot, and there’s a chest at the end, and there’s sometimes random chests scattered throughout. You’ll almost never see the same area twice as the possibilities of areas generated are endless. It’s a fantastically fun game mode that is a blast to play.
  • Dark Zone. It’s PvEvP. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a special area that has “landmarks” and bosses in there that respawn after a set amount of time. It also has other players. Rare loot can drop in here, but when you pick things up you have to call in a helicopter to “extract” the loot out, since it’s contaminated. All players are friendly to each other, until someone possibly “goes rogue”. Other players can and will kill you to steal your loot. Others will play nice and invite you or join your group and form an alliance with you. It’s a great mode that really makes you watch your back. Now, this experience may not be for everyone, but I’m a fan of it. The suspense of getting a fantastic exotic to drop, and having your heart pound as you hide behind a wall as the extraction helicopter comes in, and you’re hoping no one surprises and kills you… it’s an experience that I haven’t felt in any other game. The Dark Zone is a massive area and there’s always something to do.
  • Survival, either PvE or PvEvP. This is basically like a battle royale mode similar to Fortnite or PUBG. You get thrown in and start with nothing, and have to find better loot as you go. You can do just PvE if you’re that kind of person, or do the PvEvP if you want a fun challenge. You can help other players or kill other players. The loot you possibly get at the end is decent, but you’re not doing it for the loot. The experience of Survival is amazing. There are some players that all they do is play Survival. It’s a seriously fun game mode that is just fun. I know, right, fun in a video game?? Incredible.
  • Loadout feature: This one is such a great quality of life feature, I can't believe it's not built into the game in Destiny. Set up your guns and armor with all the mods you like, down to the abilities and talents you have, and then you save it. Bam, it's now saved forever. You can currently save up to 5, and now with the click of a button you can change your entire Loadout and playstyle. Oh, your team needs a healer? Switch to the Reclaimesniper loadout you made! Headed to the Dark Zone? Put on your Nomad with your great SMG! Tired of Nomad? Put on your Lonestar Classified build for your crazy stream of LMG bullets from your Big Alejandro. This feature is seriously amazing and I feel is not appreciated enough.
How much is this game going to cost me? I don’t have another $60-$100 to spend like Destiny charges.
  • This game is $10 used at Gamestop. I’ve seen copies sell even cheaper than that on eBay. New, it’s under $30 at most big stores. I’m sure there’s other places that sell it cheap too. The base game, no DLC, comes with the whole game, two Incursions, Dark Zone, Resistance, and the new PVP mode. You only need the DLC (or the season pass) if you want to play Survival, Underground and Last Stand. You do not need the DLC to progress in the game. I know this is a weird concept coming from Destiny, where you have to have to the latest DLC in order to play the game, but all the DLC in The Division is extra and doesn’t take anything away from the core game. And if you do want to buy the DLC, there are sales all the time. The Season Pass (all 3 DLCs) was just on sale on Microsoft/Playstation store for $16, and the Gold Edition (game + DLCs) was on sale for $29. I think it was even cheaper on PC. I’m not sure if the sale is active right now, but check it out.
  • If you just want to check this game out, buy it for $10. Even just the base game for $10 and all the activities at endgame will easily give you 100+ hours of playtime if you get hooked. The amount of stuff to do for only $10 is astonishing. For the price of what is literally 1000 silver in Destiny 2 (might buy you a couple shaders with that, such bullshit), can get you this fantastic game.
Edit: As of writing this post (thanks u/LastGuardianStanding for the heads up!) the game is on the PSN digitally for $14.99. The Gold Edition (including all the DLC) is $29. I believe it is the same price/slightly cheaper on the Ubisoft store (I don't play on PC, I am unsure of exact pricing, sorry). It is $9.99 for a used copy of the game at GameStop (no DLC). (Sorry Xbox users, no sale!) Again, you don't need the DLC to enjoy almost everything this game has to offer, but I think the Underground and Survival are fantastic and alone worth the price of the DLC. $29 for the Gold edition is an amazing price!
I love this game and have been absolutely hooked since the free update 1.8 came out. The game feels so fresh and alive, just like how Destiny felt after Age of Triumph was released. The player populations for this game are higher than they’ve ever been, Twitch viewership numbers are up and even beating Destiny 2’s at certain times. But most importantly of all, it’s just fun. The game is fun. I feel so stupid for saying this, but it’s just a fun freaking game, and I feel like that’s a hard thing to say these days when we have games that are such a disappointment.
If you’re interested and want to learn more, search on this subreddit. Search the top posts. Check the sidebar for some great resource links. Click here for a returning player summary. Or click here for some fantastic community resources. Here is a New Player Guide. Join the Division Discord. Ask questions. Watch YouTube videos from great players like MarcoStyle on build guides or Incursion guides or watch SkillUp’s latest 40-minute updated Division review (spoiler alert: he likes it now). There's ton of resources out there to get you up and running! Learn the game! Play it! Have fun!
See you in New York City, agent!
TL;DR: The Division is a fantastic game and incredibly fun, and the best time to start playing is now!
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