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Australia's Crown says no charges laid against staff held in China

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PERTH/SYDNEY Australia's top casino company Crown Resorts on Thursday said no charges had been laid against 18 staff detained for alleged gambling crimes in China, as shareholders gathered for a general meeting in the shadow of the legal crisis.
Ahead of the meeting in Perth, the Crown board endorsed long-standing plans to spin off some Australian hotels, a move designed to split the assets from its underperforming businesses in the Chinese gaming hub of Macau.
The arrest of the staff, including Crown's Australian head of international VIP gambling, Jason O'Connor, in China last week was the primary concern for investors as the company's shares hit a new 10-month low on Thursday.
Melbourne-based Crown holds a 27 percent stake in Macau-based Melco Crown Entertainment Ltd. It does not directly run casinos in China but relies heavily on Chinese gamblers at its casinos in Perth and Melbourne.
"Such an IPO would support Crown Resorts' ongoing capital management strategy and allow Crown Resorts to maintain a strong balance sheet and credit profile to fund existing development projects," it said in a statement, without giving a timetable for the listing or a price guide for the assets.
"Splitting out of the international business and the domestic casinos I think makes sense," said Clapham, whose fund owns shares in Crown.
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Photos and Impressions of Florida Audio Expo 2019

TLDR: Everything sounded good.
Please be aware my impressions should be taken as superficial; I don't consider myself a golden-ear and its impossible to evaluate/compare the speakers given the different rooms, components, unknown songs being played, my seating position, etc. Should go without saying that imaging would be impossible for me to speak on due to the factors previously listed, I mostly am going off tonal balance, clarity, and things of that nature.
Full Imgur gallery
If I don't give a description for a specific setup, then it just means it was perfectly fine, which is either good or bad depending on the price.
Room numbers/names link to an Imgur album (if one exists):
2nd Floor
  • Martin Logan
  • Parasound
  • Integrity Sound
Sounded real good; my father stated he could only hear one speaker playing, and knowing how electrostatics are with a tin sweet spot, I switched seats with him and he said it now sounded normal. They also had their lower tier $10K speakers I forgot to photograph.
Tampa Terrace
  • MBL
  • United Home Audio
Had to explain to my dad just how in the hell they worked, it for sure has a cool factor (room probably had the best treatment [not shown]).
  • VAC (Valve Amplification Company)
  • The Audio Company
  • Von Schweikert Audio
The red ones weren’t playing when I went. The other ones sounded fine.
  • Classic Audio Loudspeakers
  • Atmos-Sphere Music Systems
  • Tri-Planar Tonearms
  • Purist Audio Design
Thought I went to all rooms, but I guess not.
2nd Floor Hallway
  • Mytek Digital
  • HiFiMan
  • Audeze
Pick of my dad wearing the LCD-X's. I own the Monolith M1060's, which are a knockoff by Monoprice, and I couldn't hear a difference given the obvious factor that I didn't have mine o-hand to compare. Not pictured are the HiFiMan HE1000 v2's, which weren't being played, but they felt nice.
3rd Floor
  • Cyrus
  • Backert
  • RJS Acoustics
The B.A.S.S system (quad 6' side-firing woofers) was able to push out a surprising amount of bass.
  • Soundfield Audio
  • Audio Research
Really cool speakers, they are active with a cardioid mid-bass and sealed woofer.
  • Tortuga
  • Triode Wire Labs
Speakers don't come with crossovers, a MiniDSP 4x10 HD was in use. Considering it's using a BG Neo3 and ScanSpeak Revelator (say $1500 with cabinet), its $12,000 asking price seams a bit absurd.
  • Soundfield
Guess I missed this one too.
  • Hegel
4th Floor
  • Triode Wire Labs
  • Volti Audio
  • BorderPatrol Audio Electronics
  • Averet Acoustics
I nickname them: Spousal Heart Attacks.
  • Anthem
  • Paradigm
  • Maximum
  • Tributaries
  • Clarus
  • Pro-Ject Audio Systems
Yes, even though I've bashed Paradigm for their poor measured performance, the still sounded fine (pretty good actually, although that’s likely the huge volumes they were playing at that I could hear them down the hall, at least within the constraints of hearing a speaker on its own with unfamiliar music and in a hotel room.
  • Lampizat0r
  • Von Schweikert Audio
  • Masterbuilt Audio Cables
  • AVM
  • Ferrari Consulting
  • Legacy Audio
Another company I bashed for its poor measurements, still sounded fine.
  • Angel City
5th Floor
  • Cardas
  • Mobile Fidelity
  • Falcon Loudspeakers
  • Primare
  • Dr Feickert Analogue
  • Koetsu
  • Nautilus Power Strip
Guess I missed the room.
  • Cardas
  • Joseph Audio
  • Doshi Audio
  • Vanatoo
Played with a sub, but still sounded fantastic for its price. Even overheard others saying it was one of the standouts of the whole show (due to its price).
  • Cardas
  • Auralic
  • Ryan Speakers
  • Nola
  • Aurender
  • Sweet Home Audio
For dual 4' full-range drivers, it sounded fine, which was surprising (again, while its treble imaging likely is poor, I couldn't test this).
  • Dynamic Sound Associates
  • Luminous Audio
  • Ortofon
  • Spendor Audio
  • Tweek Geek
  • Vienna Acoustics
  • VPI Industries
Yes, three tonearms can be stored on the turntable. The speaker having a pivotable tweeter (I think a coaxial too) is a really smart solution for wanting good sound but wanting the speakers facing straight (imaging for lower frequencies is usually good for most all speakers due to their wide dispersion). Those huge ass monoblock power amps are 125W full Class-A (the guy next to me and I both exhaled/chuckled in unison), they are $25K.
  • à la carte productions
  • Luminous Audio
  • Ortofon
  • Spendor Audio
  • Tweek Geek
  • Vienna Acoustics
  • VPI Industries
Guess I missed this one too.
6th Floor
  • Luxman
  • Harbeth
  • Melco
  • Gated HiFi
  • Aavik Acoustics
  • Ansuz Acoustics
  • Børresen Acoustics
Who I assumed to be the Danish owner of Ansuz Acoustics was there. He (and female worker) were describing the benefit of his power distributor by saying way back when, he had dedicated circuits for all his components, someone told him that was wrong as you are increasing inductance, and that only one outlet should be used, so he got a $5 IKEA power strip and he said "God dammit, it fucking sounded better!"
  • Déjà vu Audio South
  • J Corder R
  • Lector Audio
  • Harbeth
Just beautiful vintage asthetics (sounded perfectly modern).
  • Déjà vu Audio South
  • Audio Note
  • Audeze
Guess I missed them too.
  • Play It Again Bart Andeer
  • Resolution Acoustics
  • Avantgarde Acoustic
These also get the "Spousal Heart Attack" nickname, even more deservingly so.
  • Raven Audio
Guess I missed them too.
7th Floor
  • Merrill Audio Advanced Technology Labs
  • Muraudio
Cool factor.
  • Sumiko
  • Pro-Ject Audio Systems
  • Sumiko Analog
  • Sonus Faber
  • MSB
Guessed I missed this room.
  • Antal Audio Group
  • Adirondack Audio
  • Triangle Speakers
  • Tsakiridis Devices
  • Soulines
  • Suncoast Audio
  • Avantgarde Acoustic
  • Viva
  • Aurender
  • MSB
  • Shunyata Research
  • Critical Mass Systems
  • Suncoast Audio
  • Lumin Music
  • Magico
  • Luxman
  • Audioquest
  • Critical Mass
8th Floor
  • House of Stereo
  • Wolf Audio Systems
  • Technical Audio Devices (TAD)
  • Wireworld
  • House of Stereo
  • Bob Carver
  • Wolf Audio Systems
  • Audience Cables
  • KEF
Happily surprised the KEF Blade 2 was here (KEF not on list as its just what the dealer had). The worker was very open about how even though they have their $9K monoblock tube amps, they basically aren't selling any and their stereo one which was being used ($2750?) was selling so good its on backorder, and even said they see no benefit of balanced cabled for a normal home setup (basically saying they have it just for people that want).
  • Audio Advisors
  • Wilson Audio
  • Audio Research
  • VPI Industries
  • Critical Mass Systems
  • Transparent Cable
Again, the Wilson's sounded fine despite poor measured performance.
  • Audio Advisors
  • Harmon / Mark Levinson / JBL
  • Wilson Audio
  • Transparent Cable
The bass coming from the JBL L100's was so overpowering I almost couldn't stand it, but that likely was the track, as the next one was fine.
Also saw Gene (and I belive his wife) and Tony from Audioholics (Gene lives just a bit north from me) and also a few Stereophile reviewers there, one of the workers in one room playfully changed the music when one of the Stereophile reviewers walked in saying “I guess this is more your style.” and he said “I just walked into to the fucking room.”, which got a laugh.
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