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Weekly Roundup | GamingonPhone | Post #3

This week we have seen a variety of news in Mobile Gaming space, starting from Mobile esports championship to announcement of new titles to big updates for the big titles. So let us take a look at them!

News & Updates

Nove Esport won the Brawl Stars World Championship: The first-ever Brawl Star Championship happened during G-STAR 2019 in Busan, South Korea and Nova Esports became the first Brawl Stars World Champion. Full story here.
Brawlhalla Mobile coming soon: Another Ubisoft title is coming for mobile devices. During the Dream Hack Atlanta, the developers announced about the mobile version of Brawlhalla mobile version. Full story here.
Skylore open beta is now available: The popular MMORPG game is now available for beta testing in selected countries for a limited time. More info here.
Mobile Legends 2.0 arrived: Biggest update for Mobile Legends has arrived since its release. The game became much better and enjoyable. But there are more to expect. Read it here.
Supercell introduced Supercell Make: A great initiative to showcase the community creation by providing them a platform to unleash their creativity. It is available for Brawl STars now but they do plan to introduce other games as well. More info here.
Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 update has arrived: A big update for Call of Duty Mobile fans. Season 2 brought some most wanted features like Zombie mode, controller support etc. Read the complete changelog here.
PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 beta is here: A new beta version for PUBG Mobile. Snow in erangel, death race mode and more. Read the full details here.
AFK Arena 1.28 has arrived: The new update in AFK Arena has brought in a new hero named Talene, a new union and lots of fixes and improvements. More info here.
This week the dev banned 5000 accounts in PUBGM: Another week of cheater hunting and removal of over 5000 hunting. However, the interesting info is that the hackers are more inclined towards modifying game files than using aimbots. More info here.


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  • 5 Best F2P decks in Clash Royale. Read here.
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Interview cum review of Hexicon: Hexicon is an indie word puzzle strategy game. We had the chance to interview the developer and ask a few questions about the game while we reviewed the game. Read it here.
Clash Royale 2v2: Are they fair: The introduction of Pass Royale are actually affecting the F2P during the 2v2 challenges. So is there any way which Supercell could follow to fix? Read the exclusive insight by one of the regular 6k trophy holders. Click here.

Read the older weekly updates - #1 | #2
What do you think about these? Have something that we have missed? Do let us know in the comments!
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My two cents on Season 6. I really hope a developer reads this

Hi! Decent above-average player here. I'm seriously worried about the actual state of the game right now. To be clear: This is not a rant post in the first place, although I'm very surprised on how things got handled this season. Just my thoughts on a couple of things. It's going to be a long post. TL;DR at the end. And sorry for my english, it's not my native language.
Ever since this season started I wondered how this whole diced up new meta would affect me in my style to play. Long answer short: I'm really worried about the overall balance in this game.
The new TTK is quite a good move to give random squads a decent chance to outplay premade or better coordinated squads. It's not the change of it, I'm worried about the most, but the fact, that Respawn did not quite think this whole thing through is actually sad. Some points:

  • The new Devotion/Volt Meta: This is going way beyond my tolerance of how this game tries to "balance" things up. Especially since I met at least 2 Squads, obviously premade, in every. single. game I've played so far. Abusing this combo, paired up as a squad of Rampart, Wattson and Caustic, hiding in safe spots, sourrounded by their special abbilties, playing scrims like every pub-match would be a 5-Mio-$-Tournament.
  • The TTK: I actually welcome the idea of lowering the TTK to be honest. I also think it's a great idea that you guys removed the 'usual' shields and replaced them with Evos plus lowered the overall health. I also like the idea of powering up your shield right from the start. Sadly, the overall TTK clashes extremely when you face a squad or a single enemy who's holding an energy weapon or mastiff. The weapon balancing needs to be addressed and changed a bit.
  • Rampart: I don't know man.. Imo she's most certainly an absolute S-Tier MONSTER. While Revenant, Crypto, Loba, Mirage and Octane were meh from the start, she's the complete opposite. Ridiculously strong in any way you can think of. Her amped shields and the short time to load up her ultimate makes me want to puke, every time I'm facing someone who picked her. There aren't many reasons left, to pick other chars than the ones who are really strong in defending an area when a rampart is on your squad. Bloodhound seems to be some kind of little exception here. What's the point of having 14 characters in your roster, when like more than 50% aren't really viable anymore. Considering the change in the TTK, her ultimate-ability is way too strong not just in certain situations, but almost any time.
  • Bloodhound: Nice buff. Not. Litterally the new definition of overpowered. You don't even need to be 'good' to play him right, beeing able to tell your squadmates where the enemies are, while beeing in his ulti. Like every 6 seconds. 6 Seconds!!! Jeeesus. S-Tier in endgame aswell.
  • Pathfinder: Bye friend! He became a running gag, somehow. Still ok-ish if you're lucky enough to scan at least 2-3 beacons per match, but you guys must have had a good laugh, when you decided to give him this 'buff' under the circumstance of scanning beacons first. Give him at least a 25-28 second cooldown right from the start and make him a bit more viable again. Consider it: You nerfed his grapple gun for 20 seconds, two seasons ago. I'm asking for a 5-7 less seconds cooldown.
  • Bangalore: Maybe just my opinion, but she deserves an ultimate that goes off faster. If I throw her rolling thunder, I can book a flight to Columbia, go to a gas station to buy a pack of cigarettes, fly back to my place in Germany and then it goes off, while the enemy team is on the other side of the map.
  • Wraith: She left a void in the roster. You put it there! Don't you guys at Respawn think, that Wraith became nothing but a bad joke over time? She was literally your poster-girl. Are you aware that you can't really Q-away with the new TTK, while facing someone with a Volt/Devotion in their hands? I know, playing her needs a certain level of skill - especially nowadays - but her Q takes AGES to release. You are literally dead, the second you press Q while facing an opponent. That's sad, I liked to pick her. She lost almost every point of taking her now, except for the tryhards with 50k kills or some popular streamers. But these guys aren't your whole community. There are lots of better chars in the roaster now and her tactical became kinda useless.
  • Crafting: This is actually really interessting and gives the game a good drive into another direction. Restricting certain weapons and modifications for a timed period is somehow exciting. I don't get, why people are getting marked when crafting, but ok, I can deal with this, I guess.
  • RNG: There are still lots of games where you land on a kinda popular spot and find nothing but a Mozambique or P2020 and no shield, while the first team is hunting your ass down with purple bodyarmors, mastiff and stuff... If that happens too often, you get the feeling that your decision making on landing in certain areas is doomed for some reason... I don't know how to describe this further or more detailed. It just happed to me way too often in S5. Let's just hope for better times in this season.
  • Servers/overall Client-stability: New season, same performance situation. Ok, I'm done asking for better servers with a higher tick-rate. But could you guys just please make sure, that servers and clients are running as intended? I've been kicked twice in a row yesterday in ranked on pc, while trying to re-rank myself into diamond. I had the "EA Servers are unavailable"-error. Couldn't reconnect, so I had to restart the client. Useless to say that I took two abandoned-penalties while I was placed 3/20 in one match and 6/20 in the other, with a positive score in both games, not many points needed to get into plat II. Nah... wipe the scoreboard, delete the points, give me my time penalty.Wasn't even my fault. Came back into the lobby just to find this nice little message that told me to go fuck myself for 10 respectively 20 minutes...
  • Ghost-Hits/No-Regs: They're back. I had a couple of no-regs with the 301 and the Wingman. Also witnessed it in some streams yesterday by some popular german streamers who wanted to try the new season. Not sure though if it's the overpopulated servers, client sync errors or what not, but this issue seems to be back somehow...
  • Cheaters: I think I can speak for the whole pc-community here, by asking nicely to give us a short information about how you intend to manage with cheaters? I haven't met any for the last two days, as far as I can tell, but I can guarantee you, they'll get a comeback. As they always did. For more than 5 seasons now. Those cheating platforms on the internet will release new or updated wallhacks/aimbots/all-in-one-combos to make legit players wanna stop playing ranked sessions in the higher tiers. Please don't be like Infinity Ward and ask people nicely not to cheat, but do something instead. People who play Valorant accepted an absolute invasive anti-cheat system and although Valorant also had some cheaters, they aren't a real 'problem'. Valorant is also free-to-play. Me personally wouldn't mind a two-factor-authentification or some sort of other idea, as long as it works and keeps most of the cheaters out of the game. It's been a long time since Apex Legends started, but I feel like most of us will face the facts AGAIN, that cheaters will keep the upper hand. For the sixth season in a row. Except you guys finally take some more responsibility in banning cheaters once and for all.
  • SBMM: Needless to say there won't be any kind of tweaks to it, am I right? I mean, it's one thing to have SBMM in a ranked mode - I'd totally agree with that. But dealing with SBMM on pubs, where sometimes the first squad you're facing wipes the floor with your ass is a real demotivating factor. I don't even get, why there won't be any kind of tweaks made to that? Can't count the amount of games I've been matched with players below level 50 while I'm 304. Most of these poor guys can't stand a chance at all. They aren't even aware of how to play a lifeline or shoot a damn gun... Going solo in pubs was the most frustrating thing in the previous seasons.
  • Audio Engine: I don't know about the majority of other players about this topic but to me, and lots of my friends, the Audio in this game is totally broken. I don't know how many headsets and sound cards I have to test, but I am not able to hear footsteps in some situations from literally 3 meters behind me.
Yah. That's pretty much it.

TL;DR: There is no balance to the force Some chars are way too op, others became useless. TTK and crafting are ok overall, but there are things to be taken care of - balancing-wise or certain tac-abilitites f.e. RNG still feels weird Server-/Clientperformance also feels weird from time to time. Ghost-Hits are still an issue! Cheaters will be an issue, as soon as their damn hacks get upgraded for this season, I guess? SBMM should be re-arranged/tweaked, maybe even realigned so that you won't get matched with lvl 30-50 players while beeing 250level above them?! Audio Engine is still broken. No footsteps on pathfinder and some other legends.
Thx for reading, have a wonderful day.
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