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[OC] Any FMA fans over here?? I recreated another MTG card inspired in FullMetal Alchemist! I really like the style of Al's armor and I think it matched with this card! Hope you like it!!

[OC] Any FMA fans over here?? I recreated another MTG card inspired in FullMetal Alchemist! I really like the style of Al's armor and I think it matched with this card! Hope you like it!! submitted by barbaramachadoart to magicTCG

Respect Izumi Curtis (Fullmetal Alchemist manga/Brotherhood)

Spoilers to follow.

Izumi Curtis

“When someone asks, I usually say, ‘I’m a housewife.’ Call me old-fashioned. But today, I’m feeling a little sassy. I’m an alchemist!!!!!”
Izumi Curtis is an alchemist and the teacher of Edward and Alphonse Elric. She runs a butcher shop in Dublith with her husband, Sig. Years ago, Izumi attempted to resurrect her stillborn child via human transmutation, which resulted in her losing parts of her internal organs. However, she gained the ability to use alchemy without a transmutation circle, simply by clapping her hands together. Izumi can be caring, but is also extremely hot-tempered.
Feats marked [18] take place when Izumi is eighteen years old (before she lost her organs). Feats marked [Full Power] take place after an artificial limit on alchemy in Amestris is removed, increasing the power of transmutations (manga, Brotherhood).
Alchemy Manga Anime
Forms a stone hand from a wall that pushes two people into another wall and makes a shallow crater Link
Makes a stone fist from wet ground that knocks away young Ed and Al Link
Makes a huge fist inside a building that knocks Sloth into a wall, then makes a door in the fist Link
Makes a small wall with spikes Link
Breaks open a pair of doors Link
Breaks a door off its frame (though this could also just be strength) Link
Blasts away some artificial soldiers Link
Creates a metal-tipped spear from a wall Link
Makes a pair of swords from stone Link
Makes a large crossbow out of stone and fires it Link Link
Raises a huge wall to hold back a flooding river Link Link
Creates a tunnel to let soldiers into Central Command Link Link
Softens part of Greed’s hard carbon skin Link
[Full Power] Breaks a large stone pillar Link
[Full Power] Launches spike-tipped chains from the floor Link
[Full Power] Raises a stone arm up many stories, carrying herself and Mustang Link Link
[Full Power] Makes a curved wall around Father Link Link
[Full Power] Makes a large pipe flail around Link
Strength Manga Anime
[18] Incapacitates a soldier by chopping his shoulder Link
[18] Judo throws a bear Link
[18] Carries a bear over her shoulder Link
[18][Possible Gag Feat] Makes a building shake with her attacks Link
Knocks over some men Link
Knocks a man over by hitting him with her sandal Link
Sends some mannequin soldiers flying Link Link
Kicks Greed into a wall, making a crater Link
Kicks Ed far away into a wall, breaking off stones Link Link
Flips Alphonse Link Link
Flips a bed over while recuperating Link
Throws a man into Al Link
Throws a man into Ed, making a crater in a wall Link
Throws a knife into an apparently concrete wall Link Link
Throws Sloth, partly using his own momentum Link Link
Swings young Ed and Al around with one arm Link
[Possible Gag Feat] Sends young Ed flying higher than rooftops Link Link
[Possible Gag Feat] Sends young Ed and Al flying high Link
Fighting Skill Manga Anime
[18] Fights a wolf and then a stag Link
Easily fights and defeats young Ed and Al while reading a book Link Link
Can use a spear Link
Fights with two swords Link
Throws a knife to Sig without looking Link Link
Can tell that Al’s armor is empty and Ed has mechanical limbs by sparring with them Link Link
Durability Manga Anime
[18] Gets up after bumping into a tree and having a big pile of snow fall on her Link
Gets slammed to the floor by Father Link Link
Is caught in Father’s beam attack, which destroyed much of a large building, and survives due to being partially shielded by Hohenheim Link Link 1, link 2, link 3
After the above, withstands an energy burst from Father that breaks Ed’s mechanical arm Link
Gets knocked back by another energy burst than leaves a crater in the ground, and is on her feet after a little while Link 1, link 2
Speed Manga Anime
[18] Outruns and catches a rabbit Link
[18] Incapacitates two soldiers before they can use their guns Link
Attacks some henchmen before they can react Link
Quickly covers a distance to intercept some artificial soldiers, and moves her arms as blurs Link
Seems to attack faster than eyesight (or this could be some kind of air alchemy) Link
Reacts to Sloth’s charge, and in the manga, appears to move as a blur Link Link
* At his fastest, Sloth moves too fast for the eye to follow Link Link
Accomplishments Manga Anime
[18] Survived in the Briggs Mountains for a month in the winter and killed a bear Link Link
[18] Stole supplies from Briggs soldiers for a month without being caught Link Link
[18] Either defeats or scares off six wolves using a knife Link
Defeated several of Greed’s chimeras, including Dolcetto and Roa, offscreen Link
Fights a group of armed Briggs soldiers mostly offscreen Link Link
Illness Manga Anime
Sometimes throws up blood when she exerts herself Link Link
Occasionally leads to her being bedridden Link Link
Is apparently able to vomit blood at will Link
Hohenheim heals her partially, improving her blood flow and breathing Link Link
submitted by LambentEnigma to respectthreads

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