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Light of the World

Keel'vereth stared at his supervisor. "What's with the human station? They've got all their lights on."
"Navigation lights are normal on a space station, youngling. You know that."
"No, I mean ALL their lights. Navigation, searchlights, scanners, fusion torches, thermal nodes, even the anti-asteroid laser arrays are powered up and glowing."
"You're kidding." Zuk'tremmel hauled his feathered bulk off the chair. "Hmm. I've never seen anything like it. Wait let me call Ju'karth."
Ju'karth answered the call bleary-eyed. "What's going on?"
Zuk'tremmel rapidly explained. "So you see, we're not sure why the humans are doing this. If there was an attack expected, they should be calling us. If there's a drill, likewise. ... Do you think it could be a coup?"
"Wait one, let me check the date..... Ah, that's all right, nothing to worry."
"You two are new to this sector, right?"
"We've worked with humans before, sir." Zuk'tremmel drew himself up to his full height. "I served with the Sixth Fleet when they were partnered with the human soldiers during the liberation of Delta Tau."
"I'm not doubting that, Zuk. You've worked with their soldiers, but not their civilians, right?"
"Only a little, sir."
"So you know about human religious practice?"
Zuk'tremmel nodded. "They have a god who hands out gifts on one day a year."
".... Zuk'tremmel, how many religions do the humans have?"
"Sir? Every species has one religion. That's well known."
"Not the humans. They have more than sixty."
".... That's not possible." Keel'vereth winced. "Every species goes through the phase of religious schism, then civil war, then unity, then a common view of the faith, and finally the separation of church and state."
"Well, the humans never did the third step. Or the fourth. They had plenty of religious wars, though."
"... and they survived them?"
"Yes, they did. One of the festivals is they celebrate is called the Festival of Lights. Ignore it."
The two nodded. "As you say, sir."
Half an hour later, Keel'vereth spoke up again.
"There's something off about this, you know."
"I remember the humans we served with. Most belonged to the church of the red suit and the cross."
"Some of them call their temples churches. I used to think it's multiple words for the same thing, now it turns out it's different types of temples for different religions."
"You really don't have enough work, tech."
"I can monitor the scanners and search online at the same time. Don't tell me you don't want to know. Boss."
Zuk'tremmel sighed. "Fine, you got me curious. what did you learn?"
"Apparently the faith that actually celebrates this is only one eighth of their total population. So why would the whole station be lit up?"
"That's a good point. Did you find out why?"
"No, I couldn't."
Zuk'tremmel sighed. "You know I really hate doing this...."
"It's eating you up inside, isn't it?"
"Yes, dammit. Wait. I'll call her."
".... Her?"
"You'll see. Computer, place a call to Senior Technician Mikaela Barnes in the human station."
Keel'vereth gave a quizzical look. "Barnes?"
"A friend. We served together."
"...Did you now."
"Don't look at me like that. They think we look like oversized poultry, you know?"
"I've always thought they look like hairless gorchim."
"Don't tell her that please...."
The screen lit up with a white-uniformed human female. "Zuk! How are you, you big ol' turkey?"
"Shiny, Mikaela. You are well, I hope?"
"Yeah. It's Diwali here, so we're celebrating."
"Ah, yes. A most curious custom. I was not aware that you subscribed to the faith of the many gods?"
(Keel'vereth reflected that perhaps he was not the only one who'd been searching online.)
"Oh, this isn't a religious festival. Well, it is, but that's not the only thing we celebrate."
"I am most curious about how all of you celebrate."
"It's a bit of a long story. You know about Earth's First Contact war?"
"Didn't the Gyrfalc tried to invade you?"
"Ten of their warships. Back then we didn't have a space navy. Heck, we had trouble getting into orbit reliably.
"The Gryflac attacked us out of nowhere. Space based artillery, taking out our satellites and hitting our cities. Demands for gold, uranium and slaves. We had no starships, no battle stations.... just one International Space Station with zero weapons, a Space Force that consisted of ten unarmed shuttles, and a bunch of missiles.
"What we did have was a lot of brave pilots. Air forces acroos the world with hundreds of jet fighters. And a bunch of mad rocketheads sitting in Bangalore who figured out a quick-and-dirty way to convert a jet fighter to a rocket fighter.
"It was an insane, harebrained idea. But somehow they made it work, and when the ten Gyrfalc destroyers came close enough, the Earth based air forces launched whatever they had converted.
"The 389th Thunderbolts, the 493rd Grim Reapers, Number 18 Flying Bullets and Number Three Squadron. Sixty-three converted fighters with maybe four to six missiles each, barely able to scratch Gyrfalc armor."
"... That is insane. How did they survive?"
"Mostly, they didn't. The Battle of the Moon is something that's taught to all our people, a moment in history which changed the world.
"You can see the recordings of the battle if you want, but the long and short of it is - after killing the ten Gyrfalc starships, all of the fighters had been destroyed. Fifty-four of the pilots had died, and the nine survivors were the ones who had ejected before their craft blew up. Or in Squadron Leader Parashuram's case, ejected from their burning fighter, fought through the belly of an enemy starship, and then escaped from THAT into deep space.
"The thing is, somewhere along the line the ECM pulses had fried their comms. So we knew the pilots were out there, floating in space, and with no way to find their way home.
"Space is big. You can get oriented the wrong way and totally lost. It's also dark and cold, and in the suits we used back then, if the pilots didn't get back to the International Space Station within ten hours, they would die.
"So that November 14th, the ISS crew lit up every light on the station. They turned it into a blaze of light, made it shine brighter than any star, even as their batteries ran down doing it.
"Parashuram saw it, and remembered. Diwali is the festival of lights among our people, meant to guide our heroes home.
"And it's in memory of that day, every year, that we light the stations of our people to serve as a beacon to bring the lost home."
Barnes smiled. "Happy Diwali, Zuk'tremmel."
Keel'vereth could swear that he saw a smile upon his supervisor's face. "Thank you, Mikaela Barnes. Happy Diwali."
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Amulya Leona face of Anti Caa protests in Bangalore chants Pakistan Zindabad in the presence of Aimim chief owaisi.

Amulya Leona face of Anti Caa protests in Bangalore chants Pakistan Zindabad in the presence of Aimim chief owaisi. submitted by pistagasagasa to Chodi

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