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ACID Music Studio is the perfect tool for loop-based music creation, audio recording, MIDI production, effects processing, and studio-quality mixing. Output for PC, HD and 4K video, mobile devices. Acid Studio free download - ACID Pro, FL Studio, Free Studio, and many more programs.

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You can rely on ACID Music Studio to capture from any. Average: 0/5] SONY ACID Music Studio adalah sebuah software Audio Editor yang telah dirancang khusus untuk dapat membantu anda mengedit lagu dengan sangat mudah, dan buat anda yang pemula pun bahkan yang sudah amatir dapat menggunakan software ini. This latest ACID program of music studio grants you full options with amazing, useful functions.

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With built-in tutorials to guide you. MAGIX ACID Music Studio ACID Pro 10 is a DAW powerhouse that combines full multitrack recording and mixing, MIDI sequencing, and looping functionality for a seamless studio production environment. Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Software Cameo serial code maker.

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Amazon.com: Sony ACID Music Studio 10 [Download]: Software https://delovoysoz.ru/crack/?key=76. Free Downloads: special delay, Bit- and Rate-Reducer, Tube guitar amp, waveshaping, Tube guitar amp, 8 bands frequencies cutter, Stereo Expansion, simple vocoder, Loudness Meter, Virtual preamp, Artificial Double Tracking, parametric equalizer, Reverb, Guitar amp software, Equalizer, Guitar Gear Simulation, Guitar suite, amplitude modulation, Delay, Warp and morph, Delay, Multi-effects. ACID Music Studio helps you get started in loop-based music production.

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MAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 14.0.56 + PATCH, MAGIX SOUND. Frequently Asked Questions. Thank you for using our software portal.

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Which combines MIDi sequencing and looping for a reliable studio production environment. Acid music studio 10.0 keygen for mac. To do so, all you need to do is connect your microphone or device to your soundcard and click on 'record' to start capturing audio and MIDI.

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Magix Acid Music Studio 10.0 Crack + Serial Keygen Free Download Magix Acid Music Studio 10.0 Crack is a DAW powerhouse that combines full multitrack recording and mixing, MIDI sequencing, and looping functionality for. Free acid music studio 8.0 download (Windows). ACID Music Studio 9.0.

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Sony All Products Multikeygen 2.8 Keygen and Patch Only extra resources. Create, share, and burn your own music on CDs. ACID Music Studio 9.0 ACID Music Studio 8.0 See all.

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It's easy: Simply drop a beat on the Timeline and begin. ACID Music Studio is a feature-rich software application designed for song creation, live recording, professional mixing, and processing of effects. ACID Music Studio 11 - Free download and software reviews.

I Was Almost Murdered

I had just turned 19 (I am currently in my 30's) and was trying to live life to the fullest. When I was growing up my Mom was super protective and at times extremely overbearing. I was never allowed to go to typical hangouts that the kids my age would frequent. I would say from a small child to at least 16 I spent most of my weekends indoors or in the confinement of my small Upstate,New York suburban neighborhood. At 16 I was allowed out on weekends but only if my brother who is 3 years older than me basically babysat me.I would have to tag along with my brother and his friends who were much older than him. I didn't mind, getting out of the house and exploring activities at night was a new experience for me and was a bit liberating not being cooped up in the house. I guess one could say I was a pretty sheltered kid/teenager most of my life. All this comes into play.
Fast forward to when I turned 18. My mother finally let me get my driver's permit and few weeks later I was able to get my driver's license. I guess she realized at 18, she couldn't keep that much control over my freedom. I would go to work, pick up anyone who needed a ride and make any excuse not to come home. Having my car meant the absolute ultimate freedom. It wasn't long after this, roughly about a year later I started to fall into a group of troubled kids. I guess you can say they were the ones society called degenerates and bums. Most of them had a lot of very apparent mental disorders. Couldn't hold any jobs. Most of them had a felony or a run in with the law. The only consistent thing with them was the copious amounts of random drugs or whatever they could get their hands on that particular night. I fit right in their little group of misfits, mostly because I was their personal chauffer majority of the time. Boy did that get old real quick. It wasn't long after I started to dabble into drugs myself. I found myself smoking pot almost every night with my new friends. We were the ones literally driving around, drinking beers, smoking weed and blasting our music at 2am and beyond and not giving a single f*ck about any authority figures or anything for that matter. There were times were I had to elude the police at very high speeds so I didn't get a DUI or my car searched. It became such a rush doing that. I became a certified Badass. Or should I say a certified dumbass in such a short amount of time. It wasn't long after that we started getting into more of the harder stuff (ex: Ecstacy,MDMA,Acid etc)
All this leads us up to the morning in question. This event literally changed my life. This shook me to my very core. In literally one year, I became a very sheltered teenager to a very cocky, invincible and drug infused-naive little shit. If you have made it this far into my story. Sit back and enjoy the shit show I am able to tell.
It was a very foggy, wet and humid August morning. Above as I mentioned, I am from Upstate, New York. If you want to get a sense of what Upstate,New York is like. Woods, lots and lots of Woods,backroads and creepy winding woodland roads. After coming down from a night of tripping off Psilocybin, or what people call them "magic mushrooms" my friends, for the sake of the story I shall name them Dave and Ray. Dave was a very tall and lanky and slightly balding red headed man. He was what I call the Faux Alpha of the group. He was aggressive and intimidating and just all around kind of a douche bag. Ray on the other hand was the complete opposite. He was a genuinely nice guy, average build and the "pretty boy" of the group. His problem was always getting arrested for petty stuff. Violating his probation and small things like that. This also comes into play as to why we couldn't get the authorities involved. So at about 7am, just as the sun is starting to rise. All of us have now been up all night and coming down from the excessive tripping from the mushrooms that same night. If anyone who hasn't done magic mushrooms. The day after is brutal. Your brain is literally running on auto pilot. Common sense apparently is nonexistent. Your literally in a zombie-like state.
As I am driving, none of my friends or I are conversating. It was a pretty quiet ride. Which is to be expected after having a crazy "out of your mind" experience that same night. We are all just puffing on our cigarettes and just taking in the morning light. After about an hour of driving on the deeply wooded road and with no destination planned out. I see Dave perk up in the corner of my eye in the passenger seat. He taps my shoulder excitedly and says 'Hey man look over there, there's a random girl walking. Let's give her a ride"
Me being generous by nature. I thought there wouldn't be any harm honestly seeing if this girl needs a ride or needs help. As I approached her I slowed my car down on the quiet, heavily wooded road. We had not seen a single car or even a house in at least 20 minutes. So I wasn't in any real harm or danger slowing my car down. At first glance of this girl. She seemed young but also mature looking. Like a face that has been through some hardships. She appeared to be in her early to middle 20's, amber colored hair that was backlit by the sun and oddly enough dressed kind of casual. Like someone would dress going to brunch or a nice restaurant. Dave rolls down the window and says "Hey there! Good morning. My friends and I saw you walking. And we wanted to know if you needed a ride some where"
She then turned her body towards my car and I then saw a 8 inch wooden and metal cross with jesus crucified dangling around her neck. I thought to myself "of all people wandering in the deep woods, it's a damn bible pusher" seeing how I saw the humor in this situation. I knew any chance of my friend hooking up with her dramatically went down. Just then, In a excited tone she squeals with this almost adorable but sinister grin on her face she says "God Bless you gentlemen. I asked the good lord to turn my tired legs into wheels and he must of sent you handsome men to the rescue. God is good"
Without any hesitation she opens my back passenger door and sits directly next to my friend Ray. He is awkward and shy around her right off the bat. As I put my car into drive, I adjusted my rearview mirror so it's fixated on her face. I ask her "um where do you need to go??" She says "If you gentlemen don't mind, you can bring me to my house, I would be most gracious" I said "uh no problem, just let me know where to go, seeing that I have no idea where I am (keep in mind. This was way before GPS and Google maps, I just had a shitty flip phone with no service)
With the rearview mirror directly fixated on her eyes with a now dark and sinister expression on her face she asks "You guys are so silly (fake chuckle) Does anyone even know where you even are?" Seeing how this was a oddly unnerving question almost in unison my friends say "no" and I am the odd one out saying "yes" and then going along with my friends say "well..no" she excitedly says "You guys must be really hungry, when we get to my house, y'all can come in and I'll fix you something good to eat". Just then my stomach churns and makes this internal groaning sound when you're so hungry anything sounds good. I look directly look at her and say "uh yea, well see" she then throws a evil scorn my way and is not directly looking at me through my rearview mirror. I am not going to lie, it was extremely unnerving.
After about 20 mins of going down random roads and just endless woods. She yells "ok in about 20 feet my driveway is coming up. It's very hidden. And I'm warning you guys now. It's at least a quarter mile long" As I approached her dirt drive way. The trees were so old and dense it almost acted like a complete sun blocker. It was so dark I had to put my high beams on. Let me tell you, she wasn't kidding when she said her driveway was long. I was honestly surprised to find this random beautiful two story house literally in the middle of the woods. As I parked my car, the first thing I noticed was how eerily quiet it was. I asked her "um do you live her by yourself. Are we going to wake anyone up" she said "My mom isn't home, she went to early mass, please come in"
With the thought of food in my head. My stomach was louder than the thoughts in my head to leave. And we all started following to her front door. Once she opened her door. She said for us to sit down and the table outside the kitchen with the stools. Looking around her house, it looks like it hasn't been updated since the 70's. Very Brady Bunch-esk. It literally felt like I was in a movie studio set and they precisely nailed the 1970s down to the T. But anyways, she then busted out a family sized version of Macaroni and Cheese and placed it in the oven. She said "I am sorry, I wasn't expecting any guests I hope this is enough for you guys. Should be ready in 30-45 minutes. For the next 30 minutes we tried to make small talk with her. For some reason I must of rubbed her the wrong way but she would randomly glance over at me and just not say a word. Just literally look at me for 2-3 minutes straight without blinking and just give me this cold expressionless face. About 40 minutes go by and she asks us "How old are you guys?" We say our ages. "19" 19" "20" she then says creepily "I bet you guy's would love some wine?!" Excitedly we all say "Hell yea! That would be awesome!!" Just then she goes inside her fridge. And about 10-15 seconds later pulls out a labeless glass craft of wine and pours us each a glass. I didn't really question at the time why she wasn't enjoying a glass of wine but then again it was pretty damn early in the morning.
After each of us finish a glass of wine each, without asking or a pause she fills up our glasses and keeps topping us off. After the buzzer alarm goes off on the stove she pulls out this amazing looking pan of frozen mac and cheese. But it actually doesn't look half that bad. About midplate I felt this immediate uneasy feeling in my body. I put it off as the wine and the no sleep and it being about 8 something am in the morning. Just then in the corner of my eye. I see this car pull in the driveway. It's her mother.. it now dawned on me the awkwardness of the situation that we are in. And I'm not sure how this is going to play out. As the mother gets out of her car she directly looks at my car and realizes she now has some uninvited guests in her house at 8am. I very fastly chugged the 2nd glass of wine and said "Hey, I think your mom is home, can I have another glass real quick" she has this awkward but mysterious grin on her face and says "of course you can, drink up quick and don't waste it" just as she finished pouring my glass her mom aggressively opens the door and looks at her daughter and says "Now what in the hell is going on in MY HOUSE" she furiously says. The daughter then says. "Mother. This is no way to act in front of our new guest's" the Mother is scanning us fiercely and I awkwardly bury my face in the glass of wine and the first thing she does is throws her purse down and comes over to us and immediately takes away the wines glasses from us and just throws them all in the sink. When she took the glasses away, I was mid sip. As the glasses smash into pieces and tiny projectiles in the sink she looks at her daughter and says "What the fuck are you thinking. I told you to never give anyone THAT WINE!!!" She hysterically yells to her daughter. The daughter then says "But Mother our guests were thirsty"
After the Mother and Daughter continue to fight I tried innocently to intervene. And said "Ma'am. I know how this might look, let me explain. My friends and I had seen your daughter walking on a sketchy road and offered her a ride. Your daughter was nice enough to offer us a bite to eat and we were going to head out after" the Mother looks at me and says " I want you and your friends OUT OF MY FUCKING HOUSE NOW!!!" She starts shrieking. Just then the Daughter pulls the mom into another room and they are going at it. I mean they are just yelling at each other. I hear things like "We just got away with (inaudible)" and also "And you give them that wine are you crazy" while trying to eavesdrop and also look at my friends and start mouthing "we have to go.. now" my friends look at me equally scared and Ray says. "Bro I want to get the hell out of here but I can't feel my legs. I think they are asleep" my other friend Dave says "Bro I think she put something in that wine. My whole body is numb. This wasn't just wine" I guess me being bigger in size and more meat on me, I had only felt a moderate amount of numbness. It was almost like the feeling you get when you're on the toilet doing your buisess and you're 30 mins deep in reddit stories and you try to get up off the toilet and you have to wait for the blood to return back to your leg to regain feeling. It was like that. But the feeling didn't immediately come back. If anything. My body felt like it was starting to get early stages of paralysis. I knew then that if we didn't leave, all three of us would be completely immobilized. With the biggest thrust and everything I had, I was to pick myself up. My friend Dave was also able to get himself up as well. But Ray, was unable to get himself up. So Dave and Me reached grabbed his pant leg above the knee and carried him off the stool. It was this moment I realized the gravity of the situation. This was never about the wine. The mom was just not only upset she about the wine. Something more sinister was going on. This went from a awkward situation to a legit horror movie plot.
All of a sudden the Mom and Daughter stop yelling at each other because I'm guessing they heard the stools being moved around and the commotion going on as we are trying to leave. And the Daughter flies down the flight of stairs and sees us heading out, literally carrying our friend out. And angrily says "Now where the fuck do you guys think you're going ??" This seemingly soft spoken, 8 inch wooden cross wearing child of God became demonic real quick. I said "Um we are just getting some air and maybe have a cigarette" she then says furiously "Y'all can't leave. I haven't even showed you the best part. You can't leave!!" She cries out. Just then she goes in front of us and is now blocking the front door. This 120 pound female thinks she's going to stop my 250 pound, big frame. I told her "Ma'am please get out of our way. We just want to leave" she then laughs In a way I never saw coming she said "You fools, Once you came in you were never going to leave, this is Gods plan" I had the most epic "Oh hell naww" rage in me build up. I had one more burst of energy left in me and before she should even react I dropped my friend Ray and did a Adam Sandler in The Water Boy charge at her. Instantly crushing her against the door. We both fall to the ground. I tell my friend Dave to get him and Ray to the car while I keep this now crazy lunatic of a bitch at bay. I would never in a million years ever hurt a female. But the gloves were off. My heart was pounding in my chest as more of this poisoned wine was now coursing through my veins. I can feel my body just want to collapse. But adrenaline is some crazy stuff man. As I'm rolling with her on the ground in her livingroom, she's shrieking like a crazed banshee and is trying to claw my face. I was able to get in a few shots that seemed to stun her and attempted to get myself back up and in my car to get the hell out of this horror freak show. As I'm trying to leave her mom is screaming at her saying "Cassandra, Just let them go, let them go" the daughter said in a snarling kind of voice "No I want him, the others can leave" as I'm now on my feet she is trying to pull me back inside from the opened door. Back into her fucked up, twisted Brady bunch looking house. Under normal circumstances she wouldn't of been able to get the upper hand on me but I can feel my numbed body actually get manipulated back inside. The only thing I can do at this point is to grab this weird black looking globe-paperweight that is on this retro looking shelf and with a heavy wack and came down hard on her head. I honestly just wanted to stun her. But I guess it wasn't enough.
She was still proceeding to pull me back inside and I raised my arms above my head and came down like Thor has briefly taken over my body. She stops trying to pull me inside and almost immediately this fountain of blood just pours from her head. She looks at me extremely stunned. And with her teeth now stained in blood she gasps "This was Gods Will" and I said "No you're just a crazy fucking bitch" and she collapses almost immediately after that. I fly down her outside staircase, fumble around to get my car guys together. My friends jump in the car and in within a few seconds I am leaving this crazy womans driveways and just drive until I recognize where I am.
Now I can could end the story here but there is a ending. After we got out of that horrible situation. We all go to the safest spot we know. Our nightly hangout spot. A very secured spot near the river where we all go to get away from the world. We all end up passing out in my car. Whether it's from the sleep deprivation or the spiked wine. We easily were passed out for at least 14 hours.
Just then we were awoken by a knock from outside my car. I am literally laying in a pool of my own sweat. My heart is thumping because I am thinking it's this crazy girl and she found us. Just then my car door opens opens only to reveal it's our other friend Sean. Sean looks at us and says "None of you guys picked up your phones like you normally do" so I figured you guys were down here by the river" he says. And then takes a better look at us and says "damn fellas. You guys look like shit... I didn't mean to scare you guys.. come outside. I'll get a fire going and pack a bowl to smoke. After we mentally gathered ourselves we made our way to the roaring fire. It's warm glow gave me a little comfort. And the weed helped me relaxed. A good 30 minutes goes by and none of us has spoken a word. And then Sean breaks the silence and says "Alright guys, what the hell is going on. You are all acting strange"
My friend Ray starts saying in almost a broken sentence almost at the verge of crying says"We gave girl a ride. The wine. Something was in the wine. I couldn't walk" Sean looks at us and says "What the hell are y'all talking about" I said in a aggressive like tone "We picked up this really crazy bitch on the side of the road. Went back to her house. She gave us wine with something in it. Her mom comes home. All hell breaks loose. I barely got out"
He starts looking at all of us Nervously. Sean says "where was this" we all said "I think around the (town name taken out for anonymity) " he starts to visually get upset. "Was her name Cassandra" since I was the only one who heard her name I go to him and say "Now how in the fuck did you know that" he looks at the fire and a lump forms in his throat. "I use to live next to her. 1 drive way over. I was 8 and she was 15. She would terrorize me. She would try and get me to do things to her. Her mom found out. She told her mom I was the one being weird. Few years later. She took my cat and took out all his organs and laid them out in my backyard for me to see. My parents thought it was coyotes. She also poisoned my dog. He came in one night throwing up blood. When I was 12 she tried to rape me. I got home from school and she tried to get in my house. That's when I took my Fathers shotgun and smacked her in the head with the butt of it... we moved a few weeks later.. she is absolutely insane"
I go to him "Sean. This girl had a 8 inch cross around her neck. What in the hell"
He paused. Sighs and takes a deep breath. "Guy's when you saw her this morning. She was walking to go visit her brother"
I say "that's random, so what " he goes "You don't understand... her brother is in the Prison next town over" They found two bodies at their house, they were murdered, poisoned I think.. her brother took the fall for his sister and is serving two life sentences"
"You want to know why she wears the cross... the devil comes in many different disguises.."
To this day that comment resonates in my brain. I am not religious but it does make sense.. to the crazy woman and her Mother in Upstate,New York... let's never meet again.
submitted by KingVikings85 to LetsReadOfficial

Festival of Fire | Bahamas NF (#15)

Festival of Fire

Hello, and welcome to Nassau for the very first Bahamian national final! Since our debut in the ninth edition we have been through thick and thin (mostly thin), but we’ve had a blast being continuously robbed. And now, after selecting six entries internally, it’s finally time to lend a hand to the people of RSC and help us decide our entry. You, my dear friends, are now welcome to take part and help create Bahamian history. Hopefully this festival will be organized better than last year.
For this NF we will be taking a look at one of the most overlooked genres in RSC. Despite being the most popular genre in the mainstream at the moment, rap and hiphop entries have been few and far between in the contest. Even rap verses have been difficult to come by! So we have invited some of the greatest artists alive and some of the most promising up-and-comers to come and perform for us. It’s time to shut down Soundcloud and ignite the spark, because it’s time to party!
Let’s check out our line-up!


Promo cover // Music video
Best boyband since One Direction
The LA-based, internet-formed collective, or the «internet’s first boy band» as they call themselves, consists at the time of writing of 14 members, ranging from vocalists, directors, producers, photographers and designers. Led by Kevin Abstract, the members were recruited from a Kanye West fan forum in the early 2010’s and were initially known as AliveSinceForever. After a 2015 rebrand to BROCKHAMPTON and addition of several new members, the baddest boy band around released their debut mixtape ALL-AMERICAN TRASH in 2016.
It wasn’t until 2017’s album trilogy SATURATION, with releases in June, August and December that they really built that hype and indie cred, and after six months, three albums, 14 music videos and 48 tracks, they’ve managed to gain a dedicated online cult following (especially over at hiphopheads, where the album thread for SATURATION II literally got more upvotes than it sold copies). The future is looking bright for the collective, and at the rate they’re creating material it won’t be soon until next time we hear from them. In fact, a new album is expected sometime this year.
BOOGIE is the blaring opening track from their third studio album.
Check out these other tracks:

// TRACK 2: Mac Miller ft. Anderson .Paak - Dang!

Promo cover // Music video
I can’t keep on losing you over complications
«The coolest Jewish rapper» in the game (Drake who?), Mac Miller started getting serious about making a career in hip-hop when he was 15. Teaching himself how to play piano, drums, guitar and bass, he signed a record contract just three years later and released a string of successful mixtapes; when his debut album Blue Slide Park came out in 2011 it was the first independent album to top the Billboard 200 in over 16 years.
Like many who blow up overnight, Mac got heavily addicted to drugs. But since then he’s gotten sober and is now on something completely different: love. The 2016 album The Divine Feminine takes on more of a light, jazzy feeling – unlike the more depressing subject matter of his previous efforts.
Mac teams up with the groovy Anderson .Paak for this smooth and funky tune.
You should also listen to these:

// TRACK 3: Jidenna - Chief Don’t Run

Promo cover / Music video
Know my rights even when I’m in the wrong out here
Born in Nowhere, Wisconsin, Jidenna spent his childhood moving across countries, borders and boundaries. Growing up partly in Nigeria and partly in Massachusetts, he started producing, writing and arranging music in high school, before taking off to the other side of the US to study music engineering at Stanford. After graduating, he spent time working as a teacher while pursuing a career in music, before being taken under the wings of psychedelic neo-soul queen and popheads moderator Janelle Monáe.
With his high-end three-piece suits, traditional fashion and classy style, Jidenna certainly stands out in the game. So much that it inspired the breakout single Classic Man, netting him a Grammy nomination in the process. His versatile debut album, The Chief (2017) is the perfect marriage between genres as different as hip-hop, R&B, pop, old-school soul, trap, tropical house and afrobeat, and is all dedicated to his late father.
In this track, Jidenna loosely narrates his upbringing and life.
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// TRACK 4: Vince Staples - Big Fish

Promo cover / Music video
Took the smart route, never been marked out / Should’ve been dead broke, should’ve been chalked out
Coming from Long Beach, or more specifically Ramona Park in North Long Beach (this comes up a lot), Vince grew up in poverty and was involved in gangs for much of his childhood. With a desire to leave the gang lifestyle, he ‘accidentally’ ended up as a rapper; first getting featured on some songs from the Odd Future collective. He released a few mixtapes after deciding to pursue a career in music, including 2013’s Stolen Youth, which was produced by Mac Miller.
Usually changing up his styles with each project, he followed up the gangsta rap album Summertime ’06 with the electronic Prima Donna EP, inspired by the Amy Winehouse documentary. In 2017 he released the album Big Fish Theory (which has a cute lil' fishy as its cover art), and featured producers such as Justin Version, Flume and SOPHIE, and got hailed as one of most experimental and boundary-pushing recent hip-hop records.
Vince ponders on his life over a banging beat on Big Fish.
Check out:

// TRACK 5: Chance the Rapper - Same Drugs

Promo cover / Music video
When did you change? / Wendy, you’ve aged / I thought you’d never grow up
Chance the Rapper is a strong, independent man who need no record label. Hailing from Chicago, he grew up on jazz and gospel artists like Billie Holiday and Sam Cooke - and was introduced to hip-hop after discovering Kanye West. He made his debut in 2012 with the mixtape 10 Day, inspired by his school suspension of the same duration. The mixtape grabbed the attention of several major publications and merely a year later his second mixtape Acid Rap came out. With it’s fusion of gospel and rap - 2016’s Coloring Book was lauded by critics and became the first streaming-only album to win a Grammy.
Known for his unconventional way of releasing music, he has repeatedly turned down record labels and all his efforts are available for free. Instead earning dough through touring and merch, he has become a charitable figure in his local community, frequently donating and helping out. Also saved Soundcloud from bankruptcy Chance’s music has been described as uplifting, choral and usually includes themes of theology, faith and upbringing.
Same Drugs tackles the issue of growing up and drifting apart.
Related tracks:
[Closing Act] Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran, Future - End Game
Scroll down for voting details!
submitted by Kaylaboe to redditvision_nf

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