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[Table] IamA Microsoft Retail Employee w/ time to kill. Come and ask all questions! Uncensored, unedited. AMA!

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Date: 2013-12-12
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Questions Answers
Can I trade in windows 8 for windows 7 ? A lot of people come into the store and ask this every single day.
The great thing (I don't know if it is great for the company) about the store is that usually by asking for a manager and complaining, they will 75% of the time give you what you want. The store that I work in does this all the time. Windows 7 only costs the company $0.07.
A loss of 7 cents to satisfy a customer is a transaction I would make any day.
Windows 7 only costs the company $0.07. Costs me $140. Sorry bro.
I believe Linux is the future. It's the present, when you consider that Android sales dwarf Windows sales. Sure. But only in phones and maybe tablets. Surely not computers.
I need 5 copies of win7 and office can I have a special deal? Thepiratebay.pe.
Holy fuck you just said that. Doesn't everyone live by the motto "If it's free, it's for me?"
Is this a serious response sir? Of course not. Obtain a copy a legit way. Be legit and you'll be the S***
Nice use of the new domain. Haha. Hopefully it won't change again.
use the highly convenient KMSpico tool to legitify most any Microsoft product! It's faster than activating legitly.someone shouldfixthat. Lol. What is KMSpico?
They're actually releasing a new decentralized website soon. These a few articles in /technology if you're interested (would link but I am on mobile) Sick. I'll check it out!
We should try to get someone Piratebay related to do an iAMA!
What do you think is better? windows 8 or windows 7? I honestly like Windows 8.1 better. The cold boot is way faster than what it was in Windows 7. Also, the whole operating system is faster overall. How you search is made faster, how you open programs is made faster, etc. The reason why is it faster is because "Windows 8 lacks Windows 8 lacks Aeroglass which was a large resource hog on slower machines. As a result, it has a smaller memory footprint. There are also numerous other changes which can affect performance, including WDDM 1.2 which further offloads processing to the GPU, and the inclusion of Windows Defender."
Source: Link to www.tomshardware.com
The only two issues I have with Windows 8.1 is that they have changed my computer to my PC, and that if a program is not made for Windows 8, it will not scale properly and will look fuzzy.
Our office 2013 and even the control panel look fuzzy on Windows 8.1. 106 have to change the resolution every single time 106 boot. Is there any sort of permanent solution? I wouldn't know what the issue would be. That is not the norm. Take it into a Microsoft store! They fix all services that don't include replacing parts for free!
But yeah, would need more information to know what is wrong.
How do you enjoy your bacon? Crispy, chewy, or the proper way? I like it coming out of a hand dryer.
Microsoft makes machines that dry your hands with bacon!? Fuckin science man. Haha. I like my bacons crispy. So that when I take a bite, it crumbles. I can then use it as a topping!
I'm sorry but the correct answer is: "in as large of a heap as possible regardless of texture". No worries though! Everyone wins when bacon is involved! I like your username.
I think your username is boring, but I like you! Okay. I hate your honestly. But I like you too!
I don't think I saw these question asked... what benefits do you get? Any juicy discounts that make finance execs shiver? Do you have access to any older versions of Windows that 'are no longer supported'? What are some of the interesting things you get to see/take that we might not know about? This dude. Keep asking the questions!
$250 that can be expensed to use for gym related things (membership, shoes, etc)
$10/month will get you a lawyer for that month.
10% off of stock purchases.
10% off of all hardware or software (nothing really cool. We can't even use some of the coupons!!!)
44% off Lenovo's.
50% off Xbox games.
Access to unlimited license keys for MS software.
Free access to learning material for certifications.
Free certifications with unlimited tries.
A Coca-Cola Fridge with fully stocked SODAS!!!
Access to older versions of Windows: Yes, we do. All the way to XP.
Each employee gets a free phone and Surface when hired (all replaceable immediately if broken for free)
Occasionally, laptops that go off of displayed are taken home with employee.
Steep discounts on traveling (lodge, renting cars, air fare)
$10/month will get you a lawyer for that month. What are the restrictions on that? No restrictions really. You get a lawyer to represent you in all court related issues ranging from divorce, to criminal, etc. Even if it is against Microsoft.
Well shit, I chose the wrong store at Mall of America to work at (and no, I don't work at Apple). Haha. Well I'd love to ask, but don't want you to publicly put yourself out there.
Is Mall of America nice?
MSDN has MS-DOS and Windows 3.1, 3.11 and 3.2 (but no 2000 due to some lawsuit). I would think you guys do too? For those interested in what we get through MSDN, we get the following: Windows 7 Windows 8, 8.1 Windows Advanced Server Windows CE .NET Platform Builder 4.1, 4.2 Windows Embedded Windows Essential Business Server Windows XP Windows Vista.
Now i want to work at ms.. You should! Although the treatment by the Assistant manager isn't that great, some people do really go a long way to try and make your employment great!
And plus, $13.50/hour is a lot higher than lets say Best Buy or any other retail. Much better than clothing retail! and less stress.
Most employees just sit around surfing the internet, playing the Xbox One, playing Kinect Sports, etc. We just like to have fun!
Is it one of the good ones that represent the company or just some random lawyer? Also is it like insurance where you have to pay ahead or is it a pay-as-you-go type of thing? It is like insurance. You pay ahead and you are covered for a litany of things. It is from a company (so there will be many lawyers within that company) that overall represent Microsoft. So, the same lawyer that Steve Balmer would get would be potentially the same one I would get if we are covering the same issue.
Just wondering. At the beginning of the fiscal year, you have the option of enrolling in the program but you are in a binding contract for 12-monthes. But hey, $120 is cheap for a lawyer IMO.
Why has Microsoft never done a hand held system to rival PSP or 3DS? Microsoft doesn't really want to. Many of the Xbox games are meant to be played on a bigger screen. Imagine playing borderlands on a small screen. Or even Gears of War. The experience is better when the screen is bigger. Also, Nintendo has completely captured that market.
We chose console because we have an already dedicated market in that field. IF we went handheld, we would need to recapture a whole new audience, prove that we are capable of making handheld games, etc. And we would be competing against a juggernaut in that market. Through console, the competition is bigger and better. We already have a dedicated pool of fans. And with Nintendo falling out of system consoles, that brings more fans to Xbox (and PS).
Also, I personally have seen that handheld gaming has died.
I don't think handheld gaming has died... it's definitely shifted to smartphones and a more casual crowd though. Handhelds haven't died, but as you said, a more casual crowd prefers tablets and smartphones. And the casual crowd is the larger population.
Also most iPhone games are free or 99 cents, while 3DS games loom in the 35-55 bucks region :/ I wish Pokémon was 99 cents...
How long have you owned an iPhone? My first smartphone was the iPhone. I upgraded from my Motorola Razor to the iPhone in 2010. I ditched my iPhone in 2012 when Microsoft hired me because we were given free phones!
What phone are you using now? A Lumia Nokia 928. I like the interface and the ease of access to it's internal storage.
However, if you are looking for one, go grab the Nokia Lumia 925. It is by far the best in design and lightness.
Do you feel Microsoft are in a steady decline or do you feel they will be okay? I'm just curious if workers ever talk about the current state of home PC's, tablets, smartphones etc. We talk about it everyday. The majority of the associates I work with think that it is going on a decline (mainly because of Steve Balmer). Trust me. We look at our stocks every day. When it is in the green, high fives, When it is in the red, blame Balmer. Haha.
However, I think that Microsoft will do just fine. The Surface (Microsoft's line of computers) are awesome! The only issue is that the dimensions and capabilities of these devices only tailor to a small percentage of the community. The Surface 2 is light with great battery life, but can't run .exe which makes it a tablet. The Surface Pro 2 is a computer with full PC capabilities but too pricey and way too heavy! With the coming years, I hope that they will release more of a variety of computers available.
Also, the Lenovo Yoga does a great job. I believe that they accounted for the majority of sales since Windows 8 has released!
Damn, more storage for the Surface pro 2 is bloody expensive. What's up with that? Just the price of a solid state drive. If you look online for a 512gb solid state, it is quite expensive as well. The ram is also doubled to 8GB on the 256GB and 512 GB units.
However, a 512 GB hard drive usually goes for about $400-$500. So I have no idea why there is such a huge difference in pricing between the 64GB ($899) and the 512 GB ($1700)
If you paid $300 for an evening with a 'lady of the night', do you opt for the condomless handjob or the blowjob with a condom on? Condomless handjob.
How much Anti-Linux brainwashing is involved in job orientation? Zero. People that are hired don't even know what Windows 8 is...
What is their starting salary? Sounds like a really simple job. $13.50 as a Product Advisor. $18.50 as a Technical (Service) Advisor.
It is simple. You are hired as a Product Advisor if you are Beautiful or have great social skills. Very rarely will they hire you based on your computer knowledge.
How much does your management actually care about me, the consumer, or you? The general manager cares a lot. The main reason for this is because there is a survey customers have the option to fill out at Microsoftfeedback.com. It generates a score called NPS (which I have no clue what it stands for) which when it exceeds a certain satisfaction percentage, bonuses are granted. Also, if a store has a low NPS, the general manager is usually held responsible and actions will be taken (many of the times, they are relocated but not demoted but some are fired). So you could say that it is mutually beneficial.
Assistant Managers don't give a F***; about me or the consumer. Since the release of Windows 8, many consumers have complained at how unfriendly it is. They would always argue with a Product Advisor, which is an entry sales position, and ask for a refund. Many of the times, the Product Advisor will grant it. However, businesses also come in and complain. When they make purchases that are in the range of $10k to $1000k, Product Advisors are not able to make returns on their own volition. Therefore, they will ask for the manager on duty (an assistant manager). The assistant managers will say no, but not even that. They won't even have the audacity to say it to the consumers face nor provide an explanation.
They also don't care about the gaming community. In the back of every store, there is an open area that is used for community events such as gaming events, public classes, etc. Gaming events are not run on the weekends because all it does is distract shoppers and they also don't bring in any revenue. Managers just think that they are annoying and a waste of a budget.
So all that being said, the assistant manager just wants you to go away. They will do anything to resolve issues quickly. They will do a return right infront of you, but not even ask what was wrong or how to make future experiences better. They will just ignore you, go to the cash register, do a return, give you a dirty look, then PEACE.
NPS is a Net Promoter Score. I work for one of Reddit's top 3 hated companies, and we use them also. Haha. Which company is that? If you do not mind sharing.
TWC. Haha. I remember this episode.
Anything happened between you and a co worker yet? Yeah. I know how sometimes people get overlooked in the Retail level, so I try to take out some of the new people that are being onboarded such as out to eat, maybe watch movies, games, etc. Whatever I can do to make them not feel like how I felt when I was hired (IGNORED)
Well that sucks (being ignored). But good on you for showing them company. Treat others how you want to be treated.
I'm sure my boss will love the doormat that he is going to receive for secret santa.
Haha you're awesome man. And so true. Nope. You are awesome for contributing!
If you could change one thing about your current job, what would it be? The amount of power the general manager has within the store.
A lot of what is done at Microsoft, whether you like it or not, is usually enforced by the top people within the company. For retail, it is Kevin Turner (COO) and the Market Leaders.
The general manager has no power to do anything that he or she wants to. He/She has to comply with the store policies mandated by the bosses. Small things such as giving a 5% discount to business that buy bulks of our Surface Tablet or Xbox one, we are not allowed to do. In turn, we lose a lot of business this way.
Another thing is how Assistant Managers are managed. You'd be surprised at the amount of time managers waste spending time looking for tickets, flirting with associates, or even just shopping online. It is ridiculous. And because of this, the power to fire people would be awesome.
HOW COME YOU BASTARDS SCREW UP 520 FOR THE REST OF US EVERY NIGHT? The Nokia Lumia 520?? Could you elaborate on "screw up?"
520 bridge/ freeway. That and the pro club at 5 PM is like Black Friday. Every day. I have never been to Redmond so I have no clue what you're talking about. My bad.
I'm getting the feeling MS is in some way associated with Nokia... Why won't they release the 515 in N. America? We are. We bought their hardware division. As to why they wont release the phone? No idea.
How often do you get customers saying: 'Nah, I torrented it,' to all your MS products/OS's? I guess the Linux crew just rolls with a more... 'liberal' approach to 'paying' for 'software'. At the retail level, we don't care that much. No speeches are given about pirating. Shit happens and the world moves on. And in my opinion, I think Office is WAY too expensive.
How well does Microsoft take piracy of their OS? Do you have any anti-piracy corporate HR-type speeches at the store? Working with unlimited access to license keys, do they search your shoes on the way out? It could be priced at a much lower rate while still raking in massive amount of profit.
Seeing a piratebay link made my day. You, sir, are fantastic. In case you didn't know. OFFICE COSTS MICROSOFT 0.07 CENTS TO MAKE. WHAT THE F. That's like punching a blind kid in the face.
I don't think that office is that expensive, especially for students. I paid for an $80 4 year license for Office 365 and I love it. Beats the shit out of Google Drive. Also a good reason why holding on to your .edu address is so worth it. True. Can't argue with that.
How long do you plan on staying there? Is this a career venture? Are you doing anything to climb the ladder? From the benefits and pay, it seems like a great place. Would you rather get some great resume references and move to Intel or another tech company? IF i do move to another company, a company i'd like to work for would be intel. I was invited to a meeting that Intel hosted and the things that they have planned for the future seem awesome and I'd love to be apart of it. How do you like your current job? Do you see Linux going anywhere?
If I were to walk in the store with $500, what would you recommend I buy aside from a laptop or PC software? If you don't want a PC or laptop, probably in the wrong store.
However, I'd probably recommend an Xbox One.
Buy something that you can't get for free if you get my drift.
You cannot be serious? IF you came into the store and had $500, I mean, what would YOU want to get??
A Lumia 1020/Surface ..? He didn't say he doesn't want a tablet or a phone. OH, my bad. Probably misread. Grab a Surface 2. You get a 10" tablet, a back-lit keyboard, 1080p screen, and Office Home and Business! It's a nice deal! WITH A USB PORT!!! AWESOME <(.)<
Can I config Bing so it does not display all the images and non search stuff on the home page? I would like to use Bing but the initial page is distracting. The Google text based home page is better. Unfortunately you cannot.
I Binged it.
See, that is terrible. Microsoft behaves like they have to monetize everything. Kind of the same with Windows 8 where I cannot integrate my windows desktop with the store apps. I apologize. I wish I can make changes to lots of things within Microsoft, but my voice gets lost somewhere in between my direct boss and the CEO.
Will you be testing SteamOS on Saturday? I personally will be. I am quite excited.
Will the surface ever go to a lower price? Do you think that RT is worth it? I don't think the Surface 2 is worth it. The only difference between Surface RT and Surface 2 is screen quality. Goes from 720p to 1080p. However, nothing else changes. Volumes the same, performance is the same, storage is the same, etc. OH, the USB also goes from 2.0 to 3.0 (but how many of us actually take advantage of that?).
The Surface RT is worth it. Right now, it is $199 at some places and $349 at others depending if they are still on sale or not. With the Surface RT, you get a full functioning version of Microsoft Office Home and Business (value is $240). In addition to that, you get a full supported internet browser, access to the internal storage through a familiar explorer, and a USB port! It is almost like a computer with the exception of not being able to use non-propriety software.
The Surface price will go down... but most likely not until they come out with third generation units. And I doubt that Microsoft will execute a $900 million write-off to discount the surfaces like last year because the Surface 2 is selling really well.
Why cant windows phones be used as controllers for Surface Pro games? ( Just Kidding ), but it would be fun. The best discount employees get is 0% currently. Wack.
Also, whats the best set of discounts you can get for a surface pro 2? For businesses, they also get 0%. If they purchase 250 units, they get 5% off. If they purchase 1000 units, they get 12% off.
Xbox or playstation? I haven't played nor seen a PlayStation. The mall that I work in, the Sony store doesn't even have a PlayStation displayed! But the idea that I do save $100 is nice and makes it way more affordable. I could get a game, maybe even a game and a controller. But like I said, I have never played with one, and therefore, can't really judge what I think about the PlayStation.
Now to the Xbox. The issue with the Xbox is that the games that are currently released for it don't play in 1080p like promised. They are played in 720p quality. Yes they look better, but not what the previews have promised. Also, forcing people to buy the Kinect is stupid. It is an added accessory. AN ACCESSORY. Something that should've been available separately.
So right now, the PlayStation has my vote. I save $100. Who couldn't use that nowadays?
I have both a One and a PS4. So far i see the PS4 as my "game" console and my one as my "entertainment" console. They both have a solid exclusive base. But theres something just so fucking cool about saying "xbox tv" and bam. True. The voice commands that work with the Kinect are great! Makes it much easier to navigate without a controller and in the comfort of your chair.
And it is great that the Xbox One is seen as an "entertainment" console. That is what Microsoft wanted to do. With the HDMI in that is available, we wanted you to hook up your consoles, cable box, dvd player, etc. all to the Xbox one so that it would serve as a center console; where everything is accessible through one interface and one device.
Did you know that you can even log into your cable service provider through your Xbox one and watch cable TV through that? It is awesome!
You can also hook up your PS4 or Xbox 360 and play PS4 while playing xbox one. Jeez the future is now. Truly is. Microsoft has even developed a third generation Kinect already. Right now, you are seeing the 2nd. The third allows you to control windows applications on a windows computer. It is quite crazy. In a Microsoft office, there is even a Kinect (3rd generation) displayed onto a glass panel so that you can control the computer by touching the glass panel.
How bout the Xbox one? Xbox one games in general? Xbox One: Employees get a 10% discount. In addition to that, starting next year, there will be white versions of the console for employees to obtain through a specific protocol.
Xbox One games: 50% Off This only pertains to CD copies that need to be mailed to you directly from our warehouse. Not through the retail store nor digital copies apply.
Are you aware that PC is the master race? Actually, fun fact here.
Xerox was the first company to have a GUI. While giving Steve Jobs a tour of the company, supposedly, Steve Jobs took the prototype idea of a GUI and created the first Macintosh. PC came afterwards.
Thats a good deal on xbox games. What are rules about reselling them? If you don't get caught, no one knows!
However, on our discount portal that contains games and software(website), we are only allowed to purchase a total of $1000 a year.
What store do you work at? (if you can answer) --I was a PA for a time last year. PA just stands for product advisor lol. Not state. I work on the East Coast and that is all that I can say.
Is it true that the red ring of death is implanted onto the xbox so someone has to keep buying them? No. haha. This is 1000% false.
Thepiratebay.pe. What rhymes with deal? Pirate Bay.
Link to www.reddit.com. No comments, just like how a branch of your store is directly across from Apple in Mall of America for easy crowd comparisons. And also has Forza 5 available to play. Sick. Thanks for sharing the link. Yeah, the areas where Microsoft Stores will be built is in the malls that also have an Apple store. If the mall doesn't, more than likely, a Microsoft store won't be built there.
Can confirm, I knew a hot MSFT store retail worker. Yes. We hire some beautiful woman. All the more better, because they ask you to work a LOT of hours, many become single and ready to mingle.
How long have you been working with Microsoft. I have been working for Microsoft for a year and a half.
How much do you make. I make around $60k/year give or take bonuses and overtime.
IT is around $30/hour.
If you don't want a PC or laptop, probably in the wrong store. However, I'd probably recommend an Xbox One. Buy something that you can't get for free if you get my drift. ARGH!
50% off Xbox games. Oh, and the ability to beta test everything that comes out Microsoft made (i.e. Xbox one, Xbox made games, Microsoft Tablets/Computers/Phones, software)
They give the Techs and management a free subscription to MSDN and TechNet. You can download any Microsoft software, even Windows 3.1. Source: I'm a Tech. Oh really? Didn't know that a subscription to TechNet was available.
How do you like being a tech at your store? At our store, everyone is lazy and hates each other. It is a mess...
I opened the first Microsoft store in Scottsdale. I got fired later for a stupid reason. AMA. No way. What happened? This is quite interesting!
How many fedoras do you own? I didn't even know what a fedora was. I had to look it up.
I own none. I ain't a balla! Plus, can't pull off that look. I'd try to copy TI from his rap videos, wear it tilted, and before you know it, I'd look like an idiot.
Last updated: 2013-12-17 09:09 UTC
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PSA: Save(s) Crashing/Corrupted?

As you may have noticed, there's at least one thread about lost/corrupted save file per day. Some of them can be saved, while others are far too 'destroyed', and hence cannot be saved. First things first, Verify game data through steam, or if you are from GoG branch you can try re-installing, to make sure it's not the game that's broken/corrupted. What if you did and your save(s) still aren't working? Now I will teach you some tricks:  
  1. Backup your save(s), they're located at "%appdata%/StardewValley/saves/". Backup every time you want to play, you won't know when your computer will crash, and by the time you know it's probably too late. If you want to use your backup save(s), simply replace your save(s) with your backup, but still backup your 'corrupted' save first, just in case it can be saved by manual editing with notepad. It would be better if you can backup across different folders and different drives, or even external drives. So that even if your computer is roasted, at least you can cry while playing Stardew Valley with your external drive.
  2. What if you didn't backup? Read this for windows 7, read this for windows 8.1. This is a handy feature that has been around since Windows 7. This only works if you turn on system protection on windows 7 (don't need external drive, temporary) or activate file history on windows 8.1 (need external drive, permanent). Keep in mind that this will roll your save back to before your last playthrough. If somehow your save(s) aren't there, you can do this to the whole 'saves' folder, or even the 'StardewValley' folder.
  3. If you can't do those: Backup your 'corrupted' save folder. Make a new save—if possible, use a distinct/weird no-space name, this will help later. Copy the 'SaveGameInfo' from your new save. Paste it on your 'corrupted' folder. This will show 2 of the same save with the same data, but go ahead and try to load the game with both of them. One should load your 'corrupted' save. Then, you can open the 'SaveGameInfo' in your 'corrupted' save with notepad, find (ctrl+f), key in your new character name, change it into your old character name. Now it should have a different name in the load screen, but still with the same playtime, display sprite and total gold shown.
As you go from options 1 through 3, you'll notice that your save will become more "distorted" as a side effect, so it's best to do the upper options first. If all of these fails, you can upload your 'corrupted' save into this sub. Then some number of brilliant individuals (definitely not me because this is all that I can do) will try to help you. But usually, if you can't do these, there's a high chance your save(s) are hard to save (read:unsaveable).     P.S. Tell me if you don't understand, English is not my first language. And sorry for the bad English.
And sorry for the bolds, but I have to make sure you read through this correctly or you'll make your save(s) even more unsaveable.
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