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Madhya Pradesh NTSE answer key will be released for both MAT and SAT sections. See the exam paper, plus marking guidelines and feedback from markers, for the 2020 NSW Chemistry Higher School Certificate (HSC) exam. Key Stage Past Papers.

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Finding a Missing Number on a Number Line Key Stage 1

First of all, Key Stage 2 SATs, taken at the end of Year 6 help alert teachers and the school to specific areas where support may be needed. The answer key will also be released along with the NTSE Karnataka question papers 2020 in online mode. Flame test lab doc / quiz questions and answers in bengali pdf / greek life edu answers to exam 2020 / ceb shl talent measurement test answers / lan speed test 3 5 0 keygen / city and guilds functional skills english level 2 practice tests / mega test iq / can you retake the cna exam / pet test 1 reading and writing / psi testing centers in maryland / exam 70 697 / carnet de conducir mar del. Revision Guide Maths Key Stage 1 [EBOOK] my website.

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2020 national curriculum tests Key stage 1

The key stage 1 mathematics test consists of 2 papers. It has four tens and two ones. KS1 SATs Papers - SATs Papers KS1 [1999-2020] - Free Downloads internet. Here's a summary of their approximate findings (based on 2020 scores): Maths.

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1 SSC CHSL Previous Years Papers with Solutions 35%
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3 Key Stage 1 Maths Test Paper Worksheets - Kiddy Math 51%
4 KS1 Maths Tests and Revision 53%
5 Crack Coded Sentences Worksheet 91%
6 98 Top Colour My Number Maths Teaching Resources 17%
7 Free KS1 SATs and KS2 SATs past papers for parents 28%
8 Functional Skills Mathematics Level 2 sample assessment 37%

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There's an Octopus Under my Bed! See your child's grades improve with a little help from EdPlace. NTSE Stage-I 2020 Topper Tips: Know how Samyak Jain. Maths Key Stage 1 Tests: 2020 Maths Key Stage 1 Paper A level 2: 2020 Maths Key Stage 1 Paper B level 3: 2020 Maths Key Stage 1 Teacher Guide and Oral Test: SATs papers Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2 Optional SATs papers Key Stage 2 SATS tests Year 6 SATS Year 6 Tests Year 5 Optional SATs papers tests Year 4 Optional SATs papers tests Year 3 Optional SATs papers tests.

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Online Maths Tutor For 5-13yr olds https://delovoysoz.ru/crack/?key=985. Maths Papers; Reading Papers; SPaG Papers; Additional SATs Resources; Useful Websites; Curriculum; Homework Schedules. How we work with schools and MATs Every school is unique. Year 1 Maths Worksheets; Year 2 Maths Worksheets; Year 3 Maths Worksheets; Year 4 Maths Worksheets; Year 5 Maths Worksheets; Year 6 Maths Worksheets; Key Stage 2 Maths Booster; Free Resources.

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Listed below are the sub-categories or worksheets in Math Worksheets. Level 3-5 for the most basic and level 6-8 maths papers for the most advanced. This is where you can download papers in the current format. Maths - Key Stage 1 (5-7 year olds) Select a Category: Counting Ordering Sequencing Numbers Place Value, Odd and Even Addition and Subtraction Multiplication and Division Fractions Money Shape, Position and Movement Measures Data Handling Problem Solving.

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KS1 arithmetic SATs paper will test. That's why we built Maths-Whizz, our ground-breaking online tutor that helps year 1-8 students learn maths. NDA answer key 2020 will mention correct answers to questions of the national defence academy and naval academy examination. We love to create unique, successfull templates for your websites countdown Timer Expired.

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Saving teachers and parents time, a one stop shop for good quality educational links. KS1 Fun Maths Worksheets - Primary Resources Maths. January 21 If you have software or keygen to share, feel free to submit it to us here. Diagnostic Questions try out quizzes and questions written for the new maths GCSE, have them automatically marked, and read explanations given by students all around the world until you find the one that makes sense to you.

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Digital Learning & Online Textbooks – Cengage. National curriculum past papers https://delovoysoz.ru/crack/?key=988. Rather than spoiling things for any readers who may still wish to work on the cipher challenge themselves, let's just say that a knowledge of Singh's own interests and past work was the. GCSE Maths Science Maths Equivalency English Maths Resit English Equivalency.

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Key stage 1 maths papers. QCA key stage 2 team, 83 Piccadilly, London W1J 8QA Order refs: QCA/03/1016 (pupil pack) QCA/03/1009 (mark schemes pack) 254914. Have them cut the cards out and have fun practicing with numbers. SATs papers at KS1 in and were "formal" tests.

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KS2 SATs are mandatory tests written by the Standards and Testing Agency (STA) as part of the Department for Education's national curriculum assessment. All in One Entrepreneurship Cbse Class 12 2020-20. The questions in Maths SATs papers KS3 cover all the topics within Key Stage 3. Key Stage 3 - AQA All About Maths Free KS3 Maths Online 10-Minute Tests Try our KS3 Maths 10-Minute Tests for quick-fire practice on the go! Testbase has the complete SATS past papers (national curriculum tests) to download here free of charge, including English KS1-3, Maths KS1-3 & Science KS2-3.

Summary For: Weekly Question Thread (10/26/2020 to 11/1/2020)

Should I wait for COVID to end before joining or just go for it?
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Currently in reception at my first duty station, will meet my chain of command Tuesday. As a private, what are some things I can try to do, to make a good first impression. I’m anxious, and slightly nervous about making the wrong first impression.
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How many minor misconducts are you allowed to have with 1 major misconduct to be considered for a moral waiver?
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If I’m going to ADSO, would you recommend it be for Vicenza or for Infantry? I’m wanting to do 8-10 in the Army and I’m pretty confident that I’ll get Infantry if I put it as my #1, but I want to be sure that I get it. If you were choosing between Italy and Infantry for an ADSO, what would you think the better choice would be? I’m aware that I probably won’t be at Vicenza for long because of IBOLC, ABN, Ranger, etc; Just want to hear some thoughts on this. Thanks in advance
Edit: A word
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Long story short, I am looking to do ROTC next semester but have also started streaming on Twitch. I have a serious passion for video games and will soon be making a YouTube channel as well.
Will it be possible to continue doing this while doing ROTC?
BTW I am an Economics major
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Anyone know of a solid 5 mile improvement plan?
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Hey all, I'm IET junior enlisted. I'm married but my wife is going to start her medical residency next year and can't relocate overseas. If I do end up getting Korea, can I elect for it to be a 1-year unaccompanied tour? And if so, do I get any say on where I go after or is it purely needs based?
I don't have projected orders yet but I've been told I have a 90% chance of being sent to Korea.
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Hey I'm re enlisting prior service Army and was told I do not have to go back to basic training because I have only been out 3 years. What is this process going to be like? I have been looking all over reddit and can't find anything.
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So uhhh, long story short; I have a GED and was arrested for a felonious assault not too long ago ( and was released without charge the next day, it was an accident, even the victim and witnesses say so). I got an 85 on my ASVAB and wanted to get into the 75th intelligence battalion or join a 35 series MOS. Is this possible? Other than the arrest, I'm an upstanding citizen with no other issues or arrests, but my recruiter says this is unlikely. So basically my question is : can I get security clearance with a GED and a moral waiver? Any help, advice, or wisdom is GREATLY appreciated.
Have a nice day and thank you.
Also is it true that I don't qualify for any bonuses too? My line scores are as follows
GT 125 CL 121 CO 124 El 124 FA 124 GM 124 MM 125 OF 125 SC 123 ST 125
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How difficult is it for an LT in a support branch (MI) in a conventional unit to get an airborne/air assault/etc school slot? Is it more based on PT or job competency?
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Curious about the Va loan works and how long the process takes
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I'm planning to enlist after Christmas but am torn between 12B and a 15 series. I'm mainly just considering doing one first then reclassing after my 4 years. How feasibly could I accomplish that? I'd ask my recruiter but he's not terribly communicative so I'm looking for a new one.
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I wanted to sign an 18x contract but I only have a green card so that wasn't an option for me. So I signed an 11x in order to naturalize and get citizenship. I was wondering how difficult is it to drop a packet for SF once I get my citizenship. Can I do that right away or do I need to be in for a certain amount of time?
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Prior service trying to re-enlist. Had a bunionectomy surgery a few years back, already submitted my pre/during/post surgery notes, as well as a letter from my surgeon stating I’m clear for any duties required of the army. How long does it normally take for a bunionectomy surgery to be waived, and then also how long does it normally take for whatever board decides if I get to keep my rank?
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does anyone know how location specific SRB’s work? specifically asking about the first line of the SRB message where going to 780 MI BDE has N/A (EA,TD) listed under MOS. I’m a 35P and was wondering if that supersedes my current bonus tier
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So I do not know if this has been asked before but I need some insidd information if possible. So I am trying to decide if I should go U.S. Air Force, Navy or Army, and I have been going back and forth on which one to join. A bit of background I am married with kids and I have college under my belt. Some have said I should go officer but I firmly believe that of you serve and rise through the ranks, then leadership and all that follows. So if any active service members can help me out it would be greatly appreciated!
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Anybody have any idea if HBL will be a thing this winter?
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What is my “CVR email” ?
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Question for All /army:)
is the commander / first sergeant online course worth EDBL retirement points and payment through a 1380?
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How do I remove my number from Ft. Bliss Mass notification system. I haven't been there for awhile now. I've looked online but cant find a number or link to use.
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Can anyone shed some light on how 12b training has been adapted recently? I've heard different things, some people say that they used to get more infantry task related training but that that has died down significantly since we have transitioned our goal to near peer fighting. I've seen people plant their feet in the ground and say that engineers are adamantly NOT war fighters. I really like the description of the job and my dad was a combat engineer way back when, but I'd like to get some decent combat training in whatever job I choose.
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How many bags can I check-in for free when flying from AIT to home?
I am in the army reserve and finishing up my training in Fort Gordon and will be flying back to CA. I have 3 bags that I want to take back with me but was told by one DS that I can only check-in 2 bags for free and another DS said I can check up to 5 bags for free. The DS said that I can check in 5 bags, said to just show my orders when flying and it should be fine.
My 3 bags are one bag that I had with me since I left for basic and 2 green bags that I now have with all the army stuff (OCPs, PTs, etc).
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Anyone know if Satellite ILE is virtual or in person due to COVID? I’m really just trying to find out if the next Satellite ILE course in FT Lee will be distance learning or if I’ll have to go TDY to the location. Thanks.
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How many hours a day does a cryptic linguist work?
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I enlisted into the Reserves a week or two ago, and unfortunately my ship date is not until July. Does anyone have experience drilling with their unit prior to completing BCT and AIT, or is there anyone that can shed some light on this process?
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Im coming up on my reenlistment window soon, leaderships been bugging me about it this week. I talked to the career counselor and let them know i wasnt against reupping, but id be doing it in exchange for a reclass. Im spending this week looming through MOS megathreads for ideas on an mos that fits what I'm looking for, as 12B was only going to be a one off contract. My questions are as follows:
  1. I know reenlistment option include to stabilize, reclass, pick a new duty station, etc. Are you able to elect for reclass and a new duty station? One of the MOSs im looking at has duty stations like bragg, meade, bliss, gordan, hood and belvoir. I would *really * like to not go to hood. And id give anything to get the hell out of georgia.
  2. Say i sign my reenlistment contract in dec/jan. Do i serve the remaining 15 some months as a 12B and then go to AIT again? Or do they send me to the first available class of that MOS?
  3. Are they still doing PT tests and HT/WT when getting to AIT during covid? If yes, are they doing the ACFT or APFT? ive got a couple pounds to drop which is doable in the timeframe im looking at, im just curious as to how reclassing works during this pandemic.
  4. The mos im most looking at roght now is 12P. From what ive seen in other threads, provided you pass BMST and the phone interview, and meet basic line score criteria youre almost guaranteed a shot. My lowest line score is my GT at 128, so i meet those requirements, and math has been a stromg suit of mine. Im confident i can get past the entry stuff, but from what im hearing theyre desperate for bodies and have to cancel their school due to having 3 or 4 when they want 30. If i get a school slot and its cancelled, am i still guaranted that for school, or do i go back to being a 12B for the length of the new contract i signed for?
Thank you for any help, please pull forward to the srcond window with your payment ready
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I wanted to join the us military ever since I was a kid. But I don't know how to as I am from Europe and do not have a green card nor do I live in the US. Is there any possible way I could get a green card without having to marry an American? Or what other ways are there for me to join?
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I'd like to start by saying that I have researched as much as I can about this topic, but after seeing similar questions from other people in my research, it's clear that I'm in a pretty unique situation.
This is my situation:
While I was in middle school and high school, my father was in the military. I spent my whole life from birth until senior year of high school moving around and being without my father while he was deployed. I was fortunate enough throughout this period of my life to grow up with a very supportive mother who wanted the best for me. However, this comes with consequences, as it appears. As a kid constantly having to move and lose friends, only to start over and make more, or not being able to see my dad very long periods of time … it was very stressful. Rather than trying to suppress these various forms of depression and anxiety that would strike any kid in my place, my fantastic mother decided to get me some help through it, consisting of treatment including medication and some therapy. This is the point where my story gets unique. Most people would suggest at this point, "well just lie at MEPS. You're not currently taking any medication, you haven't done so for over 3 years, and they can't access your medical records." The problem is, they CAN access my medical records, because my whole life until 18 when my father retired, I'd been on Tricare as a dependent, and at MEPS they would likely be able to pull up my records. This is according to a story I've recently read about two sisters who were unable to enlist because of counseling as teenagers for a similar reason (one of them eventually made it into the military after a couple years of fighting for it). My questions at this point would be:
  1. Is it true that my records can, and will be easily accessed like this and used against me?
  2. If there is a way around this such as with a waiver, what may it consist of?
*The rest of this post is about some more specific details regarding the nature / severity level of my past mental health treatment in case it's worth noting, such as for details on a waiver that could make or break my case, so skip the following if you'd like*
To reiterate, I'm aware that there are waivers for many conditions, but upon reading that mentioned article, I'm worried that a waiver wouldn't be enough. Those girls who got kicked out had simply been to counseling briefly when they were younger. My situation has much more subject matter, such as a variety of medications and referrals to other specialists, to the point where it doesn't look too great on paper. The length of treatment for depression and anxiety I'd gone through really was unnecessary and excessive in my opinion considering that everyone will experience some level of it at some point in life. Hell, teenagers will sleep until noon and be late for school from playing video games all night, and they'll be irresponsible and decide to skip a class where they have to present because of stage fright. There are plenty of examples of these behaviors that everyone knows about, but most kids don't end up getting treated for it like that, and if they do, they don't have Tricare in the way to prevent them from serving when they're adults and are much more responsible, experienced, and capable. None of the treatment ever changed much about me, and years later I can say that I would've been better off without it, just like everybody else who doesn't have a serious mental health condition that inhibits their wellness. I really never felt like somebody who needed so much treatment, and I more or less just went with the flow of what my family and doctors recommended. At some point, my relatively usual stress and anxieties that everyone on Earth experiences, ended up with me doing so much treatment for 0 benefit.
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Was not able to find this information on Google. How many people are usually in 1 BCT class? Like about how many other people will be there in the location with me?
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Hey I’d like to ask the people that either know or have been through the psychological operations specialists training, I’d like to know what to expect and how to prepare for it. I’d like also know what you actually do within the army majority of the time and if I would actually be deployed over seas. I just prefer to going into something know what to expect and love hearing peoples stories, if you’d like I’d love to hear a basic Training story along with it.
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[New York] Unemployment related question
Signed my contract last week for active duty. Do I have to stop certifying weekly for unemployment now or am I allowed to keep certifying until I ship?
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Hi everyone, I am meeting with a Reserves recruiter this week and I just want to get some advice from anyone that has experience with the Reserves.
I am 31, I have a pretty good civilian job (good benefits/pay, very relaxed schedule). I am not a US citizen and I am married, no kids. The motivating factor(s) for wanting to do this are the need to challenge myself in a new environment. I looked at some the jobs available and I am really interested by some of the Intel roles, especially ones involving linguistics. Is the reality very different? When you rake a particular job in the Reserves, do you get much time actually doing that? Anything else I should know? Thanks
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I'm close to finally signing my contract after several false starts, waiting on paperwork, but at the five yard line at long last.
I've been researching jobs a lot and have narrowed it down to infantry or combat engineers. I've gotten a lot of good information and feel like I could be happy with either one.
My main concern is the copious reports of people getting their backs, knees, ankles, necks, etc badly chronically or permanently injured. It's not totally controllable, I get that.
But what are the controllable factors? Are there any keys to making sure I can, at minimum, finish a 3 year contract intact?
From my reading I've gotten a few good points, focusing on proper warm up and cool down, regular and diligent stretching and recovery activities, potentially visiting a chiropractor for individual preventative planning, some really good stuff.
And then lastly I'm stuck on the airborne thing. People seem to say one of two things. Go airborne if you want to have a chance at a competent/not miserable unit, but airborne is what breaks people more than anything. That's conflicting to say the least. Can anyone offer some further guidance?
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While I be guaranteed ban option to try out for ranger school after infantry basic?
I wanted an option 40 infantry contact but recruiter said there’s none available atm. He told me I shouldn’t worry though because once I’ve done my training everyone will get the option to go to RASP if they want to become a ranger. Is this true? What are the chances I’ll get to go to RASP after completing infantry training? Thanks.
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Once I have graduated AIT, is there any way for me to attend DLI? Working at becoming a lab tech, and I have some knowledge in Russian. Would like to know if the army would complete my learning. Thanks in advance.
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What is the USAR GCSS-Army Company Level Supply course like?
I found out today that I got volunteered to go and I want to know what to expect.
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Does anyone know what my unit will possibly be as a 12november going to Fort Stewart Georgia?
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Does being a part of the 75th Ranger Regiment provide soldiers a better opportunity to actually do their MOS? I am currently looking at 91D/91E. One of my concerns with joining is, being placed in a unit that would have no real use for either and never doing my job; this is what I have read can often happen with "big" Army.
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I’m a 16 year old male in good physical shape, but I have moderate hearing loss. I’ve been looking online and it seems I’m disqualified from working in the military. Is there any way around this?
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TL;dr-- take 11X/Option 40 for the RASP or go 25/35 MOS and hope for airborne/RASP slot
currently in enlisting mode, took the ASVAB with a 88% (127GT) I looked at the MOS megathread, goarmy.com and googled a bunch.
I like computers, I like the intelligence part of the 35/37 series.
I would love something that would benefit me after the army if Im not in for 20.
I love adrenalin rush , and think airborne/high tempo MOS where I can go to the ranger regiment would be something im very interested in.
If I go 11X/Option 40 then after the military I could do police work or something in security field.
Also if I do some kind of 25/35 MOS, my recruiter said itll be more difficult getting an airborne spot and then volunteering for RASP since theres a high demand for that atm.
If yall were in my shoes, would you take the risk of not getting an airborne/rasp slot in signal/INT
Maybe Im overthinking this, maybe it wont even happen. But afaik I need to choose and choose wisely.
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I recently graduated from 12B OSUT but i honestly dont know what a 12b does on a daily basis. i’m going to fort hood and going to the 1st cav
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What do I do if I miss a connecting flight traveling on official orders to an army school because of a delay with the airliners? I reach out to the school house I assume and let them know what's up, but how do I schedule my next flights and what happens if I don't report on time? I'm gonna be arriving at an airport after midnight because of a delay and then next flight would be the next morning. Does the airline provide accommodation for hotel and for my next flight? Fuck delta btw
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What are some of the advantages of 12b over 11b? I know the two are obviously different, but what would advantages of one be over the other. Is there any better pays, benefits, more transferable skills to civilian life, or better quality of life in general? Thanks
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Spookiness of Magia Record: The Reminiscent Jun Kazari

Previous: Shinobu's Bad End
Continuing on with our Halloween journey, we have our friendly-neighborhood candy dealer, Jun Kazari. The reception toward Jun has been fairly mixed, but I believe that's indicative of a good idea behind her design, given that she's intended to be a lot different than most of her fellow magical girls. Jun's illustrator is Suzuhita Yasuda, the man behind Durarara, SMT: Devil Survivor, and Yozakura Quartet's illustrations. Suzuhita's inspiration sparked from the works of veteran artist, Range Murata, who is famous for pushing through "dieselpunk", an off-spin of steam-punk that showcases the struggle between nature and technology, as show with his most famous work, Last Exile.
As such, Suzuhita tends to really express himself within his works, and that shows with Jun here, as there is a lot going on with both her appearance and background. But that's enough of my rambling, we're going to begin this section with Jun's appearance.

Drugs, Magic, and Candy

As mentioned earlier, Jun is intended to be somewhat off-putting, something that is not hidden from her profile description to her transformation sequence. Between her more revealing clothing, including what is eerily similar to coats flashers wear (although it's more likely representing the long-coat type of dealers), and a hidden stash of candy, Jun isn't somebody most parents would be comfortable having around their kids, and that's exactly what she does, as we will see later. Putting perversions aside, the way Jun's coat fits/zips around her makes it look like the colorful wrapping paper that is slipped over bubblegum sticks/candy bars.
Something to note from this is the fact that nowadays, bubblegum sticks and candybars are considered to be "old school", and although we still see them very often, it's between more current designs as we see with cubed gum and candies more unique wrappings that stray from original styles.
The exposure-level of Jun is quite high, with her sporting a short skirt and shirt that completely exposes her belly and the bottom of her breasts in certain shots. Personality-wise, Jun is not a lewd or sexually suggestive character, so this design is likely, with no offense to our candy-addict, supposed to give off the appearance of an after-hours worker you might come across if you were to pass by a sleepless corner.
To add to her sloven-like appearance, Jun's hair is a mess with ends pointing out all over the place, and if you were to look into her eyes, you'll see that she sports what looks like bags and a dazed expression. In her normal attire, Jun's design is much more normal, with the most notable piece of clothing being her hoodie. Due to their association with drug dealers who use this piece of clothing to hide their appearance, hoodies have gained notoriety when worn over the head. As a side-note, "hoodie" is also slang that refers to females who are active in downtrodden neighborhoods and is a less offensive variant of sister-term, "hood-rat". Note that both are different from "hoodlum", which refers specifically to criminals. As ridiculous as this all sounds, this will be important further on in this analysis.
The weapon Jun uses is a giant form of an old-style, Japanese snack, smoked monjiro squid. These snacks consist of dried squid skewered between a stick and come in bulk, making them popular among low-income individuals. On her shoulder (and her hood when not transformed) is a very strange, squid/fairy-like creature--a mascot of sorts, it seems. After looking around a bit, I really couldn't figure out, exactly, what this thing was, thinking from a squishy tooth fairy to an obscure, Japanese mascot. The only thing I could think of is that it's supposed to be a mascot character, which would fit Jun's wish to save her favorite candy store, which, in terms of normal business, would require plenty of endorsement. In other words, Jun is a living advertisement.
Surprisingly enough, the most telling part of Jun's introduction just so happens to be the candy she munches on at the end. This snack is a "dagashi", and like the squid snacks mentioned above, it caters to low-income customers due to its low-cost, but is also a classic Japanese snack. These treats are popularly wrapped with large, colorful letters and cartoon characters, making them extra popular with kids, something that is true to Jun's character.
Typing all this, I have to remind myself that Jun isn't actually a drug dealer, which brings us to the question as to why her design is so candy focused. There are 2 reasons for this, 1 being the fact the writers wanted to keep the story somewhat light-hearted and accessible (as having a crackhead Meguca would not be appealing to most players) and also the fact that it is possible to feel as if you're addicted to sugar.
Drugs are regulated due to their addictive nature that makes individuals dependent on the substance, to the point where their livelihood is at-risk, be it health-wise, safety, or based on financial issues. Sugar being considered addictive like traditional drugs is still, last I checked, a contested subject, but it does have similar qualities as some drugs. That is, when consuming sugar, we get a helping of dopamine, or "feel-good juices" which strikes our reward senses. In extreme cases, individuals will end up eating candy, not out of being snack-y, but purely for the feeling it brings. With that in mind, Jun being a candy dealer is a perfect allusion to drug dealing, but unlike the latter, you can make candy cute and colorful.

Jun's Time Warp

Aside from her candy addiction, Jun has one more major characteristic: she seems to be stuck in a time-loop. Not in a literal sense, of course, rather, Jun struggles making friends her own age and holds tight onto the "old", as we can actually see referenced in her character design. As enjoyed by the kids she visits, Jun's talents (as well as prized possession) lies within a yo-yo, and there's actually quite a bit to mention about this. Backing up a bit, the candy Jun chews on in her transformation, Dagashi, can be translated as meaning "futile", while "yo-yo", likewise, is actually slang for a foolish person. For now, though, we're going to keep this in the back of our head, as it will be useful when explaining Jun's Doppel.
The toy is one of the most popular pieces of memories for our parents/grandparents that are especially known for the ability to be used to perform tricks. No matter what you do, however, the yo-yo will always return to your hand as it is intended to move forward/out and back again. Metaphorically, yo-yos represent nostalgia, the desire to re-visit a former part of your life, but also stagnation. Not only are the toys designed to always go back into ones palms, if you refuse to yank them back up, they just hang helplessly in place, not moving anywhere until you wind them back.
A bit of irony is the fact that the candy store Jun often visits is called the "Tomorrow Shop", implying a progression in time, but also acting as a sort of pun when one would say "see you at the [Tomorrow] Shop". As mentioned a second ago, Jun struggles interacting with her own peers, so much of her time is spent visiting the Tomorrow Shop. In modern times, candy stores are relics that serve less purpose, as you can buy candy from your typical retail shops. The main reason one would visit a candy shop, aside from tourism, would be to find old and obscure candy, and unless the products are mock-retro, these candies would best be displayed as collector's items. As such, the Tomorrow Shop represents a piece of time that is disjointed from Jun's surroundings, or the main place where time passes, albeit in a repetitive loop.
To sum Jun's character up, she is a very nostalgic individual or, put more simply, the type of person you can find hanging out at a record store.

Girls in the Hood

Magia Record has made some strange/unexpected references before, but the title of Jun's respective event bears similarities to the popular western film, "Boys n the Hood". The movie, directed by genius, John Singleton (who has sadly passed away about a year ago) fits the coming-of-age genre, a theme that focuses on the crucial point in a teenager's (usually main character) life as they grow and transition into young adults. In this case, the story of the movie, based on Singleton's own past experiences, follows one of the central characters, Tre Styles, as he is sent to be raised by his father in order to break past his childhood of delinquency. Although Tre is a very intelligent individual with a very good rolemodel in his father, the past he tries to stray from eventually catches back up to him.
In the Girls in the Hood event, Jun actually shares the spotlight with another girl, Mitsune, who faces an internal struggle. Jun is what most would refer to as a "hikikomori", an individual who rejects social interaction, usually as a result of trauma or negative experiences. After meeting Jun, both girls face a witch, who a non-contracted Mitsune believes to be a product of her dream. After Jun handles the witch and the girls escape its lair, Mitsune begins to view Jun as the "prince" who will save her from her "tower", referring to the famous story "Rapunzel".
This reference is really difficult to pinpoint, and in order to understand it best, it'd do good to compare and contrast the lifestyles of Jun and Mitsune. As mentioned before, Jun is a girl who is trapped in time, while Mitsune is trapped in her own home, being that of a shut-in. The key difference between both girls is that Mitsune is tech-saavy, while we recognize Jun as favoring the antique.
As such, Mitsune's story can be likened to a "concrete Rapunzel story" where instead of a prince riding down to rescue the lady from her captivity in a tower, we have Jun, metaphorically, guiding Mitsune out of her apartment/home. One of the major themes of "Rapunzel" is that of free will, as demonstrated by Rapunzel's resolve to defiantly cut her hair after the witch stopped her prince from seeing her. The hair symbolizes Rapunzel's link to the witch and, thus, her imprisonment. There is no--actually, there are witches in Magia Record, but none that we know of so far collects girls and holds them hostage for their hair. With that in mind, Mitsune, herself, represents the witch that imprisoned Rapunzel up until Jun befriended her.
Much like Rapunzel, Mitsune's story represents an individual's (most notably a child's) responsibility to start making their own decisions and breaking free of their parents' guidance, even if doing so is dangerous. Throughout this event, Mitsune begins to idolize Jun and, after learning of her secret, considers becoming a magical girl herself. Jun, of course, vehemently rejects Mitsune's notion, going as far as to go Rambo on the next witch they encounter, repelling it with man-made tools and human strategies, alone.
At the end of the story, Jun leaves Kamihama, effectively escaping the permanent loop she has lived in for so long. Likewise, Mitsune becomes more of an active person, although her ending is somewhat veiled, possibly hinting at the fact that we may see her again further down the line.

Trolley, the Doppel of Nostalgia

The Doppel of nostalgia. Its form is an afterimage. While the master of this emotion is captivated by her Doppel and the retro-style scenery and items it displays, she takes care to draw a line between it and herself in order to avoid being engulfed by its charm. This Doppel rejects the passage of time, continuing to remain inside a nostalgic landscape. It thus repeats the same span of time over and over, and is always seeking family-like beings with whom it can share that time. The master understands her Doppel’s intent, and thus never looks back at the Doppel as it perpetually follows behind her. But according to those engulfed by it, time within can be spent in a meltingly relaxing state as one returns to a child’s view of the world.
Oof, way to take a blow at my gut, F4Samurai. Trolley here is most definitely one of the most relatable Doppel in Magia Record--particularly for us older players who have embarked on the cruel journey of adulthood. Nostalgia is a very powerful feeling that reminds us of happier times in our past. For example, I still think about the days of walking to the local arcade after school to play my peers in various cabinet games. I'm sure I'm not the only one here who thinks this, but given the opportunity, I would easily choose to "visit" my past as a kid, if only as a sort of spectator to my own life.
Such memories are very normal, even healthy to recall, as they provide some nice stories to share with friends. There is, however, a possibility of becoming too absorbed in nostalgia, and some of the fun things you enjoyed as a kid might not hold up today. The first part of this Doppel description describes just that, where Jun adores the image of it, but not to the point of obsession.
Trolley's name refers to 2 things, the first being an antique-style vehicle that you'll often see in tourist-y areas. These forms of public transportation are actually pretty useless for practical use, in that they only travel on a track, being used to showcase old scenery to tourists riding it. Put in this perspective, trolleys, and those within it, are in a metaphorical time loop that temporarily separates them from modern times. Similarly, trolleys also refer to candy carts, and while these certainly look cool, they are extremely outdated.
Trolley takes the form of an "afterimage", which refers to the visage you see left behind as an object moves forward. These, of course, have no independent form and are deceptive, in that one who gets infatuated by them lose sight of the object in its present form. Appearance-wise, Trolley slightly resembles Jun, as if her shadow found a wig with her likeness and decided to do a bit of cosplay. This is actually a clever reference that symbolizes Jun's past-self, as it trails behind her. The shadow body contains comforting images of day, evening, and night, representing the simplicity of life as we often view the good parts of our past.
When summoned, Trolley manifests as Jun's shadow as the scenery gets a sepia-style overlay with movie film rolling around it. Continuing this blast of nostalgia, Trolley pushes aside its hair like that of curtains of a stage, and from it, we see movie film draped from it, dropping a rotary phone, candy, and a toss-and-catch ball toy. Earlier, when talking about dagashi, we learned that it could be translated as meaning "useless", and this is where we're going to bring that up again. For how much they might be memorable, rotary phones are of no use to us, especially as landline phones, in general, are going out of style with the continue rise in smartphones. Likewise, the toy we see may have been amusing as kids, but as older individuals, it would, at most, entertain us for a minute or two, depending on how dogmatic you are to get the dang thing working. As a side-note, it, like a yo-yo, involves a ball that is attached to a string, meaning it is also stuck in a repetitive cycle. When attacking, Trolley presents its victims with nostalgic scenery in a way that is 2 "V" signs from reminding me of a certain Zoomer in a different game.
Strangely enough, Jun is unaffected and undisturbed by her own Doppel, despite appearing to be deeply connected with nostalgia. Infact, going by Trolley's description, it seems to desperately chase Jun, viewing her as "family". This could possibly reference the fact that Jun has learned to hold precious memories close, but not be stuck within them, which makes sense, considering how she didn't really resist after her parents' decision to move to a new home.
Putting this all together, Trolley is a relatively down-to-earth Doppel that resembles all of our desires to revisit our childhood. As the term "rose-tinted glasses" assumes, however, such memories may not always actually represent a better time more than our perception filtering out the negative in favor of the positive. As much fun as I had in elementary school, let me tell you, I would never want to go back to the time of "Floppy Discs", even if it meant being able to spend afternoons on Math-Blasters again.
Up next is Magia Record: The Garden of Sinners Rui Mizuki's Eyes of Perception. Following Rui will be Kanagi Alter, however, due to Sister Momoko's delay throwing a wrench in my plans, I may extend this series to include The Fear of Yukika Nanase.
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