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Player/Analyst Tweets & Other Things - PLAYOFFS - TSM vs GG

Edit: Done for now (1hr after game), will check back again later. 😞 Added Treatz/BB/dl tweet if you guys missed it.
e2: Bjerg Tweet added
See you guys Saturday :/ Unfortunate.


  • Few hours until I play my first LCS playoffs with @TSM Excited to have a good showing, and will be fun to have an insane playoff run with the boys. 2 bo5 wins and we qualify for world's. Let's get it🙏
  • GoldenGlue: GL <3
  • Offline Yvonne: GL!!
Rogue Esports (LEC):
Golden Guardians (Twitter):
  • We are gonna win, win, win. We're going to win in lane, we're going to win in draft, we're going to win with superior early game aggression, we're going to win at everything. And some of you are friends and you're going to call, and you're going to say, 'Mr. Damonte, please, we
  • can't take it anymore, we can't win anymore like this, Mr. Damonte, you're driving us crazy, you're winning too much, please Mr. Damonte, not so much, and I'm going to say I'm sorry, we're going to keep winning because we are going to make Golden Guardians great again
  • Dunc: Using this as a copy pasta once we win - thanks :)
  • Empyre: GO GET EM, TANNER!
  • Treatz: 😃👉🕑
  • Closer: 😃👉🕑
  • TL (Twitter): 🧭🧭🧭🧭
TSM (Twitter):
  • To celebrate our LCS team making playoffs, we’re re-releasing the fan-favorite white jersey. Available now for a limited time! tsmshop.com
  • [Channeling that playoff buff energy ⚡](https://twitter.com/TSM/status/1293660391424360464\)
  • In this week's episode of TSM Legends, the boys break down their thoughts on the games vs. GG/TL, and their hopes for playoffs. S6E21 ➝ presented by @LogitechGesport: https://youtu.be/f8x0uCJg93w
  • it's showtime.
  • DiovanaKoni: Hey bb, big fan here love u 😘 @TSMBrokenBlade
  • BB: love u 😳
  • IWD: 😳
  • TSMA KatEvolved: Weirded out kid.gif
LCS Analyst Desk
  • TL had their best LCS finish ever. Really impressive since it was such a competitive split and they brought in a rookie.
  • Markz Predictions - TL, C9, & FLY are the 3 teams for Worlds. TSM fall to FLY in loser bracket. (in that order)
  • Pr0lly Predictions - TL, C9, & FLY are the 3 teams for Worlds. TSM fall to FLY in loser bracket. (in that order)
  • Crumbz Predictions - TL, FLY, & C9 are the 3 teams for Worlds. TSM fall to C9 in loser bracket. (in that order)
  • Buffed Champs: Bot: Lucian/MF/Jinx/Tristana/Morgana/Rakan. Top Split Pushers: Akali/Jax/Fiora. Good for TSM.
  • ALL Predict TSMWIN vs Golden Guardians. Crumbz 3-1. Markz/Pr0lly 3-2.
  • Prediction: TSM 3-2 GG #LCS
Empyre (EG Analyst & Scout):
  • TSM vs. GG should be quite close unless Bjergsen 1v9 shows up in every game. New big patch with short prep time will make things spicy (GG had an extra day or so to prepare since they didn't play LCS on Sunday if that makes any difference).
  • Predictions: FLY > EG. TSM > GG.
  • TL > FLY. TSM > C9
  • DIG/100T will lose to whoever they get.
  • tsm
Rogue (GM) Tomislav:
IWD Notes by DuSundavr



LS w/ SK Crownshot & Fnatic Nemesis
  • Nemesis - Akali ban because of the buffs, Zil ban against Bjerg.
  • LS - Suprised TSM banned GP. Hauntzer can't play it.
  • LS - Picking Thresh is a self-counterpick. Awkward lane is GG pick Ashe. (They picked Ashe).
  • Nemesis - Voli lost 2-4% wr with the nerfs.
  • LS - "Ooooooh" in response to the Ziggs picks. GG is in a not-bad spot in draft. Long range.
  • LS - Shocked by the Morde Pick. So many better picks than Morde for the last pick. Thinks Neeko would've been good.
  • LS Predicts TSM 3-0 the series
Former C9 Sneaky & 100T Meteos
  • Sneaky - Surprised they haven't been swapping between Bio and Treatz.
  • Meteos - Morg takeaway from the Caitlyn first pick is troll as hell.
  • Meteos - Wanted to see Evelynn. She's actually broken. Used to have a problem dueling but now she can.
GGS Coach Inero on Draft Game 1:


Former C9 Sneaky & 100T Meteos
  • Meteos - Hauntzer felt safe because his jungler was nearby. (Successful FB gank top on Hauntzer)
  • Sneaky - Wants to see the Manamune on Ashe, Meteos like the potential IE/ER on Ashe. (~8)
  • Meteos - Treatz not going mobis doesn't feel nearly as threatening.
  • Huge play by TSM (~11:50 Drag). Got a kill, dragon steal, and gold from Herald.
  • Meteos - Cait needs to do well early or she's going to have a period in the mid game where her damage just really sucks ass. (~11:40)
  • Sneaky - Game is a lot harder since Hauntzer died early
  • Meteos - First gank by Spica was really well played. Wards the red and then hops to golems. Sees Closer pathing up and knows exactly how much time he has to make this play top. (going over during long pause)
  • Probably figured Sett wouldn't be at raptors since Sett doesn't do raptors well. Initial intent was to steal raptors but he saw Sett there so he went for the top play. Good thinking by Spica.
  • Meteos - Jensen is DDOSing this match. Sneaky - Why would he DDOS this match? Meteos - IDK. He just likes doing it for fun.
  • Meteos reading guy in chat: "To prevent the Bjergsen MVP"
  • Sneaky - TSM fighting here at drag would be kind of rough since Cait still only has 25% crit which is pretty bad. (~21:40)
  • Shen had ult for Cait that entire time. (4th drag fight)
  • Meteos - A lot of NA team just default to grouping mid, getting baron river vision and just randomly hitting baron when they don't know what to do next. Says he participated in that a couple of times as well.(~24)
  • Seems really hard for GG since they're up against 4 merc treads, QSS, mikaels (~26min)
  • Sneaky - Can't believe Ziggs ulted BB when he got arrowed. Waste. (26:30, TSM get the drag and Closer's life) Meteos agrees the Ziggs ult was really troll. Thinks that the comms from GG were like "we can't let them have drag here!" and that's when disaster hits.
  • Sneaky/Meteos - BB didn't accomplish much in the mid fight. Fight got really awkward when Bjerg got binded and BB taunted nobody. (Mid blunder into Baron)
  • Meteos - GG just win. WTF, Morde is not balanced at all. (~31:30)
  • Meteos - Brokenblade really didn't play that mid fight well. Although, he didn't really have many good options. FBI had a really big dick flash in.
  • Sneaky - Doublelift just netted into Mordekaiser. Also Treatz flayed Hauntzer out of DL's trap.
  • Meteos - these plays are easy to criticize in hindsight but I think we couldn't really make the right play in the moment.
LS w/ Crownie & Nemesis:
  • LS what about Hecarim top? They should've picked Hec top. (GG)
  • Nemesis - Leesin pathing got caught by the hawkshot ~ Should be able to track him for the next minute.(2:40)
  • LS - Surprised GG didn't cheater around ~3:30
  • Nemesis/Crownie - Cheater is worse with TP and they saw Lee Sin on the opposite side. LS thinks it would've been fine to get cull and stay in lane.
  • Crownie - Cait/Thresh are capable of one shotting waves. Morg Ashe are playing the lane wrong so far. (~6:50)
  • LS - Drag steal by Spica and rift getting all those plates is MASSIVE for TSM. Game seems doomed for GG. (~12min).
  • Nemesis - TSM already have 4 mr items at 15min and LS says TSM's team doesn't like building MR early "h'ooookaayy"
  • Nemesis asks LS about the early MR items since he came back. "What happened LS?"
  • LS - Yeah. Looks like they're actually itemizing good. Thinks this MR itemization is happening really early but that's because they're ahead.
  • LS - Scrims are different from stage. You don't have the mental capability to change the fact that there is now something on the line vs something not on the line. You're naturally more reckless in scrims. Willingness to experiment goes up and you're more willing to take fights. It's just a natural thing that happens. (Watching GGS's show during break).
  • LS - GG are probably going to win now that TSM blundered the mid fight and gave GG baron. Thinks this because the baron buff will naturally translate into Ocean soul.
  • This isn't a pause, GGS just ffed. (3rd drag pause)


  • TSM right now #LCS (That escalated quickly.gif)
  • What a turnaround from Golden Guardians! That game went from TSM dominating to TSMs next exploding in about 2 minutes flat! Interested to see how TSM will look in game 2 after what has to be an absolutely TILTing loss. #LCS
  • hauntzer mvp from game 1 for sure
  • If only there was some way to escape morde ulti. thinking emoji
  • I think Mordekaiser is fed.
  • Damn, what a spicy fight. FBI flash forward for the Bjergsen kill was big.
  • Underrated part of that game: The only player who can realistically break Black Shield is Bjergsen. Otherwise FBI can straight up ignore the TSM frontline. Really, really big deal in that fight.
  • FBI is a fucking god. Solo won that fight (I know, binding was sick, hauntzer played well.)
  • Travis Gafford: Solo plays for FlyQuest....
  • someone didn't pay their QSS tax
Golden Guardians (Twitter):
  • First LCS Ziggs win since 2016 - It's Tanner Time @Damonte
  • damwho gaming? not so top esports? Gwho esports? Golden Guardians are going to fly to Shanghai and bring back the Summoner's Cup to where it was made.
Hatrixx (Excel Mid):
  • If Damonte has a million fans, i am one of them . if Damonte has ten fans, i am one of them. if Damonte only has one fan, thats me. if Damonte has no fans, that means i am no longer on this earth . if the world is against the Damonte, i am against the world
  • There is way too much downtime inbetween LCS Games, I understand we need the casters analysis but it feels weird when the analysis is longer than the game.
  • Azael: It's literally a set amount of time that's the same every game (barring tech issues), which is to give the players time to use the bathroom, get food, discuss changes etc. It's nothing to do w/ casters wanting to talk lol
  • Sorry, maybe i phrased it wrong i didn't mean to say that it's for the casters, i moreso meant theres too much downtime where all we see as the viewers is the casters talking and it usually seems pretty repetitive because theres only so much you can talk about postgame
  • When does the next game start? Omg...
Meteos & Sneaky:
  • Meteos - they took Thresh into Morg. I think it's not a straight up counter pick but you're not winning. Why not Lux/Nami? Optimizes the Cait pick.
  • Sneaky - Doesn't even need to shit on lane. Just needs to go even to become a monster. Thresh doesn't really help her go even. Lux would've been soo much pressure. Meteos agrees.
  • Sneaky - Lulu Cait would've be fine too. Not amazing but fine. Lulu doesn't have a set-up for trap but Cait's dmg goes up.



LS w/ SK Crownshot & Fnatic Nemesis & Sanchovies
  • LS - Ready for the salty run back?
  • Crownie - The Bard is better than Thresh
  • Nemesis - Here comes the B4 Leesin. TAKE IT AWAY
  • Crownie - TSM's comp is generally the same.
  • LS - GG hard win the draft.
Former C9 Sneaky & 100T Meteos
  • Both sides keeping the same sides.
  • Meteos - Casters are saying Cait Zyra. I think Zyra is a completely shit champion. She doesn't do anyting. Just a laning phase champ. Cds are long. Immobile and Squishy.
  • Sneaky - For sure, I think Lux is the pick.
  • Meteos - Zyra is the worst champ in the game right now...
  • Meteos - Bard is a much better pick!
  • Sneaky - Cait Bard is all about the level 6 timing early on. Ashe should be able to solo pressure this lane.


Sneaky & Meteos
  • Sneaky - Doesn't think the Doran's shield is correct. Cull or Dorans is fine. You heal off autos, you're not just sitting back.
  • Meteos - Hawkshot is so broken, you can't mindgame the other jungler.
  • Sneaky - GG look really good unlike last game. They were bad until they weren't (7:30)
  • Sneaky - Looks like a team gap here (~8:25, Bjerg dies)
  • Meteos - Bjerg positioning was really weird. E didn't take him towards base. Good for him to save flash since he would've died no matter what.
  • Meteos - GG shouldn't have contested TSM's herald. It's a useless herald with no good targets for TSM to use it on. Ashe could've went bot and got free first tier turret. (Herald Fight ~15:50)
  • Sneaky - Hauntzer is kind of running it down for TSM (~21)
  • Sneaky - Ashe keeps missing arrows. Meteos - It's the short cd, fk it. She has cloud too.
  • Sneaky/Meteos - Spica stealing potential soul is huge but GG can potentially get Baron.
  • Coordination between DL & Treatz was off when DL got arrowed. DL could've taken portal. (~30)
  • Fights are TSM favored from this point on (38:30). Look at Bjerg's item- nvm they got backdoored with triple TP.
LS & Co.
  • Nemesis - How is GP losing to Ornn this hard? (~4)
  • Nemesis - What was that facecheck from Treatz? (4:20) Late flash too.
  • LS - TSM lose this game. Diffy in the Driffy. Ashe didn't even have to flash since they have GP ult.
  • LS - Game is over, what is BB even doing? (~12:30 engage onto Sett top) GG win and might 3-0
  • LS - Ziggs/Xerath/Vel'koz. The future of mid lane. So good. (~20:20)
  • LS - GG currently 5k ahead with the drags value. Thinks GG team comp is better too. Lee should've built Youmuus (22)
  • Nemesis talking about matchup mid - Ziggs wins early but uses more mana. LS agrees that it is Ziggs favored.
  • LS - Hauntzer's GP is bad. If he kited backwards instead of into TSM's team. GG win that 5v4. (~31min baron fight)
  • Crownshot - (Spica takes 6th drag, GG take Baron) it's troll for Treatz not to be in pit with DL. People are going to blame DL for positioning but Treatz should be in pit to portal people out.
  • LS dies laughing at the webcams glitching out for GG ~36:30
  • Nemesis still thinks GG win despite being aced in TSM's base. LS agrees due to comp diff.
  • LS - TSM can't draft for their lives... GG (triple backdoored)
  • bjergsen is carrying this game so hard holy shit. spica too. dlift is really not having a good game.
  • Huhi's black shields have been nice. fbi is a monster. this set has been v exciting so far.
  • fleet cait :puke:
  • Selfmade: she clearly needs lethal tempo to hit 4 ranged champions ure right veigar
  • stop ratioing me fleet is good here im just memeing it


TSM Report:
  • We cant stop the backdoor in time and now we look to start the reverse sweep in game 3
Golden Guardians:
  • That's 2-0! A clean teleport backdoor puts us at match point vs @TSM in the first round of #LCS Playoffs! One more game - let's wrap this up. #GGWIN
  • ROFL @GoldenGuardians WITH THE TRIPLE TP END CALL!! They go up 2-0 against @TSM in our first playoff series! #LCS
  • how broken is ziggs
  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HOLY????????????? as expected it's a 209 set thanks to big bot difference... wait a sec...
  • This is enough of a runback to be considered salty IMO
  • Well, congrats on winning @GoldenGuardians. There's no way that @TSM come back from an 0-2. #LCS
  • Hahaha our CLG Season 2 Worlds Triple TP Secret Strat has been passed down 8 years later to Golden Guardians with that spicy backdoor finish
  • GGS is too good or what
  • Phreak: Better hope TL picks them in round 2
  • At least GG didn't try to satchel charge the nexus KEKW
Empyre (EG Analyst):
  • Bot diff is proving to be a bit big in this series #LCS
  • TSM down 0-2 but the games have been close even with different TSM individuals playing badly. Next one will be telling assuming TSM adapts their botlane picks and what GG is trying to do to counter Azir-Caitlyn in draft.
Meteos & Sneaky:
  • Spica Bjergsen & Hauntzer(lol) are the only people playing good on TSM. It seems like a huge bot lane gap. Grand Canyon Gap.
  • Well, congrats on making the next round @GoldenGuardians . There's no way that @TSM come back from an 0-2. #LCS
  • A lot of people are clowning on TSM but that the game is unwinnable if there is ever a ward inside their base. The nexus instantly falls without the ability to respond vs. 3 TP with Ziggs and one turret dead. It's checkmate if GG are smart.
  • I thought TSM were supposed to be good. ???
  • Phreak: Frosk you've cast Worlds. You know they aren't.
  • Respect to TSM for keeping a solid team identity trading Soul for their nexus in 2 out of their last 3 games.
  • Glad to see ziggs having so much success. Him/Xerath/Vel'Koz have been the future of mid lane for almost a year...
  • Crumbz is right - I don’t understand why TSM isn’t opting for an enchanter into a 1-2 Morg blind; the only reason I could see is them being scared of a morg flex in some way which sounds really unlikely to me
  • Karma > Lulu
  • This is the only first round playoff series I thought could go the way of an upset - BUT - I fully did not expect us to be sitting on a 2-0 for @GoldenGuardians on the way to making that happen. The whole team has shown up at different moments, but none more than @VictorHuang !



LS w/ SK Crownshot & Fnatic Nemesis
  • TSM bans Morg LS: TSM are going to win every game now.
  • LS: There it is. Sett Thresh. There it is.
  • LS: Blitz would be good for GG since it destroys Sett's Shield. GG lock in Tahm WHAATTTT. I gotta go to the bathroom.....
  • Nemesis: Ok the Ashe is an answer to the Cait.
  • Sanch: Why did GG reverse the adcs?
  • Nemesis: They probably feel like they're better on both Ashe and Cait.
  • Nemesis: Noooo why Nid? So it's Sett mid blind...
  • LS: This makes it a really good Morde game. Hauntzer locks in Morde
  • LS doesn't like the Ori since she gets outranged by Nidalee/Ashe.
  • the GP pick here reminds LS of the TL game. It doesn't work well with the rest of his teammates.
  • Nemesis: Why?
  • LS: Doesn't like Sett, Nidalee does what with GP? Ashe/Thresh don't feel ideal to synergize with him.
  • Nemesis/LS - GG won draft.
Former C9 Sneaky & 100T Meteos
  • Ori is a good common blind.
  • TSM have to lane kingdom. They're really relying on Spica to carry this game.
  • Spica is known as a Nidalee/Graves player. So we'll see... It'll depend on the Jungle gap.
  • tsm should go nida on 3 and jinx on 4
  • retweets: Tsm botlane drafting is turbo autofilled level
  • So this is risky because TSM is putting their best player on a bruisetank, but it does give TSM 3 winning lanes and a lot of agency. Remember GG relies on snowballing games, so TSM is trying to counteract that instead of playing the scaling game.
  • TSM’s draft isn’t bad by any means, they adhere to normal P/B rules and the picks make sense; it’s just the bot lane hole has to be stuffed. I’d keep Cait blind, ban Ziggs in 4-5 and run the comp back after exchanging Bard for Karma (albeit Bard can be fine, just not ideal).
  • 2-1, think TSM’s draft if they can play their champs is a lot better, GGs is not supposed to create a lead anywhere on the map; I hope Bjerg and Spica can execute their champs, their mid 2v2 is insane
  • Wtf TSM forgot to pick a mid laner
  • How is RGE supposed to beat TSM if they never make it to worlds?
  • RGE: We believe


Former C9 Sneaky & 100T Meteos
  • Bjerg is really punishing Damonte's cull first item. (3:20)
  • GP is going to be TSM's only advantage. ~19:30 Cloud dragon map actually saves TSM from Morde destroying them in that fight by Baron.
  • TSM showing signs of life at cloud soul with the double kill but they stack on drag so that Closer can fuck their Moms. Bjerg did his best to try and zone Closer. (Cloud soul fight)
LS & Co.
  • Morde flash is traded for Bjerg's ghost. That's a good trade for TSM.
  • Doublelift is losing really hard in CS what? (5min)
  • Crownshot/Nemesis: It's a really hard losing lane.
  • Nemesis: TSM can't kill anyone here. Big disaster for TSM. (drag fight)
  • LS/Crownshot: DL DIDN'T BUY. IT'S OVER.
  • Everyone: It's actually over. no joke. Plus they're tilting them with Teemo emotes.
  • Everyone: Comp imbalance and mistakes. Absolutely over.
  • DL TPs back to lane with just boots? Second time he's TP'd to lane without items...........
  • This game is a disaster
C9 Westrice:
  • its actually a draft kingdom. GOOD JOB @inero
LS (Twitter):
  • Holy shit... DoubleLift failed to buy BF sword during his teleport. This lane is so over.
  • Dash: 🤯 BOOM 🤯
  • Think this game is over. Despite it only being about a 3k dif, the draft imbalance is so big. Really doomed for TSM sadly. I don't know how they win outside of miracle GP fighting (~18min)
  • Can't lose to shopkeeper if you don't buy!
  • Yikes!
  • FBI intimidated Dlift into forgetting to buy. huge brain
  • Wait, what is this TSM comp in game 3? They have 0 reliable AP damage? Am I missing something?
  • Yikes
  • GG 3-0! (18min)
TL Dodo:
  • Damn Huhi's been smurfing on support lately
Travis Gafford:
  • I’m not a fan of any region or team, I am just a fan of whoever is playing the best League of Legends in the world. And right now, that just happens to be Golden Guardians.
Nicole LaPointe Jameson (EG Owner):
  • GoldenGuardians is going to worlds



  • Gg we should have played better today, happy for my brother @closerlol❤️
  • Closer: Kral BB ♥
  • Guess we gotta do the G2 lower bracket run...
  • I played like shit and all I can say is I'll do a lot better in the next round
  • Really poor performance from me today, we will regroup and come back stronger for the next series. GGS played well and was clearly the better team today 👏
  • GGWP @GoldenGuardians
TSM Report:
  • Tough day, GGs
  • sad will smith with memes
  • Big love to all the TSM fans who support the team through thick and thin. You're the actual best. I appreciate you.


  • 🙂
  • Jack: 😎
  • TL: Lol
C9 Westrice:
  • But @GoldenGuardians is so hot right now
  • Daaaaaaaaamn, Golden Guardians just trashed TSM. What a stomp
*tweets clip of Azael saying TSM is the best midlaner on the Dive
  • Azael: GGWP! Bjergsen was still a beast this series, but you played very well & as I said right before that if you can neutralize him yall could upset!
  • Nerf aussies btw
  • So in case you forgot... Rogue > TSM #GoRogue
  • Prove us wrong in the Loser Bracket
C9 Jack:
  • Congrats @GoldenGuardians on your historic first playoff series win over @TSM ! #LCS
  • GOLDEN GODS, GG @TSM GG kardesim @TSMBrokenblade
  • Destekleriniz için hepinize çok teşekkür ederim arkadaşlar
  • Imagine what would happen if we actually win drafts aswell @inero
  • TSM's botlane was so outclassed this series, really sad to see
  • That was a total and complete bot diff #LCS
GG Becca:
  • holy shit @GoldenGuardians just 3-0'd TSM in playoffs that's sick
  • FBi & Huhi kinda pisssmurfed that series
Golden Guardians:
  • And that's it! We 3-0 @TSM and move on to the Second Round of #LCS Playoffs! This is our first ever playoff win and we're not stopping here - we won't be happy until we lock in our spot to worlds. Thanks to all the fans and we'll be back next week for Round 2! #GGWIN
GG Huhi:
  • first step is done well. Proud of my teammates!! GGWP
  • Why does the best ADC (@VictorHuang) in NA only have 2k followers...?!
  • tweets a picture of a QSS
  • DL: Actually, one time we were playing against Golden Guardians, and it was 2-0 to GG. We were playing Ashe, they were playing Caitlyn and Bjergsen said: Guys, if we think we are good, let's prove it now, 2-0" Regi: "Did we come back?" DL: "of course not. 3-0"
  • TSM emote from @Damonte I see you
Emily Rand:
  • Golden Guardian Gamers
  • did tsm wonnered?
  • :o
  • FBI making Doublelift look like he's the DMV.
GG Inero:
  • FBI OPEN UP! See you soon @Impact
  • Dardoch has a chance to knock out TSM for the year on Saturday. FRONT ROW SEATS still available. Don't miss out!
  • Helal kardesim @closerlol
  • Closer: Helaalllll
  • Golden Guardians is a Bo5 away from making Worlds Anyone know what time it is by any chance?
C9 Mateus (C9 social media):
  • praying for the TSM subreddit mods today lit candle emoji
GG Hauntzer:
C9A Diamond:
  • fbi is a bit tooooooooooooo good
Incredible performance from Golden Guardians who really stepped up across the board to get their first playoff series win in franchise history and SWEEP TSM! FBI was incredible, but Huhi & Hauntzer were the biggest difference makers for me in this one! GGWP!#LCS
  • Can somebody tell me why Tsm never picked karma into morg and then chose to ban it
  • Zaboutine: wondering as well
  • I wish I can tell you, the match up is unplayable and u can even take cleanse
  • Phreak: Matchup is a big win, but Karma got super heavy nerfs. She's so bad Morgana still comes out winning the game even if the lane is tougher.
  • What makes her bad tho, I feel that cait usually wants to perma push and poke under tower and karma matches that perfect. Karma can also utilize cruicble way better than thresh/bard and her aoe shields still bring a lot to a team fight especially against ziggs
  • Inner Flame mana cost / CD are relevant factors. If you aren't able to spam enough to push back against Ashe/Morg push it's just bg.
  • Stunt: Lux
GG GM Danan:
  • so damn proud of everyone. time for a well-deserved day off before getting back to the grind. GGWP @TSM
  • TSM had 2/3 really bad drafts, but it isn't solely why they lose. Today just seemed really really off and GGs played well above expectations. In game 2/3 game can be decided by 15min if TSM doesnt get leads.
  • Dardoch has a chance to knock out TSM for the year on Saturday. FRONT ROW SEATS still available. Don't miss out!
Tim Sevenhuysen (OraclesElixir Founder):
  • I wanted to see TSM handshake the bot lane and win through Broken Blade. Instead, they drafted BB onto Shen, Ornn, and Gangplank. All three are good at helping bot lane. TSM were never going to win through bot lane against FBI and huhi. Poor game planning by TSM, IMO. #LCS
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Oct/10/2020 wrap-up: \\ War in Karabakh (Artsakh) \\ Aliyev's desperate attempt in Hadrut \\ shaky ceasefire is established after more battles \\ army briefing \\ Azeri jihadists upload video \\ donations continue \\ international community condemns Turkey \\ calls to recognize Artsakh Republic

Previous days: October 9 , October 8 , October 7, October 6, October 5, October 4, October 3, October 2, October 1, September 30, September 29, September 28, September 27

Syrian militants upload a video from Azerbaijan

Russian military ANNA reporters, who are specialized in covering militant-related news, and others, have analyzed a video shared by Syrian jihadists.
They're seen using Azeri military vehicles, Azeri uniforms, they have Idlib "accent" (Turkey recruits jihadists from Idlib area), the weather looks the same as in the first week in Artsakh, and a few other elements that point out to them being militants from that area (besides speaking in Arabic).
Video: https://t.me/anna_news/8608
Video: https://twitter.com/NotWoofers/status/1314952892693000193?s=20

ethnic Lezgin activist criticizes Azerbaijani government's policies

(For context about the issues that ethnic minorities face in Azerbaijan, visit the previous threads. Links above.)
Lezgin activist Vagif Kerimov criticized the Azeri government's policy of oppressing ethnic minorities in Azerbaijan (e.g. forced assimilation measures, repopulation) and disproportionately high draft numbers in minority regions.
"The Republic of Azerbaijan had begun removing the information indicating the ethnicity of the people and started attaching "oglu" at the end of the name, but despite this, we were able to look up the names and birthplaces of soldiers who died in the first Karabakh war. We found that the death rate among Lezgins was disproportionally higher. From the 12,000 dead soldiers, the 4,000 were 'mountainous minorities'. 2% of the population gave 30% of deaths."
"Today people can't escape, either. There is a pandemic, the borders are closed, and dodging a draft is a felony. Who needs this war? It's not even their land."
The full interview with Vagif Kerimov: https://youtu.be/-AHvkbkdfuY

a few more things from yesterday

Los Angeles policeman waves the Armenian flag in support of the demonstrators.
During the EAEU bloc summit in Yerevan, the Russian PM Mishustin announced that the Russian COVID vaccine is ready and they'll "share it with the allies first".
Armenian world champion boxer Armen Bachkov defeated his Venezuelan opponent and waved the Armenian flag while wearing a t-shirt with a message in support of Armenian soldiers.

October 10th arrives / military events and international response

1:18: remnants of another bomb fell in northern Iran, near the borders with Artsakh.
1:24: thousands of Armenians took to the streets of Paris to protest the aggression against Artsakh.
1:32: U.S. House Representative David Sicilian has called for the official recognition of the Artsakh Republic.
U.S. Senator Jack Reed participated in an Armenian demonstration in Rhode Island.
It's 1:45 am and the MFAs of Armenia and Azerbaijan are still negotiating in Russia, for 9 hours straight, over a humanitarian gesture to pause the battles to collect the bodies from battlefields.
2:16: MFA of Canada called the MFA of Turkey and asked them not to intervene in the Karabakh conflict. The Turkish MFA allegedly agreed that the conflict has no military solution and that the Minks Group should be the mediator.
3:50: Russian MFA Lavrov says the two sides have agreed for a ceasefire starting 12 o'clock to exchange POWs and recover the dead bodies with the help of the Red Cross.
Azerbaijan and Armenia, with the help of the Minsk Group, will launch peace talks to resolve the conflict. Both sides have agreed that the negotiating format (Minsk Group) won't change.
https://youtu.be/nZc0kOJMuXc , https://factor.am/293709.html
5:34 Armenian MFA Mnatsakanyan: It is necessary to stop the fire, then talk about the peace process.
For us, the priority was to reach a situation where we could put an end to this aggression. The aggression, in this case, was special because Azerbaijan's actions were accompanied by a fairly open, strong support from Turkey and the involvement of international terrorist groups. In fact, our compatriots were fighting in Nagorno Karabakh in rather special conditions, when, apart from Azerbaijan, there was such a strong attack with the involvement of such forces.
This conflict has become a very serious challenge for the whole region, and first of all for Nagorno Karabakh, because of course, it would be impossible to talk about progress without ending the military actions.
What we have been able to agree during the long negotiations is that we need to stop the fire and then to talk about the peace process, and to reaffirm that the Minsk Group remains the internationally recognized platform for the peace process.
8:51: it's early morning in Artsakh. The sunrise looks like an atomic mushroom cloud.
Photo: https://t.me/wargonzo/3720
10:10 two hours left until the ceasefire. Azeris are using more drone attacks in the south. "The army repelled the attacks, causing damage to Azeri equipment and personnel."
10:30: one of the Azeri drones was used near Artsvanik village in the Republic of Armenia's southern province of Syunik. One person died. The MFA condemned the attack on RA territory.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1031096.html , https://factor.am/293792.html
11:06: the army has identified 26 more soldiers who died in the battlefield, bringing the total to 402.
Non-official sources have identified another 40 dead Azeri soldiers. Aliyev continues to keep their numbers secret.
11:26 army: Azeris are using the last minutes to attack as much as possible but the defense army successfully repelled them. Aliyev spread a laughable fake news about shelling Hadrut from Khojalu.
11:35 army spokesman: Փաստորեն ադրբեջանական բանակը ունի նաև աշխարհի «ամենահզոր» հակահրթիռային համակարգը։ Մանկապարտեզի մուլտերը ադրբեջանի հասարակության համար շարունակվում են
11:52: army shared a video from the southern front lines with soldiers telling how they infiltrated and captured an Azeri position.
12:05 army: Azeris ignored the 12 o'clock ceasefire agreement and attacked near Karakhanbeyli. We are taking appropriate measures to stop them.
12:14: the Artsakh army has been instructed to cease fire.
12:52: the Russian journalist who was seriously wounded after the Azeri bombing of Shushi church says the Azeri drone hovered above for 20 minutes, and as soon as they entered the church, it was bombed. "We were 100% intentionally targeted."
13:06 army: the Azeri reports that we violated the ceasefire and shot towards Tartar and Aghdam are false.
13:30: Azeris had 440 tanks before the war. 100 of them were older T-55 models that were not used on the battlefield.
Their fleet mainly consists of second-hand T-72 tanks ($0.5m) that they renovated in Israel ($0.5m + top dollars for renovation). The most expensive ones are newer T-90 models; they purchased 100 from Russia for $4m each.
These 3 Artsakhtsi boys (link below) alone destroyed >$17m worth Azeri tanks, assuming they were T-72 models; the damage can be higher. There is also footage of T-90 tanks being destroyed.
Azeris lost 508 tanks and armored vehicles, "mostly tanks".
14:05: U.S. Representative Bred Sherman called for sanctions against Azeri politicians under Global Magnitski Act for targeting Artsakh civilians.
14:14: president Sarkissian gave an interview to Arabic Alghad TV to raise awareness of the issue and dismiss Azeri claims.
14:29: Iran has welcomed the ceasefire in its northern borders.
14:31: three more soldiers received a medal for courageous actions.
14:58 army: Azeri diversion-intelligence unit tried to penetrate southern Hadrut city a few hours before the ceasefire. Our army continues the operation to encircle and destroy them. They attacked Hadrut in an attempt to satisfy Aliyev's yesterday's false claim that they captured the city.
WarGonzo reporter in Hadrut: around 200 soldiers, dressed in all black, presumably Turkish special forces, tried to infiltrate Hadrut to plant a flag for Aliyev's propaganda purposes, according to locals. Hadrut mayor is in the city. There are currently battles to encircle and neutralize the intruders.
The intruders were in two groups. They were hiding behind the hills next to Hadrut. That's where the battles are at right now. The city is under Armenian control.
Artsakh President: I have just returned from Hadrut. As you know, the enemy, ignoring the humanitarian ceasefire agreement, launched a subversive attack. The situation at the moment is completely under our control.
WarGonzo reporter was able to get the details. When the 200 [presumably Turkish] special forces infiltrated Hadrut, they tried to plant the Azeri flag above the city's administrative building, but the city mayor and 22 other armed residents were there and held them back for half an hour until the Artsakh special forces arrived.
The Turks ran to the hills behind the city. The snipers and other Artsakh forces are looking for them.
It was later revealed that the Turkish-Azeri forced killed a woman and her disabled son in Hadrut during the infiltration. The human rights ombudsman will prepare a report tomorrow.
15:25: sappers began removing unexploded mines from the capital Stepanakert.
15:31: Ilham Aliyev says the first military phase is over and he's ready to switch to politics.
15:51: European Parliament MP Nickolas Bay criticized his colleagues for not doing enough to counter Turkish aggression and the recruitment of militants. "Europe can be Turkey's next target."
16:38: Artsakh has accused Azerbaijan of violating the ceasefire agreement.
16:42: Army released a new WiWillWin video
17:02: a Turkish MP from the HDP party has sent a letter to the government to demand clarification on how they recruited the Syrian militants for Azerbaijan, what their salaries are, the details of the F-16 and Turkish drone deployment in Azerbaijan.
17:36: Azeri MFA accused France of not being impartial, "while Russia remains neutral."
17:40: During a phone call with Russia, the Iranian president Rouhani has reiterated that third party [Turkey's] involvement doesn't benefit to peace and the presence of terrorists is a threat to all countries in the region.
17:44: pro-govt Turkish newspapers are upset that Turkey won't be part of the peace negotiations again, "despite Aliyev's firm demands."
18:43: Joe Biden criticized Russia for selling weapons to Armenia and Azerbaijan, and urged the placement of more border monitoring mechanisms.
19:10: the MoD is holding talks with the Red Cross about the swap of deceased bodies.
19:13: Dashnaks organized protests in several European cities (London, Berlin, Strassburg) against the Azeri-Turkish aggression.
19:31: the Bulgarian party "National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria" expressed solidarity for Armenia and Artsakh and condemned the "war crimes against civilians."
19:41: Pashinyan gave an interview to the German ZDF outlet. "A compromise is possible if both sides are willing to make it. Azerbaijan refuses. The international recognition of the Artsakh Republic is the best way to resolve the conflict and help the civilians who are facing a threat of genocide."
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1031167.html , https://t.me/infocomm/22824
19:50: the Russian-Azeri propagandist Saadat Kadirova was fired from the Russian TASS news agency yesterday for justifying the bombing of a church in Shushi, which injured civilians and journalists. "Echo Moskvi" Russian outlet has also suspended her media page.
19:51: 180 unexploded cluster bombs have been discovered in Stepanakert so far. Azerbaijan used these banned weapon against civilians for over a week.
21:07 army briefing: between yesterday and today's ceasefire declaration, Azeris lost 200 soldiers, 3 drones, 4 vehicles, and other equipment.
They increased the attacks just before 12 o'clock but we repelled them.
Just before the ceasefire, several small groups of Azeri forces tried to infiltrate Hadrut city. Small battles ensued to neutralize them while the ceasefire was already in place; it was obviously calculated by Azeris to last beyond the ceasefire deadline. The infiltrators are being neutralized. Their destruction is almost complete.
In one location we allowed Azeris to approach and collect their bodies from the buffer zone, but afterward, that process was paused because Azeris used these incidents for provocative actions. From now on, we will only let them collect the bodies if the Red Cross is present.
We don't know how long the ceasefire will last. There will be an announcement about it.
The borders are relatively calm right now. Minor localized shootouts.
Azeris collecting their bodies: https://www.facebook.com/347343875998132/posts/772581186807730/
https://t.me/infocomm/22835 , https://t.me/infocomm/22831
21:29 Artsakh president: during today's fight against the Hadrut infiltrators I was once again convinced that the fighting spirit of our boys is strong. Their peaceful and sober eyes express the confident mood of victory in the fight against the enemy bandits.
By the way, in Hadrut I accidentally met Arushan Badasyan, one of our legendary commanders of the First Artsakh War, who hurried to Artsakh from the United States as soon as he received the news of the war. We stand for our land, and that process is unstoppable.
22:10: Russian MFA spoke with the MFAs of AM and AZ. The two reaffirmed their commitment to the ceasefire.
21:46: Montenegro's national soccer team goalkeeper Andrija Dragojevic dedicated the team's 2:0 victory against Azerbaijan to Armenia. Hashtag ForArmenia.
21:53: German Parliament MP Sevim Dağdelen, a member of the Committee on Foreign Relations, demands the German govt to "condemn NATO-member Turkey for playing with fire". She called for the suspension of military aid to Erdogan, "who uses Islamist militants, drones, to help Azerbaijan to attack and sabotage the peaceful resolution of the conflict."
22:01: volunteers collected aid for Artsakh. Lavash, sleeping bags, cigarettes, clothing, canned food etc. This group sends sometimes 4 trucks a day.
22:02: mass demonstrations were held by Armenians in New York with the use of car caravans and Armenian flags. They referred to Turkey as a terrorist state and called for Artsakh's international recognition.
Protesters gathered in front of NBC headquarters to demand fair coverage.
Caravan: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=698315494108393
Demonstration: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=773716989865068
23:26: capital Stepanakert was bombed despite the ceasefire agreement.


Hayk and Eliza Titizyan have donated $50,000 to Artsakh through the church.
Henrikh Mkhitaryan's soccer club "Roma" has donated 117 boxes of clothing and jersey for Artsakh residents.
Armenian Electric Grid donated 200mln Drams to All-Armenia Fund.
Kim Kardashian has asked her Instagram followers to donate to Artsakh.
Donations from around the world: www.himnadram.org
Tax-deductible donations from USA: www.ArmeniaFund.org
You've read 2332 words.
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