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Sharing my experience playing every Magician Class to 210

So I finally reached 210 on my last Magician which is a Bishop so I just wanna share my experience on playing every single Magician Class. I'm from MapleSEA so I don't have Beast Tamer.
  • It's going to be more about my mobbing and grinding experience for pre 5th job, and post 5th job
  • I only main Kanna and even that I'm only starting to really boss recently with my new guild. So my opinions here isn't really bossing focused but I will just give some opinions about it take it with a grain of salt I only play them to 210, so my experience is NOT AN ACCURATE REPRESENTATION of how the class is supposed to be like endgame.
  • I just want to share my experience playing it so that anyone who wants to play a Magician can have some insight on the grinding and the skills
  • I'ma split it into 4th job + 5th Job mobbing + bossing (which I'm not very experienced)
  • If anyone want to give some tips for the class do chip in as well. If I'm mistaken about some points in my post do correct me especially if you main the class
With that, let me start with my Main first and then go down the list


  • Gonna start off this list with the one that to me was the easiest to train (which is also my main) and that is Kanna. I reckon a lot of you will make Kanna either for mesos farming, or for the amazing link skills. First of all, Kishin itself already made Kanna a whole lot easier to train with the increased spawn rate. Shikigami Haunting is a really good mobbing skill that has good vertical and pretty solid horizontal range. Ghost Yaksha Boss is also a useful powerful summon to clear a small portion of the map. Pre 4th Job I'm not sure how strong your Exorcist Charm and Tengu Strike is but if they are strong enough Exorcism Charm is like a pseudo 1/3 map nuke at 3 cd and Tengu Strike has one of if not the best horizontal range in the game. The teleport is also good like really good. You also have a upward jump. Nine Tails is an occasional 45 cd nuke that is really good too.
  • Kanna has one of the best 5th Job skills ever. Lets start with the best support skill in the game which is Spirit Domain that not only has a HUGE AOE probably the most OP AOE in the game. You also have Summon Yuki-onna which is a Snow Fairy that reduces mana consumption and attacks while you attack. Liberated Spirit Circle is a really good passive skill that summons a giant circle every 25 sec while you attack with Shikigami/Vanquisher, however this skill isn't that essential in mobbing. Lastly, the new whole screen Yaksha like .... I'm not sure why they made this skill so good and such a big AOE as if Kanna need anymore AOE
  • Everyone wants a Kanna in their team period. Spirit Domain is an amazing skill for the entire party with 33% FD and +2 Attack Speed when full charged. Not only that, you have 2 amazing barriers, one which is vital in reducing incoming damage, and another that boosts your damage and boss attack. Also, Kanna has 2 binds, one that binds for 10 sec another for 15 sec. Haku also increases FD and MATK of party members. What I usually do is Domain + Yuki-onna and spam Vanquisher to quickly charge up the Domain for my party. The new V Skill also have i-frame before and after casting. It's literally the best support class in the entire game for me. Furthermore as a support class (at least for my own experience), you don't need to really have exceptional stats to be useful. I'm mostly just there to support, cast barriers, cast domain, bind etc while contributing a bit to the party with my damage.

Fire Poison ArchMage

  • Let me just say, out of all the mages, this is the hardest and most tedious to level up. If you don't care about playing F/P and just want to quickly get over 4th job so that you can reach 200, either play a I/L or Bishop then change job after. Levelling during 4th Job you will be spamming Paralyze which has pretty subpar AOE, and the occasional 45 cd Meteor. Don't bother using Flame Haze/Poison Mist and Mist Eruption for mobbing, at least for my experience it is less efficient. The teleport is also really bad to make grinding efficient.
  • 5th Job just makes this class 10x better. Your 5th Job skills have short CD that helps out a lot in AOE mobbing. DoT Punishier summons homing Fire Balls while Poison Nova releases Poison Orbs from the caster. These 2 skills really help a lot in mobbing. I usually just let the balls fly everywhere. The new skill Poison Pandemic at 30 cd also helps in mobbing, but less efficient because the poison spreads slowly compared to the earlier 2 skills which instantly damages enemies on touch. Finally, the giant Ifrit has a pretty big AOE and does good damage.
  • Fire Poison has really good damage for bossing. You however have quite a few skills to juggle. For me before I use Poison Nova I try to make sure my Mist Eruption is always available so that I can explode it. Try to balance the timing well together with Flame Haze's poison mist. Explorer Mages have Infinity that greatly boost your damage. DoT Punishier homing Fire Balls all hits the boss if there is only a single target. Don't forget Meggido Flame as well. Giant Ifrit lasts longer with more fire stacks so do take note. Make sure you don't waste your Infinity because the damage increase + the burst from this class is huge. This class is that it really is just a damage focused class, with no I-frame and no binds etc, just pure damage.

Ice Lightning ArchMage

  • 4th Job mobbing wise the best out of the 3 Explorer Mages. Chain Lightning has the best AOE out of the 3 Explorer Mages class. Blizzard as your occasional 45 cd AOE nuke. Frozen Orb can hit multiple platforms if they are close enough. What makes this class easy to level up compared to the other 2 Explorer Mages, is that the teleport has a lot further range with the Hyper. Tbh tier mobbing in 4th job is ok not fantastic, it's 5th job where they shine.
  • The reason why I/L is so good at mobbing is their 5th Job skills. Spirit Of Snow is a stationary summon that damages monsters for 30 sec at 120 cd. The AOE is really really big so for 1/4 of your grinding process that skill got part of the map fully covered. Next Ice Age is simply amazing. It was OP before now it's less OP but still good. You just BAM explode an entire area of ice on the ENTIRE MAP and leave an icy floor for 15 sec, with a cooldown of 60 sec, so another skill with 1/4 uptime. If your damage is high enough mobs will just get 1 or 2 shot when they spawn on the icy floor. Bolt Barrage at 40 cd has a really long vertical and horizontal range. Their new 5th job is more bossing oriented
  • Bossing wise this class isn't that great. F/P has better damage and Bishop has better buffs/support, but lets see what this class have. You need to constantly keep your ice stacks up. Damage wise for bossing it isn't that great. Lightning Sphere is strong but it forces you to stay on one spot. Bolt Barrage is strong but only if the boss is at the left or right side of the map, which is where Bolt Barrage can have more hits. I/L has a shit ton of buffs so RIP to you without a buff freezer. Their new 5th Job V skill is really good for bossing. I/L do have a bind with Freezing Breath that also serves as an I-frame so that's a plus, but generally people tend to switch classes to F/P or Bishop if they really are focused on bossing.


  • This class might actually be easier to grind than the other 2 Explorer Mages at least for 4th Job because of Holy Symbol. Genesis occasional 45 cd AOE nuke. Big Bang has ok AOE and can hit multiple platforms if they are close enough. The good thing about Big Bang is that you can jump and attack with it, unlike Paralyze/Chain Lightning. Heaven's Door has a really long cooldown but it has huge AOE.
  • Out of all the mages (not just Explorer Mages but all Mages), the post 5th job mobbing is probably the worse. Peacemaker does have pretty good AOE and is spammable with 10 cd, but still isn't good enough to make it better than every other mage. You can just let the Peacemaker fire and move forward that explodes at the end, or press it again to explode it on the spot. Bishop is the only class that I ever got Erda Shower (45 cd) because of the lack of AOE post 5th job. The new 5th Job skills is pretty ok but honestly I don't really see myself using it that often I just spam Big Bang. Mobbing with this class just isn't on par with the rest.
  • Bossing wise Bishop is really good. You can heal you can resurrect you can dispel you can provide buffs. You can heal with Heal/Angel Ray/PeacemakeAngel of Libra/Holy Magic Shell/Holy Fountain (did I miss out anything else?). Especially Angel Ray spam, it makes you a mobile healing turret. The skill that everyone loves is Benediction which increases Final Damage/HP&MP recovery/Attack Speed and clears statues. This is however based on your INT so Bishop would need more funding to be a stronger asset to the party. Also, Holy Magic Shell is super useful in bossing because it mitigates certain boss attacks. Heaven's Door also provide an extra life count. Peacemaker heals + provide damage buff. The damage of this class is low but the benefits it brings to the party just makes it a superior choice.

Blaze Wizard

  • Doesn't actually feel like a mage because it flash jumps instead of teleport. Feels like playing an assassin flash jumping around throwing fireballs. Orbital Flame range is very bad until 140 with the Hyper and things get better then. Blazing Extinction is pretty good to clear 1 side of the map. Towering Inferno is your 30 cd semi screen nuke (which would be good if you can 1 shot, reason I say this is because it isn't as strong as the MeteoBlizzard/Genesis of Explorer Mages), while Cataclysm is your occasional 100 cd full screen nuke. Mobbing is pretty good I guess but really depends on your funding because if you can 1 shot with Orbital Flame is great if not .... well.
  • Their 5th Job makes mobbing a lot better. You get a 5 cd Giant Orbital Flame, a 20 cd Savage Flame that either nukes half of the map (Lion) or summon multiple fireballs that is homing to monsters (Fox). Their new 5th Job Skill isn't that great for mobbing. Now we have the highlight which is Inferno Sphere which has really big AOE. It takes time to slowly get Phoenix Feathers but once you have it you can spam it often. You can also use it midair. Blaze Wizard mobbing in 5th job is really good to me. If you know how to use the hidden portals to rotate Giant Orbital Flame it makes mobbing a lot more efficient (search BW mobbing for this). Aesthetically I love the entire Flame Theme it's really fire fire everywhere.
  • Bossing wise I think they are ok. Burning Conduit is like a mini Benediction/Domain with more uptime, increasing party members damage and attack speed in the AOE. The continuous damage isn't that fantastic. Savage Flame is a bit weird the way it gets the flames from Ignition. The new Salamander skill adds more damage for single target DPS and also gives you MATT when it finishes. Lastly comes Inferno Sphere which is where bulk of your damage is from. Your Hyper Skill Dragon Blaze would also come into play here. No bind, but you have a long I frame with Cataclysm and a skill that grants you something like an extra life but it's at a cooldown of 1800 sec. You can also animation cancel with Flashfire


  • I have read people having a hard time grinding Evan but honestly for me it was pretty good? In general most of Evan's mobbing comes from their 4th Job skills, even when they reach 5th Job. You either like or hate their playstyle. Evan has a lot of combos to play around with. For mobbing it is mostly Breath + Earth and Flash + Wind and the occasional Dragon Master Hyper Skill. I'm guessing people who have difficulty grinding are those who can't kill efficiently because of their lack of range to kill with those combos especially Flash + Wind. You also have Dark Dog which honestly, I forget it ever existed. Mobility wise is ok, they have an upward jump and a pretty far teleport. The downside is the Teleport cannot be used in air which sucks.
  • Classes get 4 skills but for Evan it's as if they got 3 because 2 of them namely Dragon Break + Elemental Barrage is like a combo. The combo is 60 cd which is pretty ok I guess but the AOE is really really huge. Their new 5th Job Spiral of Mana is almost like a mini combo as well which is pretty good for mobbing. Zodiac Ray, is more of a bossing skill. So like I've mentioned earlier, most of your mobbing capabilities really comes from 4th Job.
  • Evan has a HUGE BURST from Zodiac Ray. It is important you know what combos to use and cast them fast for Zodiac Ray because every second wasted is a fall in damage. Basically once you use Zodiac Ray which is like a turret, you need to use skills and combos to charge it and once it is fully charged it will blast like a giant laser thingy which does a huge amount of damage. In order to charge it your skills MUST HIT so make sure it does. If you have Angelic Buster Link Skill best save it for Zodiac Ray. For bossing it is also important for Evan to use "Come Back" efficiently to make sure debuffs and Attack Speed buff is active. It might be hard to micromanage so many skills during bossing so might be hard to learn. Dragon Master has a really really long I-frame but it has a long cooldown. Overall I would say Evan is pretty solid but requires practice.


  • The 4th Job mobbing of Luminous is unmatched. It is god tier literally god tier. Reflection is the best mobbing skill in the entire game it literally hits like everything. You do need to be strong enough to 1 shot but even if you 2 shot it is still the best mobbing skill ever like don't even bother with Apocalypse for grinding. Do note that Reflection tends to shoot downwards, as in the reflected attacks tend to go downwards so it's best to stay high and shoot left/right. The only complaint, is the teleport is bad outside equilibrium. I mean it is getting better, in daft the new changes are great with higher vertical change and being able to teleport on ropes, but it still cannot be used in air.
  • 5th Job is good for mobbing, but then again do you really need it when you have Reflection? But still, Gate Of Light which you can use once every time you reach Equilibrium, has a really big AOE, the AOE is even bigger than what it looks. Aether Conduit does help. The only issue Luminous might have in mobbing is not the skills, but the stats required to 1 shot with Reflection in Dark Mode in higher level maps. The other 2 V skills are more bossing oriented. Nodes wise is where Luminous has a huge plus, of only really needing Reflection/Apocalypse/Ender, compared to other classes who need multiple nodes for more skills.
  • Luminous bossing is a lot about Equilibrium Mode. I think it is a lot easier now to reach Equilibrium. You rotate Light and Dark skills to reach Equilibrium, and you can also use Equalize to instantly enter Equilibrium. During Equilibrium just spam Ender. Baptism of Light and their new V skill are more for bossing so use them here. Aether Conduit and Gate Of Light for extra damage as well. Pretty straightforward. Also, Armageddon serves both as a Bind and an I-frame which is pretty neat.

Battle Mage

  • Grinding is pretty bad, almost as bad as F/P, until you can 1 shot with Dark Genesis and once you get your Hyper Skill. Let get this out of the way first, Battle Mage's Finishing Blow, has the worse AOE out of all the Mages from their main attack. However, once you can 1 shot with Dark Genesis which as a cooldown of 30 sec, and Hyper Skill Sweeping Staff with a CD of 13 sec, it gets better. The teleport is also good and does pretty good damage. Probably the 2nd worse Mage to grind for me, F/P still takes the cake as the worse pre 5th Job mobbing.
  • 5th Job makes your mobbing so good. Grim Harvest is a giant stationary summon (which you can reposition if you press the skill again) with a cooldown of 100 sec. It also have more duration the more monsters it kills. For me mobbing wise it's like I/L Snow Fairy skill but better. Aura Scythe is amazing, does a lot more damage and you have the effects of all your auras. The higher the level the longer the duration. The Altars is also really good for mobbing once you position them properly. Then we have our new skill which makes your teleport super strong. For me I just teleport around and I kill everything just by teleporting. With proper rotation between all your 5th Job skills I would say Battle Mage actually has one of the best mobbing out of all the mages.
  • You need to learn how to properly telecast for bossing because a lot of your damage comes from Dark Shock from your teleport as well. Adding the fact that your new 5th Job is basically an advanced Teleport, Telecasting is even more important now. Telecasting can be pretty hard depending on what bosses you fight so practice makes perfect. 5th Job skills are good for bossing, and Aura Scythe is really really good because you have the effects of all the Auras. What Battle Mage also contributes to bossing is their Auras. Rotating Debuff and Dark Aura would be optimal but might be troublesome to micromanage. You want to make sure your Dark Genesis is always waiting for cooldown because it gives extra damage to your skills so do not add the CD reduce Hyper Skill. You also have Party Shield which reduces the % of damage when hit by HP based attacks, which actually is majority of a lot of boss attacks now. This is really really useful because survivability is key in bossing. This would also be the only time you use Battle Rage, which makes your skill single target but gives you more Damage/Crit Rate/Crit Damage.


  • 4th Job mobbing of Illium depends on the map. For me Illium was actually really easy to level up once you get the hang of it and where to optimally position your orb. Illium do very well in smaller maps all you do is reposition Orb left, spam Javelin/Orb, reposition Orb right, spam Javelin/Orb rinse and repeat. Once the orb is fully charged you enter GOD MODE whereby you can fly around and spam Javelin. Also, you get to teleport and fly the mobility is great.
  • 5th Job Illium gets the ability to summon extra Orbs that really helps in mobbing. Once you position the Orbs properly all you do is spam Javelin/Orb on your own Orb and the Fake Crystal Orbs. Do note that the shooting Crystal skill do not explode the Fake Orbs, it only works on the real movable one. The Fake Orbs is mainly for you to shoot your Javelin for it to ricochet around. They also get a giant summon with Templar Knight that acts as a stationary summon. If you are in Glory Wings or if your Crystal is at level 3 charge and above it does double damage. Crystal Ignition has a really big AOE if it hits an Orb, I usually just go left right left right pointing the laser. Their new 5th Job skill that summons up to 3 portals allows you to teleport from 1 portal to another, making Illium better at training in bigger maps. It also deals additional blasts from Crystal Gates when you receive a buff near a portal. 5th Job mobbing for Illium is really fun and easy once you set up your Orbs and Portals properly.
  • Bossing wise it can be pretty annoying with mobile bosses. The 1 complaint I really have is that you lose your Crystal Charges if you die. Their 2 5th Job attacking skills are good for bossing as well. Fairly simple, position orb and spam Javelin/Orb to charge crystal. Once you hit Glory Wings just spam Javelin nonstop. You also have a heal that heals you every few seconds that can be used once per crystal charge turn. They also have a skill that charges the crystal faster so that you can get Glory Wings more often. Portals help do extra damage and also if properly set up can help you get to places of the map easier when required. They also have an I-frame from Longinus Zone, and a party I-frame with Crystalline Bulwark of up to 10 sec with 10 stacks. Overall I would say it's pretty good I just hate it when you lose your charges when you die. You also cannot really time your burst window unlike Luminous who can immediately go into Equilibrium when needed.


  • Mobbing is pretty good 4th Job with Ultimate Psychic Shot, but this uses up quite a lot of Psychic Points. You need to manage Psychic Points well with Psychic Drain and Psychic Charge to gain Psychic Points, and occasionally Mental Tempest (save your Airwalk skill to cancel the casting of Mental Tempest, very very VERY important). Other Psychic Points consuming skills aren't worth using for grinding. The flash jump isn't as great as other classes flash jump but I got used to it. I really hate the Airwalk I get so jealous playing Ho Young's airwalk they really need to revamp it.
  • When Kinesis reach 5th Job, your mobbing is good like HELLA GOOD. Psychic Shockwave has like 0 cd and it is a spammable AOE that consumes less Psychic Points than Ultimate Psychic Shot. Mind Over Matter summons a giant cube/prism thingy that hits anything it touches. You can use Psychic Force to change it's direction. Psychic Tornado has a really big AOE, all you need to do it use it and just flash jump all over the place. Compared to their previous 5th Job skills the new skill AOE is ok, not great. Kinesis mobbing is really really good especially with the spammable Psychic Shockwave honestly it's all you need the other skills are just a bonus for mobbing.
  • Kinesis do suffer quite a bit for mobile bosses. You have a tons of debuffs to keep up on bosses like tons I kinda lost count at this point. Your 5th Job skills are great for bossing for extra DPS. Also has a bind. Metal Press to use up Psychic Points and Train only for stationary like really stationary they cannot move at all. Generally I prefer Metal Press because the Psychic Points it lower and it is easier to use. For Mind Over Matter the attack speed increases if it moves faster so use Psychic Force to speed it up (play around with it you will know what I mean). New 5th Job skill is great for bossing with more damage and debuff.
Hope my posts helps some people get some slight insight on the class. Once again my experience of these classes are not representative of how the class is meant to be like endgame. I just want to share my experience so new people making these classes will have some idea on what the classes are like. Chances are you will end up making every single class I mentioned because they all have useful Link Skills, some which you may even train till 210 for Level 3. Do let me know if there are some important stuff to add on that I missed out
submitted by icyruios to Maplestory

[MEGATHREAD] Mercado de transferências - Verão 2020 - PARTE II

PARTE I da megathread para consultarem: [MEGATHREAD] Mercado de transferências - Verão 2020
Este ano haverá uma maior triagem dos rumores a serem colocados na thread. Podem encontrar aqui os motivos e outras indicações.
  • Rumores fidedignos sobre interesse em concreto: rumores noticiados por uma ou mais fontes sobre interesses concretos;
  • Outros Rumores: rumores que abordem interesses relativos;
  • Não serão adicionados: nomes atirados à toa em tweets ou em insides do portal;
  • Estejam à vontade para falar sobre qualquer tipo de rumor nos comentários!
Níveis (Tiers) de credibilidade em notícias relacionadas com o FCP:
  • Tier 1 (confiável): [ Jornal de Notícias | RTP ];
  • Tier 2 (depende do conteúdo das notícias): [ OJOGO | ABOLA | Record ];
  • Tier 3 (lixo): [ Correio da Manhã ].
Outras informações:
  • Ao fim de 10 dias, se os rumores não forem desenvolvidos, são eliminados;
  • Abrem-se exceções para casos que congelem por algum motivo (e.g. Toni Martinez);
  • Rumores do Mais Transferências (Rui Pedro Braz) têm um cantinho especial. Estes serão eliminados ao fim de 7 dias.
Estejam à vontade para sugerir melhorias para a thread!
[Rumores eliminados no fim do mercado]

[OFICIAL] Entradas:

Nome P I Clube Valor Anúncio Contrato %Passe Cláusula
Marko Grugic MC 24 Liverpool Empréstimo Oficial - -
Felipe Anderson EE 27 West Ham Empréstimo sem OC Oficial - -
Malang Sarr DC/DL 21 Chelsea Empréstimo sem OC Oficial 1 ano ? ?
Nanu DL 26 Marítimo \2M? Oficial 2025 ? ?
Toni Martinez PL 23 Famalicão \3,5M? Oficial 2025 ? ?
Evanilson PL 20 Fluminense ~€8M? Oficial 2025 ? ?
Mehdi Taremi PL 28 Rio Ave ~€6M Oficial 2024 100% €60M
Zaidu Sanusi DE 23 Santa Clara ~€4M Oficial 2025 ? €50M
Cláudio Ramos GR 28 CD Tondela c/zero Oficial 2024 100% €40M
Carraça DD 27 Boavista c/zero Oficial 2024 100% ?
Entradas Equipa B:
Entradas Sub-19/B:

[OFICIAL] Saídas:

Nome P I Clube Valor Fonte %P retido Obs
Diogo Queirós DC 21 Famalicão ? MAISFUTEBOL - -
Osório DC 26 Parma 4M RECORD - -
Alex Telles DL 27 M. United A rondar 20M€ RECORD - -
Vaná GR 29 Famalicão Custo zero MercadoAzul ? -
Saidy Janko DL 24 Valladoid 2M? OJOGO 0% -
Soares PL 29 Tianjin Teda 5,5M? OJOGO 0% + 4,5 milhões em protocolos de publicidade/parcerias
Aboubakar PL 28 Besiktas Custo zero OJOGO 0% Rescisão
Fábio Silva PL 18 Wolves €40M OJOGO ? €10M comissão
André Pereira PL 25 Rio Ave ? OJOGO ?
Majeed Waris EE 28 Estrasburgo €2M ABOLA 0%
Jorge Fernandes DC 23 Vitória SC €250k ABOLA 40%
Rui Costa PL 24 D. Corunha Custo zero TVI ? %
Nome P I Clube OC Valor Fonte
Tomás Esteves DL 18 Reading Não ? Mercado Azul
Danilo MD 29 PSG Sim Empréstimo de 4M+OC de 16M (segundo o JN, é ativada se o PSG terminar o campeonato em 1º ou em 2º OJOGO
Fernando Andrade EE 27 Rizespor Não ? OJOGO
Vitinha MC 20 Wolves Sim (obg?) €20M OJOGO
Chidozie DC 23 Boavista p/objetivos €5M Record
Saídas Equipa B:
  • Afonso Sousa [ EE | 20 anos | B SAD | definitivo | ? | OJOGO | 50%];
  • Madi Queta [ EE | 21 anos | Farense | definitivo | ? | OJOGO | ? ];
  • Rui Pedro [ PL | 22 anos | Leixões | definitivo | c/zero | OJOGO | %passe? ];
  • Boris Enow [ MD | 20 anos | Lens | definitivo | c/zero | OJOGO ];
  • Luís Mata [ DE | 23 anos | Pogon Szczecin | definitivo | valor? | OJOGO | %passe retido?].
Legenda: GR: Guarda-Redes, DD: Defesa Direito, DC: Defesa Central, DE: Defesa Esquerdo, MD: Médio Defensivo, MC: Médio Centro, MO: Médio Ofensivo, ED: Extremo Direito, EE: Extremo Esquerdo, SA: Segundo Avançado, PL: Ponta de Lança.
submitted by betweenwordsandstars to fcporto

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